Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Reflect on Adoption Nine Years Later

Despite the theories spun by Teen Mom fans, Tyler Batlierra is not leaving Catelynn Lowell. They have another baby on the way!

They gave up their first child for adoption.

In this new Teen Mom OG sneak peek, Tyler and Catelynn grapple with the bittersweet occassion that is their firstborn's birthday.

Tyler baltierra and catelynn lowell on the phone listening

"It's been almost a year since we've seen our daughter, Carly," Catelynn says in a voiceover.

"But today is her birthday," Catelynn narrates. "It's usually a hard day for us, so we always try to celebrate it in a positive way."

There are a couple of awkward moments as they eat their salads before they speak on the phone to Dawn, their adoption counselor.

They talk about Nova and her ability to understand that it's Carly's birthday.

Nova, of course, is only three years old, so immediately asked when the party would be, and if they would have cake and ice cream.

Dawn suggests that they send a Nova video to Carly, and Tyler says that it's already in the works.

Catelynn on season 8

The conversation, which had so far been lighthearted, turns more serious.

Dawn praises Catelynn and Tyler, telling them how proud she is of how they're taking this milestone in stride.

Adoption can be a difficult process for everyone involved, even though no one questions that they made the right decision.

And the two of them have really made great progress in handling the situation with a healthy perspective.

As Tyler admits when Dawn comes over to speak to them in person, he and Catelynn weren't always so chill about it.

Tyler on his phone

"I think some of our old expectations were unrealistic," Tyler admits.

"Like, [we] signed our rights off," he says, referring to signing away their parental rights nine years ago.

"A couple of years ago," Tyler confesses. "I was on the other side."

By which he means that he felt entitled to parental rights that he does not possess.

Tyler gives an example: "I was like, ‘You wouldn’t be parents if it weren’t for me.’"

"It’s acceptance of what role I really play in this child’s life and this family’s life," Tyler says of his current perspective.

Number rainbowbaby

Dawn, their adoption counselor, knows that Carly's birthday is a big deal.

She walks them through how they might speak to Carly's parents.

"If I can advise you in any way," Dawn says. "I would say a soft landing would be a good thing."

Dawn suggests: "Maybe starting a conversation with, ‘What’s Carly doing today? How are things going with her at school?’"

"You love to brag about Nova," Dawn notes. "She’s gonna love to brag about Carly."

Dawn concludes: “I think that’s gonna be an easier entry into a conversation."

Tyler and catelynn baltierra

Tyler and Catelynn then speak about the various traumas that they have experienced.

While most of Catelynn's PTSD arises from her childhood, as is most often the case, it's not the only source.

The adoption that she and Tyler went through as teens was another trauma in her life.

That is very understandable. Being conscious of that can be tremendously helpful.

Catelynn's miscarriage, she says, was a trigger for a lot of that trauma to resurface in her mind.

Catelynn lowell and tyler baltierra 2018 selfie

Catelynn and Tyler have demonstrated more personal and emotional growth than a lot of their co-stars.

We're not going to pretend that either of them are perfect.

If they didn't have flaws, they wouldn't work as reality stars.

But they've really worked hard on themselves and on their relationship.

That deserves some recognition.

Catelynn lowell and tyler baltierra reflect on adoption nine yea

Tyler Baltierra Opens Up About Childhood Sexual Trauma

In a reality TV franchise famous for shining a spotlight on some atrociously unfit fathers, Tyler Baltierra has been a welcome change of pace for over a decade.

Catelynn Lowell's husband has long been a favorite of Teen Mom OG fans, particularly after they witnessed the way he supported his wife during her struggles with PTSD.

And Tyler's strength in the face of such difficulties is all the more impressive due to the considerable traumas he's suffered himself — traumas that he opened up about in a surprisingly candid interview.

Take a look:

1. The Face of Courage

Tyler baltierra instagram selfie
Throughout his time on Teen Mom OG, Tyler has been admirably forthcoming about his painful past.

2. Tough Times

Tyler baltierra and catelynn lowell at the vmas
While Tyler has never blamed his parents for his present difficulties, he’s been open about the fact that he grew up in an unstable household and has carried his childhood scars into adulthood.

3. A Supporting Role

Catelynn lowell and tyler baltierra 2018 selfie
Of course, Tyler’s struggles often receive less attention from TMOG fans and producers than those of his wife, Catelynn Lowell.

4. The Strong, Silent Type

Tyler baltierra gets honest on instagram
And that’s probably quite alright by Tyler, who generally seems to put his family ahead of himself.

