Ashley Jacobs Keeps Hanging Out with Alleged Rapist Thomas Ravenel

According to a couple of disturbing recent reports, Thomas Ravenel does not know how to take “NO” for an answer.

Similarly, it now seems as if Ashley Jacobs simply can’t bring herself to say “NO” to Thomas Ravenel.

Allow us to explain…

As loyal Southern Charm fans know well, Jacobs and Ravenel dated throughout most of Season 5.

They were a very serious couple for several months, but the relationship seemingly came to an end in mid-August.

Jacobs didn’t get into specifics upon confirming this news, but she did say the following on social media:

“I don’t want to comment but there are just some things I’m trying to handle privately.

“Before I say too much, I love Thomas and I’ll always love Thomas. I’ll always care about him.”

So at least Jacobs was up front about her feelings, even when it appeared as if the romance was over for good.

For whatever reason, however, Jacobs has been unable to quit Ravenel.

Just a month after the aforementioned break-up, sources wrote that the reality stars had gotten back together, having hunkered down for an entire weekend in the middle of Hurricane Florence.

We guess natural disasters can lead to unexpected developments in many different ways.

But it’s worth mentioning at this point that Ravenel has straight up been accused of rape by two different women.

A former nanny is on record as saying Ravenel threw her on a bed and forced himself upon her (while his infant daughter slept in the next room); while the daughter of a woman with whom Ravenel went on a date in 2015 has said the same thing about her mom.

The accusations are damning.

Ravenel has denied each allegation, but he was actually arrested on a charge of assault and battery in relation to the nanny’s charge just last month.

Still, none of this seems to matter to Jacobs.

This past weekend, onlookers spotted Jacobs and Ravenel at dinner at Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan Island in Charleston, South Carolina.

Does this mean the pair is gettng it back on for certain? No.

However, reports indicate that Ravenel put his arm around his ex while they sat with another couple at the bar.

That makes things sound fairly romantic, no?

As for the time before this when Jacobs and Ravenel were seen together in a similar setting, a source told People Magazine:

“They looked like they were having a great time. If they are still split, you never would have known, but at the same time they weren’t showing any PDA or anything.

“They looked friendly, like friends having a good time out together.”

Ravenel, meanwhile, was granted a $ 20,000 personal recognizance bond after her arrest and was ordered to turn in his passport, avoid contact with the victim and not leave South Carolina.

Following the news, Bravo confirmed that Ravenel will not be returning as a cast member for season 6.

But he had previously beaten the network to that punch, playing the victim on Twitter and writing:

I’m not doing the show anymore.

In the contract they have the right to fictionalize your story.

They took advantage of me. I decided I’ve got too much to lose and informed them I’m not coming back.


Ashley Darby: My Husband Didn’t Grope that Man! It’s All Lies!

Ashley Darby is speaking out now that her husband Michael Darby has been accused of sexual assault.

Not only is the The Real Housewives of Potomac star standing by her man, she’s claiming that charges have not even been filed.

She also announces that her husband has not been suspended by Bravo. Is she telling the truth?

Ashley Darby took to her Instagram Story on Saturday to affirm her support her embattled husband.

“No charges filed,” she writes. “No arrest made.”

“No Bravo suspension,” she continues. “No worries.”

She then promises fans: “We’ll keep you posted.”

That is very interesting … considering that two of those claims are in conflict with reports.

TMZ‘s report, which we are inclined to believe, says that Darby has been charged with felony assault.

(He has also been charged with misdemeanor improper sexual contact)

He has also been suspended by Truly Original, the production company behind The Real Housewives of Potomac.

And he has been suspended by Bravo, who say that they have procedures to follow when allegations of this nature are made.

It is curious that Ashley would make an announcement that is contrary to what we’ve heard.

As you may recall, these allegations — reported to police within days of the October 1 incident — were made by a cameraman, Orville Palmer.

According to his accusation, Michael Darby began by giving him what he perceived to be a flirtatious look.

On its own, that’s a pretty subjective perception, and almost never a crime.

He says that Darby then grabbed and groped his butt.

He says that he put down the camera and demanded that Darby stop touching his butt.

There was another alleged incident, days before, in which Michael Darby is said to have kicked him in the butt.

Kicking someone’s butt is not necessarily sexual in nature, but consider this:

One: you should not be touching anyone’s posterior without permission.

Two: kicking a butt might not be inherently sexual, but it’s inherently assault. Stop it.

As we mentioned, Palmer filed charges just days after the October 1 incident.

Some may feel a surge of anger towards Ashley for standing by her husband when these allegations have been made.

We should remember that blame for misdeeds — alleged or proven — should not be misplaced to a person’s family or loved ones.

Ashley, like so many people who are close to those who are accused of predatory behavior, is struggling to reconcile the man she knows with what she has now heard.

She may believe that this is over a vendetta against her husband, or somehow a ploy to make money.

Be angry with her for her claims that are contrary to reports, if you like, but not every wife is likely to file for divorce when allegations surface.

