Southern Charm: Is Ashley Jacobs Really an Escort?

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend Ashley Jacobs’ last attack on Kathryn Dennis clearly didn’t endear her to the rest of the cast.

In fact, in the finale episode, different members of the cast enjoyed tossing around a juicy rumor about Ashley. It even got brought up to her face.

Is Ashley Jacobs an escort?

It was Naomie Olindo who brought it up, teasing that “There’s an awkward rumor” about Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs.

Cameron Eubanks asks “She’s pregnant? … She’s an escort?” It’s clear that he has already heard this rumor.

The rumor, we learn, allegedly originated in Santa Barbara, where Jacobs originates.

Kathryn Dennis, of course, got wind of it, and says: “Naomi apparently heard this rumor about Ashley being, like, an escort. I’m not being mean. I’m just throwing that out here. …”

 And Thomas Ravenel’s ex and the mother of his children has some thoughts on the matter.

“Regardless,” Ashley continues. “I’ve heard from several people and I f–king believe it.”

It’s no surprise to any Southern Charm viewers that Ashley doesn’t think much of Kathryn.

“She’s so delusional,” Ashley says of her boyfriend’s baby mama while speaking to Jennifer Snowden.

“You know what she says?” Ashley asks rhetorically. “I don’t think about you, I don’t talk about you.’”

Ashley keeps right on going, asking: “But you know what I want to say?”

“Every night you go to bed and lay your head on your pillow,” Ashley imagines. “You think about how Ashley Jacobs is winning.”

it is very difficult to imagine that Kathryn thinks anything of the sort at any time of day.

Austen Kroll actually brought up the rumor to Ashley’s face.

“Women can be nasty,” Austen says. “But they’re like, ‘I think Ashley is an escort.”

Interesting to blame an entire gender for nastiness when you’re the one bringing up a juicy rumor, my dude.

“That’s not true,” Thomas Ravenel insists. “That’s absurd!”

“I don’t know,” Austen admits when Ashley asks if he believes that she’s really a nurse. “How would I know? I’ve never seen you do anything than spend his money.”

If Austen hadn’t wanted to stir up drama, he wouldn’t have brought it up. And he definitely wouldn’t have pretended to doubt that she’s even a nurse.

“The factors are you’re not working,” Austen explains. “[Thomas] is paying for everything and then you said you would date Shep or I if we were older.”


“Obviously,” Austen explains. “As guys, it’s guy code to be like, ’T, you sure this girl has the right priorities?’”

Ashley Jacobs, Thomas Ravenel, Kathryn Dennis

At the end of the finale, Kathryn and Ashley go head to head after Ashley crosses some lines.

“Don’t forget that your kids were taken away from you,” Ashley taunts Kathryn. “Don’t forget that. Someday they are going to want to know why.”

“All you are is a gold digger, no one f–king likes you, including your boyfriend,” Kathryn replies. “It’s all in your head.”

“I’m not going anywhere so get used to this, okay?” Ashley says. “I am the best thing that has happened to him and he is the best thing to have happened to me.”

“Why is he miserable then?” Kathryn asks. “Why is he depressed?”

“My boyfriend can’t stand you,” Ashley insists. “I have to hear about this all the time.”

Since this was filmed, contrary to Ashley’s assertions, Kathryn and Thomas were shown on social media getting along just fine as they coparented.

Obviously, there’s no shame in someone being a sex worker of any kind, but we haven’t actually seen anything to suggest that Ashley is an escort.

Instead, Ashley seems to be a nurse. Oh, and a golddigger.

The real issue here is that people just don’t seem to like Ashley — if anything, her feud with Kathryn has made people like Kathryn more.

Ashley also doesn’t feud well on camera — you can see her becoming flustered and, as Kathryn says, childish as she tries to deflect criticisms. It doesn’t play well.

If more people liked Ashley, then this rumor wouldn’t matter to them.

Instead, they’re having a lot of fun with a piece of fake news. If she were making a better impression, they’d probably be tripping over themselves to defend her.


Ashley Jones Slams MTV: Being on Teen Mom Ruined My Life!

The Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant franchise has been a source of constant controversy since day one.

Some critics complained that the show glamorized teen pregnancy for an impressionable audience, while others have argued that the shows are exploitative and take advantage of young women at the most vulnerable points in their lives.

Lending credence to the latter argument is the fact that many of the moms who have appeared on the series have publicly clashed with producers, often complaining that they were villainized and intentionally misrepresented.

