Audrey Roloff: Sorry, God, I’ll Instagram Less Often!

Audrey Roloff has an important and surprising announcement to make.

Actually, before she does so, Audrey Roloff has a precious and adorable photo to share:

Perfect, right?

How does the Little People, Big World star do anything that doesn’t involve cuddling her daughter, Ember Jean?!?

Sadly, however, fans of the reality star may not be seeing many more pictures such as this going forward.

Audrey announced as a caption to the cute snapshot that she may be posting less frequently on Instagram going forward.

And she share an interesting reason why.

“All cozied up with my sweet little Ember. She warms my heart, get it. Snuggling her is my favorite,” opened Roloff.

She then delved into more profound and religious detail:

“Ok so… I’ve been convicted on something lately… As much as l love sharing my life with y’all and what I’ve learned/am learning, l never want to be someone who spends more time sharing on social media than l do seeking the Lord and searching His truths.”

Audrey, of course, has always been very open about her faith.

“I know this might sound a little contradictory, cause here l am sharing this, but maybe some of you can relate?” she continued,adding:

“In a world that invites us to share share share, l want to seek seek seek. Instead of always reaching for my phone to document a moment or share on social media, l want to be more concerned with seeking God in those moments and listening for what He might have to share with me!

This is a common critique of social media, of course.

Not the connection to God necessarily, but the fact that some people spend more time documenting their lives than living their lives.

“Don’t get me wrong, l love sharing and engaging with you all in this space,” Audrey concluded.

“But it should always come second to time with my Creator and redeemer.

“I want to be someone who spends more time reading truth, engaging wisdom, and listing for His still small voice, than sharing my own incomplete oversimplified perspectives.”

Roloff has also faced a lot of unfair criticism as a result of her frequent Instagram posting.

She was somehow dragged online for this simple photo of her daughter, for example.

This may explain why Jeremy recently expressed support for his beloved soulmate.

“Im so proud of my wife. These last few weeks have been pretty tough on her,” Jeremy wrote yesterday.

“(If you watch our stories you know what I’m talking about) But she’s been a trooper and I’m thankful that I have her as a teammate.”

Hey, whatever makes you feel happy and content, Audrey.

We adore seeing these Ember Jean photos, but we support whatever decision you make in this regard.


Audrey Roloff Chronicles Emotional Breastfeeding Journey

When it comes to motherhood, Audrey Roloff is doing her best to keep it real.

Yes, the Little People, Big World star is beyond grateful and happy to have given birth to her first child on September 10.

But, no, the experience so far has not been easy.

Roloff has been an open book when it comes to this unfortunate fact, admitting weeks ago that she was even suffering from bouts of postpartum depression.

This was largely linked to a diagnosis of mastitis, which is a condition that makes breastfeeding painful.

Like, VERY painful.

Like, so painful that Audrey compared it to natural childbirth.

How is she doing these days when it comes to providing sustenance for her daughter?

Audrey just updated fans with an emotional Instagram post.

“I always thought breastfeeding was a choice,” it begins.

“People would often ask me if l was going to breastfeed when I was pregnant and l always answered with a determined yes.

“But after Ember was born, l realized that for some people, it’s not a choice.”

For some people, the reality star realized, it’s too painful to continue doing.

“My breastfeeding journey has not been easy,” she added.

“After sharing with you all a little bit about the struggles l have had feeding Ember, l realized that so many of you have gone through, or are currently going through, similar pains, heart aches, and challenges.”

Audrey drew strength from her faith and from a supportive husband during her lowest times.

She went into detail about those times in this post:

About 24 hours after Ember was born, l became severely engorged. The nurses at the hospital admitted to it being the worse case they’d ever seen.

l couldn’t put my arms at my sides or hold Ember – except to feed, and feeding was so painful because l was also badly blistered/bruised (we later found out Ember had a significant lip and tounge tie).

Not to mention, what they had to do to “get me flowing” was excruciating. l thought the pain was supposed to be over once they laid her on my chest?

