Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham: Yes, We’re Still Getting Married!

While those of you who follow The Bachelorette Spoilers already know that Becca Kufrin finds her love (sort of), how is her disgraced ex Arie Luyendyk Jr. doing?

Well, Arie and Lauren announced their wedding date and location — and their nuptials are only months away.

Now that the scandal of Arie’s proposal has died down a little, they’ve finally taken some engagement photos. Take a look!

Arie shared this photo in an Instagram post.

Arie captioned the pic, writing: “One step closer to the wedding :)”

Before you rip on him for being so old that he uses an emoticon instead of an emoji, remember that he’s only 36 — he just looks older.

“This is what life is all about,” Arie continues. “Sharing these amazing moments with her.”

He then reminds fans of the looming wedding date, writing: “Under 6 months until the big day!”

“It’s now just under six months till I marry this sweet man,” Lauren Burnham writes uner her own engagement photo.

Some notice that hers focuses on their intimate bond, while Arie’s choice of photo highlights how pretty Lauren is.

“He’s been the biggest blessing in my life,” Lauren gushes. “Every single day.”

Lauren then includes the tag: “#truelovewins”

If you say so, Lauren.

Arie and Lauren recently purchased a home together after a lot of considerations.

As you may recall, their first plan was to purchase a home that needed to be remodeled, but apparently Lauren was overwhelmed by it.

That is understandable. Upgrading an entire home only looks neat on television because we see the process in an hour.

So the two of them instead purchased a brand new home together and shared a photo on Instagram to celebrate.

We mentioned that some had viewed their photos with a critical eye, but it may be unfair.

Others have also pointed out that Lauren, in the top engagement photo, is of course posing for a photograph rather than actually exclaiming in delight and joy.

They question how long a relationship is fated to last when one party is obviously so good at faking happiness and enthusiasm.

But honestly? This might be a little critical of Lauren. She does seem to be genuinely happy.

Besides, some argue that certain lies are the glue that holds relationships together.

After weeks of teasing the idea of a summer wedding, Lauren and Arie finally settled on a date.

Their nuptials are scheduled for January 12, 2019. The ceremony will take place in Hawaii.

That’s no summer wedding, but Hawaii’s average January temperatures are in the 70s, so it should still be warm enough for everyone wearing a suit to beg for the chill mercy of death.

These engagement photos are a reminder to fans that these two are still together, regardless of what critics say.

They’re also continuing their march towards the aisle. January will be here before we know it.

And, despite the circumstances of their engagement, some members of the Bachelor Nation cannot help but wonder if Arie and Lauren will be the ones to beat the odds.


Becca Kufrin: Pulling an Arie After The Bachelorette?!

Becca Kufrin is engaged to the winner of The Bachelorette this season. No big Bachelorette spoilers there. She said so herself.

“It feels so good to say it … and this time, I think it’s going to stick!” Becca, the former winner of The Bachelor, said ecstatically.

She was referencing, obviously, the fact that she accepted Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s proposal, only to have him dump her on camera.

A huge blessing in disguise, she insisted this spring.

“Looking back, as weird as it sounds, I can really only thank [Arie],” Kufrin said. “It allowed me to go on this new journey.”

Indeed it did, and as The Bachelorette spoilers revealed, it did in fact end in an engagement to a man she fell for. Hard.

But … is there a major, hugely ironic but coming?!

Six weeks after shouting from the rooftops that she’s engaged, Becca too might be wondering if she made the wrong choice.

Just as Arie dispatched her for Lauren Burnham after the fact, Kufrin has reportedly put the kibosh on her own wedding plans.

The reason is obvious: She’s doubting her pick.

“She was so quick to announce her engagement, but it’s cooled off and she’s not thinking about a wedding,” an insider says.

“She was so confident when she chose him,” the source, quoted by In Touch Weekly, adds. “But now she really has regrets.”

Becca never thought she’d have a change of heart about him … and if you don’t know who “he” is, consider yourself SPOILER warned:

Garrett Yrigoyen swept her off her feet from day one, but the more time she shares with him, the more second guessing there is.

“There’s tension when she’s with him … she’s been acting withdrawn,” the source says, and there’s also the scandal aspect.

