Jarvis Landry Dom. Violence Video Released, Shows NFL Star Pushed Baby Mama

TMZ Sports has obtained the video at the center of the Jarvis Landry domestic violence investigation — which shows the Miami Dolphins WR pushed his baby mama while their 4-month-old child was in the back seat.  Landry’s rep tells TMZ Sports…


Kim Kardashian: See Her Third Baby Shower!

At this point, the fact that Kim Kardashian is pregnant via surrogate might have slipped your mind. After all, this is her third baby.

Mostly, we think that Kim's pregnancy's been overshadowed by the news of Kylie Jenner's pregnancy. Kind of the story of Kim's life, these days.

But she's not letting that stop her from having an epic baby shower. She went all out. And, as you'll see in the video below, North looks too cute for words.

Kim kardashian and north west kims baby shower

Kim Kardashian shared the news with her Snapchat followers.

"Okay, guys: my baby shower for Baby Number Three."

Baby Number Three doesn't have a name, but we're not in Kailyn Lowry territory yet — plenty of parents take a while to decide on a name, and most don't share it until the birth.

(We can still speculate. Will this baby get a cardinal direction name, like South or East? Or perhaps another titular name, like … Darth? We'd say "Sir," but Sir Carter has that covered and the Wests don't need another reason to feud with Beyonce and Jay-Z)

Kim continued her narration:

"It's just a tea for three with a cherry blossom forest."

Sakura trees are iconic for a reason — they're gorgeous.

Just look:

Kim kardashian baby shower number 3 cherry blossom forest

As beautiful as the decor was …

(And those trees looked even better indoors, where the lavender lighting really brought out the best in them)

… The borrowed fashion statements from Japan carried over into certain wardrobe choices.

Most notably: North West.

As we learned on North West's birthday this year, lavendar is so North's color. 

But she looks over-the-top adorable in this kimono.

North west kimono

(There's more of her in the video; one still image cannot do this precious four-year-old justice)

North wasn't the only member of the family present, obviously.

The gathering had dozens of attendees, including family members like the queen herself, that paragon of momagers, Kris Jenner.

Kris appeared very excited at the upcoming birth of yet another brandchild. … Sorry, we mean grandchild.

With Khloe, Kim, and Kylie all pregnant at the same time, Kris is going to have a very busy 2018.

(Just not as busy as her actual daughters; being a grandmother usually means getting the best parts about being a parent without having to deal with tantrums, lost sleep, and teacher conferences)

But she looks absolutely delighted:

Kris jenner at kims third baby shower

And speaking of Kris, she's clearly not the only relative present.

Kim mentioned her grandmother's presence, but … is this Kendall Jenner whom we spy in the audience?

Not really a question; it's totally Kendall.

We'd know that drop-dead gorgeous supermodel's face from any distance, honestly.

Kris jenner kims third baby shower

Kim herself is wearing white hair and a white top that bears part of her midriff while her skirt hugs her famous curves.

in this video, taken by guest, fashionista, and businesswoman Miroslava Duma, Kris and North both celebrate the lucky numbers 3 and 7.

We don't think that Kim's planning on seven children, though.

Even with all of their resources to hire help and surrogates … that's just too much. Right?

Anyway, look at how precious North West is, how gorgeous Kim herself is, and how breathtaking the decor is.

Kim kardashian see her third baby shower

Andrew Glennon: Amber Portwood’s Baby Daddy Has a Seriously Sketchy Past

As we learned last week, Amber Portwood is pregnant with her second child.

Fortunately, she's not expecting a child by Matt Baier, the notorious deadbeat whom she very nearly married earlier this year.

Sadly, her new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, has problems of his own.

And by that we mean the guy is basically a walking red flag.

We've told you about Glennon's sketchy past before, but the situation basically gets uglier with every new revelation.

See what we mean in the gallery below:

1. Reality Producer Turned Reality Star

Amber portwood and andrew glennon
Andrew is a producer on Marriage Boot Camp. He met Amber while she and Matt Baier were appearing on the show to work on their ailing relationship.

2. An Abuser of Power?

Andrew glennon
Portwood and Glennon began their relationship immediately after Baier stormed off the MBC set. The timing has led many to question if Andrew abused his position of power and seduced Amber while she was still with Matt.

