Boonk Gang: Rapper Posts Own Sex Tapes, Gets Banned From Instagram

You know how Instagram doesn’t allow women’s nipples? It’s also not a huge fan of graphic videos of sexual intercourse.

But that is just what rapper Boonk Gang decided to post. To his Instagram stories.

Yes, his Instagram has been deleted. But obviously, the videos that he shared will live forever on the internet.

Though we have a number of images, including a .gif for you below, we cannot actually show you the full video of Boonk Gang taking a woman to pound town.

You’re welcome.

We have, however, seen the videos. We are burdened with this terrible knowledge.

As his Instagram Stories begin, his is performing oral sex on an unidentified woman.

In the next video that he shares, he and this woman are performing oral sex on each other in a sixty-nine.

Then he is shown having venereal intercourse with this woman, which is followed by an image of his Twitter feed where he mentions enjoying sex.

Boonk Gang sex Tweet

“I like to have a lot of sex,” Boonk Gang tweeted on Saturday.


It was on Sunday, July 1, that he decided to share so much of his sex life with his followers.

The series of Instagram stories ended with Boonk Gang recording himself as the woman performed oral sex on him.

We don’t think that any of us necessarily needed to know what sorts of face journeys this particular rapper goes on during sex, but … we know anyway.

Boonk Gang NSFW instagram Stories GIF

We cropped this pretty heavily. Again, you are welcome.

As we mentioned, Instagram absolutely deleted his account for obvious violations of their terms and service.

Instagram is not Snapchat.

In an apparent response, Boonk Gang has also uploaded a video of himself during a different sexual encounter with a different woman.

This video, which he posted on Twitter on Monday night, is still up as of Tuesday afternoon.

If you’re thinking of checking it out, don’t do so at work. Or around children. And be aware that the video is right there and does not have any sort of subtle introduction.

Boonk Gang NSFW Instagram Stories 02

Boonk Gang first rose to fame, not as a rapper, but as a social media star. His real name is John Robert Hill.

His initial claim to fame was a video of him stealing a box of chicken from Popeye’s. He built his brand off of committing thefts like that.

About one year ago, in July of 2017, Boonk Gang was the victim of one of the internet’s infamous “death hoaxes.” He is still alive and kicking. Among other things.

As you might guess for a guy who got famous from stealing things, he has definitely been arrested. Multiple times.

The guy also followed in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps — he has his own video game. 

Boonk Gang: The Video Game came out in September of last year, and the player plays as Boonk while accumulating money and avoiding the police.


Boonk Gang NSFW Instagram Stories 01

We can only speculate as to what motivated Boonk Gang to sacrifice his Instagram to show a bunch of strangers video of him having quiet sex with a woman.

Given that all of his pranks (including literal crimes) are stunts to promote his rap career, this may be his intention.

But in the process, he’s lost the Instagram account that allowed him to rise to fame in the first place.

Maybe he’s shedding his old trappings and embracing a whole new approach to his career? No more stealing and a lot more sex?

Or maybe the dude just loves sex and has way too little impulse control.


XXXTentacion: Ex-Girlfriend Reacts to His Murder, Getting Banned From His Vigil

On Monday, 20-year-old rapper XXXTentacion was shot dead in Florida.

His reps have released a statement, asking that fans respect the privacy of those who cared about him. But one person who was very close to him has come forward.

The ex-girlfriend whom he allegedly brutalized through domestic violence has broken her silence.

Gevena Ayala was XXXTentacion’s ex-girlfriend.

In light of the horrifying and vicious abuse that he allegedly perpetrated against her, a number of people apparently sought to speak on her behalf in the wake of his sudden death.

She spoke up on Twitter to ask to be left out of the conversation.

“It’s disgusting that people are speaking for me,” Geneva tweeted. “I don’t care if no one cared about me however many months ago, I didn’t lose my life. he did.”

Medical reports say that she nearly lost her sight thanks to nerve damage and some nasty fractures of her skull. But yes, she is alive.

“It’s permanent,” Geneva says, referring to her ex’s death. “I’m still here.”

We’re glad that she’s alive.

But she says that those who aren’t exactly shedding any tears over XXXTentacion’s death may be surprised by her feelings.

“Like how do you think that makes me feel?” Geneva asks. “Everyone expecting me to be relieved or happy?! No, I’m broken.”

Geneva Ayala tweet

She followed that tweet with another.

“i know y’all don’t f–k [with] me, but this isn’t about me,” Gevena says. “Just please stop tagging me in disrespectful threads and arguments.”

That sounds like a very simple request.