But people just don’t talk enough about the after labor pains…

It’s true.

People often assume that once a baby is born, the rest is a piece of cake.

Physically, at least.

“Three days after coming home from the hospital, l came down with mastitis,” Audrey explains.

“The antibiotics for my infection, stress, Ember’s lip and tounge tie, sleep deprivation, and some misguided medical advice caused my milk supply to completely tank.

“l was devastated and even told by a pediatrician and lactation consultant that l would probably not ever be able to exclusively breastfeed Ember.

“She was having trouble gaining weight and they were concerned. They also thought l had insiffienct granular tissue.”

Over the past few weeks, though, as evidenced by an influx of Ember Jean photos, it’s clear that things have taken a positive turn.

Mom, Dad and Daughter have figured things out and are doing a lot better.

Ending her Instagram note on a positive message, Audrey wrote of the first photo shared above:

“Here we are two months later and Ember has been exclusively breastfeed for the past 5 weeks!!! So much hard work and prayers have come to fruition.”

This is great news!

We’re so happy to hear it!

Concludes the star:

“Two days ago l came down with mastitis again… but l was reminded that even though this journey still poses its challenges, being able to feed my daughter from my own body brings me incomparable joy.

“l will defintely be sharing more about this journey on my blog eventually.

“But l just wanted to share this here and now in case there are other new mamas out there that could be encouraged and filled with hope by my testimony.”

We very much appreciate Audrey sharing her story with us.

We continue to wish her luck and we continue to appreciate all the pictures she posts.

Ember is adorable!


Audrey Roloff: This is Why We Named Our Daughter Ember

On September 10, 2017, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff welcomed their first child into the world.

She is named Ember Jean Roloff.

Yes, Ember.

While there is no debate over just how cute Ember is, there's been some discussion online over the origin of that first name.

How did the Little People, Big World stars arrive at such an unusual moniker?

On the occasion of Ember's two-month birthday, Audrey has explained it all…

1. Happy 2 Months!

Ember at 2 months
“Our Ember girl is 2 MONTHS OLD today and she’s already growing into her name,” wrote Audrey as a caption to the photo above.

2. She Continued:

Ember makes a face
“The dictionary defines EMBER as ‘a small live piece of coal wood etc in a dying fire. The remains of a fire. A glowing fragment from fire.'”

3. Tell Us More, Audrey!

Ember jean
“Embers are GLOWING – they can light up an entire room, forest or field.”

4. What Else Went Into the Naming Process?

Ember and wipes
“Embers are ENDURING – they are the fiercest remains of a fire and radiate a substantial amount of heat long after the fire has been extinguished.”

5. An Ember is Practically a Miracle Worker

Cradling ember
“Embers offer REVIVAL – when a fire is dying the embers can bring it back to life!”

6. A Welcome Warm Light

Jer aud and ember
“Embers are WELCOMING – they are inviting. They draw people in by their warmth and light.”

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Audrey Roloff: Did She Really Endanger Her Daughter?!?

Audrey Roloff is doing her best as a first-time parent.

We really hope everyone can agree on that.

But the Little People, Big World star has come under fire a few times for what trolling Internet users have deemed to be #MotherhoodFails.

What are some examples of these supposed fails?

Scroll down for a look at the latest, and then click through the gallery below for a look back at what else online critics have accused poor Audrey of doing wrong…

1. Mother and Daughter

Cradling ember
Audrey Roloff gave birth to Ember Jean on September 10. She struggled at first with painful breastfeeding and admitted to bouts of postpartum depression.

2. But Things Have Been Getting Better

Such a cute family
That much is clear, based on how often Audrey and Jeremy have been sharing cute family pictures over the past couple weeks.

3. Wiped Out

Ember and wipes
However, Audrey then shared this photo on Facebook and wrote as a caption: “Just got my monthly Young Living order and had to stock up on these because they are the best wipes on the planet. Seriously they smell so heavenly and work insanely well. Like 1 wipe per poop well.”