3. Matt Baier on Andrew Glennon: He’s Sketchy!

Matt baier reacts
One of the people who doubts Andrew’s sincerity and authenticity is Matt Baier. Obviously, Baier is a bit biased … but he’s also an expert on shady characters.

4. A Famous Family

Andrew glennon photo
Unlike Baier, Glennon is gainfully employed. But he was also born with a consideradle leg up. He’s both the son AND grandson of famed Hollywood cinematographers.

5. In Other Words, He’s Loaded

Andrew glennon pic
Which is probably part of the appeal for Amber. Unfortunately, those who know Andrew best have cautioned that Portwood is getting in way over her head…

6. A History of Crossing the Line

Andrew glennon selfie
Glennon has a history of engaging in threatening behavior with the women in his life. And the police have gotten involved on more than one occasion.

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Khloe Kardashian: Baby Bump Revealed?!

Reports of Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy have been so widely circulated that, at this point, her conspicuous refusal to comment has largely been taken as an admission.

Like her pregnant baby sister Kylie Jenner, Khloe has been extremely shy about showing off her baby bump. 

But a new photo of Khlie is changing all of that.

Congratulations are totally in order.

This is a woman who struggled to conceive for years during her marriage and will now get to transition into motherhood.

By all accounts, Khloe and Tristan have a wonderful relationship.

She really must love the guy if she’s willing to not only spend so much time in Cleveland, but also pretend that she enjoys the place.

(That’s way above and beyond pretending to like a guy’s terrible music, because you’re literally uprooting your life for sizable chunks out of the year)

But, as we mentioned, Khloe has been shy about sharing her good news despite it now being common knowledge and confirmed by multiple reliable news sources.

We can only imagine that Kris Jenner has some big reveal planned for Kylie and Khloe and has urged them to hold off on any official confirmations until then.

But … Khloe’s still gotta sell her clothes, folks.

Khloe Kardashian posted the photo below without any of the pomp and circumstance that you’d associate with the first hint of a Kardashian baby bump.

“You guys are going to love our new @goodamerican velour sweats and velvet bodysuits!!”

That’s right, folks — she’s selling velour and velvet, which (for better or for worse) is in right now.

“You can mix and match colors (I’m obsessed with the burgundy!!) or team a bodysuit with matching sweats for a super cute look.”

Burgundy is a great color. We don’t know how many occasions really call for velvet bodysuits, but some people get cold during the winter months and don’t mind looking they’re wearing a one-piece bathing suit made out of the drapes from over a vampire’s bed.

Khloe has specific ideas about when people should wear these, too:

“These are SO comfy for the holidays. Available now on”

Translation: you can buy them for yourself or you can buy them for someone as a gift. Mentioning “for the holidays” is always code for “buy it as a gift!”

But Khloe has a gift of her own on the way, and in hawking her very fashionable velour, Khloe’s giving us all our first glimpse of the resulting baby bump:

So, this isn’t a classic “baby bump” photo, in that she’s not standing to emphasize what’s going on.

But look at her lower abdomen. There is a curve there, folks.

We’re definitely not body-shaming Khloe; this is woman who voluntarily wakes up at 6am every day in order to exercise.

(Most of us, were we millionaires, would never again see sunlight before 2pm)

Nobody thinks that this is Khloe being out of shape, because … the world has already heard that she’s pregnant.

This pose was clearly designed to minimize that baby bump, but they didn’t photoshop the curve of her lower abdomen out.

Which … could mean a couple of things.

This might mean that Khloe is just about ready to tell the world her good news. Maybe … after Thanksgiving?

(Honestly, how long is Tristan Thompson willing to put up with Kris Jenner’s publicity games?)

More likely, though, Khloe is using this bump to bring even more attention to the velvet and velour outfits that she’s hawking.

And … it’s not a bad strategy.

We’re talking about it, for sure.


Emily Maynard Gives Birth to Baby #4!

Welp. She’s done it again, folks.

Emily Maynard gave birth to her fourth child on Sunday, an incredible feat for any woman made even more incredible by the fact that three of these children are under the age of three.

Yes, allow us to repeat that:

Emily Maynard and husband Tyler Johnson have three kids under the age of three.

Sources say they have not slept through the night in approximately three years.

In anticipation of the blessed event over the weekend, Johnson shared a funny video on his Instagram Story, as he accompanied his very pregnant wife to the hospital.

