Audrey Roloff Details “Empowering” Delivery Experience, Asks Fans for a Favor

Audrey Roloff gave birth on Tuesday night.

Okay, not quite.

As all Little People, Big World fans know quite well, Audrey Roloff really gave birth in mid-September.

But the TLC series on which Audrey has risen to fame took fans behind the scenes of this miraculous experience this week, documenting the labor that led to Ember Jean’s entrance into the world.

It was pretty special to watch.

Now, in a new Instagram post, Audrey has provided followers with even more details about what has to be the most memorable day of her existence.

It started with her afraid that she would be so long past her due date that it would be unsafe to have a natural delivery.

“This was the hardest and most empowering day of my life,” opened Amber as a caption to the image above, adding:

“When I went into active labor at 2:30 in the morning I quickly reached into my nightstand drawer, grabbed a sharpie, and wrote ALWAYS MORE on my hand.”

This may sound like a bunch of hooey coming from some people, but we buy it coming from Audrey.

She has never shied away from discussing her faith or from what this saying means to her, as she did again here.

“These words have propelled so much of my life, and they have become my mission – to inspire women to ALWAYS believe in the MORE that is within them. 

“I knew that this day, more than any other day, I needed to be reminded that I ALWAYS had MORE strength, endurance, and hope through Christ.”

Roloff continued to get personal with her Instagram followers, writing:

“During labor, these words increased my faith and permeated my body with unexplainable peace and power.

“Every now and then during contractions I would catch a glimpse of my hand, clenched tightly to Jeremy’s, and I would see those words, blurred by sweat and tears – ALWAYS MORE.”

As any mother knows, there’s nothing that can come close to giving birth.

It’s an experience unlike any other.

And Audrey used this motto to get her through it:

“Always more strength through contractions, always more hope when I felt discouraged, always more purpose through the pain, always more perseverance to endure, always more opportunity to be courageous, always more reason to trust, and always more victory through Christ.

“I remember saying them outloud repeatedly just before I stared to push.”

And then Ember was in her arms.

Amazing. The whole thing really is pretty amazing.

“Guess what you guys….” Ember added. “The hospital room that i delivered Ember in was room 320 are you kidding me God?!? ah. Always more is based on Ephesians 3:20.

“You can’t make this stuff up!!!”

You can try to profit off it, however.

As we’ve cited in the past, Audrey transitioned against here from honesty about her faith to an attempt to sell her followers on something she makes money off.

“Because ALWAYS MORE has helped me through some of the toughest trials in my life, I created a 7 Day Always More Devotional that I hope might encourage you through whatever hard circumstances you might be facing today!” she concluded on her page, adding:

“Click the link in my bio to download it for FREE! ALWAYS believe in the MORE that is with you. #alwaysmore #emberjean.”

Audrey Roloff request

Now, yes, the Devotional is free.

But as we point out above, Roloff asks for your personal information in order to send it along.

And you know she’ll use this to include you on her newsletter and to make other offerings, many of which will ask for money.

Is this just an example of Audrey being an entrepreneur and it’s all good?

Is her heart in the right place and she just wants to help your religious efforts.

Or is this pretty tacky, writing a lot about God and then using her birthing experience to build up her email database?


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Or in terms of her relationships with other people. Or in terms of being a stable human being.

In terms of anything, really.

She’s been sort of spiraling for a while now, so much that it’s honestly difficult to pinpoint an exact moment that things started going so wrong for her again.

There was a time when many people thought she was finally getting her life together, when she got with David Eason (before many people found out about his scary criminal record) and they built their home together.

But then we saw David on the show and began to realize what a creep he was, and we learned that Jenelle had been doing drugs while pregnant with Ensley and all the stuff about the alleged child neglect and abuse …

And it looks like things have just always been a mess.

Still, things have intensified recently, with all the (extremely well-deserved) criticism she’s been getting for doing drugs during her pregnancy and, you know, for standing by a gigantic jackass like David.

Last month, David made some extremely homophobic and transphobic comments on Twitter, and MTV promptly fired him from Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle liked a few of his tweets and she never spoke out against his hateful comments except to say that he simply didn’t understand how Twitter works and that he’d “keep his comments to himself from now on.”

Oh, and she also said that he’s not homophobic because they went to a party once where there were gay people and “he didn’t act in any type of way.”

We’ve heard many reports about the situation, about how she could be fired too, or she could quit.

We’ve also heard that MTV wrapped up filming early down in North Carolina, and there are no plans yet for the crew to return.

But as of now, we haven’t heard anything official about Jenelle’s status on the show.

Don’t go getting too sad about the lack of news though — because we do have a hilarious new report about how she may be handling this situation!

According to a source who spoke with Radar Online, Jenelle has been begging producers to keep her on the show … but she’s been angling for more money at the same time?

“Jenelle hired an entertainment lawyer to negotiate with MTV,” the source claimed, “but the network wasn’t giving in to any of her demands.”

One of her demands, believe it or not, was that the network pay her an additional fee to film on her property.

That’s just … what is she … why would that ever be a thing that would happen?

It kind of sounds like her logic is that MTV and David are at odds, and since her home is also David’s home, they need extra compensation to allow them to film there?

It also sounds like she’s not taking into consideration that all of the cast members have always filmed in their homes, and that it doesn’t make sense at all for Jenelle to receive extra money just because her husband was too dumb to not get fired.

The source said that “MTV shot that down,” of course, and that “no one wanted to film on Jenelle’s property because they were all disgusted by David.”

“And all of the guns are unacceptable too, people are afraid of what David could do.”

In addition to asking for more money, the source said that she also tried to get David back on the show, but MTV refused.

Not only that, but the network “still hasn’t given Jenelle a date for when or even if filming would start with her again.”

And that’s because “she could still be fired from the show.”

If Jenelle is pulling dumb stunts like trying to get a bonus for filming at her own house, and if the crew is legitimately afraid for their lives because of David with his terrible temper and gun collection …

Maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing if she got fired.