Ariel Winter & Levi Meaden Flaunt Their Christmas PDA!

It’s been less than 14 months since Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden’s one-year anniversary, but that hasn’t stopped these two from looking super domestic.

They took pictures with a big ol’ tree. They took photos in matching Christmas onesies. And they took photos locking lips in front of their decorations.

‘Tis the season!

Ariel Winter’s always happy to celebrate the holidays.

Last October, we saw Ariel get into the Halloween spirit and out of her clothes. And that was before they dressed up in multiple different costumes.

So you can always count on Ariel to be seasonal … and, when it comes to her boyfriend, affectionate.

(Ariel and Levi’s PDA has been all over social media, folks)

As you can see, they didn’t need any mistletoe to put them in the kissing mood.

That photo was shared to Snapchat.

As sweet as their kiss in front of that dazzlingly decorated Christmas tree is, we’d like to point out a couple of things.

One, Ariel Winter’s red dress is both in a perfect seasonal color and gorgeous.

Two, they have so many presents around that tree. They’re not under the tree, they’re forming a small ocean around it.

That’s what Christmas is all about. (Well, okay, also spending time with your loved ones, we guess)

As you can see, Ariel and Levi didn’t limit their affections to formal attire.

These Christmas onesies look adorable and comfortable.

(That said, folks, no matter how cute your onesies might be, don’t pressure your family members into wearing them for anything more than just a photo op — some people find them confining, or too warm)

Clearly, Levi and Ariel were feeling romance along with holiday cheer.

But they weren’t the only ones who wore matching outfits:

Ariel captioned this photo:

“Kids are a struggle y’all. But Merry Christmas from our little dysfunctional family to yours!!!!”

That is so cute, you guys.

(The “kids” to whom she’s referring, in case you worry that you missed a huge story, are these dogs. Like most Millennials, Ariel refers to her dogs as her children)

We love how domestic Ariel and Levi are as a couple. We also love their “dysfunctional family” and the fact that Ariel feels comfortable enough in their easy domesticity to write that.

This is a big time in Ariel and Levi’s lives.

Modern Family, which feels like it’s gone on for decades, won’t last forever. But Ariel has grown from a child star into an adult hottie before the very eyes of viewers.

Levi, in the mean time, has entered Ariel’s life and, despite their age difference, they’ve found love and comfort in each other.

In the next Pacific Rim film, Levi Meaden might get his big break — because he’s in that movie in some capacity.

That should hopefully lay to rest the rumors that Levi Meaden is just Ariel Winter’s kept boy. He’s not, folks. He has his own acting career and everything.


Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden Celebrate One Year Together!

We all saw Ariel Winter get into the Halloween spirit … and out of most of her clothes. Halloween is a fun time, and she ended up pulling off a number of different costumed looks.

Well, now it’s November, and she’s celebrating something that’s a lot more special: her one-year anniversary with boyfriend Levi Meaden.

And what better way to mark one year together than with some steamy photos?

Admittedly, this couple has proven to be controversial for some fans.

For example, when Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden moved in together after only dating for six months, it caused a bit of a stir.

We should remember, though, that for celebrities concerned about privacy, moving in together has some added benefits that those of us who aren’t followed by cameras or creepy fans might not understand.

Plus, it’s not like Ariel Winter’s home doesn’t have plenty of room.

The disparity between the couple’s respective degrees of fame was another point of criticism, with haters even going so far as to suggest that Levi Meaden was Ariel Winter’s kept boy, with an allowance or even a salary. Ariel shut down that kind of rumor, hard.

Levi’s an actor, too. Not at her level, but he’s going to be in the new Pacific Rim movie. That’s exciting stuff.

Probably their biggest issue — as far as critics are concerned — is their age gap.

Ariel Winter is 19 and won’t turn 20 until 2018. Levi Meaden just turned 30 a couple of months ago.

Now, that’s a hefty age gap, even though Ariel was an adult when they started dating.

But they’re both adults and they make each other happy, so we don’t think that there’s anything predatory going on.