4. She’s Faced Backlash For It

Audrey and ember on the farm
First, for using Ember as a means to promote a product. Some critics have accused Audrey of exploiting her daughter.

5. Second, Because Wipes are Heavy

Second because wipes are heavy
As you can see here, some comments have questioned why Audrey would place such heavy items all over her sleeping baby.

6. The Silly Debate Raged On

The silly debate raged on
Sides have been taken on Audrey’s Facebook page.

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Audrey Roloff Shares Precious Baby Pics, Vital Marital Advice

Little People, Big World?

More like Entirely New, Exciting and Adorable World for Audrey Roloff these days.

The relatively new mother admittedly struggled with parenthood for a few weeks after giving birth in September 10 to a daughter named Ember Jean.

Due to a health concern, Audrey was in significant pain every time she tried to breastfeed, which made the entire process both challenging and upsetting.

Roloff herself admitted to a bit of postpartum depression.

But that was back then.

Now? Around the time Audrey turned a month old?

It appears as though things have gotten a lot better for Audrey and husband Jeremy, both of whom frequently take to social media in order to share new images of Ember and updates on their lives.

The latest image, meanwhile, may very well be the cutest.

What is there to even say about the following snapshot aside from AWWWWWWWWWWW?!?

As a caption to this positively adorable picture, Audrey let followers inside her marriage a bit.

She explained that she and Jeremy have a unique way of checking in on their relationship in order to make sure both sides are content.

“Every Sunday Jeremy and I do our marriage journal. It’s a journal with weekly questions that help us connect, communicate, and grow in love,” Audrey wrote.

What an interesting idea, huh?

The Little People, Big World star continued:

“It has been by far the greatest communication tool in our marriage. Every week, the first question in our journal is: “What brought you joy this week?”

And, for the last four weeks, Audrey says, her answer has been the same:

“Ember’s smile. I mean come on, how could it not be?! It has become one of my life’s greatest joys to smile back at my daughter and laugh when she laughs.”

Audrey also posted this picture of Ember.

And while the two-month old isn’t all smiles in it, the face she’s making may be even more precious. HA!

Last week, Audrey and Jeremy were able to get out for their first date since becoming parents.

That’s always a special milestone for any mother and father, as it seems at times early on as if you’ll never have even just a few hours to yourselves.

Audrey let fans know about the much-anticipated date, but also confessed there was a bittersweet aspect to the night.

“I held back tears as we drove off in the Jer’s orange 1971 bmw with no car seat in the back,” wrote Roloff, adding:

“But at the same time it was refreshing to spend some much needed quality time just the two of us.”

We’d have to imagine so.

And then you get to come home to a (hopefully) sleeping angel as cute as Ember?

Pretty special indeed.


Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff Actually Went on a Date!

After giving their daughter an exciting first experience earlier this month, Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff had the chance to enjoy their very own “first” on Wednesday:

Their first date as brand new parents!

As nearly every mother and father likely knows, this is a pretty big deal.

You spend sleepless night after sleepless night with your newborn, frequently getting up to change your baby and never being able to fully relax.

It feels like you’ll never have an evening all to yourself ever again.

You can’t wait to just get away for a little bit… and then, as soon as you do, you feel guilty and sad for leaving.


How many readers out there are nodding along in agreement right about now.

Audrey certainly is, based on the caption she wrote along with the photo above.

“We finally went on our first date since having Ember. To be honest it was bittersweet leaving Ember for the evening,” wrote the Little People, Big World star.

She continued as follows:

“I held back tears as we drove off in the Jer’s orange 1971 bmw with no car seat in the back. But at the same time it was refreshing to spend some much needed quality time just the two of us.

“It was a flash back to our first year of marriage because that orange bmw was Jer’s daily driver when we lived in Los Angeles.”

As for what the couple actually did?

“We had so much fun at the @needtobreathe concert (I did the math and it’s now my 9th time seeing them in concert) plus we got to reconnect with our friends @drsethbolt and @toribolt over the last couple days – life giving on so many levels,” Audrey wrote, prior to asking a question of her fans:

“Any other new parents out there?! When did y’all leave your baby for the first time and what did you do?”

