Kailyn Lowry to Chris Lopez: Put Another Baby in Me!!!

If it feels like we've been drowing in Kailyn Lowry drama lately, it's because we sort of have been.

There's been all sorts of stuff going on with her feud with Briana DeJesus — we've been seeing the beginnings of it on Teen Mom 2, and it's still happening in real time, too.

And thanks to her weekly podcast, we've been learning all sorts of things about her, like her possible plans for plastic sugery and her desire to have a fourth child.

Oh, and speaking of that fourth child, Kailyn's offered up an update on that situation.

And you're not going to believe it.

1. Baby Daddy Drama

Kail lowry on instagram
So Kailyn has three children right now, and those three children have different fathers: she had her oldest son, Isaac, with high school boyfriend Jo Rivera, then she was married to Javi Marroquin when she had Lincoln, and finally, she conceived little Lux during a fling with Chris Lopez.

2. Good Terms

Kailyn lowry jo rivera photo
In the past, Kailyn and Jo haven’t gotten along, and at one point things were so bad that she even got an order of protection against him. She moved with Isaac from their home state of Pennsylvania to Delaware, but he followed them, and eventually they were able to work things out.

3. OK Terms

Javi kailyn and kids
Kailyn’s also had plenty of ups and downs with Javi — but like, major, major ups and downs. She had an order of protection against him, too, and their divorce was particularly messy. Things were OK with them for a while during her pregnancy with Lux, but he began dating Briana DeJesus shortly after, and things went south again. But now that Javi isn’t dating one of her co-stars, they’re doing all right.

4. And Then There Was Chris

Chris lopez and lux
As for Kailyn’s relationship with Chris … it’s very, very confusing.


Kailyn lowry strolls
We’ve heard a few different stories, but the gist of it seems to be that they were friends who started hooking up, even though he had a girlfriend. It seems like she liked him more than he liked her, but she has said that her pregnancy with him was planned.

6. Oh, Girl …

Kailyn lowry and baby lux at the beach
On the last season of Teen Mom 2, we saw her repeatedly reach out to Chris, only to be ignored. He didn’t seem to want anything to do with her, and for a while, it looked like he wasn’t going to be around for their baby at all.

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Scott Disick to Sofia Richie: Let Me Put a Baby in You, Babe!

Scott Disick likes more about Sofia Richie than just how cute she looks dancing in her underwear. He’s crazy about her.

A report claims that Scott wants to get his 19-year-old girlfriend pregnant.

And his alleged ulterior motive might scare Lionel Richie to death.

An insider tells Life & Style that Scott Disick has plans for Sofia Richie.

He is allegedly “putting pressure on Sofia to have a baby.”

She is … 19 years old. She won’t be twenty until the final week of August.

What’s more is that this source says that, though Scott Disick is “crazy about” Sofia, he has an alleged ulterior motive for feeling baby crazy.


If you thought that Lionel Richie hoped they’d break up before, it sounds like he’ll have extra cause for concern.

This insider claims that Scott thinks that a lovechild will adhere him to the Richies.

“He loves living a lavish lifestyle and pushing Sofia to have a baby is a way into her wealthy family.”

Now, our first thought — of many — was: wait, isn’t Scott Disick rich?

Because he is definitely rich. He’s worth an estimated $ 16 million, and many assume that he has been paying for his lavish vacations and private jet adventuring with Sofia.

But Sofia’s father is Lionel Richie, who is worth an estimated $ 200 million.

I’m no mathemetician, but 200 is more than 16. Heck, it’s more than two 16s.

According to Life & Style, Scott has concerns about his own financial future.

Banging his way through the world’s strategic reserve of 19-year-old models might sound like a fun way to spend the last few years, but it hasn’t exactly endeared him to the Kardashians.

And why is Scott famous? For his role on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“He’s concerned he’ll gradually be forgotten.”

As he continues to get edged out of a show on which he was once a star, the source claims that he worries that various revenue streams willd ry up.

“Which will mean less endorsement money.”

See, people don’t pay you as much to push their ridiculous weight loss products or whatever on Instagram when you’re not a big star.

