Ariana Grande “God Is A Woman” Music Video Radiates Big Vagina Energy

Ariana Grande has done it again in what might be her best music video yet. "God Is A Woman" dropped on Friday, and the video is a true work of art.

Fair warning, both the not-so-subtle imagery and Ariana herself push the boundaries of what some consider appropriate for a music video.

She's radiating what some might call Big Vagina Energy. Take a look:

Ariana grande body paint

Pete Davidson is a lucky man.

Ariana Grande's "God Is A Woman" music video takes viewers on an artistic tour of the sacred feminine.

We mentioned that some of her imagery was not especially subtle and potentially crossed some lines.

What we meant by that is, well, Ariana is showing off a whole bunch of vagina shapes. (She pushes the envelope further than that, as you'll soon witness)

As far as the Big Vagina Energy is concerned, see what we mean right here:

Ariana grande god is a woman

In addition to hoola hooping through the galactic core, we also see Ariana lounging on her side, apparently wearing nothing but paint and a ponytail.

Ariana is wearing some selective body paint to cover the bare essentials, but most of her essentials are still bare.

The paint-streaked water that looks like it came from the mother of all bath bombs (a MOABB) takes a very particular shape: a vagina.

Here, we are using that term vagina colloquially to refer to the entire pubic area — the paint defines labia and even hints at a clitoris. If you missed that, look again.

In art, an almond shaped aura around a person is often referred to as a mandorla (not a mandala, that's unrelated).

This artistic device is used to depict a holy figure or someone sacred. Ariana Grande, who was raised Catholic, is fusing this symbol with the vagina to make a powerful statement.

Ariana grande straddles the world

This gif, folks, is the least subtle of all. Which, given the contents of Ariana's absolutely stunning music video, is saying something.

Here, we see Ariana straddling the globe like a divine figure, with one hand between her legs.

But it is the other hand that is even pore provocative, as she strokes and appears to finger the eye of a hurricane, however briefly.

Both hurricanes and galaxies (which, again, she is shown hula-hooping) have been pointed out as feminine imagery — which can be a touch cissexist.

Ariana is taking things a step further by lovingly inserting her fingers into the hurricane.

(With those nails! Ouch!)

Ariana grande above men

Ariana's "God Is A Woman" music video is not devoid of men.

For a brief moment, she writhes in the air above a bed covered in writhing, unclothed men — though these men are covered by white foam.

We hope that everyone understands the symbolism of white foam in this context.

There is another moment in which Ariana dances as if she were the wick in a candle flame.

Remember the vagina imagery of when she lounges in the paint? That's back in full force with the shape of the candle flame.

And then, of course, there is the end.

Ariana grande the creation of woman

The music video has some strange moments, and during some of them, the music even pauses for a few seconds for something else to happen.

But we have to talk about this last bit.

Before the video fades to black, Ariana Grande recreates Michelango's famous "The Creation of Adam," a fresco mural from within the Sistine Chapel.

This time, however, she is part of a host of women taking the position of God, and she is reaching out to a woman who is in the position of Adam.

This is so deeply gorgeous.

Ariana is one of the greatest musical talents to ever live. This music video is an absolute gift to her fans and to the world.

Check it out:

Ariana grande god is a woman music video radiates big vagina ene

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin or Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson: Who’s More Likely to Actually Wed?

Millennial heart throbs Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have all made headlines with abrupt engagements.

They’re young. They’re hot. They’re celebrity gossip and pop culture staples, and they’re head overheels in love right now. 

But will either couple actually tie the knot?

Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin Split

That’s the million-dollar question THG’s staff debates below. We’re spilt on the subject, so read our views and share your own below.

JUSTIN & HAILEY by Tyler Johnson

When word got out that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were engaged, fans were flat-out stunned – and rightfully so.

After all, here was one of the world’s most famous and beloved women coupled up with an SNL bit player who seems incapable of playing any character other than himself. 

It’s one of those Julia Roberts-Lyle Lovett mismatches that makes you fully believe in the power of that intangible attractant that’s recently been dubbed “big dick energy.”

Ariana has enthusiastically tweeted about Pete’s massive dong, but my best guess as to what really draws her to Davidson is the fact that he represents a sort of down-to-earth groundedness that can be hard to come by in the world of an A-list celeb.

After back-to-back relationships with self-serious rappers, Ariana has found herself a goofy Staten Island stoner with a penchant for self-deprecation.

The problem is, she hasn’t been with Davidson long enough to know if his schtick will grow old.

And as someone who’s seen LOTS of Pete thanks to a non-existent social life that’s led to many a Saturday night in front of the TV, well …

… I can pretty much guarantee that it will.

That’s why you need to let the heady thrill of a blossoming romance subside before you make any major decisions about your future together.

Pete’s penchant for Harry Potter-inspired pot comedy might seem cute now (“More like Hufflepuff, puff pass, amiright?!” we imagine him quipping before coughing up a cloud), but world famous pop icons tend to get bored easily.

