‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Austin Rogers Developing Car Show with Major TV Network

Answer — This charismatic bartender became a “Jeopardy!” sensation last Fall after winning $ 411k during a 12-show win streak … and could be starring in a new TV car show. Who is Austin Rogers? CORRECT! Sources familiar with the project tell TMZ…


Verne Troyer Dies; Beloved Austin Powers Actor Was 49

Sad news out of Hollywood today, as multiple media outlets have now confirmed that actor Verne Troyer has passed away.

He was just 49 years old.

Troyer’s cause of his death is unknown at this time.

Best known for his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers series of films, Troyer suffered a number of personal setbacks in the wake of his meteoric rise to fame.

Earlier this month, Troyer was hospitalized after police were told that he was drunk and exhibiting suicidal behavior.

Doctors reportedly treated him for alcohol poisoning upon his arrival.

There’s no word yet on whether Troyer’s death was in any way tied to his most recent struggles.

Beginning his career as a stunt double in the 1994 film Baby’s Day Out, Troyer eventually amassed almost 60 film and television credits over the course of his decades in Hollywood.

But it was his role in 1999’s Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged for which the actor will best be remembered.

Hamming it up as a diminutive clone of Mike Meyers’ Dr. Evil, Troyer became a fan favorite and an overnight sensation.

Troyer went on to work with Meyers on two additional films, including Austin Powers in Goldmember, and he even made a brief cameo in the first Harry Potter film.

Sadly, the 2000s saw a steep decline in both the actor’s career and personal life.

He continued to find work in Hollywood, but now it was mostly bit parts in small-budget comedies and degrading appearances on reality TV shows.

In 2015, Troyer married actress Brittney Powell, with whom he appeared on an episode of ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap.

Troyer also appeared on such short-lived reality shows as Celebrity Juice and The Surreal Life.

Born with a condition known as achondroplasia dwarfism, Troyer says he was never treated differently as a child, but later revealed that his condition had often made his adult life tremendously difficult.

He is survived by Powell and a stepson named Tyson.

Our thoughts go out to Troyer’s family and friends at this difficult time.


Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth: Dark Relationship Secrets Revealed (Exclusive)

Earlier this week, reports that Austin Forsyth had behaved abusively toward his wife, Joy-Anna Duggar, made their way across the social media landscape.

The allegations were based primarily on what Counting On fans had witnessed both on the show and in web exclusives posted by TLC.

To be clear, Austin has not been accused of physically abusing Joy-Anna, but viewers who claim they’re able to recognize the signs from firsthand experience say that Austin has repeatedly demonstrated behavior that’s typical of men who perpetrate emotional and verbal abuse.

A former employee of the Duggars who spoke exclusively with The Hollywood Gossip tells us that many who know the Forsyth family best would not be the least bit surprised to learn that Austin is sometimes overly-harsh in his interactions with his young wife.

Our source claims that like Joy, Austin was raised in an extremely strict household.

And it seems the harsh lessons he learned from his overbearing father may have irreparably damaged the young man’s views on relationships:

“His father governs everything that he does, from cutting cows to doing whatever,” the source tells THG, adding that Terry Forsyth offered his son a bizarre ultimatum when Austin requested permission to begin courting Joy:

“He couldn’t date Joy-Anna until he flipped five houses,” the insider says. “Austin had to flip and sell five houses before he’d be allowed to date.

“He went to his dad, and he said, ‘What do I need to do?’ and his dad said, ‘You need to flip five houses before you can court.'”

Though Austin was already a grown man at the time, such parental demands are not entirely uncommon in the Duggars’ world, a place where there’s no such thing as casual dating, and courting is viewed as a prelude to marriage.

However, like the man himself, Terry’s request of his son was viewed as unnecessarily harsh.

But even before he set such a difficult challenge before Austin, Terry was something of a controversial figure around the Springdale, Arkansas community:

“Terry, he’s on his second marriage, and I still haven’t figured this one out yet, he’s an officer in Paul [Caldwell]’s church, and you can’t be an officer in the church if you’ve been divorced,” the source tells us.

“Austin is a prime candidate for mental abuse, because I’m sure he’s been totally mentally browbeat.”

The insider elaborates:

“I guarantee [Joy] is at his beck and call. To me, she really has no life with Austin. She’s just gonna be a baby factory.”

Fortunately, the source says, Joy is so highly-regarded in her hometown, that if Austin ever crosses the line into physical abuse, he’ll pay dearly.

“If he does abuse her in any way, there won’t be nowhere he can hide,” the informant tells us.

As for the question of whether or not Joy got pregnant before marriage, our source says those who know the couple best believe there’s a distinct possibility those rumors are true.

“She’d been alone with him several times. They got caught several times,” says the tipster.

“I caught them kissing outside the garage door one night. They were standing in this little area where the cameras weren’t, and she went up and kissed him.

“I yelled out, ‘What’s going on over there?’ I mean to tell you, they ran like scared rabbits,” our source says.

The insider continued:

“About an hour later I was in the garage, and Austin came up to me and said, ‘We’re only human, you know.’

“I said, ‘I know you’re human. But when you make rules, you need to follow them.'”

