Mother Who Gave Marijuana to Her Baby Arrested, Charged

There are a lot of bad parents in this world who make terrible, terrible choices for their children.

Most of these parents don't record their terrible behavior and broadcast it to the entire internet. But … some do.

Which is how authorities came to see this video, below, featuring the outrageous sight of a 1-year-old baby smoking marijuana.

Brianna ashanti lofton mugshot

Brianna Ashanti Lofton is a twenty year old Raleigh woman, and she was arrested.

Her initial charges were for two counts of felony child abuse, contributing to delinquency, and possession of marijuana.

However, it was later determined that her initial felony charges were in error.

Upon her Lofton's first court appearance, she was instead charged with a lesser felony.

It's still a big deal.

And what she allegedly did is still unconscionable.

Baby smoking marijuana 01

Police are crediting the public with directing them to this video.

The alleged incidents of this baby, who is now 16 months old, smoking marijuana (though it was initially believed to be a cigarette by some viewers) took place around December or January.

Shocked and outraged viewers who saw the video made it go viral — and many of them reached out to police.

That, authorities say, is how they were able to investigate this horrifying crime.

Lofton is being held at the Wake County Detention Center on $ 100,000 bond. Even if she is released, she is ordered to stay away from her baby.

The baby, who of course has not been named, is in the custody of Wake County Child Protective Services.

Baby smoking marijuana 02

There was a time, of course, when parents considered it "normal" to expose their children and even babies to drugs.

We've all heard old stories about parents rubbing liquor on a teething baby's gums, when there are of course much safer numbing agents.

For generations, bad parents have dosed their children with alcohol in order to get them to sleep — a despicable act that is damaging as well as dependency-forming.

Even just a few decades ago, doctors were advising parents to give their young children medications like Benadryl, which can cause drowsiness, for no other reason than to "help" the child to sleep at night.

While marijuana itself is not particularly dangerous, exposing a child or baby's lungs to smoke can be so dangerous and damaging.

Beyond that, while marijuana is considered safe for adults, a child's mind and body are still developing, and with very rare exceptions such as epileptic children or pediatric cancer patients, kids just do not need any marijuana in their systems.

And, again, we're talking about a one-year-old baby.

Brianna ashanti lofton

On Wednesday, the Raleigh Police Department posted their gratitude to the public on Facebook:

"Big thanks to everyone who posted information about the smoking mother and baby. Thanks to your willingness to get involved, the child is now safe and the mother is in police custody."

If convicted, Lofton could face up to 17 years in prison.

This may strike some as odd, as abusive parents often face much shorter sentences for unforgivable acts of violence.

We should note, however, that most parents who willfully endanger and harm their children don't … film it and then share the video of it on social media.

Here is the video that may keep Lofton behind bars until her baby is an adult.

Mother who gave marijuana to her baby arrested charged

Meghan Markle: Already Pregnant With Prince Harry’s Baby?!

As we’re sure you’ve heard by now, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married in less than two months, and the anticipation couldn’t be higher among royal obsessives and lavish wedding aficionados.

The preparations are entering their final stages, and we’re assuming an army of high-ranking officials – probably in comical powdered wigs – are racing around to ensure that nothing out of the ordinary takes place in the final weeks before the big day.

Needless to say, they’re probably getting their knickers in a twist over the latest issue of OK! magazine, which claims that Meghan is already pregnant with Harry’s baby.

“Meghan’s Family Confirms: Baby On The Way Already!” the tabloid’s headline screams.

The cover goes on to assert that the revelation comes straight from Meghan’s family.

So checkout line customers might be a bit disappointed when they page through the mag and find that the story appears to be at least 90 percent BS.

It starts with a bunch of vague claims about how Harry and Meg are “wasting no time starting a family” and how there’s “buzz in the palace that Meghan could be pregnant already.”

Not exactly journalism you can hang your hat on, but the mag does eventually get around to citing a source.

Sadly, it’s not someone from within Meg’s family, as the headline declares.

Rather the “insider” is none other than Erin Specht, whom you might remember as the woman who once dated Meghan’s estranged half-brother and has been using that dubious connection to cash in in recent months.

“If Meghan is indeed already pregnant, Harry would likely confirm it with a surprise toast at their rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding,” the magazine claims, based on Specht’s remarks.

