Johnny Depp Accused of Drunkenly Attacking Crew Member on Film Set

It wasn’t all that long ago that Johnny Depp was one of the most beloved and sought-after talents in Hollywood.

But those days have been washed away in a tidal wave and enough rum to keep the Black Pearl afloat.

At this point in his career, Depp is at best a walking punchline and at worst a menacing threat to loved ones and co-workers.

And lately, the public image so carefully constructed by his many handlers has been crumbling faster than ever, in large part because the managers, handlers, and security guards who have served as the living barrier between Depp and the press have been abandoning their posts in fear for their professional reputations and in some cases, their lives.

Just last week, several bodyguards filed suit against Depp claiming that he created a “toxic and unsafe” work environment in which hard drug use and reckless misuse of firearms were daily occurrences.

(Someone should tell Johnny he can stop studying up for that Hunter S. Thompson role anytime now.)

And because Depp’s specialty these days is finding new rock bottoms, this week brought news of yet another violent incident:

While filming the movie LAbyrinth in Los Angeles, Depp decided to take over directing a scene set on an actual city street, even going so far as to cast two of his friends in significant roles.

It went about as well as you would expect:

“Johnny’s friends were in the scene, and it just turned into way more than it should have been,” a production insider on set tells Page Six.

Sources say the day went long, and the shooting permit expired, but Depp refused to stop filming.

When a location manager informed director Brad Furman that the scene needed to wrap immediately, Furman responded, “Tell that to Johnny Depp!” 

One crew member decided to do exactly that, approaching Depp and telling plainly, “This is the last shot.”

At that point, Depp – who, according to the witness, had been “smoking and drinking all day on set” – became irate and started shouting at the crew member.

“He was 6 inches away, yelling, ‘Who are you? You have no right!’”

When the crew member calmly attempted to defuse the situation, Depp reportedly swung on him, landing a “weak blow” to the ribs that had little effect.

But Depp didn’t stop there, of course.

He allegedly continued to berate the crew member and challenge him to fisticuffs, at one point bellowing, “I’ll give you $ 100,000 to punch me right now!”

Depp’s camp has yet to comment on the situation, but his 

“Johnny Depp is a consummate professional, great collaborator and a supporter of other artists,” he said in a statement.

“He always treats the crew and people around him with the utmost respect. Movies can be stressful, and nonevents often become exaggerated. We all love stories — there isn’t one here.”

This is just the latest in a long line of professional entanglements for Depp who’s currently being sued by his former management team after alleging that the group brought him to the brink of bankruptcy.

The firm says Depp’s financial issues have more to do with his $ 30,000 a month wine habit.

We’re no legal experts but that sounds like a solid argument.


Conor McGregor Charged With Assault After Attacking UFC Bus

UFC fighter Conor McGregor has been charged with three counts of assault after a harrowing incident in which he was seen allegedly throwing a dolly at a bus window, raining shards of glass upon several MMA rivals.

Though he’s been known to do and say several dumb things in the past, this is a bit worse than announcing that he’s “black from the waist down.”

This event may end his career, and it all started with a bad blood confrontation between two other fighters.

This story is wild from start to finish. Here is the incident that set things in motion:

On Tuesday, April 3, Khabib Nurmagomedov had a relatively minor confrontation with Artem Lobov, in which Khabib cornered Artem.

Reportedly, Khabib grabbed Artem by the neck and struck him multiple times in the face.

Conor McGregor wasn’t there, but you might say that he was involved. He and Artem are close.

Furthermore, Conor and Khabib engage in frequent “trash talk” and seem to have a genuine rivalry for each other that extends beyond their sport.

It’s probably safe to say that no one expected this hostile run-in to blow up as it did, days later.

During a promotion for UFC 223 on Thursday, April 5, Conor McGregor showed up at Barclays Center when no one expected him to.

His intent appears to have been to confront Khabib over what went down with Artem earlier in the week.

Khabib was on a bus at the time, and was reportedly accompanied by his management team as well as “red corner” UFC 223 fighters like Rose Namajunas, Al Iaquinta, Karolina Kowalkiewicz, Ray Borg, and Michael Chiesa.

But it seems that Conor did not see the slow-moving bus or the teammates as a real obstacle.

