Jeremy Roloff Posts Sweet Tribute to Audrey Roloff, 8 Years After They Met!

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff are perhaps the most visible couple on Little People, Big World

That’s not just because they both have the best hair in the family. It helps that they’re both very active on social media, giving fans glimpses into their lives and thoughts — even when their show is on hiatus.

Jeremy posted a beautiful tribute to his wife on a very special anniversary. And he included some great throwback photos of the two of them.

Jeremy and Audrey have brought so much sweetness into each other’s lives, the lives of the Roloff family, and onto the screens of fans and viewers.

All of that visibility has its drawbacks, unfortunately.

That means that fans can grow hostile when Audrey Roloff appears talks about her faith in order to sell something.

(She’s a businesswoman and Christianity is part of her brand)

It also means that Jeremy Roloff gets parent-shamed for tickling Ember Jean.

(The concern comes from a good place, about children setting boundaries, but Ember Jean is a baby and Jeremy’s interactions with her are healthy)

But we’re glad that Auj and Jer wade through that hefty criticism, because it means that they can share precious posts.

Jeremy posted a series of throwbacks of himself with Audrey, writing:

“I met my wife eight years ago today on a blind date.”

That’s so sweet! A lot of people dread blind dates, but sometimes, you meet the love of your life.

“It’s been a wild and unexpected eight years.”

It sure has! They’re now married parents as well as reality stars.

(For the record, in case you remember Audrey and Jeremy’s seven-year-old “anniversary” pic, it sounds like they didn’t start dating right away after their blind date. They’re just marking eight years since they met)

Jeremy continues his sweet tribute (among the photos in which he and Audrey look dramatically younger) by musing upon the ways in which we both do and do not decide our own destinies.

“We never get to choose where we end up, our daily choices choose for us.”

We believe that what he’s saying here is that you don’t end up with someone by deciding that you’ll love them for the rest of our life, but by choosing to spend time with them as you know each other.

That’s harder, but ultimately that’s how life works: one day at a time.

“When we are old and grey I imagine the greatest thing will be looking back at the love story we have written.”

That’s so sweet! And, of course, they’re already looking back on their love story.

Jeremy uses a quote to speak about the next period in his and Audrey’s lives.

“For the next half: ‘if it’s half as good as the half we’ve know, then here’s hail! to the rest of the road.’ A Severe Mercy.”

Very poetic and very sweet.

And then he finishes his tribute:

“Cheers babe! (P.S. I love this photo of you)”

It’s not clear which photo he means, because he shared so many and they’re all great.

And look how far they’ve come.

Their daughter, Ember Jean, is precious beyond words. We imagine that we’ll get to see so much more of that little one and her parents on the new season of Little People, Big World which is apparently coming out in a few months.

It’s possible that Auj hasn’t always gotten along well with her entire family, but whatever conflict there was between Audrey and Jacob Roloff seems to be resolved.

If it was ever there to begin with.

We all look forwarding to seeing Audrey and Jeremy’s next 8 years of knowing each other.


Audrey Roloff Writes a Lot About God in Order to Make Money

Audrey Roloff says you should get off social media in order to go on a truly meaningful adventure.

She offered these words of wisdom on social media.

Indeed, the Little People, Big World star has once again taken to Instagram in order to dole out some heartfelt life advice.

This is something she does VERY often.

And it’s starting to generate some major backlash for Roloff because she always ends her messages with a link to her online store or to some kind of sponsor.

Should Audrey really be profiting off her faith in such a manner?

This is once again a topic for discussion because Roloff may have just set a record for longest-ever Instagram caption, including with the above photo some seriously profound words.

“Adventure – I think we’ve made this word into a bit of a cliché. We long to have a life full of adventure, but what does that even mean?” asks Audrey to open her caption.

Sit back, get comfortable and put on a pot of coffee.

Because Audrey has a lot more to say on this random topic.

“Social media has made us increasingly obsessed with the idea of adventure, while mistaking true adventure for pursuing our own desires and passions,” she explains, adding:

“But as Christ followers, we should be willing to embark on God-given adventures, rather than pursuing our own whims.