When Ari begins to realize that Pete’s humor leans more toward early Adam Sandler than the best of Seth Rogen, whatever he’s packing in those pricey sweatpants might not be enough to save the relationship.

Justin and Hailey win by default.

ARIANA & PETE by Free Britney

This is not a vote of confidence in Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson as much as a vote of no confidence in Justin Bieber. 

Forgive me if I’m not buying his newfound commitment to settle down with one woman for the rest of his life.

Selena Gomez, Paola Paolin, Baskin Champion, Hailey Baldwin, Sofia Richie Split

He’s shown no ability to keep one around (or not act like a lost puppy slash derelict of society) for more than a few weeks at a time. 

See above. And here.

Also, Hailey is 21 and just broke up with a 19-year-old. She’s model gorgeous and has her whole life ahead of her. 

You think she’s not going to wake up one day and realize she’s settling for a washed up pop star who can’t keep it in his pants (either when fornicating or urinating in public) and who obviously pines for someone else?

As for Ariana, well, at least she’s a serial monogamist, and Pete is so against type that there’s gotta be something absolutely electric there. 

Or just long and wide. In any case, both couples face steep odds, but give me Grandson to outlast Biebwin any day. 

JUSTIN & HAILEY by Hilton Hater

Oh, God.

No, this was not my reaction to the news that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged. This is my reaction to the haters who think they won’t last.

Such doubters appear to have overlooked not just Hailey, but the Higher Power to whom Justin has now pledged his life.

Have you not noticed that he hasn’t released new music in months? That he stopped touring early last summer?

That he brought Selena Gomez to church when those two got back together and that sources have said he’s been doing the same with Baldwin?

Bieber may have had problems with his ego, his temper and with commitment to his cacophony of lovers in the past, but the singer has clearly changed his ways. 

He’s on a different path now, one defined by things more important than albums recorded or arenas sold out – and he wants a true partner by his side for this journey.

I believe that person is Baldwin. I believe in their love.

ARIANA & PETE by Simon Delott

I’d have to put my money on Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson.

I’m the first to admit that I love Ariana and Pete too much to view either of them objectively, let alone their relationship. But …

… I can and will cite a pseudo-scientific indicator that these two are more likely to stay together.

Several years ago, sociologists at NYU used decades of statistical data from 4,500 families and found that couples in which the man was much taller than the woman were, for whatever reason, more likely to stay together.

Folks, Ariana Grande is 5 feet tall.

Pete Davidson is 6-foot-3.

Those 15 inches could see them through to the end. And, speaking of inches, Ariana herself started a rumor that Pete is what one might call genitally gifted.

We’ve all seen couples stay together for worse reasons.

It could very well be that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin actually make it down the aisle. After all, they’ve dated before and they seem compatible. 

They both have very Christian parents and are outspoken Christians themselves. They’ve even been attending Hillsong Church services together.

But they are exes.

If they broke up before, they can and probably will break up again. Justin just got finished doing this same thing with Selena Gomez.

He calls her out of the blue, says that he wants to talk, and suddenly they’re spending time at Hillsong together as if Justin’s suddenly a brand new, much better person than he was.

Well, we all saw how long that lasted. 

So, sure, Justin and Hailey could be endgame. But it seems more likely that, as soon as that oxytocin high of reuniting with an ex dies down, the game will end.

Now it’s your turn, THG Nation.

Vote below and hit the comments!

And the Winner is?

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged. So are Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. Both face a chorus of critics doubting that it can possibly last, so we ask: Which duo is more likely to?! View Poll »


Ariana Grande Defends Her Speedy Engagement — And Justin Bieber’s, Too

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey Baldwin after the two had only been going out again for a matter of weeks.

The parallels to Ariana Grande’s engagement to Pete Davidson were obvious, since they also dated for mere weeks before Pete proposed.

When fans tried to connect the two as a pair of publicity stunts, however, Ariana was gentle but firm in quashing the rumor.

Someone tweeted the conspiracy theory, perhaps in jest, that Ariana and Justin’s mutual manager was the culprit behind the warp-speed engagements.

“First ariana get engaged to pete Davidson now Justin bieber to hailey Bladwin,” a fan tweeted. “The devil works hard but Scooter Braun works harder.”

The line about the devil works hard has become something of a meme of late. Largely because it is often funny.

Ariana was not amused by the suggestion that her romance was masterminded by her manager.

“You do realize we are human beings who love and have lives …… right …. ?” Ariana asked.

Ariana Grande Tweets About Engagements, Love

Ariana continued, objecting to the characterization of her manager, adding: “And that scooter is a wonderful human being too who cares first n foremost ab our health and happiness?”

Scooter has, in the past, very famously put the health and well-being of performers ahead of (short-term) business interests.

“Love is lit,” Ariana says, adding that “S–t happens.”

She’s right about both of those things.

“I hope to god it happens to you too,” Ariana adds, taking the sting out of her admonishment. “U deserve it.”

That is very sweet.