TMZ spotted Conor as he ran alongside the bus … and then grabs a dolly that was being used to transport equipment and throws the dolly at the bus window.

The result was a shattered bus window and, reportedly, injuries.

Dana White tells TMZ that Michael Chiesa was on the bus and was “cut to pieces” by the shards of shattered glass from the bus window.

Chiesa has been hospitalized. On Thursday evening, Chiesa wrote on Twitter that he has been been the MMA version of benched because of his injuries.

“A decision was made by the New York State Athletic Commission to pull me from UFC 223. I’m devastated to say the least. @Showtimepettis I hope to run this match up ASAP, June 9th in your backyard. That’s all I have to say for now. Much love.”

As one might imagine, Conor McGregor is expected to get into a lot of trouble for this.

In fact, Dana White tells TMZ that: “This is bigger than us firing him.”

Since then, Khabib Nurmagomedov has mocked Conor’s behavior while speaking to MMA Fighting, saying:

“I am laughing inside. You broke window? Why? Come inside.”

One imagines that they can hear his accent as he taunts Conor.

“You know UFC don’t let you come inside. If you real gangster why don’t you come inside?”

His statement continues with what many would construe as a thinly veiled threat of physical harm.

“This is big history gangster place. Brooklyn. You want to talk to me? Send me location. We have to talk? I am gonna come, no problem.”

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Conor McGregor has gotten into trouble in recent memory.

For one thing, he’s earned scorn for hurling homophobic slurs at opponents. Yes, he should know better.

In November of 2017, he jumped into the cage at Bellator 187 to celebrate his teammate’s perceived win. The referee had not made a ruling yet, and attempted to remove Conor.

Conor responded by shoving the referee multiple times and then reportedly slapped the commissioner when confronted.

Some worry that the aggression and total lack of impulse control displayed by Conor is the result of chronic head trauma doing damage to his brain, a phenomena discussed in recent years with respect to football.

Others think that perhaps it is simply the disposition that would lead someone to a career in which they punch other men for a living.

Either way, it sounds like Conor McGregor’s career may be at its end.


Briana DeJesus: Planning on Attacking Javi Marroquin at Teen Mom 2 Reunion?!

Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus dated for a couple of months late last year, and honestly, it was just a terrible idea.

We appreciate how much drama they surely provided for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, but when you remember that these are real people making real mistakes in their real lives, it really just does not seem like it was worth it.

Javi messed up his relationship with Kailyn Lowry, the mother of his son, and they both made themselves look ridiculous.

And even though they broke up all the way back in January, it still looks like they're both going out of their way to play themselves.

See, Briana just heard that Javi is back with Lauren Comeau, the woman he dated before getting with her — and boy, does she have some feelings about that …

1. True Love?

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus
Briana and Javi began dating … well, it was sometime last year, we know that much. They were friends for a long time before they got together, and things really started heating up last fall. Briana denied everything for a bit, but around October, they both finally confirmed their relationship.

2. Yikes

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus picture
They moved fast — but then again, Javi always moves fast. They hung out together with their children, they bought a puppy together, they talked about getting married, and they even got matching tattoos.

3. So Sad

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus at birthday party
But somehow, against all odds, they didn’t make it. Tragic, right? And we were all rooting for these crazy kids.

4. So Much Heartache

Briana and javi make it official
Briana said that there were a couple of reasons behind their split: one was that he didn’t want her to get more plastic surgery, and another was that he wanted to get married immediately and she wasn’t feeling that rush.

5. Hmmm …

Briana dejesus plastic surgery pic
So they broke up, but a couple of weeks later when she got her surgery, he was right there with her. Or he was for a little while, anyway — he left early, because as he explained in a statement, he never should have went in the first place because “we broke up for a reason.”

6. What a Mess

Briana de jesus
After that, she made her own statement and said that she “don’t want nothing to do with Javi,” and she also accused him of harassing her.

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Derick Dillard Continues Attacking Parkland Shooting Survivors, Also Slams Jazz Jennings

Derick Dillard must be going for some kind of world record lately.

If there’s a world record for “most poorly timed, poorly worded, horrifically offensive tweets,” that is.

And hey, if there’s not, maybe Guinness can make a special new category, just for him.