“God-given adventure isn’t something we fall into or even something that we choose – it’s a calling God invites us to unearth, live out, and accomplish.”

One simply has to note the irony of criticizing the “idea of adventure” via social media while writing on social media, right?

Continues Roloff:

“Adventure is defined as, “an exciting or remarkable experience; the exploration of unknown territory, often involving risk.” Adventure is synonymous with earnestly walking with Jesus and following His will for our lives.

“It involves excitement, experience, exploration, uncertainty, and risk!”

Got it?

Taking notes, readers?

We hope you’re ready for more…

All these things put together bring us to a deeper dependence on the living God and a wholehearted trust in His will for us.

Consider Noah in the story of the Ark. God called Noah to a seemingly irrational and preposterous adventure. He gave Noah specific instructions to build an ark in preparation for a devastating flood.

God chose Noah because he was righteous and obedient when everyone around him was corrupt and following their selfish desires (Genesis 6:8).

How is this related to Roloff’s larger point?

She’s happy to tell you…

This was a hefty task, not a spontaneous pursuit that Noah whimsically enjoyed, like a last minute road trip. No.

Building the ark required Noah to learn, plan, and sacrifice his time and finances, while also enduring eye-rolling disrespect and ridicule from everyone who watched him build a giant boat in his front yard.

The adventure God called Noah to wasn’t something his friends enviously oohed-and-aahed at.

On a roll at this point, Roloff brought her entry home as follows:

The thing about God-given adventures is that they often seem ludicrous… Yet His eyes search the whole earth for people—like you and me – who are fully committed, ready for the adventures God has in store for them!

Have you written-off a God-given adventure as impossible, illogical, or irrational?

And if Audrey had ended things there, she may have left followers with a lot to ponder.

Instead, however, she concluded:

I wrote this devotional for the 2018 @anchoredpress weekly devo/ planner!

And there it is.

Audrey just mentioned a devotional planner that is sale via Anchored Press and which we’d simply have to imagine paid her money to do so.

Does this mean she’s a hypocrite and isn’t a true believer? No. Not necessarily.

But how would Jesus feel about a disciple trying to profit off His name? By quoting a bible passage in one sentence and following it up with a link to a store in the next sentence?

It’s something to think about, isn’t it?

Certainly it’s more to think about than the “adventure” debate Audrey poses above, wouldn’t you say?


Audrey Roloff Keeps Trying to Profit Off Marital Advice

Audrey Roloff has a seemingly happy and healthy marriage.

This appears to be the case even though the Little People, Big World star helps anchor a reality television show…

… and we all know what fate typically befalls couples that appear on these sort of programs.

What we’re trying to say is this:

Audrey Roloff may very well be someone from whom you should take marital advice.

She and Jeremy definitely make their relationship work.

But the TLC personality has come under fire of late for not just offering up words of wisdom for her fellow wives around the Internet – but for clearly trying to profit off these words.

Take a recent Instagram post, for example.

On Wednesday, Roloff shared the photo above and included with it a lengthy caption.

It begins as follows:

To find and still seek, now that is love. This is the lifeblood behind our mission @beating50 .

We hope to inspire couples to keep seeking, keep pursuing, and keep learning how to love their husbands and wives beyond their wedding day. T

he pursuit shouldn’t end with, “I do.” What fun is that? Your marriage (or future marriage) should be a lifelong love story.

The point here is not a new one.

Nor is it a misguided one.

Audrey is basically saying couples need to work on their marriage and not take their partners for granted.

We very much agree with that theme.

But then Roloff continues:

Marriage is not about saying “I do” in a moment, it’s about living out “I do” in the mundane everyday moments #stayingido.

Your actions and attitude should reflect the promise you made to love – for better or for worse. To “still seek” implies a relentless pursuit. 


This is not the first time Audrey has waxed very poetically about her definition of love.

She did so HERE, too.