Having heard about Garrett’s social media history and people’s reactions to it, it’s no surprise she thinks her instincts were off.

“Becca thought [her fiancé] was the right choice from what she knew of him during filming,” the source says, but right now?

“She doesn’t think she had enough of an open mind with the [others] … She spent so much of her time chasing the winner.” 

Ironically, one of the more appealing things about Garrett was that from the get-go, he felt diametrically opposite from Arie.

“He made it clear he wanted to marry her. He didn’t seem like the kind of guy who would break her heart after the show,” the source notes.

Nowawadays, “she’s learning things about him that she never knew before,” says the source. “It was all such a whirlwind.”

Again, if there’s anyone who can relate, it’s Arie, says the insider, noting that it’s a whole lot different with the roles reversed.

“She thought it would be easy to pick a man she wants to spend her life with, and she’d never have the urge to do what Arie did.”

“But it turns out,” with the passage of time and introspection, “picking one guy after just six weeks is a lot harder than she thought.”

So will a reeling Becca actually come full circle and drop Garrett for one of his competitors? Or is this just typical cold feet?

That obviously remains to be seen.

For what it’s worth, the Oracle of Bachelorette Spoilers, Reality Steve, has not even hinted at such a possibility as of yet.

If it’s gone down, or going down the way Arie’s season played out after the fact, there’s no clear evidence of it right now.

Still, the Arie-Lauren bombshell wasn’t dropped until very late in the game, and took everyone off guard, including THG.

We’ve seen Becca defend Garrett already, while pivoting to the other guys and urging fans to keep an open mind along her “journey.”

Straight out of the damage control playbook. Maybe she believes it, and maybe it will work. Maybe this is a total non-issue.

But, Garrett, well … is still a man who liked a meme suggesting that Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg is a crisis actor.

Anything’s possible. Stay tuned.


Arie Luyendyk, Jr.: The Bachelor EDITED Me to Make Me Look Cruel! I Feel BETRAYED!

One can only imagine the betrayal that Becca Kufrin must have felt during Arie’s brutal breakup, all captured on camera and broadcast to the world.

But now, Arie is speaking up — about his decision to dump Becca and propose to Lauren. And the decision to film it.

And as it turns out, Arie says that he feels betrayed — by the producers. He claims that things were “completely edited.”

In a new interview with GQ, Arie tells the interviewer that he was “haunted” by the thought that, in choosing Becca, he’d allowed his soul mate to slip away.

So he called Lauren on New Year’s Eve.

“As soon as I heard her voice,” he says.

“I knew that I had to end things with Becca.”

Instead of simply breaking things off with Becca, though, Arie apparently went to producers first.

He says that they were the ones who pitched bringing in cameras.

Arie says that these silver-tongued producers talked him into bringing in the cameras by promising him that this was the best way to move forward.

By filming it, they allegedly told him, he would be able to show the Bachelor Nation that he was just being honest to his feelings while being respectful of Becca’s.

Arie says that they told him:

“‘Then we can show you going back to Lauren, and people are going to rally behind you because you took this big risk and you did it for love.'”

He says that the producers persuaded him by assuring him that people would be on his side.

“‘At the end of the day, people will just want to see you happy.'”

Obviously, very few people are invested in Arie’s happiness these days, even though he and Lauren have announced their wedding date and venue.

“You’ve got to understand,” Arie tells the interviewer. “These people were my friends.”

This, he says, is why he trusted them. But he now feels “100 percent” betrayed.

Then, Arie has some damning words to share about the actual breakup scene with Becca.

You know, the one hailed as “the first completely unedited scene in reality television history” by ABC’s promotions?

Arie says that this was hogwash.

“It was completely edited,” he accuses.

The 40 minute segment was agonizing to watch, and he suggests that it was intended to be that way from the beginning.

“I was told to stay on that couch.”

We guess that we know what Arie would do if the Milgram experiment were performed today.

“I tried to leave, and then production was like, ‘You need to go back inside. She’s finally calming down. I feel like you owe it to her to have this conversation.'”

Good advice? Maybe not. But production’s job is to make good television, not to be your life coach.

