Barbara Walters: On Her Death Bed?!?

According to a new report, the end may be near for one of journalism’s most respected voices.

Barbara Walters may not have a lot of time left.

The long-time reporter and former co-host on The View has not been seen in public for about a year and a half.

The last recorded sighting of Walters took place in July of 2016, after two months after she left The View.

At 88 years old, Walters is allegedly confined to a wheelchair and almost never leaves her apartment in New York City, a friend tells Radar Online.

This isn’t stunning news for someone of her advanced age, but the insider is reportedly distressed because Walters is living such an isolated existence.

“No one is allowed access into her apartment,” this unnamed person tells Radar Online, adding:

“Friends have been trying to see Barbara since the summer, but the doormen keep turning everyone away.”

This same celebrity gossip website has claimed in the past that Walters is suffering from a touch of hearing loss and heart disease; she’s supposedly been showing signs of serious dementia for months.

This is very sad if it’s true.

In 1976, Walters became the first woman to host a national news program, doing so for ABC and earning a then-unprecedented paycheck of $ 1 million annually for her work.

From 1979 to 2004, she worked as co-host and a producer for the ABC news magazine 20/20.

She still serves as an executive producer on The View.

But Walters no longer goes into work, which is understandable for an 88-year old.

The problem here is that she doesn’t appear to be enjoying a well-earned retirement at all.

“Barbara broke her hip a few months ago, and she’s in a wheelchair now 24/7,” writes Radar, quoting its source on the story.

“She sits propped up in it in her library overlooking Central Park all day. She stares at the same page of a newspaper for hours.”

Continues the source:

“All she does is go from the bed to her wheelchair and back again.

“She hasn’t seen her beloved hairdresser or makeup artist, Lori, in over a year. Her house staff washes her hair and pulls it back in a ponytail.”

Someone close to the situation thinks Walters has Alzheimer’s Disease, Radar reports.

What does bring her joy on a daily basis?

Tuning in to watch her friends and former colleagues on The View, according to the website.

It’s unclear for how much longer she’ll be able to do this, however.

“Friends just want to say goodbye,” this source eerily says. “They simply want to see that she’s well taken care of.”


Jenelle Evans Calls 911: Barbara Evans Is Beating My Son!

For years now, Jenelle and Barbara Evans have been fighting for custody of Jenelle's oldest son, Jace.

Barbara remains the boy's primary legal guardian, but that may soon change following the events of last month.

According to Radar Online, Jenelle called 911 and informed authorities that Barbara was assaulting Jace.

Not surprisingly, neither Evans woman is speaking publicly on the matter, but a newly-released police report reveals that poor Jace's circumstances might be far worse than previously thought.


1. A Shocking Report

Jenelle with jace
According to a Novemver 30 police report and 911 recording, a frantic Jenelle leveled some truly shocking charges against her controversial mother.

2. "Actually Hitting"

Jenelle evans sunglasses son jace
“My son called me crying his eyes out and saying that my mother is actually hitting him and he’s huffing and puffing and he can’t breathe,” Jenelle told Boiling Springs Lake Police.

3. Jace Made the Call

Jenelle n jace
According to Jenelle, the abuse took place at Barbara’s house. She says Jace called her cell phone to inform her of what was happening.

4. Emergency at Barbara’s

Jenelle and jace evans
“The emergency is actually at my mom’s house,” Jenelle told police. “My son actually called me. He lives with my mom.”

5. Violent Babs?

Jenelle evans with barbara evans
“He said ‘Meme hit me, Meme hit me.’ We call grandmother Meme,” Jenelle told authorities. It seems Barbara didn’t help her case by continuing to shout at Jace while he was on the phone with his mother.

6. Barbara Exposed

Barbara evans photo
Jenelle informed the 911 operator that she was still on the phone with Jace, and could hear the abuse continuing…

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Barbara Evans: David Eason Makes Me Afraid for Jenelle Evans!

No one has ever accused Jenelle Evans of being the best mom. Or even necessarily of being a good mom.

And her estranged mother, Barbara Evans, has been one of her toughest critics over the years.

But that doesn’t mean that Barbara isn’t worried about her daughter. Along with many Teen Mom 2 fans, she finds David Eason alarming and believes that he’s no good for her grandchildren — or Jenelle.

Before we get into this, remember that Jenelle Evans is threatening to quit Teen Mom 2. We do not think that one is unrelated to the other.

Jenelle believes that the show is portraying her in an unfair light.

Multiple Teen Mom 2 stars have complained about the edits that they receive, not just Jenelle.

After all, by the nature of reality television, it’s very easy to take moments out of context.

Even the best of the Teen Mom 2 mothers, Chelsea Houska, gets bad edits sometimes. Through editing, they made it look like she was ignoring her daughter.

But editing can only go so far. The producers can edit out good moments or resolutions, but they can’t edit in fits of yelling or heated arguments or worse.

A lot of fans are concerned about Jenelle’s parenting.

A lot of fans are even more concerned about David Eason’s parenting, and particularly the way that he reportedly treats Kaiser, Jenelle’s child with her ex, Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle’s own estranged mother, who has custody of Jenelle’s oldest child, Jace, is worried about her other grandchildren.

And Barbara is also worried about Jenelle herself.

In an interview with RadarOnline, Barbara Evans spoke about her fears of Jenelle living under David Eason’s control. She repeated some of her long-held beliefs about the results of the couple’s marriage.