Both times, meanwhile, Roloff concluded her message with an offer and a link that got her in trouble.

“Want one of these rad sweatshirts “Love is a verb” sweatshirts (also comes in black)? Grab one for 10% off with code LOVE2018 – link in bio,” concluded the mother of one this time around.

And it’s just….YEESH. Come on, Auds.

A handful of followers find it very distasteful that Roloff included constant links to her business website when talking about things as personal as love and religion.

It’s hard to take Roloff’s theme very seriously when it’s clear she’s just saying it to sell some sweatshirts.

Last summer, fans had this same issue when it came to how frequently Audrey brought up the topic of God.

Is she serious about her faith?

Does she truly love her husband?

Of course and of course.

Moreover, we aren’t suggesting that she isn’t free to make money off her clothing line. She absolutely has this right and absolutely should be an entrepreneur if she so desires.

But perhaps she should stop mixing personal advice with her business endeavor.

It just leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

Do you feel the same way?


Audrey Roloff Shares Surprising News About Daughter

We need your help, readers.

We’ve been looking and looking and looking, but we still can’t find it.

Do you know where the time has gone?!?

We ask because it seems like just yesterday that we were refreshing our Internet browsers on a constant basis, waiting to learn whether Audrey Roloff had given birth.

She ended up being over a week late in early September, but this simply proved the classic adage about waiting and the best things and how those two things are related

… because Ember Jean then entered the world as an absolutely cutie patootie.

Incredibly, that was four months ago.

In celebration of her child turning one-third of one year old, Audrey Roloff has shared a new photo and provided fans with a fascinating update about Ember.

First, the photo:

Now, the update:

“Our baby girlsie is 4 months old today,” wrote Audrey to open her caption, adding:

“This stage is increasingly precious and full of wonder and joyous anticipation. I’ve fallen so in love with this little light of mine.”

As for “highlights from the past month?” Roloff dished on the following:

– Laughing and giggling.

– Sitting up in her baby chair.

– Taking a road trio to Bend, Oregon to see old friends and church family members.

– Sleeping 7 hours at night.

– Telling lots of stories.

– Putting all the things in her mouth.

– Growing most of her 3-6 month clothes.

Roloff went on to acknowledge her struggle with postpartum depression and breastfeeding, writing:

“With the rough beginning we had, I never thought I’d have a chunky baby. But look at those high-percentile rolls!

“She loves her knee-socks, bath time, cuddling with mom and dad, SMILING (at literally anyone who gives her an ounce of attention), pulling hair, and sleeping in the car.

“I’m in love I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!”

Can anyone blame her?

Motherhood really is a miracle.

Audrey has been very open about this first-time experience, even documenting how a case of mom guilt nearly ruined Christmas.

Thankfully, in the end, she and Jeremy and Ember enjoyed a very special holiday.

For reference sake, here’s a look back at past photos the couple has shared of their child at various milestones.

For example: Ember at 3 months..

And Ember at 2 months…

And, of course, newborn Ember…

She’s come a very long way, hasn’t she?

In a way, we’ve all come a long way, watching Jeremy and Audrey navigate the challenge of parenthood on social media.

We’ll see them do it on television when Little People, Big World finally returns with new episodes, which we expect to happen in March or some time later this spring.

These new episodes will center on Audrey’s pregnancy and eventual birth, the same way last season focused on Tori Roloff and how she also became a new mother in 2017.

What a year for this beloved family, huh?!?

We very much appreciate how candid both women have been over the past few months, letting us into their interesting/precious/unique/adorable universes via photos and videos.

Click around below for a cute swath of Ember Jean pictures and join us in wishing her a very happy quasi birthday!

We can’t wait to see what five months brings.


Audrey Roloff Explains Why Her “Mom Guilt” Almost Ruined Christmas

Audrey Roloff still has a lot to learn as a new mother.

Heck, every single woman on the planet who recently gave birth has a lot to learn as a new mother.

This whole parenting thing is not easy.