Jenelle Evans has lashed out at producers on social media, even going so far as to accuse them of negatively affecting the outcomes of her many custody battles.

Farrah Abraham was recently fired by MTV, and she’s since seized every opportunity to call out Teen Mom OG showrunners as manipulative opportunists.

And now, one of the franchise’s newest stars has added her voice to the chorus of outrage.

Ashley Jones was featured on the first season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

And as The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, Jones was very unhappy with the way she was portrayed on the series.

When the above photo of Ashley appeared on Instagram, she took to the comments section to air her frustrations:

“I love how the other girls are all smiling and happy and you choose to post none of those happy moments for me,” Ashley wrote.

“The whole season I was edited to look like a monster. Joining this show was by far the worst decision of my life.”

She added:

“All those hours of filming and all the positivity I spread and y’all didn’t show any of it.

“No trust for the producers or anyone else that works on the show and knows the kind of person that I am but says nothing to editing.”

Jones also stated that the fights between her and her boyfriend, Bar Smith, that were shown on the series were entirely scripted.

“If you want to see how me and Bar really are, on a daily basis without these edited ass scripted fights join my YouTube channel,”  she wrote.

Jones went on to allege that there was a racial component to the biased editing, writing:

“It’s funny how the black girl is always made to look mad and ignorant.”

Some fans were sympathetic, but most seemed to feel that it was Jones who made herself look bad, not the show’s editors:

“YOU made yourself look mad and ignorant,” wrote one viewer. “Has nothing to do with you being black!”

“If you would have checked out all the other [‘Teen Mom] social media accounts beforehand you would have known how to act appropriately when the cameras were around so they don’t make you look like a trashy monster,” chimed in another.

Ashley may not wish to return for another season, but she certainly proved she’s capable of carrying on a proud Teen Mom tradition by clashing with fans on social media!


Thomas Ravenel to Ashley Jacobs: I’m Gonna Dump You! (Like a Gentleman, Though)

After Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel was accused of sexual assault by two different women, many fans of the show wondered if girlfriend Ashley Jacobs would soon dump him.

Instead, Ashley has seemed to double down on their relationship.

But a new report says that Thomas is gearing up to dump the woman who remained by his side. Wow.

A source tells RadarOnline that Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs are ready to split.

The source reports.”The romance between Ashley and Thomas is over.”

The alleged final straw? Ashley appearing at the Southern Charm reunion without Thomas after Bravo disinvited Thomas from attending.

(Odd, because she went there to defend him, but so little about romance and the ensuing breakups is fully rational)

It sounds, however, like this source is reporting that they haven’t actually, officially, broken up just yet.

But it sounds like it’s just a matter of time.

“Thomas is ready to breakup with Ashley,” the source reveals.

Gosh. Does she know yet?

The source simply adds: “The relationship has run its course.”

Well, that sure sounds final.

Reportedly, it was seeing their romance on Southern Charm as it aired that helped him to make up his mind.

Whenever this alleged breakup goes down, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be very public.

“Thomas is a gentleman,” the source says, though some would say that this characterization has, well, run its course.

“So he’s not going to humiliate her when they break up,” the source explains.

Wait, is not humiliating your significant other the standard for gentlemanly behavior, now? Because most people who aren’t Arie Luyendyk Jr. would qualify.

“But he is at his breaking point,” the source continues. “And ready to end things.”

Hey, that happens sometimes.

And the signs have been there, some argue, for a while.

Thomas Ravenel on Instagram Scroll

Arie used to post a lot more photos of Ashley. He’d upload one after the other to his Instagram.

Now? Well, see for yourself in that gif above how many photos you have to slide through to find that one of the two looking cozy.

You see his ex, his kids, his mom, and even Snoopy the fictional dog before you get to Ashley. In a photo from May 18.

But that might not be a sign that the end of their relationship is nigh, exactly.

It may be that Thomas is simply trying to soften his public image after the accusations of sexual assault.

Fewer photos of him drinking with his girlfriend, more photos of him as a father and family man.

Not a terrible strategy, all things considered.

Now, this whole situation gets a little weirder.

According to RadarOnline‘s insider, Thomas Ravenel has already “told Kathryn that he wants out of the relationship.”

Kathryn Dennis is not just Thomas’ costar and she’s not even merely his ex.

She is the mother of his children.