5. Opening Up

Tyler baltierra selfie
But while he doesn’t thirst for attention like so many reality stars, Tyler also doesn’t shy away from sharing the most intimate and painful details of his life.

6. Moral Duty

Tyler baltierra and fancy jacket
“I feel, with my platform, I have a moral obligation to help people,” Tyler once remarked, and in talking about the pain of his childhood sexual traumas, he’s attempting to do exactly that.

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Tyler Baltierra: I’m Not Leaving Catelynn Lowell, You Psychos!

So you know how people have been talking about how Tyler Baltierra should leave Catelynn Lowell for a long time now?

Yeah, it’s this whole thing.

It’s weird, because in the beginning of their reality television career, they were this adorable couple who made the painful decision to place their child for adoption because it was best for her.

They were definitely Teen Mom fan favorites … so what happened?

Things had been going downhill for a while, after Catelynn and Tyler neglected to do the things they’d planned to do after they had their first child.

They never went to college, they never did all the things they said they were going to do to better themselves and change their lives.

But then they had their second child, Nova, who they obviously kept.

They also sent Nova to spend the night at Catelynn’s mother’s house multiples times a week, and they once even let Tyler’s father babysit her while they went out of the country.

Fans will remember that Catelynn’s mother and Tyler’s father were pretty much the main reasons they thought they couldn’t raise their first child …

So opinions began to change, definitely.

Then, last year, Catelynn checked into a treatment center for six weeks to deal with suicide thoughts she began having after a miscarriage.

And no one thought poorly about her for that.

But then she came home, and a few weeks after that, she went back for another six weeks.

Lots of people really thought poorly about her then.

The thing was that she didn’t seem open to trying to get help at home — at outpatient treatment center in their state, therapy, nothing.

Even after Tyler explained how hard it was on their daughter to have her gone for so long, she wasn’t moved.

She even seemed kind of cold about it — she didn’t tell Nova she would be gone for over a month again, and she told Tyler that she’d “manage” without her.

When we saw all of this happen on Teen Mom OG, Tyler was obviously frustrated by it all.

He said at one point that he was beginning to think that he and Cate weren’t right for each other anymore.

In more recent episodes, he called her behavior “repulsing,” and he’s really just seemed over her altogether.

As he complained to some friends, “marriage is a bitch.”

You might be thinking something along the lines of “hold up, aren’t they about to have another kid?”

And it’s true — Catelynn is pregnant right now, and in March she and Tyler will welcome another daughter.

But on the show, Tyler hasn’t seemed super excited about the whole thing because, as anyone who knows anything about any of this can see, the timing just isn’t good.

He even claimed that they’d been doing everything they could to prevent a pregnancy.

What we’re saying with all of this is that just a few months ago, things were really bad for these two, and perhaps they still are.

So bad that Tyler recently sort of commented that he deserves better than Catelynn.

In a recent post on the Teen Mom OG Instagram page, someone left a comment complaining about how Cate had been refusing to watch the show with Tyler, something his therapist reccommended.

“I cannot STAND Cate,” that person wrote.

“I hope he moves on from her at some point. He deserves a real woman, not a little girl.”

And Tyler liked that comment.

It got a lot of attention, because of course it did, but now, Tyler is claiming that the whole thing was just a misunderstanding.

“OMG people!” he tweeted to kick off his explanation.

“That was a comment that Cate’s dad replied to & since I got his notification I scrolled to see what he had responded to & must have hit the like button.”

“Why would I like a negative comment about my wife with her dad on the thread?” he asked.

“You people are psycho lmao!”

Yeah, so that’s not terribly convincing, huh?

Sure, lots of people probably accidentally like things all the time on social media, but if it’s something like this, they usually just un-like it, you know?

Besides, the word is that the girl who wrote that original comment has made it clear that Catelynn’s dad never replied to it, so that’s something.

Look, maybe Tyler’s telling the truth, and he really did like that comment accidentally.

Or maybe he really has been feeling like he deserves a better partner than Catelynn.

Either way, he’s made it perfectly clear that he has no plans to leave her, no matter what.

That’s … good? Unfortunate?

At this point, it’s hard to say.

But good luck, Baltierras, however things turn out!


Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra Reveal Baby Gender: We’re Shocked!

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are in shock.

First, that they are having a baby at all.

The Teen Mom stars suffered through a miscarriage very early in 2018 and admitted last month that they weren't trying for a baby when Catelynn learned she was pregnant.

Nevertheless, the child is due in March. How exciting, right?