Audrey and Jeremy welcomed a daughter named Ember Jean into the world on September 10.

She was over a week late and she isn’t exactly the best sleeper, both mom and dad have confirmed.

But the reality stars have started to share more and more photos of their precious daughter over the past few weeks, as it looks like she’s hung out with the family farm and enjoyed some time outside.

At some point over the next few weeks, we expect TLC to announce the premiere date for the next season of Little People, Big World.

And we expect a significant focus of it to be on Audrey’s journey to motherhood.

We continue to wish her and Jeremy the best as they navigate this challenging and rewarding time in their lives.


Audrey Roloff: Mom-Shamed for Doing THIS to Ember Jean!

Of all of the not-so-great parents in the world and even on reality television, why do people waste their time going after the Roloffs?

Once again, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are getting parent-shamed after posting a photo of Audrey and Ember. Yes, there are people who see precious photos of Ember Jean and go looking for a reason to get angry.

And this time, Jeremy is clapping back!

There are some well-and-truly awful parents in this world, it’s true. Reckless, vicious, violent.

But until Audrey and Jeremy start acting like they attended parenting classes with Jim Bob Duggar, Kate Gosselin, and Ariel Winter’s mom, maybe we should all put down our torches and pitchforks, okay?

Because Auj and Jer are good parents who absolutely treasure their baby.

And just like how Tori Roloff did not “endanger” baby Jackson by having a lone and almost certainly secured stuffed animal in the corner of his crib, Audrey and Jeremy don’t deserve the kind of responses that their innocuous photos engender from parent-shamers.

Even in the few weeks since Ember Jean was born, Audrey’s been targeted by other shamers.

In fact, Audrey Roloff was just mom-shamed for the way that she dresses Ember. Her “crime?” Putting her daughter in baby leggings instead of a baby dress.

What is it about maternity that makes people’s “fans” offer up their unsolicited advice and terrible opinions?

What is it about babies that make people forget that different children develop at different rates?

Anyway, are you ready to see the photo — posted to Facebook by Jeremy Roloff — that ruffled so many feathers?

We’ve actually shown you this pic before:

Obviously, you saw this image and immediately reached for your pitchfork, which everyone keeps around and handy just in case the Roloffs post another baby photo.

Oh, you didn’t because you’re not quite sure what’s “wrong” with this photo?

Allow internet commenters to explain why this evokes their ire.

One hater wrote: “How could she? She’s in a straightjacket!”

The “how could she” refers to Auj, while the “she’s in a straightjacket” refers to Ember Jean, who is not, in fact, in a straightjacket.

Another wrote:

“That looks incredibly uncomfortable for her.”

Yeah; there’s nothing that newborns hate more than laying on their backs while nestled up to their mother’s torso.

Other commenters came to the defense of the Roloffs.

“No idea what type of carrier that is or what position the kid is in but it doesn’t look right but it’s probably just the angle of the photo … I was criticized horribly by my own Facebook friends when I wore my little lady facing forward at two months even though my kid was just fine so I’m not going to say they’re doing anything wrong. It’s the angle of the photo.”

And others attacked these trolls.

“What a bunch of judgmental people on this post. Mommy and daddy know best! Baby Ember is happy and comfy. Didn’t your parents ever teach you that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all?”

That same commenter repeats a warning that Tori Roloff made recently after her own mom-shaming.

“This is why Zack and Tori said they’d stop posting pics of Jackson. Such rudeness from total strangers. smh”

That’s the specific equivalent of “this is why we can’t have nice things.”

(SMH, of course, means “smacking my head,” a common expression of frustration or frustrated disbelief)

Another added “why do people feel the need to comment on position of baby,” which is most enjoyable when read with a Russian accent but is nonetheless a good point.

And, as we mentioned, Jeremy Roloff added his own comment, to assuage any fears that they were playing fast and loose with Ember’s life.

“Babies looooove it,” Jer wrote.

