The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 16 Recap: Driving Miss Kim

Remember that time NeNe Leakes wished that a heckler at her comedy show would get raped by her Uber driver?

Well, The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 16 was all about that ill-fated comedy show from NeNe, and boy, it was crazy. 

The good thing about getting to see the aftermath play out on screen is that Nene could not have been any more apologetic. 

She knew what she did was wrong, and you could tell she felt horrible for the comments. As you may recall, she released a tearful social media video after the comments. 

Still, many questioned whether her tenure as a housewive would be coming to an end as a result of her big mouth. 

“I’m so quick to fight back. I have to learn to not fight back,” she said to Marlo Hampton and Cynthia Bailey.,

“I feel so bad,” she said as she burst into tears. 

“I would never wish harm or abuse upon another woman,” NeNe added. “I wish I could have said something different in that moment.”

We’re sure you do, NeNe, but it does not get away from the fact that your comments were downright disgusting. 

While NeNe was ready to move on with her life, she was not ready to put her feud with Kim Zolciak to bed. 

NeNe felt like Kim and Brielle were “racist trash.” 

Kim was not about to let NeNe play the race card, so she turned to Sheree Whitfield about all of it, and Sheree was Team Kim. 

“NeNe has gone way below the belt,” Sheree said.

“I’m so mad. She has spent so many years trying to sabotage my name,” Kim said of her one-time best friend. 

The true extent of the fight hit home with NeNe, and she defended calling Brielle racist by telling Gregg and Brentt that it had racial undertones. 

Now, Brielle never flat-out said anything (that we know about!) to NeNe, so it seems like NeNe is trying to change the narrative to take the heat off herself for the things she said. 

“It was mean. it was disgusting. Do I believe Kim is racist? Some things she has said makes me say ‘hmmm…’ ” NeNe said.

The Bravo editing team was on point with the scenes that came after. They were all scenes from the past that found Nene questioning whether Kim is racist. 

All told, this feud is far from over, and we still have a lot of big moments to watch playing out on-screen. 

Will the pair ever be able to patch things up?

We have no idea, but this is all getting a little bit ridiculous. 

What did you think of all the drama?

Sound off below. 


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 13 Recap: Livin’ La Villa Loca

Cynthia Bailey wanted to go all out for her 50th birthday celebrations on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 13

That’s why she and most of her gal pals made their way to Barcelona. Kim Zolciak decided against the event because her husband was not allowed to attend. 

Kenya Moore decided against it because, well, she’s a bit all over the place right now and tends to get herself embroiled in all the drama. 

When the ladies touched down in Barcelona, they were shocked to learn the place they were staying was not ready for them to arrive. 

That meant they got to go to a hotel to indulge in some fine dining and talk some smack about their co-stars. 

Shamea wasted no time in getting some goodies from Eva aka the newest housewife on the block. Shamea wanted to know what Eva’s boyfriend thought about Eva dating women. 

That’s when Eva snapped. She reiterated that she had sexual relations with females, but confirmed she had never dated women. 

It was hilarious and a bit out there that Shamea would even bring it up, but she needed to make a lasting impression on the producers. 

NeNe Leakes then took Cynthia to task for believing her boyfriend, Will over Porsha Williams. If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you will know that NeNe and Porsha have been at odds for some time. 

That’s why it was bizarre for NeNe to open up about it and publicly defend one of her sworn enemies. Cynthia confirmed the reason she did not believe Porsha was because she has lied in the past. 

That may be the case, but there was more than just Porsha there. Cynthia then stooped to a new low when she said that Kandi tried to drug and rape her. 

Porsha was pissed that everything was being brought back up, and decided to exit the dinner date. There are only so many times your name can be dragged through the mud, it seems. 

NeNe continued to try and stir up some drama between her and Kim. She brought up the fact that Kim has a knack for promoting her life as perfect. 

She then went on to say that Kim had a stroke, heart surgery, and cancer. 

That was enough to make Porsha, Sheree and Shamea call up Kim from around the world to let her know NeNe was trashing her to everyone. 

“She’s f—king scum, and I won’t even acknowledge it,” Kim said after denying everything. “What she really needs to worry about is the f—king roaches in her house!”

All seemed to be calm … until Kim sent a scathing text message to the ladies at the next event. 

“NeNe is sick and disgusting,” she began. “She lives in a f—king roach nest.” Kim then shared the video of the roaches apparently inside NeNe’s house. 

“F—k Kim, OK?” Nene said. “All of my s—t is brand new!” 

Kim then sent a picture of NeNe parked in an accessible parking spot and NeNe was mad. 

She called Kim a “disgusting, bald-head bitch.”

Yes, the feud is still going on, you guys!

What did you think of all the drama?

Sound off below. 


The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 12 Recap: Peaches Be Trippin’

There’s never a dull moment with these housewives!

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 12, Porsha Williams was all about dialing up the drama, and it resulted in a fun hour of this Bravo hit. 

When the episode got underway, Porsha was busy doing what she does best: Running her mouth about things that have nothing to do with her. 

She could not resist planting seeds of doubt in Cynthia’s head about Will. Cynthia wasted no time in confronting her man to check if he was using her. 

Cynthia was more confused than ever because she had no idea what to believe. If Cynthia is having doubts right now, she should probably get out of the relationship. 

Elsewhere, Mama Joyce reached out to Porsha because she wanted to find a way to make things right with her. Joyce’s issue with Porsha stemmed from her believing everything Phaedra said. 

Porsha wanted to know what was going on, and tensions started to flare up when Porsha countered that Phaedra should have known better. 

If anything, it successfully built a bridge between the two women. But how long would it be before more drama kicked off? 