What makes this story a little complicated is that this alleged sexual assault case is that this is a married man who is accused of groping another man.

Obviously, not all sex crimes are about attraction, but a lot of people find that surprising and even difficult to accept.

There have been other famous man-on-man assault stories. The most famous among them are probably Brendan Fraiser and Terry Crews.

No one has the right to touch another person without their consent.

It is neither “gay” nor “homophobic” to report a sexual assault committed by one man upon another. Crimes are crimes.


Thomas Ravenel Hastily Retracts Ashley Jacobs Cheating Claims!

Over the weekend, Thomas Ravenel accused Ashley Jacobs of having cheated on him during their relationship. He didn’t provide any details — he just made the claim.

Ashley denied cheating in a public statement, essentially saying that Thomas was just upset and wanted to lash out.

Now, Thomas is walking back his words — with very good reason.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Thomas writes: “I have no information that Ashley Jacobs ever cheated on me.”

“In fact as far as I know she has always been true and faithful,” Thomas affirms.

Thomas adds that this was true “especially during the really dark times.”

One assumes that he is referring to the multiple accusations of sexual assault that he is facing.

Thomas admits: “She didn’t deserve my insinuations to the contrary.”

RadarOnline reports that Ashley Jacobs threatened legal action over Thomas’ accusatory tweets.

“Ashley was so upset that Thomas accused her of cheating,” an insider tells the tabloid.

It’s true that he didn’t spell out his accusations, but the source says that “even if it wasn’t by name, everyone knows it was about her.”


In fact, it’s difficult to read his words as anything else but an accusations that Ashley was screwing around with other dudes during their relationship.

The insider says that “she called his attorney super upset about what he wrote.”

We would imagine so. Ashley’s had enough trouble dating after Thomas as it is.

(To be fair, that’s probably because a lot of people saw her vicious verbal attacks on Southern Charm and don’t want that in their lives)

It’s not clear what she said to the attorney, but apparently it worked, “and Thomas quickly put up the new statement.”

Well, at least that is taken care of.

In case you’ve forgotten Thomas’ words from the weekend, here are his insinuations:

“Today, my personal life just took a huge upward turn,” he wrote. “I finally have more than enough information to move forward without any doubt or hesitation and I’ll never look back.”

On its own, that’s super vague. Unfortunately, he elaborated.

“After 30 years,” Thomas continued. “I finally understand the lyrics from that wonderful Chicago tune:”

He reminds followers of the lyrics: “If she would have been faithful / if she could have been true / then I would have been cheated / I would have never known real love.”

We can’t confirm the report that Ashley made a call to Thomas’ attorney, so it’s always possible that Thomas simply decided to retract those words on his own.

According to a number of his fellow Southern Charm stars, Thomas behaves like a decent guy most of the time.

They — and others — have said that his gentlemanly behavior can sometimes give way and reveal someone with an unkind or even frightening temperament 

The relationship between Ashley and Thomas was unnerving to a number of people, who despite Ashley’s extremely hostile behavior found themselves worried that she was in a toxic relationship.

Hopefully, she can move ahead, work on her behavior, and, in time, leave this chapter of her life behind her.


Ashley Jacobs Whines, Wonder: Who Will Date Me Now?!?

Ashley Jacobs is here to set the record straight.

She knows what Thomas Ravenel has been saying about her and she knows what the Internet has been writing about her.

Did she really cheat on the shady ex-Southern Charm lead?

Is she really dating other men already, mere days after tearfully breaking up with Ravenel?

The answer is no to the first question, Jacobs has already said, dismissing Ravenel’s accusations of infidelity as Thomas just being jealous that she was hanging out with friends and then going on a “toxic Tweet storm.”

But what about that dude spotted whose butt she was spotted grabbing?

Is Jacobs back on the market already, samping various handsome dishes and re-igniting her love life now that she’s single?

Not exactly, she explains to Us Weekly.

“I need to be strong enough to be alone right now and I guess I thought by talking to someone else, it was sort of a distraction to get over him,” Jacobs tells the tabloid, detailing why she has been seen with at least one other guy of late.

“Not necessarily to be with this other guy, but … I think every woman or person for their ego wants to know that they’re still desired, like I haven’t lost my groove.

“And just because I dated Thomas Ravenel, [my fear] was that no one in this town would still date me.”

That may be true.

But it wouldn’t be any reflection on Jacobs.

It would simply be because Ravenel has been accused of rape. We really can’t emphasize that enough.

Elaborating on why it looks like she’s moved on so quickly, Jacobs says:

“That was my fear because people will be like, ‘What were you doing?’

“So I think it felt good, like I was flattered, but I think I should have stayed clear and then I think no one would have been hurt in the process of it.”

Without naming his ex-girlfriend by name, Ravenel said on Twitter over the weekend that he now has “more than enough information” to prove Jacobs was disloyal.