“So then I went back in the house.”

He confirms that production tried to discourage him from leaving.

“Yeah. I left, came back. I stepped away from the couch, I went back to the couch.”

But the Bachelor Nation didn’t see that part.

“They cut out, obviously, production talking to me from 10 feet away.”

Arie says that, by editing out their instructions for him to remain, the resulting video “was super unfair to me.”

But he does acknowledge that, you know, this is how reality television works.

“It’s their job to make it entertaining for people.”

It is interesting to hear that Arie is trying to cast of blame to make himself look better.

Just because something was someone else’s suggestion doesn’t mean that you are blameless for doing it.

And they would have had to try harder to make him look insensitive if he had come across as more compassionate.


Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham Announce Wedding Date! Location!

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham are here to steal Becca Kufrin’s thunder.

Once again.

With Becca set to debut as The Bachelorette this coming Monday, Arie and Lauren went out of their way on Wednesday morning to upstage their nemesis and make a major announcement…

The controversial couple has announced its wedding date!

And its wedding location!

(We’re mostly kidding about the whole nemesis thing, but Arie did dump Becca on national television after The Bachelor finale and then propose to Lauren on the After the Rose special that same night.)

“We are very excited to tell you guys that we have booked a venue,” Burnham said on The View today. “We’re getting married in Hawaii on January 12th next year!”

Arie then provided a few more details:

“It’s in Maui – it’s at Haiku Mill which has this beautiful, old world feel with a lot of vines and greenery.

“It’s not your typical beach wedding. And it’s a private wedding, so not on TV – just a close group of friends. Probably 100 guests.”

Wow. We’re actually surprised by this last part of Arie’s statement.

Based on the way he and Lauren have acted and a few things they’ve said, we simply assumed the stars would get married on television.

(Then again, we also assume they won’t even make it to the altar because, come on, does any couple who supposedly fell in love on The Bachelor?)

“We’re just really happy with each other and we vibe well together,” Lauren said. “We’re best friends, so we’re just ready for that next step.”

She even said they would take this marital step “tomorrow” if they could, but there’s too much to plan for that to be realistic.

Arie, of course, proposed to Kufrin to wrap up his season as The Bachelor.

Two months later, he broke up with her… while network cameras rolled.

He then asked for Lauren’s hand in marriage, stunning viewers who had witnessed the Becca proposal just an hour or so earlier in real time on their TV.

“It was a big risk to do what I did and I know that it wasn’t a popular decision. But it was a decision I had to make for myself. … I knew that Lauren was the person I was supposed to be with,” Luyendyk Jr. said of the moment.

He continued:

“I never watched the finale, so we don’t really know how that breakup looked on TV. But breakups are hard, and I think that everyone handles it in a different way.

“They say it was unedited, but it was edited. You’re not in control of the editing room and you can’t really control what they show.”

No one out there blames Arie if his heart told him to go with Lauren instead of Becca.

But Luyendyk has shaded Kufrin here and there for some reason and he could have chosen to end their engagement in private, as opposed to in front of millions of people.

However, don’t expect Arie or Lauren to apologize for how they ended up here.

“Our relationship is so unique and it’s nothing that I’ve ever had before,” Burnham said, concluding today:

“So the fact that he was willing to take that risk and all of America hating him to be with me, that means a lot to me.”


Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham: We Bought a House!!

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham have already set the date for their upcoming nuptials. Thanks to some heavy hints, most fans are expecting a TV wedding.

But this controversial couple has some more practical things to address before the world hate-watches their wedding ceremony.

They’ve bought a house. But choosing the right one wasn’t easy.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Arie Luyendyk Jr. discusses buying a house with fiancee Lauren Burnham.

“Buying a house is obviously another huge step in our relationship.”

It sure is. It’s also considered to be one of the most stressful experiences that a person can undergo.

But Arie sounds thrilled.

“And we are excited to really make this our home.”

They settled on a brand new house, for reasons that Arie explains.

“It was built this year and we can’t wait to move in!”

Since the new home has 2,607 square feet of space, we can understand why.

The couple apparently looked at nearly 70 properties before settling on the one that they wanted!