Honestly? A lot of this couple’s haters seem to just be men who wish that they were the ones dating Ariel Winter. Dream on.

Ariel Winter posted this sweet photo on November 12th.

Admittedly, you don’t normally think of couples getting professional photos done when they’re just dating. Especially for just a year.

In fact, you usually just hear about couples getting professional photos done for their engagement and then for their wedding.

(Unless they’re taking some private, erotic photos and hire a discreet professional)

The Modern Family star included this caption as a tribute to their relationship:

“Happy 1 year anniversary my love. I’m the luckiest girl in the entire world.”

That’s some pretty obligatory gushing, but it’s super sweet.

“Thank you for being the incredible man you are, and for making me the happiest I could’ve ever imagined.”

Ariel Winter had a disturbing, upsetting childhood so we’re so glad that she’s found her bliss.

“Here’s to many, many more. I love you. [heart emoji]”

Before you call her out for thinking that she’s found “the one” at 19, know that even though the odds of that are low (statistically), it happens.

(Two couples I know who were dating when we ate lunch together in high school went on to get married in their twenties, after college. It happens)

“P.S. your crazy butt is the only one who could ever make me agree to jumping off a cliff at a waterfall soooo yeah. I love you.”

That postscript gives us a little context for this lovely photo, which Ariel also shared.

Levi shared those photos, too — and the one that we have up top, as a bonus.

Obviously, he also posted a moving tribute for their one-year dating anniversary:

“I can’t believe it’s been a year.”

Well, he’s 30, so with more than one-third more life experience than Ariel, he would literally perceive the passage of time as going faster than she does.

(We all do; that’s why an hour felt like “forever” as a little kid and now, if you have to leave in an hour, you feel like that’s not enough time to start doing anything — we view time subjectively in proportion to how much life we’ve experienced)

“We’ve had adventures. Gotten dolled up countless times. And traveled through 3 continents together. I never imagined I’d be this happy.”

That almost sounds like an exhausting amount of “adventuring” for one year, but traveling the world is different when you’re in love.

And now for the gushing:

“I love you more than anything! Happy anniversary Peanut Butter!!!!”

Not every nickname has a story to go with it, but we’d love to know if there’s one for Ariel.

Honestly, good for these two lovebirds, you know?

We hope that Levi’s role in the new Pacific Rim serves him well. He probably won’t be front-and-center with John Boyega, but it could be a real career boost.

That said … sometimes, when a couple’s dynamic changes because the less famous member of the relationship’s career takes off, it can upset the balance that they had and lead to a breakup.

That’s not hypothetical. It appears that Chris Pratt’s success ruined his marriage to Anna Faris. It was, at least, a factor.

But for right now, we can all just be happy for Ariel and Levi and the place where they are in their lives.


Ariel Winter Gets Into the Halloween Spirit, Out of Her Clothes

Technically, any season is bikini season if you’re not a weenie … but it’s been autumn for over a month, now. 

But what’s a beautiful, confident young woman like Ariel Winter to do when her famous bikini photos aren’t in season?

Don’t worry, folks. She’s figured out how to 

When it comes to weather and Halloween costumes, there’s just no winning.

If it’s unseasonably warm (as it certainly is this year — we all saw everyone in L.A. tweeting nonstop about the 101 degree temperatures in late October), people with elaborate, heavier costumes are doomed to wither and die.

If it’s appropriately cool, like late October should be, the skimpy costumes that make the world go ‘round turn into death sentences for the waifs and twinks who are most likely to dress skimpily.

This year’s soaring temperatures have caused many people to despair. People who bought their giraffe costumes back in April, when April the Giraffe finally gave birth … are probably wishing that they’d dressed as slutty bikini models right about now.

The same likely goes for whichever couples decided that they’d dress to match each other — one as Sean Spicer, the other as a mini-fridge.

But Ariel Winter is no stranger to baring some skin.

We don’t know what her Halloween costume is going to be this year, but she’s clearly getting into the Halloween spirit.