But Ashley – who dated Ravenel for well over a year and who clashed with his multiple-time baby mama, Kathryn Dennis, for most of Southern Charm Season 5 – says Thomas was simply upset when he saw footage of her talking to other men.

She says the two were not “exclusive” during this period and that Ravenel also got angry after looking at her phone and seeing how frequently she texted with one of these men.

“I should have been more upfront that this guy texts me more than I led him on to believe, but it was all harmless and I told this other guy,” she says now to Us.

“I said, ‘Thomas and I, we’re in a very complicated relationship.’”

Has Jacobs learned anything from this experience?

Would she do anything differently?

How does she feel now that the romance is dead and over, for good finally?

“I wish I could do things over, but I can’t. Sometimes you show a tough exterior, but deep down you can’t help but be hard on yourself and tough on yourself and be disappointed in yourself,” Jacobs says, concluding:

“Or just say, ‘How did I get myself to this place? I’m better than this.’

“And I made so many mistakes, on camera, rookie mistakes, but I definitely learned a lot, but I appreciate people who lift my spirits because I don’t get a whole lot of that and I think that’s what keeps me tied to Tom – he’s the only one who really knows what I’m going through in terms of being on the show.”

He also may be a rapist, Ashley.

Ravenel has already said he will not return for Southern Charm Season 6.

It’s unclear right now whether Jacobs will be invited back when the show airs new episodes in 2019.

Would you want to see her as a cast member again?


Ashley Jacobs: I’m Dating Some Guys NOW, But I NEVER Cheated on Thomas Ravenel!

Over the weekend, disgraced Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel took his Twitter public so that he could basically accuse Ashley Jacobs of cheating on him.

The two of them have broken up, and since then, Ashley has been spotted with multiple men.

But she very firmly insists that she never cheated on Thomas.

In an interview with PeopleAshley Jacobs makes clear that she was faithful to Thomas during their relationship.

“I never cheated on Thomas,” Ashley says.

“We had agreed to go our separate ways,” she explains. “And I told him I wanted to see other people.”

Unfortunately, it sounds like he jumped to conclusions: “When he saw that I was out with friends, he got angry and made assumptions that I was dating other guys.”

“And when he confronted me about it,” Ashley says. “I blocked him because it wasn’t worth my energy.”

Though Ashley was known for insane confrontations on camera and for putting up with Thomas’ unhealthy behavior, it sounds like she’s experienced some personal growth in recent months.

“It’s toxic and unhealthy,” Ashley says of Thomas’ need to confront her after they’ve both moved on.

However, since Thomas couldn’t talk to her about it, it seems like he felt the need to lash out.

“So,” Ashley explains. “He went on a tweet storm.”

“He’s very impulsive and he’s not thinking,” Ashley summarizes. That sounds about right.

“Thomas is very traditional,” Ashley explains. “He’s all about loyalty and honesty … and he just wanted a reaction.”

In addition to his demands of loyalty, we have heard from multiple people, from his former dates to his fellow reality stars, that Thomas has a nasty streak that comes out at times.

All things considered, the accusations on Twitter aren’t all that bad, but they’re definitely unkind and unbecoming.

Ashley says: “And my reaction was, ‘Typical, standard. Make an ass out of yourself. Keep doing it buddy.'”

Ashley continues explaining her response: “‘At this point, you’re only making it that much easier for me. I’m embarrassed for you that you have to go on Twitter at 56 years old.’”

“I feel betrayed,” Ashley laments. “I’m so disappointed.”

She uprooted her entire life after five dates to come live with Thomas in Charleston. Clearly, that has not worked out.

“To put stories there that [I’ve been unfaithful],” she syas. “Especially with what’s going on right now, that there’s allegations he hasn’t been cleared from, he should know better.”

She is of course referring to Thomas Ravenel being accused of rape by multiple women. 

Ashley doesn’t necessarily sound like she’s supporting those women, just pointing out that he is in no position to be doing callouts.

“I’m going to defend my character,” Ashley affirms. “I’m going to defend my reputation.”

Her reputation has come under attack from more than just Thomas Ravenel.

All About The Tea reports that Ashley’s been dating multiple men since her split with the embattled Southern Charm star.

She was spotted having dinner with a married man on Friday night (though, of course, we don’t know the state of his marriage or the nature of the dinner).

Ashley also appeared on Instagram partying alongside Charleston resident Ryan Trout on his boat over the weekend.

She has reportedly been hooking up with Charleston bad boy Conner Flowers, who is said to see her more as a booty call.

But even if she’s truly dating all three of those men … so what? She’s not dating Thomas anymore.

We still remember her vicious behavior on Southern Charm, though given her recent apology to Ashley Jacobs, it does seem like she has a lot of regrets.

Whether or not you feel sorry for her or feel that she made this bed with her impulsive move and now she has to lie in it, we don’t really see a basis for accusing her of cheating.

Maybe Thomas is referring to something that fans haven’t seen? But dating again after a split is part of life.