Arie and Lauren must have really wanted to be sure that they picked the right house.

(Or maybe just Arie did … Arie has famously been accused of not liking women who have strong opinions and many in the Bachelor Nation believe that he calls the shots in the relationship)

They apparently considered purchasing a home that would be a real fixer-upper, but Arie says that they ruled that out.

“Lauren was completely overwhelmed.”

Which is why they settled on a very new home. It will be less personalized (because they won’t be doing a bunch of upgrades right away), but also less of a headache.

They apparently made an offer on the first home before changing their minds, which is starting to look like a pattern for Arie. But perhaps it’s just a coincidence.

Arie says that it was love at first sight. With the house, we mean. He’s clearly less decisive about women.

“From the minute I walked into this house, I had a good feeling.”

Lauren apparently took a little longer to fall head over heels for the house that they selected.

But she got heart eyes when she saw the home’s master closet.

If you’ve ever watched any show about renovations or home-buying (or both!), or if you’ve gone through that process yourself, you know how one feature of an already good home can really make you light up with excitement.

Us Weekly says that Arie and Lauren also kept their “furry friends” in mind when selecting the house.

To be clear, they mean their dogs, Dallas and Bastain. They’re not talking about dudes in fox costumes.

Lauren explains:

“Our dogs are very excited. They are each going to have their own room …”

She doesn’t necessarily mean that literally.

“I mean it does have four bedrooms. And, a big backyard to run around in, too.”

You know, they say that a lot of Millennials who switch from apartments to houses do so because they’re motivated to get large yards for their dogs.

Lauren is a Millennial. Despite looking like a Gen Xer, Arie is on the older side of Millennials, too. Just saying.

Lauren also talks about how it was totally easy to say goodbye to her friends and uproot her entire existence to go be with Arie.

“Arizona has been a really easy adjustment for me as I’ve moved around my whole life.”

She says that Arie’s been helping her to adjust to the change in scenery.

“It has been fun exploring the area and Arie is a really good tour guide, so that helps.”

There are some who say that human settlements in Arizona should not exist, because of the horrifying weather. But Lauren seems to be fine with it.

“I’ve been making friends and trying to get settled in but we really haven’t been here all that long yet.”

Well, she’s pretty and she’s also famous. Those are two great ingredients for making friends immediately.

Her husband may not be well-liked by the Bachelor Nation, but he’s made a name for himself in his hometown.


Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham: Headed to Marriage Boot Camp?

As Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham’s wedding date looms, a lot of fans — and haters — can’t help but wonder if Arie’s going to change his mind again. It’s not unprecedented, after all.

However, Arie and Lauren sat down with Dr. Ish and Dr. V from Marriage Boot Camp recently.

Those counselors, experts in relationships and the signs that they are doomed, are dishing on what they observed.

The controversial couple was spotted dining with Marriage Boot Camp counselors Dr. V and Dr. Ish at the Arizona Biltmore, a Hilton Hotels’ Waldorf Astoria resort.

(Disclaimer, the Arizona Biltmore is part of the “Biltmore Hotel” chain, and not affiliated with the Vanderbilt family or the actual Biltmore Estate)

People spoke to the counselors about Arie and Lauren’s relationship and what the two experts had observed about the two of them.

Dr. Ish said:

“When I see Arie and Lauren, I see a couple who’s both in love and happy to be together.”

He continued, pointing out that this was a special situation that bodes well for thier future.

“Which is great for them because sometimes both of those things don’t always happen at once.”

That makes sense. Sometimes people who are in love drive each other up the wall.

Dr. Ish continued his assessment, speaking about the nonverbal signals that he had detected between the two of them.

“They held hands and sat close to each other the entire time.”

So it doesn’t necessarily take an expert to decipher that they are affectionate.

“That body language says to me that they are literally into each other.​”

Dr. V’s commentary was a bit more succinct.

“They seemed genuinely happy.”

Arie is the sort of person who looks like he has the voice of a Game of Thrones villain but actually has the voice of a villain from a romantic comedy set at any American beach in 1997.

So we can’t say that it was a huge surprise to the Bachelor Nation that he didn’t win as huge of a fanbase as some previous stars have during his season.