People mourning XXXTentacion’s death and also those who won’t lose any sleep over one less abuser in the world alike should not be trying to loop her into the argument.

“I honestly don’t care for any of the hype,” Geneva writes. “I lost someone close to me. Leave me alone.”

Geneva also took to Instagram to express her grief.

“I want to scream at the top of my lungs until I can’t then keep screaming,” Geneva says. “I don’t want to believe this. no one knows. the s–t I feel for you.”

XXXTentacion memorial

Geneva even attended a vigil for XXXTentacion.

But, as she shared on social media, she was not well received by some of those who were present.

“They kicked me out of the vigil. so damn disrespectful,” she laments on Instagram. “I can’t believe people are that selfish.”

It is sadly not uncommon to see fans of alleged abusers express contempt or outright loathing for the alleged victims.

“I wasn’t even there 25 minutes,” Geneva explains. “And I literally got pulled away from the memorial. I just wanted to stay. I wasn’t bothering anyone. This is unfair. I’m absolutely devastated.”

In fact, there were reports that she got into a genuine scuffle with another young woman there, though that has not been confirmed.

Later, Geneva’s grief magnified when she saw that even the offerings she left at the memorial had been destroyed.


“I left those things for him,” she explains. “I didn’t bother anyone. I said nothing to no one. I can’t believe they’d do that. How did they let that happen. Why would anyone let that happen, where is the respect?”

“He would’ve wanted me there,” she says of the deceased rapper. “I have no f–king words.”

XXXTentacion faced a litany of charges over his alleged abuse of Geneva.

Those charges included aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering.

(One of those mugshots is over allegedly intimidating a witness to his other alleged crimes)

According to court documents, Geneva in her deposition described beatings and more.

She detailed an instance of getting stabbed with a barbecue fork.

There was allegedly a time when XXXTentacion held her head underwater while threatening to drown her.

She accused him of making threats to cut out her tongue.

If you saw people on social media describe his alleged treatment of Geneva as “torture,” all of that is why.

Many may be surprised that Geneva is grieving this man, but those people have presumably never been in abusive relationships.

Women have taken to Twitter to explain times that they begged an abusive ex to not leave them, because they had become so emotionally dependent upon them.

Sometimes, abuse survivors still love their abusers. That doesn’t make what happened acceptable. That’s just how emotions work for some people.

So it is not actually a surprise to hear that the very young woman who accused XXXTentacion of such terrible things is in a state of emotional turmoil instead of relief.

We hope that she finds her peace.


Little People, Big World Sneak Peek: Amy Roloff BANNED From a Family Gathering

At long last, Little People, Big World returns Tuesday night!

But you don't have to wait for this long-anticipated season premiere to get a glimpse — because you can watch the sneak peek below.

And it looks like we're going to be seeing more conflict between exes Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff.

Little people big world return pic

As the video shows, Matt and Amy's lives are still closely intertwined, even though they are no longer married.

"Coexisting with Amy has its ups and downs. Still living 500 feet apart."

Amy, of course, continues to live on Roloff Farms.

"You know, there’s good days and bad days and we just take it day by day."

Among other things, it sounds like their exes don't mingle. But being exes is almost always awkward.

"I’m very, very excited because Zach’s very, very first Father’s Day is coming up."

Which tells us that this was filmed quite some time ago.

"You know, my folks are coming into town so I’m going to have them come over and do a little Bar-B-Que or something low-key."

Matt roloff drives

Matt cannot contain his excitement about celebrating that Zach is now a father of precious baby Jackson.

Jackson was a newborn at the time, but now the sweet baby is learning to swim.

"You know, I’m excited to have this party because a lot of events just kind of default over to Amy’s house."

This very natural tendency led some fans to believe that Matt was banned from Jacob's birthday party, though this was not the case.

It does sound a little like this trend made Matt feel a little insecure.

Matt roloff speaks

Matt talks about one important rule for the party.

"But other than Tori and Audrey, we’re not going to have the moms at the party."

He continues, trying to stress that this rule is more than just a gentle version of hammering a "NO AMY ALLOWED" sign over the front door.

"No girlfriends, no moms."

He's not referring to Isabel Rock with that (remember, this was filmed earlier last year), but his own girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

"Caryn and Amy did not get the invite because we really wanted to focus on the dads."

That's … one way to do Father's Day, we suppose.

Amy roloff in a hoodie

He then makes an unfortunate joke that, if taken at face value and out of context, would sound very sexist.

"Kind of like leave the drama."

Women are not inherently more dramatic than men, folks. But Matt isn't saying that.