And it looks like she’s not struggling to figure out her wardrobe.

Ariel Winter captioned this photo:

“Mickey gave me a ride to the pumpkin patch.”

We don’t know what about that innocuous line reads as innuendo, but some people have seen it that way. (Maybe the word “ride,” we guess?)

Clearly, she’s getting into the Halloween spirit.

It looks like she’s at one of those quintessentially American Halloween attractions that crop up, with pumpkins and games for kids and jump-scare attractions for a wide range of ages.

She is also making that white bikini top work with those jeans.

Bikini season is a state of mind.

This isn’t the first time that Ariel Winter’s paired a white top that bares her abs with a pair of jeans.

It’s a great look on her.

Unfairly, Ariel Winter has gotten a ton of unwarranted criticism for having to audacity to be photographed while being attractive, basically.

She’s been body-shamed, slut-shamed, trolled, and even slammed by her own estranged mother over her pics.

(Of course, Ariel’s mother isn’t estranged by accident — she’s a terrible mother who is accused of inflicting horrible abuse upon Ariel, which is why Ariel won her emancipation as a teenager)

But no matter how confident you are, that kind of backlash can take its toll.

There was a time when we feared that Ariel Winter was done sharing hot pictures. Sometimes, the hate gets to you and it doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

But Ariel Winter isn’t backing down.

In fact, sometimes Ariel Winter’s skimpiest outfits seem designed to spite her haters.

After an unenviable childhood, Ariel Winter doesn’t need any other voices trying to micromanage her personal decisions.

And considering that Ariel was eagerly objectified as a minor over her large breasts (before she got her reduction surgery), it’s awfully hypocritical of people to criticize her now, as an adult, for showing off her body as she chooses.

Hypocritical and creepy … where were these haters when grown adults on the red carpet were treating her like a walking pair of breasts at 14?

But whatever. Whether she’s posing poolside or hanging out by a pumpkin patch, Ariel can wear what she wants and look amazing while she’s at it.


Ariel Winter Rocks Cleavage, Bares Her Butt While Serving Glamor

If you were one of those who worried that Ariel Winter was done taking sexy photos, let us lay those fears to rest.

Ariel Winter made the cleavage-tastic cover of LaPalme, but that’s not the only photo that they snapped of her. The Modern Family actress’ glorious peach also made an appearance.

She’s gotten criticism for her sexy pics in the past, with haters claiming that they’re lewd, not artistic. We wonder if these tantalizing images will change their minds.

Ariel Winter’s cover photo alone is enough to knock you dead and then bring you right back to life.

That vibrant, powerful red, the intense contrast between her raven hair and fair skin as she serves up classic Hollywood glamour in its 2017 incarnation.

But her out-of-this-world cleavage takes center stage and eats up all of your attention.

Way back in 2015, Ariel Winter underwent breast reduction surgery for multiple reasons.

She was tired of every report talking about her breasts. Mind you, this was happening to her as a minor, and grown-ass adults who should have known better were talking to and about her on the red carpet as if she were just a pair of disembodied melons.

Also, extra-large breasts are massively (pun not intended) inconvenient for the boob-haver, whether they’re shopping for bras or trying to lay on their stomachs or even just trying to move about like a normal person.

But as you can see, it looks like she not only achieved a perfect size balance for herself, she is looking positively perfect.

Don’t worry; the camera and the good folks at LaPalme did not forget about Ariel Winter’s other good side.

That image is enough to make anyone wish that they’d never quit practicing art and could turn that into a painting, you know?

Her leg and the entire right side of her butt are bare, but even Ariel Winter’s worst critic — her horrible, slut-shamng mother — would have a hard time trying to call this crass or shameful.

This is art. This is beauty. This is Ariel Winter.

She’s so perfectly framed by those vines that this would be a lovely picture even if we were only seeing a silhouette.

And we also get a close-up of Ariel Winter’s stunning makeup.

That intriguing wig is a major callback to classic Hollywood glamour, as is so much of the look that she’s rocking.

That goes well with her fair skin, facial features, and curvier figure.