That’s short and sweet and non-confrontational, but apparently it needed to be said.

Like, has no one ever heard of swaddling?

The parent who commented about having been shamed over wearing their baby in a forward-facing babybjorn … different babies develop at different rates.

(I, for example, was apparently able to support my own head and neck on the day of my birth)

Some newborns need to be on their backs with plenty of head support and neck support.

Oh, and some parents are just more comfortable holding their babies that way.

Some people really, truly just need to get a grip.


Audrey Roloff: Mommy-Shammed Over Little Ember’s Outfit

The Internet can be such a cruel place.

This is a mostly obvious statement, we know.

But sometimes we get stark reminders and it makes us sad.

Take the vitriol being aimed in the direction of Audrey Roloff, for example.

The Little People, Big World star gave birth to her first child on September 10, a precious girl named Ember Jean.

Since then, Audrey has been candid about the fact that she’s in a lot of pain breastfeeding and is likely even suffering the effects of postpartum depression to some extent.

“I was well prepared for the pain and suffering that comes with childbirth, but I was not prepared for the pain and suffering that comes afterwards,” Roloff admitted in a recent Instagram post.

She went on to say how she’s been feeling “frustrated, discouraged, and heart ached” over the struggles with her daughter, insisting, of course, that she will “persist.”

We salute Audrey for her honesty.

And we can’t believe there are trolls out there who would prey upon such a vulnerable new mother.

But Audrey shared the above photo on Facebook this week (“Baby girls got a furry friend and it’s not Pine,” she wrote as a caption) and then suddenly found herself the victim of online attacks.

“Omg . . . She is so cute. Not crazy though . . . how her mother dresses her. What happened to cute little dresses . . . not ugly colored leggings. Lol . . .” someone actually wrote.

Yes, this individual felt a need to call Audrey out because Ember isn’t wearing a dress in the picture.

God forbid, right?!?

Added another pathetic critic:

“She cute. But not a fan of the outfit. Creepy brown tights. Why not a colorful beautiful dress! The onesie needs help!”

And a third critic snipped: “Lose the Aunt Jemima scarf!”

And a fourth: “Love the Roloff family…but please, is Audrey trying to turn her baby into a mini model already?!?”

Shaming famous mother is, sadly, nothing new for Internet users, of course.

Poor Olivia Wilde just received backlash for giving her son a kiss on the lips.

But this is maybe the first such incident we can recall when morons with no life harassed a celebrity simply over a pretty basic outfit she dressed her child in.

What happened to basic human decency, Twitter? Come on now!

We strongly hope Audrey isn’t overly affected by these off-base critiques and that she keeps sharing cute pictures of Ember with us.

Because we think she’s perfect.

And we offer up the following images as evidence:


Audrey Roloff Shares New Ember Jean Pictures! Awww!

As new parents, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff don’t have the kind of free time that they used to. Having a newborn consumes your entire life, but they’re getting by.

Thankfully, they’re not too busy to bring us little updates on social media. And by “updates,” we of coure mean photos.

New photos of the new parents and their precious Ember Jean.

While nothing is going to top seeing Ember Jean and Jackson Roloff hold hands, we’ve accepted that.

They’re both babies and they’re cousins and the preciousness of the two of them combines is overpowering.

But these new photos are also touching.

In addition to a couple of pics that we’d seen before, Audrey Roloff shared some new pictures of herself, Ember Jean, and Jeremy Roloff.

Though, as Audrey makes certain to clarify in the captions, the pictures are only “new” to the rest of the world.

As they were taken when Ember Jean was only one week old.

Audrey captioned the series of photos:

“So much LOVE!!! God blessed me beyond measure with these two.”

Of course, her devout Christian faith is a huge and integral part of Audrey’s brand, so that’s exactly how anyone familiar with Audrey would expect for her to frame her happiness.

“I just love them both more and more each day.”


“Our girl @dawn_photo took these precious photos for us when Ember was only a week old!”

That was, you guessed it, four weeks ago.

“How can she already be 5 weeks?! Ah!”