We’ve all seen Ashley Jacobs’ insane verbal attack on Kathryn on Southern Charm. The cast was appalled at Ashley and at Thomas for not saying anything.

(They did praise Kathryn for keeping cool)

But RadarOnline says that one of the factors that got Thomas to decide to end things with Ashley was watching the season as it aired. Sometimes, seeing yourself in the third person can help make things clear.

Isn’t it kind of weird that he’s doing the dumping, though?

Thomas Ravenel is accused of raping two different women, one of whom was Nanny Dawn, who used to take care of his children.

Charleston police are investigating and so is Bravo, but plenty of women would have distanced themselves from an alleged sexual predator.

Instead, he’s reportedly aiming to break things off.

It’s odd.


Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon Get Engaged (You Won’t Believe Where!)

Bachelor in Paradise?

More like… No Longer a Paradise Because I Just Asked the Woman of My Dreams to Marry Me! In Paradise!

Indeed, while this reality show title would be way too long and would make very little sense in nearly every context, it would apply perfectly at the moment to Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon.

According to People Magazine (and the revealing photo below), Haibon popped the biggest question of his life to Iaconetti on Sunday.

And he did it in a way that was simultaneously romantic, public and very much planned ahead of time:

He proposed while filming Bachelor in Paradise Season 5.

In an image released by ABC, Haibon Haibon got down on one knee on the beach, opened up his ring case and allegedly stunned his bride-to-be, who reacted by placing her hands on her chest and throwing her head back in excitement.

Back in 2015, loyal fans of this reality series may recall, Iaconetti was devastated to be turned down by Haibon after seemingly getting close to him on Season 2 of this same series.

But the stars remained close and Haibon eventually came to the same realization Ashley had before him:

They were soulmates!

“I never felt like it was over between us after Paradise, which is why I said we’re still going to be friends,” Jared said during a YouTube video of the couple’s love story, which they titled “The Story of Us.”

“Like, it just didn’t feel over,” he added in this lengthy and often-mocked piece of footage.

Haibon also admitted in this video that Ashley dating some other dude is what gave him the “kick in the ass” he needed to see what was in front of him this entire time.

Watch the video here:

“Bachelor Nation hasn’t seen so many of the important details that make up our story,” the couple says in this video, adding:

“[We] thought there was no better way to explain to the people who have followed our love lives for over three years than by filming our own episode of The Story of Us.”

Back during their first run on Bachelor in Paradise, there was chatter that Haibon and Iaconetti had sex, which would have been the first time for the latter enjoying such an experience.

It might explain what has drawn Ashley to Jared with such intensity over the years if this rumor is accurate.

ash and jared

“There’s just this undeniable, magnetic force between the two of us that just is indescribable,” Haibon told People Magazine at the annual Nylon Young Hollywood Party last mont, adding at the time:

“Love conquered.”

And then there was this from Iaconetti, said to Bachelor alum Ben Higgins during iHeartRadio’s The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast:

“”He is my person. He is my soul mate.”

What else ise there to say?

Congrats to the very, very happy couple!


Southern Charm Cast Reacts to Ashley Jacobs’ Attack on Kathryn Dennis: WATCH!

Southern Charm may be entertaining, but it doesn't always live up to its name. 

On the most recent episode, the explosion of hostility that Ashley Jacobs unleashed on Kathryn Dennis was enough to have viewers holding their breath. And the aftermath of that fight was just as nuts.

Relive it all in this video compilation, and take a look at how even Kathryn's detractors are raving about how she stayed cool under pressure.

Thomas ravenel and ashley jacobs

Thomas Ravenel is accused of sexual assault by two different women. The latest episode of Southern Charm, filmed some time ago, is probably not going to help anyone's image of the man.

His new girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, unleashed verbal hell on his ex, Kathryn Dennis — who is also the mother of his two young children.

In particular, Ashley fixated on Kathryn's alleged shortcomings as a parent, claiming that she spends more time with the kids than Kathryn, their mother, does.

Thomas did nothing, but later unleashed his own rage at Chelsea Meissner, lunging at her and telling her to "shut the f–k up."

(You can see that clip at the end of the video that we included)

Kathryn somehow worked up the resolve and strength of character to remain cool under pressure.

Viewers were absolutely dumbstruck by the tirade.

Chrissy teigen tweets about southern charm

There is no better example of how Southern Charm viewers felt than these tweets by superfan Chrissy Teigen.