Ariel Winter is a classic beauty.

And we have tos ay that, even though we’re not necessarily the biggest fans of bangs, those raven bangs that she’s sporting are so intriguing that it does not in any way detract from the photoshoot.

Oh, and speaking of classic Hollywood looks. …

Ariel Winter stuns and amazes, even when she’s in black and white.

Even in the background, her cleavage grabs your attention.

Everything’s working for her — her look, her pose, her lighting, her outfit.

That said, we don’t mind the poolside selfies. Or the twerking videos.


Ariel Winter: Done Sharing Sexy Photos?!

You can usually count on Ariel Winter to show off her curves in amazing outfits. Trolls telling her to cover up don’t make her back down — she sticks it to her haters with another selfie.

But we’ve noticed lately that there’s been a lull in Ariel’s racier pics.

Is it just because she’s busy, or has all of the hate that she gets for dressing and posing the way that she wants gotten to her, causing her to drop the act for good?

We would hate to think that the haters have won.

Not just because Ariel Winter is, in addition to being a thoughtful and well-spoken young women and a talented actress, super … easy to look upon.

Though that is obviously a factor.

But no one, and particularly not a 19-year-old who has only been able to really live her life for a few years after escaping from a horrible childhood, should have their lives dictated to them by haters.

Whether it’s Ariel Winter twerking again or showing off her butt tattoo, there’s nothing wrong with advertising her body if that’s what she wants to do.

But trolls like to post hate in her comments, telling her to cover up.

These hateful voices are echoing Ariel’s awful mother, who repeatedly slut-shames her estranged daughter in the media in a transparent ploy for attention.

… All so that she can beg for sympathy and support from her children who, rightly, want nothing to do with her.

While Ariel Winter’s given us a glimpse of herself working out her butt, we haven’t seen much lately on her Instagram. And you can’t tell us that October’s been too cool to wear a bikini.

So … is Ariel going to give in and let haters tell her how to dress?

According to HollywoodLife‘s source, Ariel Winter hears the hate but she’s not going to submit to their demands.

Ariel tries to ignore all the haters as much as she can, but it does get to her sometimes.”

We’re all that way, right? No matter how strong you are, sometimes it sinks in.

“She’s not going to stop posting whatever photos she wants though, and she knows that trolls are just an inevitable part of social media.”

That is a relief.

Not just that she’s not going to cut out flaunting what she’s got, but that she has a healthy sense of perspective when it comes to trolls, hate, and social media.

She has good reason for not backing down.

Ariel works really hard to stay in shape, and she’s really proud of all that she’s achieved — she looks and feels amazing.”

We’ve seen some of those workouts and they’re no joke.

“As far as she’s concerned people trolling her Instagram need to get a life, and leave her alone to live hers.”

We absolutely agree.

Ariel Winter has no reason to back down.

Not only does every adult on the planet have the right to show as much, or as little, of themselves as they’d like …

(Provided that the social media platform that they’re utilizing is okay with such photos, but Ariel Winter tends to stay within the realm of what’s appropriate for Instagram0

… But every time that Ariel Winter showcases her peach in daisy dukes or a string bikini and every time that she flashes some underboob or major cleavage, she’s helping to boost her own image as a young actress.

Modern Family might feel like it’s been on television for centuries, but it won’t last forever. She’ll want another acting job after that, and then another and another.

Staying relevant is important, and there’s a reason that — even with controversy included — Ariel gets talked about more than most of her costars.

One thing that haters love to give Ariel a hard time for, aside from daring to be a corporeal being and then having the audacity to take pictures of her body, is her boyfriend.

Levi Meaden only just turned 30 and they’re both adults (and were both adults when they began dating), but people who don’t like the relationship say that the age gap alarms them.

Ariel is also much more famous and more successful as an actress than Levi, which has led to more criticism of their relationship and also to the occasional humiliation rumor about their dynamic.

But Levi is also an actor, and he’s going to be in the new Pacific Rim film (we’re super hyped about that, honestly).