Yeah, we have our doubts about … well, pretty much every part of this story, but that last portion stands out as particularly bogus.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Queen Elizabeth II wants Harry and Meghan to lay off the PDA because she doesn’t think peasants should associate the royals with wonton hand-holding and cheek-kissing.

We have a hard time believing that after that, Harry would just casually confirm that Meg is expecting on the night before his wedding.

We know he’s engaged in some scandalous behavior in the past.

But something about giving his grandmother a heart attack in front of his wedding party seems a bit too far.

We guess that’ll teach her to try and limit his PDA!


Khloe Kardashian: Baby Bumping… in Lingerie!!

The countdown isn’t just on, folks.

The countdown is here to turn you on.

Isn’t that right, Khloe Kardashian?

The reality star is reportedly mere weeks away from giving birth for the first time, officially hunkered down in Cleveland and waiting for her life to change forever.

But while she wonders just when her daughter will arrive, Khloe isn’t just sitting around and doing nothing.

She’s taking off her clothing and showing off her baby bump!

Indeed, Kardashian has shared a number of new pictures on her Instagram page, the most notable of which we’ve published below.

Be warned, however: this isn’t your typical baby bump photo.

This one depicts A LOT of skin across Khloe’s entire body because she’s wearing nothing but lace lingerie…

Kardashian did not include a caption with the sizzling snapshot, simply tagging photographer Sasha Samsonova alongside the image and letting her figure speak for itself.

The mother-to-be recently shared a number of tips for looking skinny as f-ck in photos, but those tips clearly do not apply to her in this case.

There’s no way to hide that growing bump! Nor should Khloe want to! There’s a baby girl inside!

Khloe revealed on the season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (below) that she’s having a daughter.

We don’t know what her name will be, however, nor do we know her the child’s exact due date.

We do know, however, that Kardashian is excited for motherhood, as she recently Tweeted:

“I am now so excited my daughter will have forever best friends with Chicago and Stormi!! God is great!!! Thank you Lord for our princess.”

The star, of course, is referencing nieces Chicago (courtest of Kim Kardashian) and Stormi (courtesy of Kylie Jenner) in this message.

One thing she has not discussed throughout her pregnancy journey, however, has been marriage.

Most outlets have claimed for awhile now that she and Tristan Thompson have no immediate plans to tie the knot.

But might this no longer be the case?

According to Life & Style, Kardashian and Thompson are actually planning a lavish wedding.

“The whole thing will cost about $ 2 million,” says an insider, who somehow knows that Khloe will wear a Lorraine Schwartz diamond wedding band and that famous party planner Mindy Weiss will be hired to map out the event.

Weiss has planned weddings for such huge name as Ellen DeGeneres and Sofia Vergara.

“Khloe is ready to go all-out,” this magazine alleges. “She and Mindy are already going over mood boards and talking about Khloe’s vision.”

Look for the nuptials to take place in Bel Air in the summer of 2019 and for about 150 people to be invited, this report claims.

It also claims to know that Kardashian will wear a short wedding dress that isn’t anything like the gown she wore back when she married Lamar Odom.

“She wants it to show off her post-baby body. It will be incredible,” writes Life & Style.

None of this really sounds at all like the Khloe Kardashian we’ve grown to know over the years…

… but if an anonymous source says as much to a weekly supermarket tabloid, it must be true, right?


Chicago West: Kim Kardashian Shares First Real Photo of Her Baby

Sweet baby Chicago West is just over 2 months old.

Though the world has gotten glimpses of this adorable, “royal” offspring, we’ve only gotten glimpses of her. Until now.

Kim Kardashian has shared the first full photo of this adorable little princess. Take a look!

Back in January, Kim and Kanye welcomed their baby girl, who was born via gestational carrier.

Though she was born on January 15th, it took days before the public even learned her name. Kim Kardashian is famous for slowly rolling out new information about her children.

It’s part of striking a balance between her child’s privacy and realistic expectations of her fans. Also, always leaving fans wanting more can’t be hurting her brand.

Baby sister Kylie has been following that model with adorable little Stormi. And there’s a decent chance that Khloe will do the same.

Now, for the first time, we’re getting a real, full portrait of this unbearable adorable baby.

Take a look!

Hello there, Chicago!

Kim, of course, gets to see this overwhelmingly sweet little face every single day.

But for fans, looking at this oxytocin-inducing little bundle of love is a treat.

And, really, it’s a first.

In the past, we’ve seen Chicago’s face through Snapcaht filters, and we’ve seen her cheeks as a newborn in Kylie’s pregnancy video.