Because seriously, the things he’s been thinking up in his little head and then typing up on Twitter are that bad.

He’s been doing this for a long, long time now: he’ll hop on Twitter, say something super ignorant and/or offensive, act like he said it from a place of love, then tweet some bible verses to get some easy likes.

It’s never really worked out all that well for him — TLC did fire him from Counting On for his tweets about Jazz Jennings (more on that in a bit).

He also made himself extremely unlikable, to the point that even some actual Duggar fans can’t stand him.

But, wouldn’t you know it, he still hasn’t learned.

A few days ago, Derick got quite a bit of criticism for a tweet he made about the Parkland shooting survivors.

As you surely know, 17 people were killed in a school shooting last month in Parkland, Florida, and many of the survivors have been speaking out about the need for stricter gun control laws.

Derick retweeted a story about the subject, writing “This has gotten a little ridiculous; at least 2 networks are now using kids to push their liberal agendas.”

“It’s obviously not all about the kids when voices like @KylieKashuv aren’t as elevated. Liberal Media… at least be consistent so you can hide your biased tactics better.”

It wasn’t great.

He apparently can’t consider the idea that the survivors aren’t kids being used to “push liberal agendas,” they’re people who have their own ideas and who have been through something that he couldn’t imagine.

There have been many, many survivors sharing the same ideas and voicing the same opinions about gun control, because that’s what they believe — why wouldn’t a media outlet cover such a huge story?

After that tweet, Derick got quite a bit of attention, and tried to defend himself, but, well …

It didn’t go as well as he may think it did.

For example, he actually wrote “My heart goes out to the victims, but how does being a victim of a tragedy suddenly make you an expert on how to solve the problem of stopping mass shootings?!”

Because you have to be an expert to believe in something and to voice those beliefs you formed based on a significant experience you had, right?

Someone made an excellent point by responding to his nonsense with “Doesn’t your family use children to push your conservative agenda as well?”

She even added that alarming old photo of a bunch of Duggar kids posing together with t-shirts that read “I Survived Roe Vs. Wade.”

“No,” Derick argued, “because we couldn’t wear those while filming. I’m talking about what the media allows and doesn’t allow.”

Sure, but he’s also talking about using kids to push agendas, which the Duggars have obviously done.

At one point, he even shared a story about his tweet with a headline about how he slammed the survivors — which he definitely did, even if he doesn’t think so.

He tried to correct the headline by explaining “No, I criticized the media’s use of kids again…like @TLC uses Jazz. My heart goes out to the victims, but all ideas should be heard, and subjected to criticism.”

For one, that’s twice that Derick used the phrase “My heart goes out to the victims, but …”, and that’s two times too many.

For two … is he seriously bringing Jazz up AGAIN?!

He first started attacking Jazz, a 17-year-old transgender girl with her own show on TLC, last year, saying that he pitied her “4 those who take advantage of him in order 2 promote their agenda.”

Oh, and he called her a “him” because “‘transgender’ is a myth,” apparently.

Since then, he’s brought her up again and again, out of nowhere, really, and it really does seem like he has some kind of bizarre fixation on her.

In his own defense, when someone advised him to get over the Jazz thing already, he wrote “I was only addressing it because it was brought up again in the article, and I wanted to clarify so people aren’t misled.”

“I agree, I wish people would get over that already.”

Later, he wrote “I seek to live in a way that pleases Jesus Christ. I realize that some people will be turned off by that, but it is actually the norm throughout history.”

“I only want to reflect Christ, and I don’t apologize for that.”

You don’t apologize for anything, huh, Derick?

Even though you really, really should.


‘Real Housewives’ Alum Carlton Gebbia Denies Attacking Housekeeper, Says Lawsuit Stems from Missing Jewelry

Former ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Carlton Gebbia says she and her family were very good to their housekeeper for 6 years, but the lady stopped showing up for work after a dispute over missing jewelry … and now she’s suing and trumping…


‘Real Housewives’ Alum Carlton Gebbia Sued for Allegedly Attacking Housekeeper

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum Carlton Gebbia mopped the floor with her housekeeper, and the maid’s now taking her to court … and she says Gebbia even tried to kill herself. The housekeeper — referred to in the lawsuit as Jane Doe –…