"@ShepRose that was the meanest s–t I’ve ever heard said on reality television. I don’t know how @KathrynDennis did it! I’d be in jail."

It's impressive that anyone could sit there and listen to a tirade of cruelty like that without lashing out.

"Also of ALL the s–t she said, 'good talk' would have been the f–king END for me. I would have launched."

Chrissy then realized that her comments had been thrust onto the timelines of her countless followers.

"Crap is this a public convo on the timeline now that there is no @ in front lol."

Yep — unless your account is set to private, anything that you tweet outside of DMs is publicly visible.

Shep responded, writing:

"Totally harshed my mellow. Crazy thing is, it was more intense than it looked. If you can believe it."

Kathryn dennis listens

Viewers weren't the only ones blown away by Kathryn's remaining cool under pressure while Ashley made a fool of herself.

Fellow castmates had quite a lot to say.

Danni Baird said:

"I just felt sick to my stomach. Terrible … their kids are going to see that someday!"

Naomie Olindo agreed, adding:

"What she said was disgusting."

Naomie also commented on how Ashley had acted the next day as if nothing had happened at all.

"I think that’s when we realized she’s really over-the edge-crazy."

Ashley jacobs

Kathryn explains exactly how she stayed calm.

"I blacked the f–k out, disassociated, and was in like, shock, panic."

We think that she meant to say dissociated. Those are very similar words.

"Old Kathryn would have flipped the eff out and gone ape-s–t on her … but everyone saw that [Ashley] was just trying to entertain."

Clearly, Kathryn has undergone some personal growth. Good for her.

"She was on display, she was enjoying it. And when I saw that, I was like hmm, you don’t deserve a response."

That was definitely the right move.

Kathryn dennis eyes

Kathryn also commented on how Ashley seemed eerily chipper the next morning, seemingly unable to admit what she had done … or read the tension in the room.

"OK, you have zero empathy or regret or anything over that … so clearly, you’re confirming that you really are crazy."

She adds an entertainingly memorable line:

"But certifiable, not just hypothetical.”

Rumor suggests that Kathryn plans to bring up Thomas' sexual assault allegations in court later this week in an effort to win custody.

Fans cannot help but wonder if she will also mention that Thomas introduces women with questionable behavior to his children.

11 celebrity feuds we never saw coming

Southern charm cast reacts to ashley jacobs attack on kathryn de

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon: Dating!!

Two months ago, it was revealed that Ashley Iaconetti and Kevin Wendt broke up. Ashley's famous quest for love continued.

But it has come to a happy end. Remember how hard she was crushing on Jared Haibon on Bachelor in Paradise? Some dreams do come true.

In the video below, they tell the story of how it took years for them to finally, finally get together.

Fans and viewers know very well that Ashley has been crushing on Jared since 2015 at least.

But they've had flirtations on and off camera, and this has been building for a long time.

Jared reveals that it was the news that Ashley had gotten with someone — Kevin — that made him realize that he had been an idiot for not committing to her in the past.

"Sometimes I need a kick in the ass," he says. "That was a big kick in the ass."

And here they are.

Speaking to People, Ashley and Jared tell the story of their love. It's a long and sweet story … with a few bumps.

Ashley says:

"Bachelor Nation hasn’t seen so many of the important details that make up our story."

So they figured out a way to clue in fans to the full scope of their romantic history.

"I thought there was no better way to explain to the people who have followed our love lives for over three years than by filming our own episode of The Story of Us."

You can see that video, below.

Jared says:

"Our close friends have watched our relationship evolve and understand how we’ve gotten to this point."

He knows that the Bachelor Nation, on the other hand, hasn't seen the whole picture until now.

"But people who haven’t been a part of our day-to-day lives ask us ‘Wait, how did this happen?’ With this show, it gave me an opportunity to elaborate more than just saying ‘I’m an idiot.'"

Ashey had been crushing on Jared since they first met, and Jared — like the rest of the planet — knew it. Staring is not subtle.

But when they actually spent time with each other, things went well.

Jared talks about their first date.

"I remember just being so comfortable with you and how easily we got along … how the conversation just flowed."

That's a very good contrast to awkward staring.

"It never felt dull … or awkward."

Ashley, however, remembers things a little differently.

"My interpretation of our first date is a little different. I was constantly scared of another girl coming in and catching your eye."

She was nervous.

"I was overthinking every little thing that came out of my mouth."

Jared reveals that he felt that their relationship continued, even when they weren't together.