The Little People, Big World star is well aware of this fact, of course, having opened up last fall about the challenges she faced early on breastfeeding.

Roloff even admitted to showing signs of postpartum depression.

But the reality star and husband Jeremy have seemingly come a long way over the past couple months, sharing endless photos of daughter Ember Jean and gushing over her on Instagram.

In her latest blog, however, Audrey opens up yet again about a parenting obstacle.

And how it nearly ruined her very first Christmas with Ember.

“I started the morning off with a champion mom moment,” Audrey writes sarcastically, elaborating as follows:

“I cut Ember’s nail to short and it bleed for a solid hour… I laid in bed with her all morning, refusing to get up and make us Christmas brunch, and wallowing in mom guilt.

“Ember cried for all of 10 seconds, but of course it left my eyes watery and my heart throbbing for the next few hours.

“Lord, why did you have to make babies nails grow so fast?!”

LOL. That’s sort of funny.

And something to which millions of parents can relate.

But it was clearly no laughing matter for Roloff at the time.

“It wasn’t how I wanted Christmas morning to start off,” she continues, explaining:

“I wanted it to be a perfect, cuddly, picturesque, breakfast-in-bed kinda morning. But it wasn’t.

“Does anyone else set too strict or too high of expectations for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries?! I can’t be the only one… but I am learning to let go of this, and not let one wrong turn have such a rock skipping effect.

“Come on Auj, buck up and move on.

“Maybe I’m just a wee more emotional because it was her first Christmas and maybe mom guilt really does make you a little crazy.”

It’s true, right?

But here’s the thing: mom guilt will never really go away.

Right now, it comes out when you cut your loved one’s nails too closely.

In a few years, it will come out when you forget to pack her lunch for first grade or something.

This is just part of being a parent and it’s something all mothers and fathers must deal with. It’s important to remember, however, that such small mistakes really have no impact on one’s son or daughter.

Just provide a loving home and a healthy environment for your children to live in… and do your best on a daily basis with everything else.

That’s all one can realistically ask of oneself.

Thankfully, it’s pretty clear Audrey got over her mistake and the family had an epic time on December 25.

“Ember’s first Christmas brought out the child in us both again,” she concluded on her blog, writing:

“I cannot wait to celebrate the holidays with Ember and our future children in the years to come, it makes everything so much more fun!”

Whoa! Future children?!?

Forget those Jacob Roloff baby rumors. Is Audrey pregnant again?

We can’t imagine so. She just gave birth four months ago!

But will she do so again and is she excited about the possibility? Yes.

And that’s great to hear. We’re glad excessive nail cutting didn’t crush Audrey’s dream of adding to her family someday.


Jacob Roloff vs. Audrey Roloff: Why Do They Hate Each Other?

Jacob Roloff is basically part of his family once again.

It’s been about a year and a half since the Little People, Big World star defiantly quit this reality show, taking his loved ones down with him by referring to them as “phony.”

In June of 2016, Jacob walked away from television by saying he had seen “storylines drawn up” for the sake of ratings on the series and added:

“The family that is filmed is not my family,” he added last summer, explaining as follows:

“They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself.”

With that, Jacob tossed most of his belongings in a car and spent several months driving around the Pacific Northwest with his girlfriend and dogs.

We didn’t hear from him for awhile.

Earlier this year, however, the youngest child of Matt and Amy Roloff slowly started sharing more and more on social media, including pictures of himself and various relatives.

He admitted that he caused “strife” via his “inflammatory” words and admitted that he’s now grown up and all is good between himself and his family members.

Most of his family members, that is.

Looooove this time with baby J … look at him! – Jacob Roloff on Jackson.

Scroll through Jacob’s Instagram page and you’ll see plenty of images of him and his mother, along with a few of him and his father.

Sources say he played a key role at Molly Roloff’s wedding in August, helping transport guests around and making sure everything was set up properly.

He also hangs out A LOT with nephew Jackson Kyle, as evidenced by the recent photo above.

But here’s the question fans are now pondering:

Where are the pictures of Jacob and niece Ember Jean?