“He’ll do whatever it takes to continue living the lifestyle he’s become accustomed to.”

But a source tells HollywoodLife that Scott’s golddigging ploy isn’t likely to work — because Sofia isn’t ready to become a pregnant teen.

“Sofia is already over mommy duty, after just a few days away with Scott and his kids.”

Remember when Sofia and Scott vacationed with Kourtney’s kids?

It was apparently quickly clear to Sofia that having children, even with a small army of nannies at your disposal, is a whole lot of work.

Sofia, if you’ll recall, is the youngest of her siblings. Older siblings who also serve as primary caregivers learn how much work parenting is when they take care of their younger siblings.

We imagine that playing stepmom with Scott was an eye-opening experience for Sofia, to say the least.

It is entertaining to hear that Scott is trying to pull a Blac Chyna on Sofia.

But is it true? We can’t help but consider that perhaps a source is misreading his motives.

Scott may have discussed the idea of having babies with Sofia, but wouldn’t that be because he’s at a stage in life where having children is an appropriate behavior?

He’s already a father of three.

Sofia is 19. This is not the time to have babies. This is the time to make friends and party and discover who you are (and, for normal people, to launch a career or go to school or both).

As for Scott’s alleged plot to impregnate Sofia to land her family’s cash, quite frankly, we’re not sure that Scott is thinking that far ahead right now.


Kailyn Lowry: I Want More Kids … But No More Baby Daddies!

Kailyn Lowry is, without question, a devoted and caring mother who puts the needs of her three sons above her own.

But despite all her top-notch parenting, Lowry is often shamed by fans over the fact that each of her children has a different father.

Kailyn wants a fourth kid, and she's not shy about discussing the matter publicly – but she's facing a bit of a dilemma:

A fourth baby daddy would be a wholly unwelcome complication in her life.

Fortunately, Kail has worked out a solution that doesn't require a fling with one of her exes:

1. Kail and the Chaos

Kail and the chaos
Raising three kids as a single mom is obviously a hectic and exhausting experience, but Kail says she loves every minute of it.

2. Lux Life

Chris lopez and lux
Kail welcomed her third child, Lux, last year. Unfortunately, her relationship with Lux’s father, Chris Lopez, fizzled before the boy was born.

3. Lopez Let-Down

Chris lopez with baby lux
At one point, Kail hoped for a relationship with Lopez, but those dreams were quickly dashed. These days, Lowry and her third baby daddy are barely in communication with one another.

4. Aggressive Expansion

Kailyn lowry and sons
But despite the seemingly endless baby daddy drama, Kail loves being a mom. And she says she wants nothing more than to add at least one more addition to her family.

5. No Cause For Concern

Chris lopez son
When Kail first opened up about her desire to welcome a fourth child, fans became worried that she was planning to reconcile with Lopez. Now, however, it seems she has a different plan in mind.

6. Yes and No

Kailyn lowry strolls
“More kids, yes. But more dads, no,” Lowry told Radar Online in a recent interview.

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Amber Portwood Shares ADORABLE New Photo of Her Baby Boy!

Amber Portwood gave birth to her new baby — her second child and her first boy! — two weeks ago.

We haven’t heard much from her since, which is honestly probably a good thing.

It could be a sign she’s settling into motherhood again and bonding with her baby.

And if she’s doing that instead of going off on Twitter about haters or getting wasted like she did on Marriage Boot Camp or goodness knows what else, then hey, that’s definitely a win.

Let’s see, what do we know so far about Amber’s baby boy …

We know his name is James Andrew Glennon, James after Andrew’s late father (the rest is pretty obvious) — Amber revealed that when she announced the baby’s gender back in December.

She was originally due on Mother’s Day, but little James was just about a week early, entering the world on May 8th.

Specifically, he was born on May 8th at 1:39 AM, weighing in at seven pounds and eleven ounces.

And listen, this kid?

He’s almost TOO cute:

Look at him. Really, just look at that precious little face.

Can you even stand it?!

Amber captioned the photo “my sweet little angel,” which is also super cute — even though she hasn’t been on social media much lately, it’s fairly obvious she’s loving her life right now.