With that, she threw a dinner party to try and convert more people to veganism. The “No Beef” aspect of it all was pretty hilarious. 

It meant that all of the women were finally friends with each other. Marlo, Sheree, and Kim started talking about Cynthia and her toxic relationship with Will. 

The drama was not far behind, however, and Cynthia brought up the trip to Barcelona. Everyone seemed to be on board with it, except Kim. 

Kim wanted to invite Kroy with them, and that did not go down well. In the end, Kim decided to quit talking about the trip because she did not get her way. 

Kim then said she was not going on the trip. Yes, we’re pretty sure Kim is going to hold it against the ladies now. 

The other big event of the episode focused on Kenya Moore. She was elated because she thought she might be pregnant. 

She and her husband had been having sex all the time, so it was a natural assumption. She seemed mad, however, when she learned the test was inconclusive. 

It seems like it would be difficult for Kenya to be pregnant and on the show. Her husband has been vocal about steering clear of the Bravo cameras. 

It has apparently put Kenya in a problematic situation with the producers. Could she be gearing up for an exit from the show that made her a household name? 

It’s a possibility. These women are supposed to be revealing every detail about their life to the audience. 

What did you think of all the drama?

Hit the comments below!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues Sunday on Bravo. 


The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 11 Recap: Tea Is Of The Essence

If you were holding out hope for some fresh blood on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, then we’re sure The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 11 was for you. 

America’s Next Top Model winner Eva Marcille was the new addition to the cast, and she brought a whole lot of drama with her. 

Eva met up with Nene Leakes for a lunch date and wasted no time in confirming that Cynthia’s boyfriend, Will, had a girlfriend when she met up with him months before. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you will know that Will has been rather adamant about being single for the last few years. 

The ladies wanted to look out for their friend, so they quickly tried to get the details they needed to rule him out as a liar. 

When confronted, he did admit to dating the woman but claimed they were not an item and that they no longer keep in contact. 

Will was mad that Eva was talking smack behind his back and took issue with it, but Nene stood up for Eva because she felt he should not be trashing a woman like that. 

Cynthia seemed like she wanted to curl up into a ball and weep, and admitted that she had no idea who to believe. She made it clear that she would not date a man with a girlfriend. 

Porsha then dropped the bomb that she had some vital information about the man that could change everything Cynthia thought she knew. 

The episode concluded before Porsha got into the details, but it sure was a fun twist. 

Elsewhere, Kenya Moore was still struggling to be apart from her new husband. Yeah, that dude who does not want to be part of the show. 

It’s comical that the man HATES everything the show stands for but is happy enough to be married to one of the cast members. 

Where’s the logic?

Kenya opened up to the girls about her wanting her husband nearby and revealed the root of her wishes. She wanted to have a baby with him. 

We already know that Kenya is in the bad books with the producers because of her keeping aspects of her life private, but could a pregnancy storyline save her employment with the show?

We have no idea, but it’s sure fun to think about the lengths one would go to in order to stay in the limelight. 

Kenya seems to think that purchasing weightlifting equipment for Marc will allow him to move to Atlanta and make everything great again. 

Finally, Kandi was on the cover of Essence, and much of the drama from the hour took place at the party to celebrate it. 

Kandi is at the top of her game, and she knows how to throw a party. Kandi invited Porsha to the event … even though they both hate each other. 

What will she say about Porsha having dirt on Cynthia’s man?

Hit the comments!

RHOA continues Sunday!


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 10 Recap: Storming Out

Kenya Moore loves to be the center of attention. 

Case in point: On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 10, she ditched a charity event to headline one of her own and failed to tell her friends about it. 

When the episode got underway, it was revealed that Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey were each headlining their own events for Houston to help with relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey.

Kenya swiftly shut Cynthia down and said she was unable to attend her event, but failed to mention that she was doing one of her own. 

Sheree stayed home because of a back injury she got as a result of a car accident. Sheree was still mad at Nene Leakes for calling her boyfriend a con artist. 

Sheree relayed the information to her man via telephone because, well, he’s incarcerated. 

“Nene would never want to say anything negative about me. She doesn’t want to go down that road,” he said.

Does that mean there’s a history between Nene and Tyrone?

“What I do know, is that when I met Tyrone, she was trying to pursue him,” Sheree admitted to the camera before saying that Tyrone was not into Nene and cut her off. 

Could this explain why Nene has been so against Tyrone and calling him out while he cannot defend himself? Quite possibly. 

Nene should quit being jealous and sort out her own life before trying to bring another woman down. 

Back in Houston, Cynthia’s event was over, and she was supposed to make her way to Porsha’s event. 

That did not happen, and she decided to go and support Kenya’s Habitat for Humanity event instead. 

When the ladies met up for dinner, Lauren was quick to point out that Cynthia’s move was shady and she will not forget it. 

“Saturday was the main reason I wanted you guys to come,” Porsha complained as Cynthia tried to cover her bases by saying she did not realize it was that important to her. 

The thing is, it probably wasn’t crucial to her, but Porsha is desperately trying to kick up the drama, so she does not get demoted to the dreaded “Friend of Housewife” status. 

As if that was not bad enough, Shamea started to drag Kenya. Apparently, Kenya was rude to Shamea when she showed up to help out at Kenya’s event. 

“I just felt like you were pretty dismissive,” Shamea said before claiming Kenya ordered her around. 

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Cynthia sided with Shamea and said that Kenya was rude to everyone. 

Kenya stormed to the bathroom and started yelling at a show producer. 

“I don’t give a f—k about any of them bitches!” Kenya began. “The whole table is stupid as s—t.”

Okay then. 

Will Kenya be able to get back in good graces with her friends?

Find out next Sunday when RHOA continues on Bravo!