Chris Martin & Dakota Johnson Are Having a Baby, Star-Studded Gender Reveal Party

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are having a baby, and the timing of their gender reveal party is pretty interesting … considering what Chris’ ex just celebrated. Chris and Dakota, who’ve been dating for about a year, had a party at his place on…


Kailyn Lowry Puts One Baby Daddy on Blast

Kailyn Lowry would love to fall madly and deeply in love again.

She would even love to have another child at some point in the future.

But the veteran Teen Mom star knows that neither of these developments is guaranteed.

She actually doubts either are very likely, considering all she's been through with three different men.

In the interview below, conducted between Kailyn and Us Weekly, Lowry delves into detail about all of her baby daddies; reveals which she would want to procreate with again; and peers into what she fears could be a lonely future.

See what she has to say now…

1. Three Men. Three Kids. Quite a History.

Kailyn lowry in cut offs
Lowry, as many readers likely know, has three kids by three different men. No judgment here or anything; we’re just bringing everyone up to speed on where she is coming from with her following quotes.


Kailyn lowry jo rivera photo
There is eight-year old Isaac, who Kailyn welcomed alongside ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera before those two split up many years back.


Kail lowry on teen mom 2
There is four-year old Lincoln. His dad is Kailyn’s former husband Javi Marroquin, who was married to the MTV star for about four years prior to a rather ugly divorce.


Chris lopez and lux
There is one-year old Lux, yet another boy, this one she gave birth to after a brief relationship with Chris Lopez. He remains a part of both Kailyn and his son’s lives.

5. How Does She Feel About Each Ex Now?

Kailyn lowry supporting elephants
Lowry has never been shy about discussing the mistakes she made over the years. In this interview, she touched on each past lover, saying of Jo for instance: “I don’t talk to Jo much about it because we don’t really get into it with each other regarding business ventures.”

6. But They are Clearly on Decent Terms

Kail jo and isaac
Look here. It’s a photo of Kailyn, Isaac and Rivera at the latter’s wedding to Heather Vee in September of 2018.

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Paola Mayfield Shows Off HUGE Baby Bump!

90 Day Fiance stars Russ and Paola Mayfield are expecting their first child. Fans are thrilled for them.

Pao isn’t hiding her growing baby bump — she’s been putting it on display.

Now, she’s sharing a major update, and Russ is giving her a little help. Take a look:

Back in August, Paola flaunted her baby bump in a barely-there bikini in an instagram video.

Pao isn’t just a reality star — she is a fitness model by trade.

It really shows.

But though her abs may be incredible, her baby bump continues to grow and take an effect on her body.

Take a look at this update that she shared on Monday, October 1.

For October, her baby bump is now pumpkin-sized.

“Our protector,” Paola captioned this photo. “We love you.”

Obviously, Paola still looks great.

We’ll get to see her profile in a moment, but can we talk about Russ’ presence in the photo.

He’s being careful to not overshadow Paola — which is good.

Fans are there to see her and her baby bump, specifically.

Considering that it wasn’t that long ago that fans perceived that Russ wanted Paola to cover up on Instagram, this looks like relationship progress.

“My little angel is growing healthy and stronger,” Paola captioned this pic. “I can’t wait to meet you.”

From this angle, you can really see that bump’s growth, folks!

Some fitness models make fans and followers concerned with how little their bodies seem to outwardly change during pregnancy.

Paola is still very clearly fit, but her baby bump isn’t hiding, either.

In this baby bump update (or “bumpdate,” as absolutely no one is calling it), Pao’s bump is visibly larger.

It also looks like her legs are a little wider — which is by no means an insult, and is very healthy for both her and the baby.

Paola and Russ have been married since 2013.

Previously, the two of them suffered a miscarriage. The tragedy was compounded when it led to some marital friction.

Pao felt that Russ was not there for her, emotionally, while Russ accused her of shutting him out.

That added to their preexisting issues — mostly conflict over Russ’ discomfort with Paola’s modeling work.

Said dispute has been an ongoing storyline on 90 Day Fiance.

Fortunately, they worked through the fallout from the miscarriage and seem to be in a much better place in every way.

Paola has received some shaming, unfortunately, since her pregnancy.

Some people — even those who might claim to be her “fans” — think that pregnant folks should cover up their baby bumps.

