Johnny Depp Appears Gaunt, Frail In Shocking New Photos

One of the many, many perks of being a world-famous movie star is getting to spend time with your idols.

And so, Johnny Depp has lived with Hunter S. Thompson and jammed with Keith Richards.

Unfortunately, it looks like all those decades of keeping pace with the world’s hardest partiers is beginning to take a toll on Johnny.

That’s a photo of Depp that was posted online by a fan this week.

The actor appears considerably more gaunt than usual, and fans took notice in a major way.

Depp was in Russia, touring with his band, the Hollywood Vampires, and he posed for pics with fans who likely shelled out quite a few rubles for the opportunity.

Not surprisingly, those fans then posted the images to their social media accounts.

And as with past Russian Facebook activity, the effects of the posts were immediately felt on a global scale.

Depp quickly became a trending topic, with some fans expressing concern and others dismissing those concerns.

Johnny Depp Is Thin

“He looks pale here. Hope he’s okay,” commented one IG user.

“Johnny Depp looks so bad, omg, is he ill or something?” wrote another.

“Please please tell me that Johnny Depp is just prepping for a movie and not that he is sick cause he doesn’t look so good here,” remarked.

“He looks like is this for a new movie. He is fine and not sick,” wrote another fan, who may be onto something.

Depp has several new films set for release, including the Harry Potter spinoff The Crimes of Grindelwald, and City of Lies, in which he plays an LAPD officer investigating the murders of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.

It’s unlikely that either of those movies necessitated any sort of physical transformation from Depp, but a more low-profile project entitled Richard Says Goodbye may have required Depp to shed some pounds.

According to a description of the film, Depp plays “a world-weary college professor” who receives a “life-changing diagnosis.”

Based on that description and the title of the project, we’re guessing that diagnosis isn’t seasonal allergies.

Depp defenders are clinging to the “it’s for a role” defense, but as many have pointed out, it’s equally possible that the actor’s lifestyle is simply catching up to him. 

Depp will turn 55 next week, and he’s shown little interest in putting his hedonistic ways behind him.

In fact, according to a pair of recent lawsuits, he’s going at it harder than ever.

Depp is being sued by his management team in response to the allegations that the firm nearly bankrupted him.

In one court document, attorneys claim that Depp’s many wild expenditures included spending $ 30,000 a month on wine.

In a separate lawsuit, Depp is being sued by two former bodyguards for creating a “toxic and unsafe” work environment.

The former employees allege that one of their many bizarre job responsibilities was ensuring that there was no cocaine residue on Depp’s face during public appearances.

Like so many others, we’re hoping that Johnny’s frail appearance these days is the result of method acting, not health issues.

Fortunately, fans can take heart in the assurances of audience members on Depp’s current tour who claim he appears to be in good spirits — and good health.

“Just saw #JohnnyDepp in concert in Hamburg. He looks healthy, happy and he had so much fun. … How pictures can deceive an impression,” wrote one such fan.

Reps for Johnny have declined to comment on the situation.


Teairra Mari Sex Tape Appears On Instagram: Is She a Victim of Revenge Porn?

As a singer, actress, and former star of both Love & Hip-Hop: New York and Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, Teairra Mari has developed quite an impressive resume.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t her professional achievements that made her a trending topic on Twitter today.

Mari’s Instagram followers were stunned this afternoon when a number of very explicit video and several intimate photos appeared on her page.

The content was quickly deleted, but sadly, the damage had already been done.

Several media outlets reposted the images and video, and as of this writing, more than 15,000 people have tweeted about the situation.

Sadly, Mari’s story is one we see all too often these days.

Yes, it seems that like Blac Chyna and so many others before her, the 30-year-old was victimized as part of jealous ex’s quest for revenge.

The alleged culprit is Mari’s former boyfriend Akbar Abdul.

Though Mari did not call Abdul out by name, she did post a lengthy statement to Instagram indicating that she has identified the person who hacked into her account.

The statement reads as follows:

“Recently, my social media was compromised by someone who I thought was deserving of my love and trust.

“That person proved to be untrustworthy and posted footage of what in the moment was private and sacred.

“Moving forward, I recognize the need to be more private and discerning.

“My hope is for women to remain strong and dignified when they find themselves having to address hateful and juvenile by former lovers who find it difficult to act in an adult manner.”

Mari added:

“Revenge Porn is a crime in California and I will be in pursuit of justice.” 

Prior to her relationship with Akbar, Mari dated Ray J, the singer perhaps best known for his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

Clearly, if Abdul believed he was going to become a famous sex tape star in his own right, he was sorely mistaken.

Here’s hoping justice is served swiftly.


Lindsay Lohan Says She’s Designing Her Own Island, Appears to Be Serious

Lindsay Lohan may not have a successful movie career at the moment.

Or television career.

Or singing career.

Or modeling career.

Heck, you may not have even seen the words “Lindsay Lohan” and “career” or “success” in the same sentence since approximately 2009.

But the former actress and constant lightening rod for trouble sat down with Wendy Williams on Friday and said she’s actually very busy.

With what, you may be wondering? Well….

“I’m discussing designing my own island in Dubai at the World Islands,” Lohan said with a straight face, adding that it will be called “Lohan Island” and then joking:

“I’m out Trump-ing Trump with the name Lohan.”

Oh, God.

Is Lindsay Lohan going to run for President in 2020?

She is, isn’t she?