But until the information first leaked, few suspected that Arie was going to ditch the winner just weeks after he’d proposed to her on camera so that he could go running back to his runner-up.

And no one in their wildest nightmares imaged that Arie would invite ABC’s cameras to witness his cruel breakup from Becca Kufrin.

But he and Lauren seem genuinely happy with each other.

Based upon the assessment by Arie’s ex, Bekah Martinez, it sounds like he weeded out the women who were more assertive.

He settled on Lauren in the end, who was infamous during the season for not having spoken very much in contrast to her fellow contestants.

So it seems safe to say that Arie prefers to take the lead in his relationships. Which … says a lot about him.

It’s really no surprise that Lauren is coming to live with Arie in Arizona instead of the two of them finding a new place to live.

Here’s a question: Does she even know anyone else in Scottsdale who isn’t Arie?

There was a time when Marriage Boot Camp was a show reserved for, you know, couples who were struggling romantically.

These days, it sometimes seems to be about reality couples who want more exposure.

Which could make it a perfect next stop for Arie and Lauren. The Bachelor Nation is huge, and surely at least some of people would tune in, if only to hate-watch.

But this sit-down may have just been a mutually beneficial photo-op and nothing more. Only time will tell.

Besides, at the moment, Arie and Lauren are busy planning their wedding — they don’t really have time to schedule a TV appearance.

Aside from their TV wedding, that is.


Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham: Wedding Date Revealed!

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his fiancee Lauren Burnham have made it clear that they intend to get married ASAP

But though they’ve spoken about possibilities for their upcoming wedding, they haven’t announced any concrete plans.

Now, thanks to one fan’s snooping, the Bachelor Nation knows some details. Including a wedding date.

Reddit may be infamous as a cesspool for incels and people with horrifying political views, but it’s mostly a gathering place for people with shared interests.

For example, fans who are really, really devoted to The Bachelor. Members of the Bachelor Nation who don’t just watch the show, but who actively engage in the online community.

Some of those fans dig up information … and then these junior detectives share it with the world.

One cyber-sleuth found what appears to be a wedding registry on The Knot for Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham’s wedding.

Yes, it includes the date.

Take a look:

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham Registry

Note the date — June 28th.

That’s not even three months from now.

While this isn’t confirmed through an official announcement just yet, this was found through a link in Lauren’s old registry from her previous engagement.

So it appears to be legit.

What’s more, it totally fits with what we’ve heard about their wedding intentions.

For starters, June 28th certainly qualifies as a summer wedding, which is what Lauren … and Lauren’s mother … have talked about in interviews.

Admittedly, that’s only a week into the summer, as this year’s Summer Solstice is June 21.

But in Arizona — pretty much anywhere in Arizona — it will feel like summer is already in full force.

Additionally, Lauren and Arie have made it clear that they plan to tie the knot soon.

Nothing says soon quite like not even four months after the world saw their proposal.

Fans can speculate about why Lauren might be eager to get married. She might, for example, worry that Arie will dump her like he dumped Becca and go back for someone else.

We’ve already seen Arie’s post-Bachelor DMs, because Bekah Martinez is a delight and has zero chill.

Arie, in turn, may have his own reasons for racing to the altar.

Perhaps he’s just going along with his fiancee’s wishes.

Or maybe he’s really just that eager to seal the deal now that he’s now, allegedly, found love.

But some can’t help but wonder if he’s just hoping to capitalize on his fame (or infamy) before it fades. Which would include a TV wedding.

It sounds like Arie and Lauren want a TV wedding almost as much as Lauren’s parents do.

A TV wedding could mean that ABC would pick up at least most of the tab — or perhaps all of it.

Some celebrities actually get paid for the presence of cameras at their nuptials, but Arie and Lauren might not be quite big-league enough for that.

Still … is the Bachelor Nation going to watch these two tie the knot? If so, will they be hate-watching it?

Or will seeing Becca Kufrin look for love on The Bachelorette make them warm up to Arie and Lauren’s relationship?

Because The Bachelorette premieres on May 28 … exactly one month before the date listed on that registry.