Remember how Anna Faris used to be the more famous one in her (now over) marriage with Chris Pratt? And then he became one of the biggest actors ever.

We never know what’s on the horizon for actors and their careers.

What we suspect is that the people who complain about their relationship don’t really care. They wouldn’t like anyone who was dating Ariel Winter.

Isn’t that sad?


Ariel Winter: Mother Accuses Her of LYING About Childhood Abuse!

Apparently it wasn't enough for Crystal Workman to slut-shame Ariel Winter, her own daughter, on national television.

Now, in yet another interview with Inside Edition, Crystal Workman is back and trying to drag Ariel Winter's name through the mud, accusing her of lying — among other things.

At you watch the video (below), you have to ask yourself — what exactly is Crystal's goal, here? What does she hope to achieve?

Ariel winter crystal workman split 2Crystal workman on inside edition

Ariel Winter has been in the acting business since she was just a little girl.

Based upon every description that we've ever heard, Crystal Workman was exactly the worst sort of "stage mom" that you might imagine.

We've heard descriptions of Ariel being taken to parties and told to mingle with adult professionals late at night when she had to get up early the next day.

One of her teachers recalls how she would order an extra meal in her own name so that she could sneak food to Ariel, whose diet was apparently extremely restricted to prevent her from gaining weight — even as a young child.

Even more seriously, Ariel has also accused her mother of abuse, from emotional torment to physical violence.

All of this was enough that Ariel, when she was ready, sought to become an emancipated minor at 14. At 15, she was finally free, and her older sister was awarded guardianship.

That's a rare opportunity — the majority of abused young people either run away or endure it until adulthood (or even after turning 18), because legal emancipation requires money and support that most people have. And, in most cases, social services can do very little to intervene.

Ariel very likely has a long road to total recovery from her traumatic childhood, but now she's an adult with a loving boyfriend and a strong career.

And a killer body that she doesn't mind showing off for the camera.

Ariel winter on lake tahoe

The last time that Crystal Workman railed against Ariel Winter in front of the cameras, it was mostly so that she could try to slut-shame her daughter for daring to show some skin.

First of all, everyone has the right to show off parts of their meat prison — and Ariel is an adult and her photos are all Instagram-appropriate.

Second of all, Ariel's curvy figure and proud photos have done wonders for body positivity.

You might say that Ariel Winter's been waging her own crusade against body-shaming.

Crystal Workman also tried to shame Ariel for cutting ties with her, as if that isn't the exact right thing to do in the case of a toxic relationship.

We saw what was essentially Crystal whining about being "homeless" (she was living in a storage facility with a bathroom after selling her home), as if Ariel or her sister should have reached out to her to help.

There are people out there who will reach out and financially support abusers. Tyler Perry does this.

We're glad to know that Ariel Winter isn't one of them.

Ariel winter shows off her peach

In the video below, which came out yesterday, it looks like Crystal Workman is specifically trying to refute details that Ariel Winter shared about her childhood abuse.

We know that this will come across as truly shocking, but … the person who's accused of abuse denies it and says that their accuser is lying.

Truly unprecedented, we know.

"She continues to attack me. It's heartbreaking."

Yeah. We'll play you a sad song on the world's smallest violin.

"I think she wants the headlines. I think she craves attention. If that means throwing your mother under the bus and hurting her and breaking her heart, she’s going to do it."

Well, "craving attention" is kind of the job of a celebrity, but especially an actor who needs attention and demand in order to get work and promote their show.

But we kind of feel like Crystal is projecting a little, here.

It looks like Crystal wants headlines, which is why she's giving out these interviews.

Ariel winter black swimsuit

Now, Crystal Workman isn't necessarily a woman with a firm grasp on reality. She may actually believe a lot of what she's saying.

But we find it hard to believe that she genuinely expects that if she just keeps negging Ariel and calling her a liar in the news, Ariel will finally throw up her hands and go "fine, I guess we're family again."

What seems more likely to us is that maybe Crystal is hoping that people will feel sorry for her and that her interviews will pressure Ariel into giving her what would amount to hush money.