"I never felt like it was over between us after Paradise. I’m not gonna lie and say that I was in love with Ashley during BiP. It was a slow build for me."

Though the two got together, made out, and cuddled off-camera, they eventually had to move on because something wasn't right.

Jared says that he was not, at the time, willing to commit.

"I think sometimes you imagine like you’re in this rainy day constantly and you just accept that as life. I’m like going after this other girl and we’re going on dates, and yet it’s so much easier with you. I knew that if you and I were to ever date … there’s no going back."

Sometimes, people click so well that it scares them. They're worried about screwing up a good thing.

"Even if I had a two percent doubt about our relationship, then I probably shouldn’t do it because I don’t want to risk losing you as a friend."

In addition to their own Instagram pages, these two lovebirds made a cameo on Dean Unglert's page.

Dean captioned the cute pic:

"Couldn’t be happier for these two! [purple heart emoji] So don’t mind me while I sit on the floor beneath the canoodling."

That is so sweet.

Check out this video and remember that, sometimes, even love at first sight takes a while to manifest into a fulfilling relationship.

Ashley iaconetti and jared haibon dating

Ashley Iaconetti and Kevin Wendt: It’s Over

So many people were rooting for this The Bachelor: Winter Games couple. But it just didn’t work out.

Ashley Iaconetti and Kevin Wendt have split, and will not be reenacting Ghost again any time soon. At least, not with each other.

What went wrong?

Just days ago, the couple were still sharing cozy photos of each other.

Though Entertainment Tonight first learned that Ashley and Kevin broke up through a source, they waited for confirmation before reporting it.

And they got it.

Ashley, a long-time fan favorite for the Bachelor Nation, confirmed that she and Kevin Wendt have broken up.

She isn’t telling what went wrong for the two of them … yet. She does plan for the two of them to reveal all.

In the meantime, however, we have a little preview of what they’re likely to say.

The same source that leaked to Entertainment Tonight that Ashley and Kevin had split also offered up a little insight into why

“It was a little weird to have to figure out a long-term plan so soon.”

In other words, they weren’t sure where the relationship was headed just yet.

“Ashley and Kevin were both really into each other, they just weren’t sure if it was a forever thing.”

Perhaps The Bachelor: Winter Games, like all reality shows, it’s always a reliable place to meet your next life partner. Cameras don’t let you tell the whole story, even to each other.

Another factor was where they each live.

“And it’s hard to date long distance like that.”

Ashley lives in L.A. and Kevin, of course, is Canadian.

Even before Ashley and Kevin were carting off to Disneyland to celebrate their relationship, they were cozying up on camera.

Dean and Lesley won a couple of dates and, after a lot of careful soul-searching, opted to share one of them with Ashley and Kevin.

That super sweet gesture meant that Ashley and Kevin got to make pottery.

Which, very naturally, led to Kevin wrapping his arms around her from behind to guide her in shaping the spinning play.

And … totally pulling off an homage to Ghost in the process.

It was a very sweet moment.

Some would say that Dean and Lesley should have kept that date, since in light of this breakup, it was “wasted.”

Others, however, think that the fun that they had was meaningful and that a relationship doesn’t have to last forever in order to be worth it.

Some can’t help but wonder about Ashley Iaconetti’s famous V-card, since she and Kevin were so happy together for so long.

While it’s no one’s business who does or does not have sex at what time, Ashley wasn’t shy about speaking out about being a virgin at 29.

Virginity is a social construct, but so is money — whether or not you have it can still matter to you and impact how others view you.

A couple of weeks ago, however, Ashley addressed her virginity to Us Weekly, saying:

“I know what everybody’s million dollar question is — have we or have we not? — but I will never, ever, say yes or no to that question.”

It sounds like she’s respecting Kevin’s privacy and laying down some boundaries.

“Just because I’ve been public about it in the past, doesn’t mean that I can’t make something private once somebody else is associated in that topic of my life.”

That’s very sweet of her.

It’s sad that Ashley and Kevin didn’t work out, because many — including their costars like Dean and Lesley — were rooting for them.

Fans have adored Ashley for ages and wanted her to live her best life.

But at least any lingering questions about their breakup will be answered on her next iHeart Radio podcast: The Ben And Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast.

She and Kevin will be speaking about it, which is thoughtful for fans who grew attached to them and also just a sign of real maturity.

It seems safe to say that things between Ashley and Kevin ended much more amicably than they did between some others we could name.