‘Arrow’ Star John Barrowman Disses Target, Steps Up to Tackle Homelessness

John Barrowman’s hatched an idea that’ll benefit the homeless while simultaneously shading Target for an embarrassing incident. We got the “Arrow” star Friday at LAX, and got an update on what happened after Target employees in West Hollywood tried…


‘Arrow’ Star John Barrowman Claims Target Didn’t Allow Him to Help Homeless Man

John Barrowman was fuming after claiming he tried to help out a homeless guy in a Target store and was disciplined by employees. Barrowman was at the Target in West Hollywood Thursday when he claims a homeless man approached him asking John if he…


‘Arrow’ Star John Barrowman Claims Target Didn’t Allow Him to Help Homeless Man

John Barrowman was fuming after claiming he tried to help out a homeless guy in a Target store and was disciplined by employees. Barrowman was at the Target in West Hollywood Thursday when he claims a homeless man approached him asking John if he…


Arrow Season 6 Episode 16 Recap: An Original Character Exits!

Nyssa al Ghul’s return was always going to come with a multitude of drawbacks. 

When Arrow Season 6 Episode 16 got underway, members of the League of Assassins debated who should replace Malcolm Merlyn who died on Lian Yu. 

That’s when Nyssa appeared on the scene with an army of her own and started to fight with the League. But Nyssa did not manage to stop them going after their next target: Thea. 

When she and Roy were in the car, they were attacked, and Nyssa showed up to save them from near certain death. 

Back at the lair, Nyssa told Oliver and company that Malcolm had been recruiting an army at the time of his death and that Athena and the others thought Thea had a map they were looking for. 

As such, they wanted to kill her and take the map. But Thea did not even know anything about the map, so she decided to join forces with Nyssa to retrieve the map. 

Just when it seemed like Nyssa and Thea were getting somewhere, Athena closed in on them in a warehouse in which they found the map, but it was in a safe. 

Thea tried to make a getaway with the safe, but Athena appeared out of nowhere and shot her. Team Arrow paid the villain back by shooting her, and everyone managed to escape. 

Just as Nyssa told Oliver all about what she was getting up to since their last meeting, Felicity appeared with some great news: She cracked the safe. 

But the map had no ink whatsoever on it, so it seemed like a complete waste of time. Oliver then realized that Thea was not happy in Star City and that she should make a getaway with Roy and live a happy life. 

The entire group went to take down Athena, but she revealed that the map’s ink only becomes viewable to the human eye when it comes into contact with blood. 

A fight broke out once again, and Roy saved everyone when it emerged that the building was rigged with bombs. Thea and Athena battled it out, and Thea’s blood winded up on the map. 

The map revealed there were three Lazarus pits and Thea wanted to destroy them all before a bunch of old villains started to return from the dead. 

Nyssa annulled her marriage to Oliver and set off on a mission with Thea and Roy. That was the conclusion of Thea’s arc on Arrow. 

Willa Holland’s exit from the series was pretty darn obvious when you consider the fact that her presence on the show has diminished over the last few years. 

What do you think of the big exit?

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 14 Recap: Collision Course

Black Siren is one of the sketchiest characters in all of DC TV. 

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 14, Dinah continued her mission to find and kill Laurel 2.0, and it resulted in one of the worst episodes of the series to date. 

When we picked up, Oliver was still in police custody and learning all of the information. He subsequently met up with his cabinet. 

There was a lot of uncertainty in the air because the money they gave to Cayden was well and truly missing. 

Oliver revealed to Lance and Thea that Dinah was not about to give up her fight to take down Laurel and that they needed to stop her before it was too late. 

Dinah dropped the bomb on Oliver that the money from the offshore account was gone, and this presented Oliver with a big issue: The city was going to fall apart if the money was not returned. 

Dinah knew Laurel was behind it and showed off footage from the security camera to prove as much. This further fueled Dinah’s rage towards the Earth-2 version of Laurel Lance. 