Catelynn and Tyler are also in shock over the gender of this impending bundle of joy, revealing the key piece of information to Us Weekly on October 17, 2018.

Will it be a boy or a girl? A brother or a sister for little Nova?

Scroll down to find out!

1. These Two Have Been Through A LOT to Get Here

Cate and tyler photo
Heck, on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Tyler said he was miserable in his marriage and almost dared Catelynn to file for divorce.

2. For What Reason?

Tyler and catelynn baltierra
Tyler said on air, and many times in the past, that he had grown frustrated with focus constantly being on Catelynn and her mental illness struggle. He loves her. He worries about her. But he also has needs and issues that require attention.

3. That Was Then, However

Catelynn lowell and tyler baltierra 2018 selfie
After attending couples therapy and talking openly about the obstacles in their marriage, Tyler and Catelynn have managed to push through the big ones and remain together, seemingly happier than ever.

4. And Then the Bombshell Dropped!

Catelynn lowell pregnant pic
“We are expecting our rainbow baby. This baby is our rainbow after the storm. I’m super excited,” Catelynn told Us Weekly a few weeks back, using the name given to a baby after its mother suffers a miscarriage. (Catelynn went through this trauma in January, as documented on the previous season of Teen Mom OG.)


Catelynn lowell maternity photo
“It was a huge shock at first,” Catelynn admitted in this same interview. “We were not planning it, especially after the miscarriage and how I went downhill with my mental illness.”

6. An Unexpected Miracle

Cradling that bump
Concluded Catelynn upon revealing the news to the world: “We were using protection and everything and still got pregnant. This baby just wanted to be here. It was very unexpected.”

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Tyler Baltierra: I’m Simply “Miserable” in My Marriage

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are currently in a great place.

Like, a REALLY great place:

The couple is expecting a baby!

But the Teen Mom OG stars had to overcome many obstacles to get here, most notably Catelynn's struggle with her mental health and related trips to rehab.

On the October 15 episode of this MTV hit, Tyler seemed to hit rock bottom.

He opened way up about how he viewed his marriage and his romance, confessing some difficult feelings to his friends and to his wife.

Scroll down for a look at what Tyler once said about his relationship… in order to fully appreciate where it is now.

1. To Reiterate: All is Good Now!

Cate and tyler photo
Tyler and Catelynn announced their unexpected pregnancy in mid-September. They could not be more excited to welcome the little boy or girl into their world in March.

2. That is Now. What About Then?

After the taping
This episode of Teen Mom OG was taped many months ago. It centered on the couple sitting down for an appearance on Dr. Oz, before which Catelynn spoke to Dr. Mike Dow.

3. And What Did This Doctor Say?

A few words from tyler
He told the Catelynn that he was proud of her for opening up about her mental health issues to help eliminate the stigma against people who are suffering from similar problems. From there, Lowell admitted she was having trouble staying away from people who were NOT understanding her situation.

4. The Trolls are Everywhere

Catelynn at the salon
“I cant even go on Twitter right now,” she said. “People are ruthless, they think that I’m just running away from my problems or not wanting to be a mom. I’m not running away from my problems, I was fixing my problems and trying to get better so I could be a better mom.”

5. Baltierra Weighs In…

Tyler in therapy
Tyler told his wife – to her face – that he wanted her to take better stock of the influence her time in rehab took on him. He suggested she watch past Teen Mom OG episodes in order to see the toll her depression has had on their marriage.

6. The Bombshell Drops

Ty baltierra
Tyler then got brutally candid, saying on air: “I’m gonna be really very honest. I feel like I’m not too happy right now. I’m identifying that I feel pretty miserable.” He said this to his friends.

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Tyler Baltierra: I Had a Mental Breakdown Last Year, Too!

2017 was not a great time for the Baltierra family.

And that’s a pretty huge understatement.

Lots and lots of things happened for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra last year, and it seems like not a whole lot of them were great.

Tyler’s father, Butch, kicked off the year dealing with his lifelong drug addiction, but thankfully he did check into a longterm rehab.

As far as we know, he’s still doing well, so that’s something.

Amber, Tyler’s sister, checked into rehab too with problems of her own.

Hopefully she’s doing as well as their father is!

As far as family stuff goes, those are clearly some pretty big ups and downs.

But nothing affected Catelynn and Tyler as badly as her miscarriage did.

As we saw last season on Teen Mom OG, the longtime couple made the decision last year to try for another baby.

They already had Carly, the girl Catelynn got pregnant with when they were teenagers, the one they placed for adoption.