Others hope that she quits modeling altogether now that she’s becoming a mother.

Yes, there are still people in this world who have a real problem with working moms.

But these were the same people who were giving her a hard time for modeling before she was pregnant.

When you look at this photo, from just a matter of weeks ago, you can really see how much Paola’s body is changing.

This is such exciting news for her.

Some days, it seems that almost none of the couples on 90 Day Fiance get their happily ever after.

(Some are downright miserable — and others turn out to be criminals)

We wish all the best to Paola and Russ and their baby boy.


Porsha Williams: Engaged to Her Baby Daddy!

Porsha Williams admitted a few weeks ago that she’s pregnant and scared.

But at least the veteran Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member will not be pregnant, scared and alone.

Quite the opposite, in fact, as Williams announced something pretty exciting via Instagram on Monday morning…

… she’s ENGAGED!

“I said YES….,” Porsha wrote as a caption to the Instagram image above, later adding:

Matter of fact I said HELL YESSSS lol !! Love you baby #DM. I’m ready for the rest of our life! Photo: @the_treeves ring by: @richierichny Leon Diamond.

Indeed, Williams has agreed to marry boyfriend Dennis McKinley not long after announcing to the world that the couple is expecting its first child.

How did the proposal transpire?

The long-time Bravo personality was very happy to provide People Magazine with the details.

“Dennis rented out a venue and took Porsha via helicopter there,” her rep told the aforementioned publication, adding that there were “candles and rose petals everywhere.”

Sounds so romantic!

But it actually got even better and more unique from there.

The singer Lil’ Mo stunned Porsha by singing her favorite song, “4 Ever.”

And then Williams and McKinley threw a “prayer party” for their impending child.

“After they were officially engaged, they threw a Prayer party for Baby McKinley,” said this rep, adding:

She doesn’t want any focus on the ring etc. but it’s huge and gorgeous!

“Dennis had videographer & photographer and has been working on the proposal for two months.”

It may not be all about the ring for Porsha Williams, but here is that ring!

Williams is 37 years old and could not be more excited to be a mother in a few months time.

But she has confessed to having a few concerns over such a late-in-life pregnancy.

“I’ve had a miscarriage before in my past, which I’ve also been open about because I suffer with fibroids and had to have a myomectomy,” she said back in mid-September.

The miscarriage took place six years ago and Porsha says this development is a “dream come true,” expounding as follows to People:

“The thought of me getting that blessing after praying for it for so long and getting that blessing with someone who is just as excited as me – it’s Dennis’ first child, just like me – and it’s something we’ve both always wanted.”

She and her now-fiance have known each other for years, but only started dating this year.

Williams was previously married to former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart, splitting in 2013 after two years of a somewhat contentious marriage.

Season 11 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, meanwhile, is expected to premiere on Bravo late this fall.


Pete Davidson: I’m Getting Ariana Grande Pregnant with a Trap Baby!

It's been a few months now since Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged.

Well, to be specific, it's been a few months now since they started dating and then immediately got engaged.

But hey, they're still going strong, and that's what's important!

These two have definitely had a whirlwind relationship though, that's for sure.

They started dating in May, a few days after that he started getting tattoos in her honor, and a few days after that he began designing her engagement ring.

About two weeks later, he received the ring and proposed.

And we all know she said yes!

There's been several rumors about them since then, like the one about how they're moving so fast because she's pregnant.

It's been a while since that one started, so it's kind of been forgotten about.

But according to some things Pete said during last night's season premiere of Saturday Night Live, there may just be some truth there!

During the Weekend Update segment, host Colin Jost brought Pete out "to talk about how he spent his summer."

About his eventful summer, Pete said "I got engaged, and no one could believe it, and I can't believe it."

"Yeah, I get it," he continued. "She's the number one pop star in the world and I'm the guy from SNL that everyone thinks is in desperate need of more blood."'

He also said that things have been pretty wild since he started dating Ariana.

"You remember when that whole city pretended that kid was Batman 'cause he was, like, sick?" he asked.

"That's what this feels like."

When asked about all the new attention he's been getting for the past few months, he laughed and said "I hate it, it's awful."

He said that it was "so scary," and that he'd been getting death threats.


"It's Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Pete Davidson are all people who have gotten death threats," he joked.

Next, Colin asked about a prenup, which Pete said that he "obviously" wanted.