While everyone seemed to be on the lookout for Laurel, we learned that Lance still had her and was helping her recover from her gunshot wound. 

Lance kept Laurel’s whereabouts on the down low and even went as far as trying to help them find ways to capture her. 

He thought he was doing well, but then Thea followed him back to the lair and witnessed him helping the villain. 

The fractured Team Arrow met up at Dinah, Curtis and Rene’s hideout, and it became a big argument over who took Black Siren. 

The fight was pointless, but Rene managed to put a listening device on Oliver, so now they will be one step ahead of the game when trying to get ahead of their former allies. 

Thea got Laurel on the phone with Oliver, and she revealed that she would hand over the cash so long as Team Arrow helped her get well out of the country and away from Dinah’s clutches. 

Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity were on with the plan to help, but then Diggle’s bionic arm started acting up, and we got the reveal that Curtis was hacking it to get their location. 

Dinah and her friends appear, and a big fight ensues, but Curtis manages to persuade Dinah into not killing Black Siren. 

Rene was injured in the fight, and he had to be taken to the hospital, and it emerged that his injuries were severe. 

Oliver had to tell everyone on his cabinet that they may not even get the money back, so it might be best to just give up on it. 

In a final scene, Laurel was at a warehouse and asked for help from a worker under the pretense that she was kidnapped. 

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 13 Recap: The Devil’s Greatest Trick

Has the whole Cayden James plot been wearing you down?

If so, we are happy to report that Arrow Season 6 Episode 13 gifted viewers with a whole lot of twists. 

Cayden and his team decided to detonate the bomb to destroy Star City at midnight. This was in response to Vigilante turning against them. 

We took a trip to the past and found out that Cayden was working as a hacker, and it was getting in the way of his relationship with his son. 

He was missing his son’s basketball games, and disaster struck when the failing father was whisked away by ARGUS agents. The heartbreaking thing about it was Cayden later learned his son was murdered. 

Former Helix worker, Alena unmasked the murderer and confirmed he was none other than Karl Iscove. The trouble about all of it was that he was dead. 

Oliver took the real footage to Cayden who was shocked, but he told Oliver and Diggle to round up Anatoly, Diaz and Black Siren. 

Oliver managed to get the team together and got them to go after the three villains. 

Black Siren later admitted to being the one to order Owen’s murder, but Cayden seemed to think she was bluffing. 

Dinah was on hand to fight with Black Siren. She was still mad because Siren murdered Vincent on Arrow Season 6 Episode 12. 

Quentin appeared in the nick of time, but Dinah stole his gun and shot Black Siren. Afterwards, Quentin continued to have hope that there was some of Laurel inside the villain. 

Thus, he kidnapped her and took her well away from everyone. Will this end well for anyone, or will it all be a little too much to handle?

Elsewhere, Cayden was finally arrested and taken into custody. He chatted with Oliver and seemed like he genuinely wanted to help take down the others. 

Oliver agreed to let Cayden visit his son’s grave because he understood how difficult it was to be apart from a family member. 

However, Ricardo Diaz later made his way into where Cayden was being held and admitted that he was the one who killed Owen and that he took great pride in it. 

Ricardo then said that Star City was going to be taken over and that he would be the one in power. Before Cayden got a chance to respond, the new villain stabbed him to death. 

Who would have thought we would be losing the villain this early in the season?

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 12 Recap: All For Nothing

The Grim Reaper came calling on Arrow Season 6 Episode 12, but did a character worth caring about die?

When the episode got underway, Cayden James continued to tighten his grip on the residents of Star City. 

He had control of most of the city, and not even A.R.G.U.S. managed to help take the villains down. 

Oliver and Thea conferred about what the best course of action would be to save as many people as possible. 

The best course of action, it seemed, was to create bomb shelters to give the citizens a place to hide if the unthinkable happened. 

Oliver and Diggle worked together with the aim of taking down Vigilante, but then Renew Curtis dropped the bomb that Vince was a good egg. 