And in 2015, they welcomed Nova, another darling little girl.

But after Nova was born, Cate suffered from severe postpartum depression.

It eventually got so bad that she checked into a treatment center, but even after leaving there, her depression persisted.

At some point early last year though, things started to turn around, and like we said, they decided the time was right to have another baby.

She got pregnant pretty soon after they started trying to conceive, and they quickly shared the news with family.

Then the miscarriage happened.

We didn’t see too much of it on the show, which is good.

As reality stars, they share a lot of themselves, but some things should stay private.

During one segment, we did see Tyler explaining what happened, and he was clearly broken up about it.

Catelynn, however, began contemplating suicide, so she checked into that treatment center once again.

We all know what happened after that — she completed six weeks of treatment, went home for a bit, then went back for six more weeks of treatment.

As difficult a time as she had then, things are looking up now.

She’s pregnant again, and she and Tyler both seem to be really excited about it.

But in a new interview, Tyler got really, really candid about how difficult things got last year, particularly with the miscarriage.

And man, is it rough to hear.

He calls the miscarriage a “traumatic loss” and admits that it was “very emotionally intense,” but he says that his first reaction was to tend to Catelynn.

“I ran to her, held her,” he recounts. “We cried. We just held each other for probably two hours and cried.”

“That was our way of kind of letting go and accepting reality for what it is.”

“From a guy’s perspective,” he continues, clarifying that he doesn’t mean “to sound sexist,” but “it’s almost more acceptable for a woman to break down and be emotional.”

“But I swear, as a man, when I walked away from Cate and I didn’t have to be so strong, I was breaking down every single day.”

When she went away to get treatment, he says “I was taking Nova to school and just crying every single day.”

“I’m assuming a lot of women do the same thing. It’s just not really talked about a lot with men.”

It’s heartbreaking to hear all of this, but there’s one thing that helped him cope, and that was his daughter.

Tyler says that “Seeing Nova and realizing that I can’t sit here and sulk in my pity” got him through the difficult time.

“I’ve gotta be strong, engage with my daughter, play with her, take her to the park.”

“I still had a job to do of raising her around the happiest environment I could make for her,” he explains.

“I kind of felt that she was my motivation to keep strong, looking at her and saying, ‘I did lose this child, but look at this beautiful child I’ve got now.'”

As touching as it is, he adds that Nova “helped me push myself forward and keep going.”

During that time, Tyler says that he’d put his daughter to bed, then “go in my room and cry about it.”

For him, it was important not to hide his emotions from her, but it was also important not to break down in front of her, either.

From where we’re sitting, it looks like handled the situation well.

In the newest clip of Catelynn and Tyler on Teen Mom OG, the one where they tell Nova they’re having a baby, she looks like a very happy little girl.

Hopefully, in other scenes, we’ll see more happiness from them.

After all they’ve been through, they definitely deserve it!


Tyler Baltierra Shows Off Jaw-Dropping, 43-Pound Weight Loss!

Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra has flaunted his wild weight loss before, but this time, his thirst trap is accompanied by a before photo.

In case the powerful visual of his body’s transformation isn’t enough, he reveals exactly how much weight he’s lost.

Take a look:

Tyler Baltierra posted a pair of shirtless photos of himself.

In the first, he looks overweight. It’s not an especially flattering image for a few reasons.

His body type in the pic could be described as “soft” or even, dare we say it, “dad bod.”

Tyler wants fans to know how much weight he’s lost, so he starts his captions with his stats.

“208lbs to 165lbs!” Tyler announces. 

That makes for a weight difference of 43 pounds. Wow!

“I’ve been eating healthy for about 7 months,” Tyler reveals about his lifestyle transformation.

Tyler then clarifies what he means by healthy food, since everybody has their own definition.

He explains: “(no processed foods/low carbs/no sugar)”

Different diets have different effects, but you can’t argue with his results!

Tyler Baltierra selfie

Tyler has been eating like this for more than half a year.

“But,” he says. “I’ve only been working out for 3 of those months.”

Diet and exercise combined are radically transforming his body.

“And,” Tyler writes. “I’m finally starting to see results from it!”

Um, we’re all seeing those results.

“#ReachingGoals,” Tyler tagged his post. “#SelfLove.”

Learning to love yourself is a great first step to taking measures to improve your health.

He followed that up with the tags: “#Dedication #NaturalEndorphins.”

Exercise may be miserable, but the release of natural endorphins is part of the reward.

Finally, Tyler tags: “#IAmMyOnlyCompetition”

That sounds like a very healthy mindset.

