Megan Fox Shares Rare Photo of Daughter, Internet Dubs Her “Most Attractive Baby Ever”

There’s little to no debate over the looks of Megan Fox.

If she isn’t the best looking female on the planet, she’s probably in your top five or 10.

Even in a beanie, the actress is simply sizzling.

But while nearly everyone’s accepts and acknowledges the beauty of Megan Fox, a new discussion has broken out over someone very close to this gorgeous star.

Specifically, her daughter.

Fox and husband Brian Austin Green have three kids together, all of them boys:

Five-year old Noah, three-year old Bodhi and Journey, who is almost a year-and-a-half old.

Back in August, Fox actually gave us a look at all three kids, sharing a rare family snapshot that got the Internet all abuzz.

But now the former Transformers star has given folks something to discuss other than her penchant for sometimes dressing Bodhi up like a girl.

And that something is this:

Has she given birth to the most attractive tiny human in the history of mankind?

This question is being bantered about on social media because Fox surprised Instagram followers this week upon posting the picture above.

It features her and Journey and it includes the simple caption “clone wars.”

The toddler is clearly very cute. No one can deny this.

And no one is trying to deny this, as evidenced by such user comments as the following:

foxy reaction

But at least one person has come out and made an even stronger statement.

“I think this is the most attractive baby I’ve ever seen,” says the person below, which is really a pretty bold sentiment if you think about it.

The most attractive baby EVER?!?

attractive kid

The challenge here is attempting to come up with Journey’s competition for such an honor.

We mean, all babies are really very cute. And this is especially the case when they’re born to celebrities because most celebrities are very good looking.

Because Fox is considered one of the hottest women on the planet, it does stand to reason that she would give birth to other very pretty or handsome little people.

However, this logic doesn’t always apply.

Few people would label Lauryn Shannon as “sexy” or “beautiful” or “above average” and yet, LOOK, she recently welcomed a precious kid into the world.

So it’s hard to say, you know?

Are Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green parents to the cutest child EVER?!?

It’s very possible that fans also reacted positively to Fox’s post because she made a joke/reference to Star Wars.

And people do love Star Wars.

Still, we don’t want to take credit away from Journey, who is so gosh darn cute that most people are able to look right past his silly name and just focus on his face.

We’ve collected photos below of other celebrities and their offspring to help answer this newly pressing question.

Click below, scroll around and then decide: Who is the absolute cutest of the cute?


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