This gave Team Arrow a glimmer of hope as Felicity came to the conclusion that Vince could plant a technological device in in Cayden’s lair to give the details about the mobile bomb. 

While Oliver was against using Vince because he’s been doing lots of sketchy things for over a year now, he realized there was no other way, and he had to roll with it. 

In an unsurprising turn of events, Vince was caught in action. He thought he fooled his way out of it, but Cayden and Anatoly later captured him. 

Dinah was adamant to save Vince because they go way back, and all that jazz. The team could hear him being tortured. Oliver did not want to save Vince because the bomb needed taking care of, but Curtis and Rene stepped up to the challenge. 

Just when Dinah caught up with Vince, an explosion lit up the whole venue, and Dinah was left trapped. That’s when Black Siren appeared in all of her villainous glory. 

She seemed against killing Vince, but she did so right after Cayden told her, solidifying herself as a villain. 

Dinah was mad because she failed to save her man, and that he mostly died for nothing. Felicity found out that the same people who released the picture of Oliver as Arrow edited the video of Oliver killing Cayden’s son. 

With this latest twist, Team Arrow is more divided than ever, and Dinah is determined to take down all of those who were involved in the drama in Star City. 

Given that Black Siren hesitated, is it fair to assume that she’s thinking of to the good side? 

That could be fun because Dinah is not ready to forgive her and will probably want to kill her. 

What did you think of the episode?

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 11 Recap: We Fall

Cayden James may be one of the dullest villains to date on The CW’s Arrow, but he sure knows how to turn up the heat. 

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 11, Cayden was killing people left, right and center to get his point across to Oliver. 

Oliver turned to Quentin and gave him back control of the SCPD to try and bring some safe zones into the city because things were just getting out of hand. 

William was caught up in one of the attacks when he was on a school bus on a trip. Explosions trapped him and his classmates in a tunnel. 

The good thing about having a crime-fighting father is that you get some survival skills that come naturally. Things took a turn when William got cut off from his friends due to the severity of the explosions. 

Oliver saved William, but the kid figured out who was behind the mask, and he was not impressed. 

If you watch Arrow online, you will already know that Oliver promised his kid he would not go back to crime-fighting.

Oliver decided it was bet to let his son spend some time in the bunker to get a feel for the place. Maybe if he got to see the good that Oliver was doing, he would understand. 

This gave Felicity the opportunity to talk about how amazing her husband is at what he does. Slow, but surely, William was coming around to his father’s line of work. 

“Heroes don’t always make it home; I never forget that,” Felicity said before taking a look over at Laurel’s suit. 

“Oliver hasn’t always been truthful, he’s not perfect, but he makes his sacrifices, and so we have to make ours. You can worry, but you have to believe he’s going to be OK. That’s the only way this works.”

Yes, Felicity is excellent at inspirational talks, and should probably give the team them instead of Oliver from here on out. 

William seemed to warm to the idea of his father being the Green Arrow, so that’s the big positive. 

Oliver later apologized for lying to his son and agreed that there was no excuse for lying. Oliver even went as far as offering to hang up his Green Arrow costume for good. 

The kid knew how integral to saving the city his father was and wanted him to continue with it. See! There is such a thing as being open and honest. 

Cayden James may have terrorized the residents of the city, but he his influence helped Oliver get closer to his son. 

It’s just a shame Oliver gave up and allowed the transfer of $ 10 million to the villain at the close of the episode. 

You win some; you lose some. 

What did you think of the episode?

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: Divided

Going after a villain on your lonesome is not that fun. 

Oliver Queen realized just that on Arrow Season 6 Episode 10 in the aftermath of the team falling apart. 

Cayden James made it his mission to get some stock in Star City, so he turned to Jerry Bertinelli to sell his control of Star City ports. There was some bribery thrown in for good measure. 

Curtis made a trip to the bunker to check up on Diggle, but there was some interference in the lair, and it paved the way for Felicity to find out that the lair has been bugged for quite some time. 