Neither of those are the same as seeing Chicago full-on and unfiltered.

Though we’re sure that Kim Kardashian is a great mother to North, Saint, and Chicago, some have been critical of her parenting.

Sometimes, there are just ridiculous claims — like people questioning if Kim Kardashian is neglecting baby Chicago because … get this … she’s on social media a lot.

Kim is a reality star who built her brand on social media. The only thing that’s “different” with Chicago versus with Saint and North is that Kim isn’t having to recover from pregnancy and childbirth.

And that’s the crux of why people think that she doesn’t love Chicago the same way that she loves her other kids. Some people have embraced absurd stigma against gestational carriers (and surrogates), and think that a mother who really loved her children would birth them herself.

That’s not only awful, it’s dangerous. Kim loves her children and herself enough to want to be alive to be their mother. Giving birth herself would have put her life at risk.

Some criticisms of her parenting, however, may be a little less absurd.

Recently, Kim shared a topless photo that was taken by North herself.

There were those who question whether it’s appropriate to let your child take thirst trap photos … least of all pictures in which their own mother is topless.

This may come down to cultural differences between families, however. For some families, it’s normal for a father to spend time around the house shirtless, while others would be shocked to see that.

In some families, parents and children kiss each other on the mouth. Others would basically rather die.

Then, of course, came Kim’s statement that her husband deserves as much attention as her children.

Since any parent’s first obligation is to their children, that line could be interpreted as Kim prioritizing Kanye over her kids.

But … maybe she was just offering marital advice. We can’t imagine Kim neglecting her children.

Kim clearly cares about her children.

Reportedly, she doesn’t want anyone else to tell Chicago about her surrogacy — because she wants to be the one to explain to her little girl how she was born and why.

That sounds fair.

Besides, if a bunch of people talk to Chicago about where she gestated, this sweet little girl might grow up thinking that it somehow marks her as different.

Kim wants to avoid that.

We can’t wait until we see more of her adorable little baby.


Jill Duggar: Criticized For Bringing Baby on Dangerous Trip!

If you follow her on social media, then you’re likely aware that Jill Duggar is often criticized for her parenting.

Sometimes the complaints are truly asinine, such as the time fans got up in arms because Jill put a tortilla on her baby’s head.

On many other occasions, however, the gripes were more legitimate, such as the time Jill was accused of endangering her children by allowing them to play near a freeway.

We guess the latest complaint falls somewhere in the middle – a bit more serious than “Mexican food as fashion accessory” but not quite as severe as “human Frogger.”

As you may recall, Jill and her husband Derick Dillard perform missionary work from time to time.

Or at least they did, until the allure of reality TV stardom lured them back home to Arkansas.

Now that Derick has been fired from Counting On and Jill has quit the show as a misguided gesture of solidarity, the Dillards have a lot more time on their hands.

Jill and Derick haven’t formally announced that they’re once again traveling abroad in hopes of winning converts, but fans noticed the couple appears in a recent photo posted by their church, which seems to suggest the Dillards are once again headed south of the border.

“Pray with us for our group heading to Guadalajara today,” reads the caption on the photo above.

The trip won’t be as long as Jill and Derick’s previous excursion, which lasted the better part of a year.

It was advertised on the Cross Church’s website as a weeklong trip, but there it seems some members of the congregation are planning to stay a bit longer.

“The week will be filled with street evangelism and building relationships to share the gospel as we help Vida Church continue reaching Guadalajara,” reads the ad.

Jill and Derick have been widely praised for their philanthropic efforts, but they’ve taken their fair share of criticism for their latest trip, as well.

For one thing, the Dillards are not licensed missionaries, a fact they received some harsh criticism for during their previous two travels.

Despite having plenty of time to do so, it does not seem that either Jill or Derick enrolled in a licensing course in the year since they returned to the States.

But the harshest complaints from fans had to do with Jill and Derick’s decision to bring their 8-month-old son Samuel on the trip.

(It does not appear that 2-year-old Samuel traveled with his parents.)

Guadalajara is commonly regarded as one of the most dangerous destinations in Mexico.

Just last month, the city was the scene of 23 murders over the course of 48 hours.

For obvious reasons, many are questioning the wisdom of the Dillards bringing their youngest son along, and some are likening it to Jill putting her son at risk for the Zika virus by remaining in afflicted areas while pregnant.