At least, that's what this looks like. We make no claims to have read Crystal Workman's mind.

(And we wouldn't care to if we had that power)

But Ariel has accused Crystal of abuse and let's be very clear about one thing: victims owe their abusers nothing.

Watch this video and let us know what you think that Crystal is after.

Ariel winter mother accuses her of lying about childhood abuse

Ariel Winter Sticks it to Haters with Skimpiest Outfit Yet!

This goes beyond a "boob window" and enters territory that we don't quite know how to describe. A boob … balcony?

Whatever it's called, Ariel Winter is rocking something that goes well beyond underboob or cleavage in a shredded white crop top. She's living her best, hottest life.

And we don't claim to be mind-readers, but we have a sneaking suspicion of what motivated this public display of boobage that you can see below.

So what exactly is she wearing in the images that you'll see in the video below?

A slashed white PrettyLittleThing crop top that bares the undersides and the inner sides of her breasts, in a material so thin that you don't need Cara Delevingne's vaunted sixth sense to know where they are.

You can just … see them.

Other than that, she's wearing comfy-looking red pants with black boots. And her hair is up in a ponytail. Like, this is just an outfit that she wore around town.

First of all, obviously, Ariel Winter doesn't need any excuses or whatever to wear whatever the hell she wants.

Breasts are just lumps of tissue, albeit very aesthetically pleasing ones. 

She's an adult who can make her own choices, and whether or not they're the same ones that you or I would make is frankly irrelevant.

Getting upset because of someone else's wardrobe is like getting upset because someone else ordered pizza toppings for their own personal pizza that you don't like.

The fact that many places forbid women from going out in public while topless but allow men to do so is absurd and, many say, a point of contention for those who seek gender equality.

That said … we do think that Ariel may have had a motive.

Recently, Ariel Winter's infamous mother, Crystal Workman, did a TV interview to try to slut-shame Ariel for the way that she dresses.

You really have to have a lot of nerve to criticize the way that your daughter lives, after your own parenting was so bad and allegedly abusive that a court allowed Ariel to become an emancipated minor at 14.

Ariel has accused Crystal of restricting her diet from a shockingly young age (to the point where one of Ariel's instructors would covertly order extra food to sneak some to her).

She has also accused Crystal of violent, physical abuse and of emotional abuse.

it sounds like Ariel escaped from a truly awful childhood.

Unlike when her mother allegedly forced her into wildly sexualized outfits when she was as young as 12, Ariel is now a 19-year-old adult.

She's free to wear as much or as little as she likes.

Ariel has already responded to this in two ways.

First, she retweeted someone else's tweet, where they referred to Crystal Workman's whining. The fan noted:

"All i know, is if i [were] trying to reconcile with my daughter, i wouldn't be bashing her on a interview… but that's just me."

It's not just her, really.

Ariel Winter then posted her own not-so-subtle subtweet:

"Very sad when someone chooses a public forum to reach out to someone. Also sad when that reach out comes in the form of criticizing."

Quite frankly, that's a heck of a lot nicer than most people would have been, given Ariel's history with her mother.

All of this came on the heels of Ariel Winter's epic Instagram rant when she talked about how people respond to her photos.

(Ariel's no stranger to white crop tops, but the ones that we've seen her wear in the past were a good deal tamer)

To us (and again, we're not mind-readers) this new, wildly salacious crop top that you'll see in the video below is a huge middle finger to not only her awful mother but to all of her haters.

There's a powerful feeling to ignoring the voices that are trying to bring you down and control you.

With results like this, we think that the people complaining that Ariel Winter should cover up are definitely in the minority:

Ariel winter sticks it to haters with skimpiest outfit yet

Ariel Winter: Slut-Shamed by Estranged Mother for Instagram Photos!

Ariel Winter is one of the stars of Modern Family, but she's also known for her provocative photos in bikinis and other outfits that showcase her curvy body to its full effect.