Where are the pictures of Jacob with Audrey Roloff and/or Jacob Roloff?

Might tension still exist between him and these relatives?

Yes, Radar Online writes.

The website notes that Audrey is the only family member Jacob does NOT follow on Instagram.

Why might this be?

There are a couple theories?

First, as Jacob made clear when leaving Little People, Big World, he despises phonies. He’s all about keeping things real.

Audrey, meanwhile, has stirred up some controversy by writing profoundly about love or religion… only to then link to her website in order to sell some clothing.

Some critics have accused of her being – you guessed it – fake; of exploiting her faith in order to move merchandise.

The alternative is that Audrey is dead serious about her religion and that she believes very strongly in God.

This is very possible, if not highly probably.

However, Jacob is a well-known and outspoken agnostic.

Perhaps there’s no overt feud between Audrey and her brother, but they just have very little in common and nothing to talk about, due to their divergent beliefs.

It’s hard to say for sure.

And we may never know the exact basis for this alleged beef between Roloffs.

But take a look through the social media accounts of both stars if you don’t believe something is going on.

Good luck trying to find images of Audrey and Jacob together. You may go ahead and form your own theory as to why.


Audrey Roloff: THIS is the Perfect Christmas Gift!

As you’ve likely heard before, not all superheroes wear capes.

Some, in fact, wear Christmas pajamas that match those of their husband.

Such is the case for Audrey Roloff, who just told Instagram followers that she knows exactly what they ought to buy for their significant other this holiday season.

(And this item just happens to benefit her as well.)

As we inch closer to December 25, the Little People, Big World star has once again used her social media platform to wax poetic about her marriage…

… while simultaneously promoting her personal brand and company.

Asks Audrey to open her latest post:

Looking for a last minute Christmas idea for your husband or wife?!

The TLC personality then proceeds to outline just what you ought to purchase if you’re in this predicament.


“Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.”

“We all know that healthy and consistent communication truly is one of the best things for any relationship, especially marriage. But it can also be one of the most difficult things as well….”

This is sound advice, no doubt.

But it’s a little hard to take seriously when Audrey is combining it with a capitalistic enterprise.

“We created a marriage journal with weekly questions and devotionals, and a calendar to help husbands and wives connect, communicate, and grow in love,” Roloff says of her and husband Jeremy, adding:

“The questions are super simple, and the devotionals are really short, but we are confident that using our Navigator’s Council journal week-to-week with your spouse will help you to communicate better and grow in love.

“The journal is 52 weeks long – now is the perfect time to grab one, and start the new year with healthier and more consistent communication.”

Audrey has faced backlash in the past for seemingly writing beautiful words about love or romance… only to then encourage fans to click on a link for her business.

In this case, she concluded her pitch as follows:

“If your still not convinced… go read some of the inspiring reviews and testimonials on the journal – link to read reviews and grab a journal is in my bio.”

About a month ago, Audrey claimed she would post on social media less often because she owed it to God.

She hasn’t really followed through on this vow, however.

It’s seemed in the past that Roloff has exploited her faith in order to push her clothing line, which has led to some harsh criticism of the new mother.

Do you think this is justified?

Should Audrey stop offering up marital advice while pushing various products?

Or is she just trying to make a living and critics to calm the heck down?


Audrey Roloff Comments on Marriage, Fans Call Her Out!

Sometimes, Audrey Roloff’s ideas about family don’t go over well with fans. Remember Audrey’s prayer for her daughter that seemed like it was bashing fellow Millennials or maybe everyone else on Earth? Yeah.

This time, Auj is talking about Jeremy Roloff and what their marriage is like.

And fans are freaking out a little.

Sharing a series of heavily staged (but cute!) Christmas photos, Audrey used her captions to reflect on her marriage to Jeremy Roloff and what the two of them are like as a couple.

“I wouldn’t consider Jeremy and I to be silly.”

That’s a weirdly structured sentence, but … so, how would she describe them as a couple? How do their spend their time?