And she’s going to win, isn’t she?

Elsewhere in interview, the woman who thinks we’re too mean to Donald Trump opened up about her family, her relationship status and her life in Dubai.

Oh, and about that Mean Girls sequel chatter?

Here’s a rundown of other topics the island architect touched on with Williams:

Why did she get into so much trouble back in the day?

I think everybody has their own path in life. We all go through ups and downs in life.

Being in public, a lot of pressure was on a lot. I didn’t know how to have a private life because I was too young, running around too much and surrounding myself with people I probably shouldn’t have been around, there for the lifestyle.

I wouldn’t blame anyone for anything in my life.

Does she blame her parents for any of her issues?

In life, parents have their things together and sometimes the children are immersed in it and you really have to step back and let your parents do what they do and figure everything out for themselves.

We all have a great relationship now, so it’s nice,” she added, “it’s much simpler that way.

Is she a lesbian?

No, I like men.

Is she dating right now?

I don’t have a man. I don’t want to date anyone right now. I’m in work mode, I like it. I have great girlfriends, people around me, my family. Relationships, I’ve had enough of them.

I don’t think, especially in LA you’re always around other actors, and I like being OK with me. When it happens, it’ll happen.

Aside from being “stalker-ish” when it comes to making a new Mean Girls, what else is she doing?

I really threw myself into working with a lot of children and refugees overseas. I’m going back to Turkey to see them soon.

I feel like there’s a lot of love I have to give to children that don’t have anyone and that have lost their parents and don’t have a lot of love and hope in their life.

What’s the biggest misconception about her?

It is frustrating to me when people always say those partying days and stuff. I was never really a partier. Just because I was seen out at clubs, made some mistakes, they didn’t take the best shots of me.

I don’t like to bring up and rehash the past.

How does she feel about the future?

Whenever people bring up past things I experiences and gone through, like jail, working at the morgue, which is actually really traumatizing stuff.

But then it distracts from actually, maybe meeting with people to do Batgirl, doing a Mean Girls 2,’it really distracts people and they only think about the negative.

It sounds like Lohan has a solid head on her shoulders these days.

That may very well change by the time you read this.

But we really do wish the best to Lohan.

She’s been through enough. We’re sick of writing about her troubles and we hope they’re behind her.

We’d also totally vacation on Lohan Island, wouldn’t you?


The Voice Recap: A Surprise Guest Appears

The Top 11 performed on the latest episode of The Voice, and Gwen Stefani made a surprise appearance. 

During the commercials, she started taking pictures with Blake, and it was all then shown on live TV. Yes, it all took place during a split screen, so there really is no hiding from the cameras. 

Back to the performances. There were some real shockers, and we have all the details below!

Janice Freeman – “Shine” by Collective Soul

Janice’s performances have been a bit all over the place throughout the season, and this one was no different. One second she can have the best voice around, and then she starts shouting, and it ruins the whole thing. 

Shaky performances are not good because they can be a sign that the person is just too nervous to own a song, and that could be her ultimate undoing.

Red Marlowe – “The Dance” by Garth Brooks

Red likes to show off his country voice, but this was not the best song to do it. The performance was average at best, and he struggled to hit some of the lower notes, and that’s a bit alarming. 

As a whole, it was decent because it was just the low notes he struggled with, but it should be a cautionary tale for him to choose the right song in the future. 

Shi’Ann Jones – “Listen” by Beyoncé

Performing a Beyoncé is no easy feat, but this was a surprisingly convincing rendition. There were shaky vocals here and there, but for the most part, it was solid, and it should keep her fighting in the competition for another week. 

Adam Cunningham – “American Girl” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

With the instant save saving Adam last week, the artist had to switch things up this week to garner some more votes. Thankfully, he delivered a rendition that was one of his best to date. 

He really went back to the drawing board because he knew it was time to fix his vocals. 

Brooke Simpson – “What About Us” by Pink

This should have been another excellent performance for Brooke, but there were some issues, and it was difficult to hear any of the vocals. This will not bode well when it comes to voting. 

Davon Fleming – “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston

Who would have thought Davon would go with a Whitney song and make the judges putty in his hands? It was a phenomenal rendition that immediately put him up the food chain. 

Ashland Craft – “Chicken Fried” by Zac Brown Band

Ashland went all out for her latest performance, and you could tell she had taken all the feedback on board. The whole package was great, and she should have no trouble staying in the competition. 

Addison Agen – “A Case of You” by Joni Mitchell

Changing a song up is part of the game, and Addison did just that during the live show and it benefited her. With some high notes thrown in for good measure, it was one of her best performances yet. 

Keisha Renee – “It Matters to Me” by Faith Hill

Keisha’s performance left a lot to be desired. Her vocals to date have been astounding, but this song was not the best one to show them off. Generally, she is one of the best of the night, but this was her worst night of the season. 

Noah Mac – “Electric Love” by BØRNS

Woah! Noah turned in a stunning rendition that practically saw him parading across the stage! Everything about this was something you would expect from a recording artist, so that’s pretty good. If he winds up in danger tonight, then there will be trouble. 

Chloe Kohanski – “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

Chloe saved the best for last. Her performance defined the whole night and proved it was time for the others to step it up or go home. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, Chloe just set the bar,” said Blake after hearing it. 

Okay, so that’s a wrap on the Top 11 performances!

Who do you think will go home?

Sound off below!