This made Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity aware that the secret identities of the team members were no longer a secret and that made the mission to take down the villain even more desperate. 

Another lead later, Oliver finally got close to Cayden, but he was shocked to find out that Cayden was just one of the villains he would have to take down. Oliver had to make a quick getaway before meeting a demise. 

This paved the way for Oliver to meet up with Curtis, Dinah, and Rene to fill them in on what was going on. Dinah was floored by the reveal that Vince is part of the band of villains. 

Initially, Dinah was apprehensive about believing Oliver, but it was all confirmed when she confronted Vince, and he turned on her. 

While Oliver was intent on continuing with things the way they were, Diggle wanted to drum into his friend’s head that forgiveness could be the way forward. 

Instead, Oliver pressed on and met the villains in a warehouse, and took down a lot of them. Ultimately, Vigilante took Oliver down once again, but he did not die. 

This gave Oliver food for thought as he realized that he could not fight alone because there were just too many villains to take down. Oliver then decided to ask everyone to rejoin the team and take down the villains. 

However, Curtis, Rene, and Dinah opt to decline Oliver’s request and make their own team that will operate from the headquarters of Helix. The reason was that the trust issues in Team Arrow are just not worth it. It was a crazy twist, but Curtis helped put Diggle back out into the field. 

Elsewhere, Thea continued to get accustomed to being out of her coma, and she was not impressed with Lance. He wanted to find a way to redeem Black Siren because of her uncanny lookalike to Laurel. 

This did not go down well primarily because of the amount of effort Thea put into trying to “fix” Malcolm, but she ultimately waved the white flag and joined his cause. 

However, she stopped short of rejoining Team Arrow because she is “not there” yet. How long will it take?

What did you think of the episode?

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: Irreconcilable Differences

Oliver and Felicity got married at the close of the DC crossover, and Arrow Season 6 Episode 9 found them making the whole thing official. 

When the episode got underway, the couple were ecstatic to be married finally, and it seemed like Donna Smoak was slowly, but surely getting the hots again for Noah. 

While everyone enjoyed the event, Lance got a shocking phone call in which someone volunteered the news that someone from Team Arrow spoke to Agent Watson and named Oliver as Green Arrow. 

Oliver wondered which member of the team could be trying to double-cross him, so he tasked his new wife with showing him where Rene, Dinah, and Curtis had been. 

She found footage of Dinah meeting with Vince, and that was enough for the team to rule her as the perpetrator, but would she really go this far?

Oliver decided to leave her out of a mission to steal something from good old ARGUS. The reason for the mission? Lance had been kidnapped by Black Siren and Cayden James wanted the device for Lance’s safe return home. 

When the team made their way back to the bunker, Dinah was unimpressed that she had been left out of the mission and wondered why that could be the case. 

Oliver wasted no time in confirming they already know about her meet-ups with the villains. Dinah was mad, saying that was not the case and they should have spoken to her first. 

Just as Dinah was being looked down on by every single member of the team, Rene chimed in with some news: He was the tipster who went behind the team’s back. 

The FBI allegedly threatened him from ever seeing his daughter again, so he was forced to tell them the man in green was none other than Oliver Queen. 

Oliver was irate, but he knew the lengths he would go to for his own kid, so it made sense, in a way. Things got worse when Rene did not follow protocol on the exchange. 

But Team Arrow was fracturing and Dinah and Curtis were not impressed with the fact that they were put in the firing line for chatting to the feds. 

They quit the team and left Team Arrow in their rearview mirror, and who can blame them? Trust is integral to keeping things going smoothly. 

Oliver questioned how Cayden knew what was going on in the bunker, and they realized that Black Siren planted a camera in the bunker so everything they had been doing was being watched. 

We then found out that Anatoly, Vince, and Ricardo Diaz were all working together, so there’s that. 

What did you think of Arrow’s farewell to 2017?

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