Duggar Fans Stunned By Josh’s Appearance: Get Off the Internet, You Greasy Perv!

We don’t need to tell you that Josh Duggar is one of the most hated people on the internet.

But unlike the yodeling Wal-Mart kid or Mark Zuckerberg Josh definitely deserves all of the vitriol that’s being directed his way.

As you’ll likely recall, Josh molested five of young girls – four of whom were his sisters – while he was still in his teens.

At the time, it was widely assumed that that would be the end of the Duggar media empire.

However, the rest of the family was permitted to return to television on the condition that Josh would not be allowed on their new show.

Thus far, the arrangement seems to be working out for Josh’s siblings.

Unfortunately, their parents insist on gradually re-introducing Josh to the general public, seemingly in hopes of re-building his reputation.

Needless to say, their efforts aren’t going over terribly well.

The Duggars recently traveled to San Antonio, and they shared photos of themselves visiting the city’s famous landmarks, including the Alamo.

Unfortunately, they decided to include Josh in their outings.

As In Touch Weekly points out, fans were downright brutal in their assessment of Josh’s appearance.

Yes, as you can see, Josh looks a bit rumpled and out-of-sorts in the photo above.

And Facebook commenters were more than happy to call attention to the father of five’s disheveled look.

“He looks downright terrible,” wrote one fan, adding that Josh looks “greasy” in the pic.

 “And like he spends his days at a computer watching porn and drinking cheap beer wearing a stained wife-beater, eating Cheetos,” another chimed in.

“Nice rack Josh. He looks like a bloated, full blown alcoholic,” another follower commented.

“Hope the extra pounds diminished his sex appeal in his own mind. Gag. Keep fattening him up Anna, he looks worse and that’s not saying much.”

Like we said, the people of Facebook definitely didn’t hold back here, and we applaud their candor.

Although this is one of those Chris Christie situations where we’ll hesitantly point out that the man has given us so very much to mock and revile that there’s really no need to get into his appearance.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Meghan Markle Makes First Official Appearance with The One and Only Queen

Call us crazy, but we think this whole Meghan Markle-Prince Harry relationship is getting pretty serious.

We got this inkling back when the two first got together… and then it grew stronger last summer after Harry released a public statement that asks trolls to leave his girlfriend alone.

Then Harry went ahead and proposed to Markle.

And now with their wedding scheduled for May 19, we think there may be something really brewing between the former Suits actress and the hard-partying Brit.

It’s worth keeping your eye on at least.

The latest sign that Markle and Harry are more than a mere fling arrived on Monday morning when the star joined Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the royal family in a first official joint engagement at Westminster Abbey.

As you can see above and below, Markle donned a creamy white coat by Amanda Wakeley over a dark dress and was joined, of course, by her fiance for the occasion.

Prince William and Kate Middleton also took part in the Commonwealth Day service, which is an annual inter-faith gathering broadcast live to celebrate the queen’s lifetime commitment to the Commonwealth.

Markle’s inclusion marks the latest example of her preparing to join this legendary group of relatives forever.

(For those interested:

The 91-year old Queen is head of the Commonwealth, defined as a global network of 53 countries with more than two billion people. This morning’s Abbey service is the largest annual interfaith gathering in the United Kingdom.)

Markle continues to make quite the impression in public.

She wears the perfect outfit. She says the perfect thing. She may very well have a perfect smile.

She’s even responded as maturely and as reasonably as one could to dangerous, racist attacks over the past several months.

Elsewhere, we’ve learned that Kate Middleton has organized an amazing bachelorette party for her soon-to-be-sister-in-law.

The impending festivities will include a great deal of wine and Dom Perignon champagne, a photo booth… and even karaoke!

“Kate is determined to make it an unforgettable occasion,” an insider tells In Touch Weekly, adding:

“There will be no expense spared. She wants Meghan to be reminiscing about it for years to come.”

For the record, this gathering will be a separate affair from Markle’s bridal party.

Moreover, Queen Elizabeth II, apparently will be a part of this wild and crazy get-together.

Writes the aforementioned tabloid:

“Those close to Meghan are already betting that the queen will surprise Meghan with some sexy underthings.”

This may be the single funniest rumor we’ve ever seen reported by a magazine.

We’ve been wrong at least once before, but we somehow doubt the Queen will be gifting Markle with any sexy underthings prior to her wedding.


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Shania Twain: SLAMMED for DWTS Appearance, Performance

Shania Twain made an appearance on Dancing with the Stars this week.

And she'll likely never stop by this ABC competition ever again.

Serving as a guest judge, the veteran singer was dragged on social media for both her look (How much plastic surgery has she undergone?) and for her performance (Why did she lip sync?!?).

Check out the harshest critiques below…

1. She’s All Pumped Up

Shes all pumped up
But not because she’s been lifting weights,

2. Double Whammy

Double whammy
This would be an appearance AND performance diss wrapped up in one Tweet.

3. Who Was That Woman?!?

Who was that woman
Because it was most certainly NOT Shania Twain!

4. THIS is Shania Twain

This is shania twain
We really miss her.

5. She Doesn’t Impress Me Much

She doesnt impress me much
Seriously, people: #YIKES.

6. There’s Just a Lotto Unpack Here

Theres just a lotto unpack here
And little of it is positive.

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