He’s not competing for Catelynn’s heart — he won that a long time ago.

He’s comparing his body and his current weight to his old body and his old weight.

Tyler Baltierra working out and posting these thirst traps has been great for his self esteem.

It has also, some cynical fans fear, been a warning that Tyler and Catelynn will get divorced.

Some people worry when one spouse suddenly starts working hard on getting hot.

While Catelynn obviously enjoys his new hot body, some fans fear that he’s preparing to leave her or at least step out on her.

If, they say, he has not done so already.

But Tyler isn’t getting hot so that he can bang other women.

He’s getting hot for himself. He is working to better his physical health, his mental health, and his emotional health.

Tyler has been open and honest about his struggles, but improving his health from without and within can really help him — in conjunction with proper medication and therapy.

By sharing his journey with fans and followers, Tyler is showing that they can follow in his footsteps.

Plus, he’s also showing off a little. That’s okay. He has more than earned those bragging rights.


Tyler Baltierra: It’s Weird AF to Star Alongside Bristol Palin!

Tyler Baltierra two huge reasons to be very happy and extremely excited these days.

FIRST, the long-time reality star has lost 43 pounds of late and he looks amazing.

SECOND, he’s having another baby!!!!!!!

Tyler Baltierra and palin

Tyler and wife Catelynn announced this month that their third child is due in March, an especially blessed development considering they lost one to a miscarriage back in January 2018.

But Baltierra said this week on the podcast “Reality Life with Kate Casey” that he unfortunately has one reason NOT to be so happy and excited at the moment.

And that reason has everything to do with one of his new Teen Mom OG co-stars.

For the first time since the news of her casting broke, Tyler has spoken out on the addition of Bristol Palin to the franchise.

“Do I think it’s weird as hell? Absolutely. Do I think it’s a really, like, not a good decision for the franchise? Yeah. But that’s out of my control,”. he said on the recording

We definitely understand the first part of that statement.

Bristol Palin was the daughter of the nominee for Vice President of the United States in 2008.

She was on stage at the Republican National Committee. She made MAJOR national/political headlines for months because she was a pregnant teenager at the time of this election…

… and now she’s gonna be on Teen Mom OG Season 8!

That is absolutely weird as hell.

But is it bad for the franchise?

Time, and ratings really, will tell.

The stunning casting decision has certainly resulted in an abundance of coverage for the series, as Bristol and Cheyenne Floyd will both come on board the program this fall.

They are jointly taking over for Farrah Abraham, whose affiliation with amateur pornography led to her departure from MTV in February.

To be clear, meanwhile, Tyler says he has no beef with Bristol on a personal level.

Heck, he had never met her before filming began and scarcely knew anything about her.

“I don’t know anything about anybody,” he said on the podcast. “It’s weird. When it comes to that kind of stuff, I’m a f-cking recluse.”

He was also just 16 years old back when Palin was in the national spotlight.

Pver the past two months, though, he’s heard about some of Palin’s controversies, such as her stance against gay marriage and her hot Republican takes in general.

“I got headlines sent to me, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s racist, she’s homophobic,’” he says. “I’m like, ‘What? I don’t know!’”

He’ll soon find out, however!

So will MTV viewers across the globe.

The new season of Teen Mom OG kicks off this Monday, October 1.

Still, Baltierra says he’s reserving judgment until he gets to know the Alaska native better:

“I’m like, I can’t read the tabloids. I gotta just get to know the person on my own. I don’t want to get any preconceived judgments or notions about these people.”

Moreover, he doesn’t blame Bristol for coming on board.

This is how Tyler concludes his opinion on the unexpected situation:

Do I have any hard feelings against the girls, the people participating in it now? Absolutely not.

Because I think with the franchise – like, what it turned into –  if the opportunity knocks on anyone’s door, I think everyone would be lying if they said they wouldn’t take the opportunity.

Honestly, things evolve, they gotta grow and they gotta adapt to change as we get on with this whole thing that we’ve been doing for 10 years now.


Catelynn Baltierra Shares Extra Special Maternity Photos

Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra are expecting their third baby.

This would be a special occasion for any couple, but it's an especially meaningful one for the Teen Mom stars because Catelynn suffered a miscarriage several months ago.

The trauma caused her to check into rehab in order to deal with mounting stres and anxiety – and it also put into question whether the couple could or would have any more chilren.

But… amazing surprise!

They announced Catelynn's pregnancy two weeks and have been flying high ever since.