We guess the problem with criticizing the couple for every piece of ethnic cuisine they place on their son’s head is that they’re that much more likely to shrug it off when the world expresses a legitimate concern.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Former Celtic Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis Arrested with Quarter Pound of Weed, $92k in Cash

Former NBA player Glen “Big Baby” Davis — known for his role on the 2008 Boston Celtics team that won the championship — was reportedly arrested last month on 7 counts of drug possession and distribution. Davis — who last played in the league…


Chelsea Houska: This is My Baby Bump! This is My Due Date!

Chelsea Houska is here to prove that she really is pregnant.

The Teen Mom 2 star surprised fans on Thursday night by announcing that she and husband Cole DeBoer are expecting a child together.

It will be their second as a couple and Chelsea’s third overall, considering she created an eight-year old daughter named Aubree with ex-lover Adam Lind.

“…GUESS WHAT!” Chelsea wrote on Instagram as confirmation of her expecting state, adding the following words to go along with her sonogram photo:

“A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited.”

And we’re so very excited for them!

But just in case you somehow doubted the legitimacy of Chelsea’s announcement, the MTV personality has gone ahead and provided Twitter followers with undeniable evidence…

… in the form of her baby bump!

“Here’s the wittle bump since everyone’s been asking lol this pregnancy has been a breeze so far and I feel pretty damn good!” Houska penned a caption to the image below:

chels bump

How precious, right?!?

Houska and DeBoer got married in October of 2016 welcomed son Waston Cole in January of 2017.

You can go back and watch Teen Mom 2 online episodes from last year to see how Chelsea made it pretty clear that she was prepared for yet another child in the near future.

Speaking to MTV about her major announcement, Houska said the following about her adorable little girl:

“Aubree did such a great job keeping this a secret and she said at school on Monday she’s gonna walk in and start yelling it down the hallways!”

AWWW! That’s adorable.

As for Cole?

He is “very excited” and “talks to my belly every night,” the reality star said.

DeBoer himself also spoke to the cable network, expressing his excitement over becoming a father again:

“I’m ecstatic to have another princess under our roof,” he said. “The men in this household are standing their ground even though we are now outnumbered.

After she shared the baby bump snapshot above, Houska answered a few fan questions about her pregnancy, revealing, for example, that her due date is in September.

“But I’m thinking she’ll come in August because I tend to have my babies a couple weeks early! We’ll see!” she Tweeted.

cd response

Finally, Houska was asked about her pregnancy fashion.

Does she have any advice?

What does she lean toward when growing a human being inside her fetus?

“So far it consists of leggings and hoodies cause it’s freezing here,” wrote the 26-year old, concluding:

“We’ll see how I keep myself together in the summer though! I remember summer was miserable when I was pregnant with Aubree!”

Still, it’s always worth it in the end, right?

Congrats, Chelsea and Cole!!!!!


Chelsea Houska: Pregnant With Baby #3!

Big news out of the world of Teen Mom 2 today!

Series star and perennial fan favorite Chelsea Houska has made an announcement that some fans have been anticipating for months:

Yes, Chelsea is pregnant with her third child.

And while she may have waited a while to make the announcement, Houska is now being surprisingly forthcoming with fans, even going so far as to share sonograms and news of the baby's gender on Instagram!

Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming addition to the Houska-DeBoer clan:

1. One Happy Family

Chelsea houska and family
Chelsea shared the news with fans via a post on social media. Her caption left Houska-obsessives giddy with anticipation.


Chelsea houska in sunglasses
“GUESS WHAT!” Chelsea wrote. “A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited”

3. Proud Papa

Shall be a gal
Chelsea’s husband, Cole De Boer, also shared the pic on Instagram. He captioned it, “This proud dad is getting a new Bow and it’s nailed my heart @chelseahouska.”

4. Baby Makes 5!

Cole deboer and chelsea houska lookin good
Chelsea and Cole already have one child together. And those who know the family best say Cole is like a father to Aubree, Chelsea’s daughter from her previous relationship with Adam Lind.

5. Soon to Be a Big Brother

Chelsea houska with baby watson deboer
Chelsea and Cole’s son Watson turned 1 in January. Needless to say, the two youngest members of the DeBoer clan will be very close in age.

6. Chelsea Lately

Chelsea houska daughter
Despite the fact that she just welcomed a child last year, Chelsea revealed in an August episode of Teen Mom 2 that she was hoping to get pregnant again very soon.

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