A lot of people who have no business trying to control her body try to shame her over that, but no one seems more opinionated or less justified in trying to talk about Ariel's choices than her estranged and allegedly abusive mother, Crystal Workman.

Crystal Workman sat down for an interview where she spends as much time trying to shame her daughter from afar as she does trying to make people feel sorry for her.

Whether Ariel Winter is floating on a bikini as the world's yummiest pizza topping or giving Levi Meaden a huge butt-shaped birthday cake, Ariel Winter is celebrating her body and making her own choices.

And she also takes the time to continue her one-woman crusade against body-shaming.

(She's such a treasure, honestly)

Sure, some people give her a hard time for flaunting her curves.

But she's an adult, at 19. She could post topless photos if she wanted (on Twitter, not on Instagram) and it would be fine and completely her choice.

As it is, the photos that she shares are sometimes salacious but never involve actual nudity.

And sometimes her "racy" pics are just her wearing normal clothes that become more revealing thanks to her body's natural curves.

Regardless, this is what happens when a young woman who grew up having no choices is suddenly able to control her own image on her own terms.

A lot of the wank about "the selfie generation" and social media is just about women getting to tell their own stories, honestly.

Ariel's story wasn't always one of being a free adult who got to make her own choices.

Ariel was emancipated as a minor — an option that is sadly not available to everyone who grows up under those circumstances.

Ariel accuses her mother of physically abusing her, including slapping and pushing her, as well as of making a lot of cruel and controlling choices.

Recently, we've learned more details about Ariel Winter's escape from her abusive childhood.

Crystal Workman thrust Ariel into the entertainment business when she was only four years old.

Ariel's food was carefully restricted (to the point where Ariel had a tutor who would order extra food so that Ariel could sneak some).

Ariel has also described the way that her mother would have her dressed in almost absurdly skimpy outfits, even as a preteen, and attend late-night parties to mingle when she had early call times the next day.

Though Ariel is now taking classes at UCLA, her education was often neglected during her childhood, because she says that her mother put her career first.

It was, however, through one of her teachers that Ariel first reached out for help in escaping from her mother.

Ariel was successfully emancipated at 14, and her older sister was awarded custody.

Countless millions of abused children don't have the resources or good fortune to escape.

All of this add up to why it is so absurd that Crystal Workman has the gall to try to shame Ariel over how she dresses now.

Firstly, because Crystal Workman is said to have dressed Ariel like this as a child — where now Ariel is an adult and it's not inappropriate for her to wear short skirts or whatever else she likes.

Secondly, because Ariel accuses her mother of abuse, and abusers have no right to complain about anything.

But none of that gives Crystal Workman pause in going on Inside Edition and talking about how she hates the way that Ariel dresses, whether it's on the red carpet or on Instagram.

"I just want to see her have respect for herself and have some class."

Self-respect doesn't equal modesty. Modesty is a choice.

"I feel that Ariel is starving for attention. I feel this is a cry help from my child."

If Ariel Winter were "crying for help" (by having fun with her friends and taking photos), she still wouldn't be seeking help from Crystal Workman.

"That one in particular where her leg is raised and she is holding a martini glass, all I could do was cry and feel sorry for her."

Crystal claims that she feels sorry for Ariel, but it seems clear that Crystal is trying to milk audiences for undeserved sympathy.

Inside Edition then gives you a peak at the storage unit where Crystal lived after selling her house.

"I lived in a storage space. There was no heat, no air for over a year-and-a-half."

That's better than a prison cell, which is where a society that actually cares about child welfare would put abusers for the rest of their days.

She whines that Ariel and Ariel's sister didn't rush to her rescue.

"What was difficult was that my daughters knew I was living there."

There's nothing like an awful person's misery to put you in a good mood, you know?

But we wonder at Crystal Workman's motives.

Clearly, this nonsense isn't going to endear her to Ariel. Is she hoping that Ariel will get tired of getting badmouthed in the press and offer her mom some hush money?

Watch the video below and decide for yourself!








Ariel winter slut shamed by estranged mother for instagram photo