Below, meanwhile, Catelynn shares a bunch of special maternity photos snapped by Tyler in celebration of this "rainbow" baby, which is the term, given to a child conceived after a miscarriage. 

Check out the gorgeous images now…

1. A Very Special Photo

A very special photo
This is not just any maternity photo. It’s a unique rainbow maternity shoot in honor of Catelynn’s third child.

2. #RainbowBaby

Number rainbowbaby
Catelynn Baltierra used this hashtag to caption this photo. A rainbow baby is when a woman gets pregnant after having a miscarriage.

3. Does It Get Any Sweeter?

Does it get any sweeter
We’re pretty sure it doesn’t. What else is there to even say about this official photograph?

4. The Mother-to-Be

The mother to be
Catelynn didn’t hire an official photographer for these images. She used someone she knows and trusts: her husband!

5. The Vision in Red

The vision in red
Catelynn is a vision in this flowing red dress. We cannot wait to meet her third child.

6. A Reason to Celebrate

A reason to celebrate
We love what Catelynn and Tyler have done here and we wish them the absolute best on their journey to parenthood again.

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra: Irresponsible for Having Another Baby??

If you keep up with all the latest Teen Mom news and gossip, then there’s absolutely no chance that you haven’t heard the big news by now:

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are expecting another baby!

This will be their third child — their first, Carly, was born when the two were only 16 and they placed her for adoption, and their second, Nova, was born in January of 2015.

Catelynn was actually pregnant last year, but unfortunately she suffered a miscarriage, one that was extremely difficult for her to handle.

After it happened, she began to contemplate suicide, but she was able to reach out to her family before she acted on those thoughts.

She decided to check into a treatment center in Arizona, the same one she visited in 2016 for her severe postpartum depression.

This all happened in November, so in December, Cate decided to check out before completing her planned six weeks of treatment so she could spend Christmas with her daughter.

But after coming home, she realized she wasn’t ready, so she went back to Arizona, then came home for real when she finished her treatment at the end of the month.

As we saw on the last season of Teen Mom OG, she was still pretty down, and in a discussion she had with Tyler, she said that she was struggling with simple tasks like getting out of bed and bathing.

At that point, she’d already made the decision to go back for another six weeks at her rehab center, and even though Tyler had some reservations about it, off she went.

She stayed there until March, when she came home for good.

Why are we going over all of that again?

Because what with her relatively recent rehab stays, there are a lot of fans who believe that perhaps it wasn’t the best idea for her to get pregnant again so soon.

And, as always, those fans were super vocal with their opinions when Tyler shared the big news on Instagram.

“I think Catelynn should worry about her mental health issues before having any kids,” one person wrote.

Another commented that “having a baby will most likely put her into depression after giving birth, it’s not healthy at all.”

“Y’all two are so unstable,” someone told them. “Not to mention suicidal. This is NOT good news. Poor kids is all I gotta say.”

Yet another hater said that hopefully Tyler is “prepared” to take care of Nova and the new baby “once she has the baby and decides she needs to jet off to rehab to ride horses & have spa days again.”

There were lots and lots of comments like that, and although Catelynn hasn’t commented on them (she’s even turned the comments off on her own posts about the pregnancy), Tyler did.

Over on Twitter, he retweeted the following:

“If no one with depression had kids the world would start shrinking at an alarming rate. If you are one of the lucky few never to experience it. Give a prayer of thanks and don’t talk about what you do not understand.”

“THIS. RIGHT HERE,” Tyler added. “NAILED IT!!!

It’s clear that Tyler is excited about Catelynn’s pregnancy, and it seems like she really is, too.

But what all those commenters on Instagram were trying to point out with varying levels of hatefulness was that perhaps it would have been best if they’d been able to wait a little longer to have another baby.

Cate was in inpatient treatment for her depression for three months less than a year ago, and that’s a little more intense than many people with depression deal with.

On top of that, she did seem a bit cold with Nova the last time she went to rehab.

On Teen Mom OG, we saw her be very impatient with her, and she left for treatment without even telling her she’d be gone again.

Then, when Tyler told her that her being gone for so long had been hard on Nova, she simply said “she’ll manage,” and a lot of viewers took that to mean that she didn’t really care how her daughter handled her absence.

But still, no matter what your thoughts are on Catelynn and Tyler and their parenting skills, the fact is that another baby is coming into the family, and despite anything that’s happened, it clear that they both love little Nova very, very much.

So really, our only choice right now is to be excited for them and to offer them the best wishes with their upcoming addition.

Congrats again, Baltierras!