“We’re far more inclined to spend the evening in a serious debate, working on new ideas for our ministries, or casting vision for our future.”

Those first parts sound like they’re Type-A go-getters.

(Also, “casting vision for our future” sounds like something that a group of adorable witches would do before getting wine-drunk at 8pm, but we somehow suspect that Audrey Roloff might not enjoy that comparison)

“Sometimes I think we need to schedule ‘play dates’ instead of ‘date nights.'”

A good idea.

“Our date nights often become work brainstorming sessions.”

It sounds like she’s right. That’s not a date — not a fun one, anyway.

“If any of you married couples out there run businesses or ministries together, I’m sure you can relate.”

There are other couples who can relate, certainly. Any couple who works in the same field (especially at the same company).

Any two people who write a book together or are both in the entertainment industry can easily get caught up in the dreaded date night work talk.

“We try to set boundaries on date night – no bringing up big looming decisions, finances, work, you know… the stuff grows the gray hairs.”

And since both Audrey and Jeremy have especially beautiful hair, we’d really hate to see them get any premature gray.

Audrey’s reflections continue:

“But we fail. Sometimes I think we need to just lighten up.”

She shares her definition of lightening up.

“Read a novel instead of the news and self-help… Watch a comedy instead of apologetics, mysteries, and documentaries….”

Those sound like good ideas, sure. And then she makes it more personal.

“Give each other our undivided attention, instead of constantly multitasking…”

Multitasking is great, folks, but not at the cost of your relationship.

“Maybe we just need to stop idolizing productivity and give ourselves permission to play.”

Yes. That is very important. Especially as they continue to adapt to their role as parents to precious baby Ember Jean.

“Maybe you need permission to play too? Who cares if it’s cheesy!”

Please, by all means, do not take yourself too seriously.

“Dress up in matching PJ’s, have a tickle fight, or suspend yourself in the air balancing on your husbands feet;) Let’s not undermine the value of playfulness.”

She had a little nod to how recently she gave birth to Ember Jean.

And yes, my postpartum abs thanked me for this picture;)”

It sounds like Audrey is one of those people who forgot how to have fun at a relatively young age and has yet to rediscover it.

And it also sounds like Jeremy’s in the same boat with her. They need to relax. Reading, watching stuff on TV, playing video games — if you have free time, use it to follow your bliss.

(Though, as parents who also do their own business stuff, they really aren’t going to have much free time)

Mostly, they just need to learn to relax around each other. That’s important for their personal well-being, but also important for their role as parents.

Some fans were taken aback by Auj’s description of her marriage.

“If you can’t have fun with your spouse doing the smallest things, imo that’s not good. Can’t be serious all the time.”

Another was more succinct:

“Ummm weird.”

One fan commented with some really good advice:

“I would not survive in a relationship like that. Without lightheartedness I would feel like such a prude. The one thing I love about my relationship is that I laugh with him and at myself at our expense. … Don’t take life so seriously.”

Others were really taken in by Audrey’s thoughts:

“Stop idolizing productivity. Wow. That struck me where it counts.”

Let’s hope that Audrey can follow her own advice.


Audrey Roloff: RIPPED for This Photo of Ember Jean

Audrey Roloff is very open about three things on her Instagram account:

  1. Her deep faith.
  2. Her affection for her daughter.
  3. Her desire to sell various forms of attire and promote her brand.

And when number-three gets mixed up with either of the first two points, followers sometimes take issue.

Back in August, for example, Audrey wrote that she was nervous to give birth, but then explained that she felt comforted by her belief in Jesus Christ.

“Thank you Lord for being the author of life, my comforter, my strength, and my shield,” the Little People, Big World star concluded in a caption.

Very poignant, right?

The thing is, she then included a link to her online store and added:

We can’t wait to meet our baby girl and dress her in all the new baby onesies that I launched in my shop yesterday!!!

A handful of critics questioned whether it was right for Audrey to gush over God in one sentence… and then promote capitalism in the next sentence.

Was she basically exploiting her religion just to sell some clothing?