As we mentioned, over the weekend, Justin and Hailey got engaged.

Though there had been rumors that Hailey wanted to marry Justin, they had only been dating again for a few weeks.

And the last time that they dated was, what, 2016? That feels like at least a decade ago.

But over the weekend, in front of a camera-less crowd at a resort, Justin popped the question to Hailey. 

Since then, the world has gotten a few glimpses of what is widely believed to be Hailey’s engagement ring.

We’re not sure how Scooter Braun is supposed to have masterminded all of this, since it seems very clear that these relationships are real and not manufactured as a PR stunt.

Do they imagine that he manipulated his client Justin into proposing to Hailey?

How, exactly, does that boost the Biebs’ career, which is seemingly on hiatus ever since he ended his tour last year?

And how exactly do people suppose that Scooter tricked Pete Davidson into proposing to Ariana?

It wouldn’t take much. Oh, wait, it wouldn’t take anything, because Pete and Ariana are crazy about each other.

Sometimes, love happens.

Not everyone is going to fall in love. Some people are just unlucky. Others are aromantic and just don’t experience romantic love or even the desire for romance.

But when people do find themselves engaged to people they love, fans should support them (just as they should support them if they end the relationship).

Remember, folks — unless someone might be in danger, someone else’s personal choices are not your business. You can celebrate them all that you like.

Coming up with conspiracy theories about them or trying to tell them that they’re making a mistake isn’t going to go over well with them.

Try to be as loving and supportive as Ariana is. She’s full of love, even when Pete makes unfunny mistakes.


Ariana Grande Speaks Out About Pete Davidson’s Manchester Bombing Joke: It Wasn’t Funny …

Recently, the world was reminded that, many months before dating Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson made an unfortunate joke about the Manchester Bombing.

Ariana’s fans, understandably sensitive to the issue, reacted with shock.

Now, after giving it some thought, Ariana is speaking out.

In the autumn of 2017, Pete Davidson put his gallows humor on full display when speaking about Ariana Grande in stand-up.

At the time, he and Ariana were not even dating, let alone engaged.

He joked that the horrible Manchester bombing of Ariana’s concert in 2017 had been a measure of the level of Ariana’s fame.

“Britney Spears,” Pete noted for contrast. “Didn’t have a terrorist attack at her concert.”

It wasn’t terribly funny as a joke and, since Britney was doing her Vegas residency at the time, the comparison doesn’t really work, either.

But more or less everyone forgot about it … until a few days ago, when people dredged it up again now that Pete and Ariana are engaged.

A number of fans, who took the Manchester bombing very personally, were shocked.

(Keep in mind that, not only is a terrorist attack that kills multiple children serious, but a number of Ariana’s fans are too young to remember 9/11 and this may have been their first brush with non-shooting terrorism that touched them, personally)

It was one tweet by an Arianator that prompted Ariana to speak her mind on Pete’s joke.

The fan wrote: “I respect Ariana and I want her to be happy and everything, but she was just broken after the Manchester bombing.”

The fan’s tweet continues: “so I don’t know why she is still with Pete, like yeah he made that joke a while ago, but like it’s not funny, it’s just rude. This is my opinion.”

Ariana clearly gave this some thought before replying.

Ariana Grande Speaks Out on Pete Davidson Joke

Ariana replied with a tweet of her own.

“This has been very tough & conflicting on my heart,” Ariana admits.

Referring to Pete, she writes that “he uses comedy to help people feel better about how f-ed up things in this world are.”

He sure does.

“We all deal w trauma differently,” Ariana admits.

She’s right. Different coping mechanisms for different folks.

“I of course didn’t find it funny,” she admits.

“it was months ago & his intention wasn’t/ is never malicious,” Ariana says. “But it was unfortunate.”

There are a few things that we should all remember.

One, Pete Davidson’s father died on 9/11. He absolutely does not think that terrorism is funny, but he uses dark humor to cope.

Two, though this was a bad joke (honestly, barely a joke), there are lines that Pete is not crossing. He’s not wishing a terrorist attack on someone else, for example. He’s not hurling slurs.

Three, somebody making a crappy joke before you ever dated is really not breakup material. Sure, you can break up for any reason, but that would be … odd.

Four, and this can be the hardest to grasp, but the way that Pete spoke before dating Ariana was directed at a more adult audience. 

Now that he and Ariana are engaged, he will probably be more conscious that there are impressionable and emotional teens hanging onto his every word.

Ariana and Pete’s whirlwind romance has still caught a number of fans by surprise.

In fact, it was at Ariana’s tribute to the Manchester bombing victims that she and Pete were first spotted cozying up to each other.

Now the two are engaged, and it is understandable that some fans are still scratching their heads and trying to figure out what’s going on.

Some may even have misgivings about Ariana accepting the proposal of this man whom they barely know.

But they should remember that, though Ariana loves her Arianators, they are not literally her family. She does not actually need their permission to date or marry.

Fans should be happy to Ariana is happy.