Weird to think that it was only 5 weeks ago when Ember Jean Roloff was born. Time flies!

Audrey finishes up her caption by promising that there is more to come:

“More photos of Ember’s nursery coming to the blog this week! #journeyofjerandauj #emberjean”

We’ll be excited to see those! Every nursery set-up is a little different.

It’s only been a little over two weeks since we first saw Ember Jean’s face

Or since we first saw it closely, anyway.

But now we just can’t get enough of her cute little self. We can’t wait to watch her develop a personality of her own and grow up as the first Roloff granddaughter.

Oh, and here’s a photo of this little cutie in a classic photo pose for fathers and newborn babies.

Precious beyond words!

You know, as much as we love the name “Ember,” something occurred to us just the other day.

Is Ember going to hear the singsong phrase “liar liar, pants on fire” at some point her life and have a sudden epiphany?

Because “Ember Jean” is, well, a name that could be translated to mean “fire pants.” If you had a character in a short story who lies a lot, an editor would tell you that you shouldn’t name them “Ember Jean.”

We know that Audrey and Jeremy have been agonizing over how to raise their baby as she gets older, so we imagine that they’ll come up with some ways to prepare her for some name-based teasing.

(Kids can be cruel, even if they don’t mean anything cruel by it, you know?)

We’re so glad that, despite being very busy and with good reason, Auj and Jer are finding the time to share their lives with the world.


Audrey Roloff Celebrates Daughter Milestone, Shares New Photo

Audrey Roloff has one very precious reason to be excited at the moment.

And now the Little People, Big World star is finally starting to let that excitement show.

Audrey and husband Jeremy became first-time parents back on September 10, as they welcomed a girl named Ember Jean into the world.

However, for a couple that has always been very honest and forthcoming with their fans and followers, these Roloffs were surprisingly quiet after Ember was born.

Yes, they posed for photos with Us Weekly.

And, yes, they each made it very clear just how happy and blessed they felt at the time, telling the tabloid:

“We are so thankful for this little life we’ve been blessed with and cannot wait to see all that she becomes.

“Labor is such a wild and miraculous process and meeting our baby girl for the first time filled us with uncontainable joy.”

But then there was near silence from Audrey and Jeremy, which stood in stark contrast to the overflow of information from Zach and Tori Roloff after they became first-time parents in May.

What gave? We eventually found out:

Audrey was suffering from symptonm of post-partum depression.

She shared an Instagram post in which she admitted to extreme pain from breastfeeding and extreme frustration overall from new motherhood.

But the TLC star vowed, of course, to “persist.”

And now we’re pleased to report that Audrey (and, by extension, Ember) may be turning a corner.

Four weeks after giving birth, she shared the first photo above of her daughter and provided Instagram followers with an update on how Ember is doing at just under one month old.

“Our baby girl is 4 weeks old today!!! I feel like we just came home from the hospital yesterday… wow,” wrote Audrey as a caption on Sunday.

She then elaborated as follows:

“[Ember] eats and wiggles by day, and eats and cuddles by night. She likes to pull out our hair, does not like footie pajamas (she kicks her feet right out of the legs), she loves the bath, and she prefers sleeping up right or on our chests.

“She smiles a lot and we swear it’s intentional. Some “firsts” include: first time to the farm, first muel ride, and first public blow out.”

Awww! HA! All parents of newborns can relate to that.

As you can see below, meanwhile, fans were appreciative of the information:

auds reply

The Roloffs have been speaking out about their tiny little human being a lot more of late.

Jeremy, for instance, is already looking way ahead. And worrying a bit.

Asked by Us Weekly what has him concerned as a first-time father, he said last month:

“Just parenting in the sense of discipline when they start getting older and that just makes me nervous because you can do it really, really right and you can also do it really, really wrong.”

That’s true.

And it’s an understandable concern.

But the most important thing any parent can do with a child is to make him or her feel loved.

And we have no doubt that won’t be a problem when it comes to Audrey and Jeremy Roloff.