“Baby four, let’s get it,” he said as they strolled into the hospital foyer, adding:

“Can’t wait to meet you. We love you.”

As you’ll see below, the excited daddy-to-be proceeded to post several photos of Maynard at the hospital throughout the day.

There are images of his wife prior to giving birth… then holding her newborn… and eventually the baby meeting her older sister.

Oddly enough, however, Johnson never mentions the newborn’s gender or name in any of these posts.

We’re not judging.

They’re entitled to their privacy.

We’re just acknowledging that various details regarding the baby are being kept quiet for now.

In addition to this latest bundle of joy, Maynard is the mother toa 12-year-old daughter Ricki, from a previous relationship. Maynard.

She and her husband, meanwhile, share two sons: Jennings Tyler, 2; and Gibson Kyle, 1

The former Bachelorette star announced her fourth pregnancy in August.

She posted a cute picture of herself and her oldest son at the time, writing on Instagram:

Way too many tacos at lunch. 

Seriously though, as scared as I am to have 3 under 3, I’m so grateful God picked me to be the mommy to my kids and we can’t wait for number 4 to get here!

This pregnancy has been filled with lots of hot wings, ranch dressing, an emergency appendix surgery at 6 months, and swollen ankles all day every day but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

My little tribe can’t wait to meet their new brother or sister (it’s a surprise!) in the next couple of weeks!

Speaking in the past to Good Morning America, Maynad said the following about life at home with three kids:

“It is crazy at our house all the time. But it’s a lot of fun.”

She now has FOUR kids, one of whom needs help with absolutely everything.

So we really can’t imagine how much crazier things must be.

But we wish her the best!


Jill Duggar: Pregnant With Baby #3 ALREADY?!

It’s only been three months since Jill Duggar welcomed her second child, but the woman is a Duggar, which means her uterus does more before noon than most people’s reproductive organs do all day.

So it should come as no surprise that fans are convinced she already has a third baby on the way.

Yes, Jill Duggar pregnancy rumors are upon us once again, thanks to a video that was recently posted on the Duggar family’s official Facebook page.

This happens so often that we can’t help but wonder if the Duggars purposefully post photos and clips in which it almost sort of looks like one of the women might be expecting.

Ya know, if you squint and tilt your head, and you really want them to be pregnant.

We’ve posted a screenshot from the much-discussed Facebook video below.

It’s kind of like a baby bump Rorschach Test:

Your response will determine how badly you want to believe Jill is expecting:

“OMG I hope Jill is pregnant again! She and Derick make the cutest babies in the world!” one fan commented.

“Is she pregnant again? That was soon. Slow down Jill!” wrote another eager conclusion-jumper.

Our opinion on the matter? 

Jill isn’t sporting six-pack abs because she just had a kid three freakin’ months ago.

Some fans–presumably the ones who are at least passingly familiar with how the human body works–share our assessment and agree that the most likely explanation is that Jill’s more focused on raising her two young children than with regaining her “pre-baby body.”

“It’s OK to gain weight! Doesn’t mean she’s pregnant,” wrote one sensible commenter.

As we’ve proven time and again (and again and again and again), we’re more than happy to obsess over every public detail of the Duggars’ lives, but even we draw the line at putting screen grabs of the women’s midsections under a microscope.

For all the various ways in which they’ve misled their fans over the years, the Duggar women have been admirably forthcoming about the challenges of raising kids in the public eye.

Recently, Jessa posted photos of her “messy” house (it really wasn’t all that bad) as a way of reminding fans that she’s human, and feels all the same pressures and struggles as every other young mom.

She just does it all with several million social media followers watching her every move.

Watch Counting On online at TV Fanatic to perform your own obsessive bump watch.


Joy-Anna Duggar Shocks Fans With HUGE Baby Bump!

As you’ve likely heard by now, Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

And the question of exactly when she conceived has unexpectedly developed into the latest Duggar scandal.

According to her family’s official timeline, Joy got pregnant during the early days of her honeymoon, immediately after she married Austin Forsyth back in late May.

That would put her at roughly five months pregnant.

Based on her latest photo, however, many fans now believe that Joy is either carrying multiples, or she’s much further along than five months.