She’s got her comments disabled on Instagram, but over on Twitter, this photo has been getting tons of appreciation.

Many people have been telling her that James looks just like her, and others have been saying he looks exactly like his father.

Some are even insisting that he could be the twin of Leah, Amber’s daughter with Gary Shirley.

Babies, right? Such squishy, lovable little piles of genetics and sweentess.

In addition to all the comments on how adorable James is, Amber also had loads of her followers congratulating her on the birth of a healthy, happy baby, and for coming so far in her life.

Because honestly, she really, really has.

She once said that in the early days of Teen Mom, she was never not high while filming the show, and since it’s always easy to tell when she is high, we know that she’s clean right now.

So that’s already a huge step forward from when she was parenting baby Leah, right?

Oh, and in addition to the photo of her sweet baby, she also shared this cute one with Andrew, which she says was taken just a few days before their son was born:

“I love this beautiful man,” she wrote in the caption for that one. “What a blessing.”

With her cute little bump and his parenting book, complete with the highlighters, this really is a darling photo.

At the very least, it’s a vast improvement from the domestic violence that took place when Leah was a baby.

As hard as it may be to believe, it’s starting to look like Amber may be coming at motherhood from an entirely different angle this time around, and thank goodness for that.

A source claimed in a previous report that she is “so happy to be starting over with a guy like Andrew, and now that the baby is here, they are over the moon.”

Here’s hoping that that’s true, and that despite everything — Amber’s track record with parenting, Andrew’s track record with creeping — these two are able to take care of James with all the love he deserves.


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Share First Photo of Their Baby Boy!!!


Really, this is just some seriously precious, absolutely adorable, 100% feel-good news.

You know how everything has been awful and sad and scary and terrible recently?

And then yesterday the royal wedding happened, and it was a nice reminder that good things can still happen, and we all enjoyed how pretty and fancy it was, and how obvious the love between Meghan and Harry was?

And then it was over, and we were like “well, time to go back to thinking about the end times”?

That’s the great news: we have an additional lovely little reminder that that things aren’t always completely horrible!

As you may know, Chrissy Teigen had her baby just a few days ago — her second child with John Legend.

She announced the big news on Twitter by simply stating “Somebody’s herrrrrrre!”, along with some baby bottle emojis.

We’d already heard that they were expecting a baby boy, but other that, we really haven’t heard any news about the new addition to the family.

… Until now, that is!

Someone asked if he looked like Luna, Chrissy and John’s first child, and she answered that they have the same nose!

“He is a few weeks early so he’s litttttttle and makes the teeniest noises,” she added. “We are in love.”

And since one of her claims to fame is oversharing, she also tweeted “I can confirm postpartum life is 90% better when you don’t rip to your butthole. Baby boy: 1 point. Luna: 0.”

So now we know that her second delivery went much more smoothly than her first!

But then, this afternoon, Chrissy revealed her son’s name, along with a photo of the darling little baby.

Here’s Miles Theodore Stephens:

He’s SO CUTE, right?!

His little hands, his little arms, his little face … he’s so adorable it hurts.

“Hello, world!” she wrote in her caption. “This is Miles Theodore Stephens – We are drowning in his little peeps and nuzzles.”

“Our household feels overwhelmed with love. Thank you for all your well wishes!”

And just in case you were curious, she and John really did get so, so many well wishes.

“He’s a miniature John,” one person told her. “Just needs a baby piano for those wee little fingers. Kudos on y’all’s cutie.”

Likewise, another of her followers said “He’s destined to be a soulful jazz singer with a name like that.”

Speaking of the name — Miles Theodore Stephens, once again — she’s been getting a ton of praise for the classic, not at all wacky choice.

She’s even been getting thanked for it — as one person told her, “thank you for this very normal name.”

In a world of celebrity babies with names like Sir and Apple and Chicago, Miles Theodore is actually pretty unique in its own way, right?

Congratulations again, Chrissy and John!

If you’d like to share any more photos, lots of more of little Miles, some with his big sister, really just any photos at all of your astoundingly cute family, that would be great!