Now, many of those same critics are out in force.

As a caption to the first image shared above, Roloff has written the following:

Me and my girl. We go together like coffee and milk. Where are my fellow coffee lovin mamas at? I just launched these tees in my shop @shopalwaysmore.

You can get get the onesie and the tee for 25% OFF when you use the code: BUNDLE at checkout.

The TLC personality then used the hashtags “#shopalwaysmore #alwaysmoremilk #alwaysmorecoffee” to wrap up her post.

Something just feels a bit icky about all of this, right?

No one doubts Audrey’s faith or her love for little Ember Jean. Not at all. That would be crazy.

However, is it a tad unseemly to essentially use your own small child as a model for your clothing line?

(And let’s ignore the fact that not everyone likes milk in his or her coffee!).

Fans, of course, can easily argue that Audrey is just trying to make a living.

The money she’ll earn from these t-shirts will be used to support the same daughter with whom she’s posing in all these adorable pictures, including the Roloff Christmas card.

Moreover, they’d likely state, take a frickin chill pill. We’re talking about a simple picture here.

Ember isn’t being made to do anything that a million other babies don’t do on a daily basis and no one is forcing readers to click on any links or purchase any items.

We can see both sides of the argument.

Where do YOU stand?

Should Roloff stop combining thoughts on religion and images of her loved ones with her website/company promotion?

Or is this all much ado about nothing at all?


Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff: See Their Christmas Card!

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff just gave us another reason to be grateful for this holiday season.

The beloved Little People, Big World stars have been filling their Instagram accounts with cute family photos over the past few weeks, most them Christmas-themed.

For instance…

Cute, right?

Prepare yourselves, however.

Because it’s about to get A LOT cuter.

On Wednesday night, Audrey jumped on her favorite social media account once again, this time to take followers behind the scenes of her family Christmas card shoot.

Along with the following photo, Audrey wrote as a caption:

“This week we started moving everything from our garage back into our house just in time to enjoy some snuggling under our tree and snap a Christmas card photo of the three of us and pine the kitty in our new home.”

She added:

“I love Christmas cards Every December our fridge is full of them, photos of the families I love so much, reminding me to lift each of them up in prayer.

“Wanna swap cards with us?! See how over on @beating50 Can’t wait to share rest of the these photos with y’all.”

Audrey and Jeremy recently took their daughter Christmas tree shopping, while Audrey shared an update on their precious three-month bundle of joy.

Yes, Ember Jean is now three months old. How crazy is that?!?

It seems like just yesterday she was born.

Finally, Audrey treated her fans this week to something unique, funny and special.

The TLC personality shared an image of her and Jeremy acting all goofy; which, by her own account, doesn’t happen very often.

“I wouldn’t consider Jeremy and I to be silly,” Audrey wrote, adding in detail:

“We’re far more inclined to spend the evening in a serious debate, working on new ideas for our ministries, or casting vision for our future.

“Sometimes I think we need to schedule “play dates” instead of “date nights.”

Why is this? Explains Audrey:

“Our date nights often become work brainstorming sessions. If any of you married couples out there run businesses or ministries together, I’m sure you can relate.

“We try to set boundaries on date night – no bringing up big looming decisions, finances, work, you know… the stuff grows the gray hairs. But we fail.”

Always open and candid about her relationship, Audrey continued in her caption:

Sometimes I think we need to just lighten up.

Read a novel instead of the news and self-help… Watch a comedy instead of apologetics, mysteries, and documentaries….

Give each other our undivided attention, instead of constantly multitasking… Maybe we just need to stop idolizing productivity and give ourselves permission to play. Maybe you need permission to play too? Who cares if it’s cheesy!

Dress up in matching PJ’s, have a tickle fight, or suspend yourself in the air balancing on your husbands feet;) Let’s not undermine the value of playfulness.

Also an especially profound individual, Audrey recently wondered about the meaning of love.

In this case, she concluded:

And yes, my postpartum abs thanked me for this picture;)