He's saying that things that involve both Amy and Caryn are dramatic, and that inviting one while excluding the other would be a recipe for disaster.

Amy Roloff, in the mean time, speaks frankly to the camera about how things have become strained with Matt.

"Divorce changes things."

And it's impacting little family traditions.

"And this will be the first time that we don’t celebrate Father’s Day together."

They may live nearby, but they each have their own lives, now.

"You know, Matt and I have two different worlds, so it’s just hard."

Amy roloff talks about matt roloff

Amy also points out how, since they still live together and film together, their differences of opinion still impact each other.

Matt Roloff points out a (super cool) pirate ship that he's building for the grandchildren Jackson and the still-unborn-when-this-was-filmed Ember.

Amy notes that it doesn't come cheap.

"There’s just certain things that Matt goes overboard on," she tells the camera.

Matt, she says, will "come up with a thought and then that thought runs away like a runaway train. And so Matt needs to be reigned in when it comes to some of these projects."

Normally, that would no longer be her responsibility.

But, as will clearly be a major element of this season, their lives are still closely tied together.

Take a look:

Little people big world sneak peek amy roloff is banned from zac

Arie Luyendyk Jr: Banned From Minnesota?

Though it came as no surprise to those who follow The Bachelor Spoilers, the world over was shocked when Arie Luyendyk Jr. dumped Becca Kufrin..

Among the fans recoiling in horror at that unedited video of the brutal breakup was Minnesota State Representative who was horrified on Becca’s behalf.

And now he’s drafted a bill to ban Arie from the state of Minnesota. Yes, really.

It seems like, following that finale, everyone hates Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Sure, his ex Emily Maynard says that she feels sorry for him, but to most members of the Bachelor Nation, it sounds like Paradise Dean Unglert is looking pretty good right about now.

Arie’s defenders, like Lauren Burnham, say that Arie just followed his heart.

No offense to Lauren, because absolutely none of this is her fault, but … it is not surprising to hear her take that stance.

But even Chris Harrison calls B.S. on Arie having filmed his breakup to “help” Becca.

One politician’s opinion of Arie could potentially impact his future travel plans.

Rep. Drew Christensen

Drew Christensen is a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives.

He is a 24-year-old Republican who represents district 56A. He holds a degree in Political Science, and was sworn in as a Representative on January 6th, 2015.

Look at this actual list of his committee assignments for the state’s 89th legislative session:

-Aging and Long-Term Care Policy

-Education Finance

-Education Innovation Policy

-Higher Education Policy and Finance

-Ban Arie Luyendyk Jr. from Minnesota

One of those things is not like the other.

This started when, in the aftermath of The Bachelor‘s season finale, Representative Christensen offered to author a bill to ban Arie from the state.

His price? A mere 1,000 retweets. On Twitter, that’s a pittance.

That tweet now has over 12,000 retweets (and well over 20,000 favorites).

Some politicians don’t hesitate to back down from their policies, but Christensen, it seems, is a man of his word.

“Drafting the bill now!” He tweeted. “Should I invite Becca to be my guest at Minnesota’s State of the State Address next week?”

Take a look:

Bill to Ban Arie Luyendyk Jr

The text of that reads:

“The state of Minnesota hereby adopts a policy of zero tolerance of Arie Luyendyk, Jr. from season 22 of The Bachelor.

That is … one hell of a statement.

“It is state policy that every person in the state has a right to live free from the presence of Arie Luyendyk, Jr. in the state.”

To those wondering why Christensen in particular authored the bill and what the state of Minnesota has to do with Arie, Becca Kufrin is from Minnesota.

In fact, Becca is from Prior Lake, which is represented by Christensen.

Christensen has also offered to extend Becca an invitation to Minnesota’s State of the State address by Gov. Mark Dayton.

If, however, he receives 10,000 retweets — as of Thursday afternoon, he has yet to achieve that milestone.

He was married in January, so we think that this is more of a political stunt than an effort to become Becca’s rebound.

Will Christensen’s bill pass? Sometimes, it is hard to tell with state legislatures.

Most likely, it will not.

All jokes about whether or not Arie would be interested in going to Minnesota in the first place aside (seriously, you guys, be nice — there are lovely people and majestic views in every single state), this is mostly just a strange story.

Christensen may be trying to increase his name recognition, which can be vital to longevity in a political career.

A lot of Republicans are facing tough races because their brands are so tied to Trump. It’s smart for any politician to widen their appeal, especially to something as (mostly) apolitical as The Bachelor.

Besides, it’s funny. Sometimes, things are just funny.