We don’t have much to go on, as while her sisters posted regular Instagram updates during their pregnancies, Joy-Anna has surprisingly taken a hiatus from social media in recent months.

Fans believe it’s part of an attempt to conceal the fact that Joy got pregnant much earlier than her family claims, but thus far those efforts have proven unsuccessful.

That’s the first photo of Joy’s baby bump to emerge in the past month.

Interestingly, the image didn’t appear on one of the Duggars’ social media pages, but on the Instagram page of a family friend named Ashley Salyer.

The Duggars still seem to be doing their best to prevent new photos of Joy’s belly from going public.

Prior to Salyer’s post, the only recent photos of Joy were a close up that showed only her face, and a candid baby bump photo that appeared on a Facebook fan page.

Of course, all the secrecy is lending credence to what had, until recently, seemed a wild rumor.

Joy’s efforts to keep her distance from social media is causing once skeptical fans to reexamine the evidence and concede that there’s a good chance Joy may have gotten pregnant before marriage.

For one thing, Joy and Austin admitted to breaking courtship rules prior to their engagement.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean they engaged in premarital sex.

Joy-Anna’s family is so strict that unmarried couples can violate the rules of courtship simply by holding hands for too long or spending time together without a chaperone.

Still, the fact that Joy and Austin alluded to breaking the rules but didn’t go into specifics might point to a premarital moment of weakness.

Also suspicious is the fact that Joy and Austin rescheduled their wedding, deciding to exchange vows in May of this year, rather than October.

Could it be that Joy broke the news to her parents, and they scrambled to make new arrangements in hopes of hiding the fact that she’d gotten pregnant out of wedlock?

If so, you can be sure the Duggars will continue to try and keep that secret buried.

But based on the latest photo of Joy, they may not be able to for much longer.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family. 


Kylie Jenner: Huh? I Don’t Have a Baby Bump!!!

Kylie Jenner may have gotten pregnant by accident…

… but the 20-year old now has a very clear purpose:

To break the actual news of this pregnancy on her own terms.

We’re way beyond this being an achievable goal, of course.

Nearly every website on the Internet has written about Kylie being pregnant, with word already leaking about the gender of her impending baby (a girl), along with its due date (early spring).

Still. Kylie has not confirmed the development. Nor has anyone in her family.

And the reason why is obvious:

They want to sell the story either to the highest tabloid bidder… or make the announcement on Keeping Up with the Kardashians or maybe even Life of Kylie Season 2.

The family wants to maximize ratings, money and exposure.

However, The Daily Mail published photos on Sunday morning of Kylie boarding a private plane, wearing some baggy clothing and appearing larger than usual.

There’s a pretty clear baby bump in these snapshots.

But not according to Kylie!

Peeved over the outing of her expecting stomach by this British newspaper, Jenner took to Instagram in response and alleged the Daily Mail pictures were edited.

“First of all if you’re going to photoshop my photos blogs/paps!! Check for the crooked lines in the background.2nd photo is clearly altered,” she wrote.

As some kind of evidence (we guess?) that she doesn’t actually have a baby bump at the moment, Kylie then shared a photo of herself in this same baggy outfit, apparently hanging out at a convenience story with half-sister Khloe.

The images in question were taken by a photographer from X17Online.

The photo agency has responded to Kylie’s accusations of Photoshop as follows:

“100% REAL! No Photoshop, #nofilter, no additives, no preservatives—all organic and all REAL!”

And then The Daily Mail has written the following:

“ can confirm the pictures have not been digitally altered.”

Folks are welcome to believe either side in this debate, of course.

But most Internet users appear to be on to Jenner.

Based on the comments below, they understand that Kylie is just trying to delay the baby bump/pregnancy reveal until it works best for her financially…

Kylie Jennercriticism

Assuming she really is expecting, this will be Kylie Jenner’s first child.

The father is Travis Scott, a rapper Kylie only first started dating a few months ago.

We’re pretty sure the couple is still an item, but they actually haven’t been seen in public very much since the major news broke.

And Scott hasn’t confirmed it, either.

So we’re stuck playing this very silly waiting game, with the entire free world well aware that Kylie Jenner is pregnant, yet Kylie and her family trying to pretend otherwise until the perfect moment.

Whatever, though.

Click below to learn various facts that the Kardashians and Jenners won’t tell you: