Maci Bookout Opens Up on Ryan Edwards Arrest: I Wish He Was Still In Jail!

Maci Bookout is in a difficult spot.

Her first baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, has been arrested three times in the past 18 months and is currently facing a year in prison if convicted on the latest charges against him.

Ryan, Maci Split Pics

Maci currently has a restraining order against Edwards as a result of an incident in which he allegedly threatened to murder her husband.

It may sound like she can now easily wash her hands of her troubled ex — but it’s not that simple.

Bookout has made it clear that she very much wants her eldest son, Bentley, to have a relationship with his father.

Unfortunately, she wants more than anything to ensure her son’s safety.

And for the time being at least, that means keeping him away from Ryan.

Maci has mostly kept quiet about Edwards’ struggles with addiction, but she opened up this week in an interview for Kailyn Lowry’s Coffee Convos podcast.

Her comments on Ryan’s legal issues underscore Maci’s conflicting feelings toward her ex.

“I’ll be honest, I have no idea what state he’s in because he’s not allowed to be around any of us. He can’t just be in the same location as me and the family,” she told Lowry.

“So I have no idea. He’s not allowed to contact us or anything like that. But I mean, he did get arrested, I don’t know … I mean, I do know why, but I don’t want to say.”

Bookout then revealed that she actually felt better about the situation when Ryan was held in jail for a week last month.

“I feel better that he is in jail because I know he’s safe there, if that makes sense,” Maci said.

“I know he’s not driving around. He’s not doing something that could potentially hurt him or an innocent person. So it sucks, crappy situation for everyone.”

Edwards is currently out on bail and serving six months probation.

He’s due back in court on August 23 to be tried for his latest probation violation.


Ryan Edwards Opened Up About Latest Arrest: I Messed Up! Again!

Last month, Ryan Edwards was arrested for the third time in less than 18 months.

This time around, local authorities were understandably less confident in Ryan's ability to keep from messing up again, so they held him in police custody for a week.

These days, however, he's a free man — for the time being.

Ryan is due back in court on August 23, and if he's convicted for his latest probation violation, he could face up to a year in prison.

So it's a bit surprising that the usually press-shy Ryan has decided to speak to the media about his legal troubles.

His lawyers probably weren't crazy about the decision, but if we've learned anything about Ryan over these past two years, it's that the man is not big on following rules:

1. Hard Times

Ryan edwards mug shot new
On July 23, Ryan was taken into police custody after being pulled over for speeding. As this was a violation of his probation, he was held without bail.

2. An Unexpected Release

Ryan edwards wedding photo
While it was expected that he would be held until his court date, Ryan was released from jail in the wee hours of August 2.

3. A Slap on the Wrist

Ryan edwards on teen mom o g
To the surprise of many — including, probably, himself — Ryan received a suspended sentence and six months of additional probation for failing a court-ordered drug test earlier this year. But he’s not out of the woods yet …

4. Not Out of the Woods

Ryan edwards on teen mom photo
Ryan still has plenty of legal headaches ahead of him. In July, he was taken into custody not only for speeding but for failing to complete his last round of community service.

5. Spilling the Tea

Ryan edwards a photo
Now, Ryan is speaking out about his most recent brush with the law, and he’s being much more straightforward about the ordeal than many fans expected.

6. What Did You Expect?

Ryan edwards not sober
Of course, this is still Ryan we’re talking about, so he couldn’t stop himself from making excuses to justify his behavior…

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Ryan Edwards: Shocking New Arrest Details Revealed!

Last month, Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards was arrested for the third time in less than two years.

This time, local authorities were less inclined to give Edwards the benefit of the doubt, and he remained behind bars for a full week awaiting his arraignment.

Edwards was released from jail on July 31,  but his legal headaches are far from over.

Ryan is due back in court on August 23, and he still faces up to a year in prison.

If he misses his court date, he’ll likely be incarcerated immediately.

If he lands in front of a judge who’s less sympathetic to his plight than the previous ones, Ryan is likely headed for the slammer.

Edwards and wife Mackenzie Standifer have done their best to keep his legal troubles concealed from the public, but they haven’t been terribly successful.

Now, new details of Ryan’s arrest have emerged, and it’s led some to the conclusion that Ryan doesn’t care whether or not he goes to jail.

Until today, all we knew about Edwards’ latest brush with the law was that he had violated his probation yet again.

Now, we know that Ryan brazenly flouted local traffic violations by driving 36 MPH over the speed limit.

“I observed the above violator operating the above vehicle at a high rate of speed,” wrote the arresting officer in his citation.

“The vehicle’s speed was confirmed by a radar at 80MPH in a 55MPH zone.”

That may not sound like such a big deal — but when you’re on probation and facing prison time, every infraction is a big deal.

Though he was held without bail following his latest arrest, Ryan was eventually released with a slap on the wrist and sentenced to serve six months probation and five days of community service.

Needless to say, Ryan has to keep his nose clean if he hopes to avoid being sent away.

And as he’s proven many, many times in the past, the ability to stay out of trouble is not a skill Edwards seems to possess.