"God forbid we split up and she takes half my sneakers!" he explained.

On a slightly more serious note, he insisted that he's "totally comfortable being with a successful woman," and that they even live in an apartment that belongs to Ariana.

"She pays like 60 grand for rent and all I have to do is stock the fridge."

When Colin said that men don't have to be the breadwinner in relationships, Pete strongly agreed.

He also said "Last night I switched her birth control with Tic Tacs."

When the audience audibly reacted to that, he defended himself with "No, I believe in us and all, but you know, I just wanna make sure that she can't go anywhere."

Colin finished up the interview by bringing up Ariana's song on her new album named after Pete, which Pete said was "sick."

As he pointed out, he actually gets royalties for the song.

Which is neat, he argued, because if they ever break up, then in ten years "there will be a song called 'Pete Davidson' playing in speakers at K-Mart, and I'll be working there."

Obviously this whole interview is a joke, even if it is based on Pete's real relationship.

But it's nice to see that he's comfortable enough with Ariana that he can make jokes like this, you know?

Watch the full interview in the video below:

Pete davidson im getting ariana grande pregnant with a trap baby

‘Nervous’ Cardi B Rocks Global Citizen Festival, First Big U.S. Gig Since Having Baby

Cardi B just took the stage for her first major performance in America since giving birth less than 3 months ago, and she may have been nervous and sweaty … but she crushed it! The “I Like It” rapper and new mom’s one of the co-headliners at…


Khloe Kardashian Shows Off the CUTEST Photo of Baby True!

The new Keeping Up With The Kardashians trailer shows Khloe first reacting to Tristan’s cheating scandal … and it also shows her go into labor.

The fruit of that labor is her precious baby, True Thompson.

In the new photo that you’re about to see, Khloe cannot help but gush about True — and when you see it, you’ll feel the same way.

“I’ve Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day. Talking About My Girl,” Khloe writes int he captions of the photo that you’re about to see.

On either side of her words, Khloe has used music note emojis to add a little clarity and animation.

Those are, of course, lyrics from “My Girl” by The Temptations.

You can understand why Khloe is so overwhelmed with maternal love, and it’s more than just a surge of oxytocin when she looks at this cheeky little baby.

True looks adorable and she is sporting some bright, cheerful colors.

True! Looks! So! Cute!

We love everything about this, from the wrap on her head to the way that she is sitting and staring off into the warm autumn sky.

(You may nave recognized her color scheme, but we’re pretty sure that Khloe putting True in the colors of the pansexual pride flag was a coincidence)

True is just two weeks shy of six months, and she is already growing up and looking like a little lady.

It’s no wonder that Khloe feels like singing when she looks at her.

To be fair, True is absolutely adorable in every photo.

Khloe recently opened up about motherhood and confessed that, in some strange ways, she misses being pregnant.

“I miss being pregnant for a few reasons,” Khloe shared. “But I really miss being pregnant because I used to have an excuse.”

She would use her pregnancy as a free pass “to be antisocial and go to bed early and not feel any type of way.”

One, that’s not “antisocial.” But two, Khloe, aside from your responsibilities as a mom, you can just … do that.

Millionaire adults can set their own bedtimes.

Earlier this month, Kim shared a photo of Chicago, True, and Stormi, referring to the cute cousins as “triplets.”

Since racists will happily ruin everything, from America to valid criticisms of the Star Wars Sequels, we suppose that it’s no surprise that trolls targeted True.

True, for her darker skin, was targeted as “ugly” or even “too dark” by truly vile racist (and colorist) comments.

In retaliation, Khloe turned off Instagram comments for a while.

No one wants to hear racist morons attack a baby, but Khloe was understandably even less willing to look at that kind of verbal abuse.

We should note that she turned comments back on for this newest pic of True.

True is incredibly cute. One day, she will be old enough to see that kind of vitriol for herself.

We only hope that in the 12-and-a-half years between now and when she’s old enough to be allowed to use social media on her own, the world has become a kinder, better place.

That might be a little optimistic of us to even dream, but it would be amazing to see these youngest Gen Z kids — kids like True — exist in a world where people don’t treat vulnerable strangers as emotional punching bags.

Also, less racism would be awesome.

Cute babies and photos of them, however, are always welcome. No matter what we may think of their fathers.