On the question of whether or not Joy and Austin broke the rules of courtship in more serious fashion, the insider says:

“She may have had sex before they were married.

“She ain’t no sexpot, don’t get me wrong, but she was ready to be married.”

Asked for a final impression of Austin, our source said simply:

“He doesn’t have a backbone. He doesn’t have a whole lot of common sense.”

It sounds like Austin should have no trouble getting along with some of Jim Bob’s other sons-in-law.

Watch Counting On online for more on reality TV’s most controversial family.


Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth Head to Therapy Amidst Abuse Claims

It’s only been less than a year since Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth, but it seems the newlyweds are already experiencing some rough patches.

Earlier this week, for example, accusations that Austin had abused Joy made their way across social media.

Now, the Forsyths are reportedly addressing their issues head-on with a trip to a marriage counseling retreat.

Of course, the Duggars don’t believe in traditional forms of therapy, so Joy and Austin’s options are limited.

Any help that they seek must be rooted in their religious beliefs, and they’re obligated to keep it all in the family for secrecy’s sake.

As a result, the young couple is pushing conflict of interest concerns to the side and seeking help at a retreat hosted by Austin’s parents.

”Getting some work done at camp. We have the Spring Marriage Retreat coming up on April 20-22, come hear Austin and I share our testimony,” an ad on the Forsyth’s website reads.

The retreat promises “powerful truths from scripture encouraging couples to strive for a marriage the way God designed it to be….Coupled with team building activities, and humorous games, these 2 night, 3 day events are perfect for rekindling, reviving and renewing any love story!”

It sounds like pretty lighthearted stuff … and perhaps that’s the problem.

Joy and Austin aren’t looking to rekindle the flame ahead of their silver anniversary.

These are two very young people who didn’t get to spend any time alone together until their honeymoon, and who welcomed their first child almost exactly nine months after tying the knot.

Now the difference in their personalities is abundantly clear to fans, and it’s reached the point where Austin’s constant annoyance with Joy’s childlike personality has allegedly pushed him into verbal abuse territory.

Unfortunately, they live in a world where even if they decided they’re both miserable and horribly ill-suited for one another, divorce is simply not an option.

Joy and Austin don’t need trust falls and couples archery; they need real treatment for a licensed therapist.

Unfortunately, that sort of thing simply doesn’t fly in Duggar Land.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Austin Forsyth Accused of Abusing Joy-Anna Duggar

It’s been nearly one year since Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth, but fans are just now getting a glimpse at the couple’s relationship dynamic thanks to the most recent season of Counting On.

And many viewers don’t like what they’re seeing.

As In Touch Weekly points out, fans on Reddit’s Duggar-related message boards believe that Austin has demonstrated signs of abusive and controlling behavior in his interactions with Joy.

“I think Austin is a creep. I really think he is at the very least emotionally abusive,” writes one viewer.

“He seems super controlling and Joy just looks to him for answers to everything.

“She is so used to obeying her parents without question, and being so young and brainwashed makes her so vulnerable to domestic abuse.”

The same fan goes on to accuse Austin of taking advantage of Joy’s indecisive nature.

“She was so indecisive with wedding details and seems like a really naive little girl. Austin just gives off dark vibes to me on the YouTube clips — thoughts?”

Another fan agreed with the assessment, pointing out that the Duggar women are especially vulnerable to abuse due to the fact that they’re taught from a young age to be fully subservient to the men in their lives.

“He’s a 100% in the right place to be at least emotionally abusive since Joy does not have a mind of her own and always looks to him whenever they are asked a question.

“Plus she’s only 20 and a lot less knowledgeable (and she acts it too) than he is.”

Another adds, “I can see him being abusive to his Gideon and the rest of his future kids for sure because of the Pearl tips.”

The last comment refers to the controversial child-rearing methods espoused by Debi and Michael Pearl.

The Pearls advocate “blanket training” and other disciplinary techniques that involve using objects to strike children as young as 6 months old.

Austin’s family recently hosted a seminar from the Pearls, and Joy and Austin are on record as supporting their controversial views.

However, some fans think this is simply a case in which Austin is being condemned as a result of his personality, not his actions.

Duggar children are taught to keep smiles on their faces at all times, and thus, when someone with a slightly less giddy demeanor arrives on the scene, they might seem disgruntled by contrast.

“I think he’s a very serious and cold person, which can give off the wrong impression initially,” remarks one Reddit user.

“I personally don’t believe he would ever hit Joy (although he does believe in the Pearl training method, which is a type of physical abuse), but I definitely can see him belittling/talking down to her if he gets annoyed or she does something he doesn’t like.”

Another echoed that sentiment, suggesting that Austin may simply not be as comfortable on camera as his in-laws:

“No I don’t, I think he’s just very guarded as he hasn’t been around the cameras for anywhere near as long as the Duggars so isn’t comfortable and hasn’t let his guard down yet,” the user wrote.

Yes, Austin certainly behaves very differently than the Duggars – but the jury’s still out on whether that’s a breath of fresh air or cause for concern.

Watch Counting On online to decide for yourself.


Austin Bomber Mark Conditt Recorded 25-Minute Confession Before Death, Cops Say

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