“I think once he puts that ring on her finger he’s going to have so much control over her.” 

Well, Jenelle married David Eason in late September, but only time will tell if Barbara’s predictions are accurate.

“She’s going to be choked to where she won’t be able to breathe.”

We hope that Jenelle won’t literally be choked. Though with David Eason’s background, you never know.

“He’ll have so much control; more so than he does now.”

When fans of the show have wished that Jenelle would get herself under control, they did not mean under a husband’s control.

Barbara mourns what’s become of her daughter.

“This is a Jenelle I’ve never seen.”

Barbara suspects that Jenelle will come to regret it.

“Someday it’s going to bite her in the ass to do this to me. It’s heartwrenching to me.”

While it’s no doubt painful for Barbara, she also harbors serious fears about the well being of her grandchildren. She has custody of Jace, sure, but she cannot protect them all.

“I’m not worried about Ensley, because it’s David’s child. I’m very much so worried about Kaiser. I don’t think David likes Kaiser… because he’s a clone of Nathan.”

Though there is a documented phenomenon where stepchildren are, statistically, more likely to be abused than biological children of both parents, there are sadly plenty of abusive parents who do not discriminate when it comes to doling out violence.

If Barbara fears that David Eason is abusive, then she might want to worry about all of her grandchildren.

Apparently, Jenelle is dismissive of Barbara’s fears.

“She says it’s none of my business. They won’t let me see Kaiser.”

For the record, if a child is being mistreated, it is the business of literally every good person on the planet.

Sadly, we don’t know if there’s much that we can do.

We can hope that Kaiser’s other grandmother, Nathan Griffith’s mother, is successful in obtaining custody of the boy.

Beyond that, we can mostly just hope (and pray, if you’re the praying sort) that reports that Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her fourth child are false.

Even if the allegations of abuse are false, the dynamic that we’ve seen between Jenelle and David on Teen Mom 2 is toxic. No child deserves to be born into that.

Don’t you wish that Barbara could just adopt all of them? We’re sure that she does.


Barbara Evans on Being Banned From Jenelle’s Wedding: I’m Dead to Her!

Over the weekend, Jenelle Evans married David Eason in a ceremony in the couple’s backyard.

MTV camera crews were on hand, of course, but one important person in Jenelle’s life was noticeably absent.

Barbara Evans was not invited to her daughter’s wedding.

Many Teen Mom 2 fans believed the notoriously hard-hearted Jenelle would eventually soften and extend a last-minute invitation for her controversial mother.

But it didn’t happen, and Babs was not on hand to see her Jenelle marry for the second time.

The main reason for the enmity between mother and daughter is the ongoing custody battle for Jace, Jenelle’s eldest child.

Jenelle signed over primary custody of Jace shortly after he was born, and she’s been fighting to get him back for the past several years.

Barbara believes that Jenelle is still incapable of providing Jace with a stable home environment, and many TM2 fans – and, more importantly, the courts – agree.

Unfortunately for Babs, it seems standing her ground has done irreparable damage to her relationship with her daughter.

“I’m dead to her,” Barbara said in a recent interview with Radar Online.

“I texted her the morning of the wedding. I sent emojis of hearts, kisses, a frown and tears in my eyes. That’s all I have to say.”

Sometimes an emoji is worth a thousand words.

But in this case, the favorite mode of expression of Millennials everywhere proved insufficient.

Barbara has no delusions about why her daughter has cut ties.

“She said, ‘You’re not invited to the wedding because you won’t give back Jace,'” Babs said of her most recent conversation with her daughter.

“It’s not about her or me; it’s about Jace.”

Barbara says she was so distraught upon realizing Jenelle really wouldn’t allow her to attend the wedding that she left town:

“I’m very devastated that I wasn’t invited to the wedding,” Barbara told Radar.

“I am out of town. Out of sight out of mind. I can’t be around. I’ve been crying.”

“To do this to me it is heart-wrenching,” Evans added.

“If this is what che chooses – to alienate me out of her life – so be it.”

Barbara also revealed that while custody of Jace is the primary point of contention, she believes that Jenelle has been poisoned against by her new new husband.

“I think David planned it that way,” Evans said. “David has alienated me from Jenelle.”

Barbara went on to state that she believes the battle for custody of Jace will only get uglier from here.

But she added that she won’t be bullied into giving up:

“She’s coming back with a vengeance,” Evans said.

“I knew that from the day I walked out of court. But you know what? I will do anything it takes to make sure Jace is not in that house with David.

Sounds like the Battle of the Evanses is about to get even more brutal.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Barbara and Jenelle’s tumultuous relationship.


Jenelle Evans Reacts to Child Abuse Claims in Epic Twitter Tirade, Goes to Town on Barbara

A non-stop whirlwind of fights, court dates, men and babies, Jenelle Evans’ life has been turbulent ever since she’s been a public figure.

Still, this week has been wild even by the Teen Mom 2 star’s standards, and she just cranked the tension up another notch … or 10.

Over the past week, the Carolina Hurricane has been accused of child neglect and abuse – by members of her own family, no less.

Specifically, that she was under CPS investigation for allegedly testing positive for marijuana and passing it along to her baby.

Jenelle welcomed her daughter Ensley this past January, reportedly having failed a drug test sometime during her pregnancy.

Already in the midst of several tense situations regarding custody, the revelation prompted backlash from her kids’ grandparents.

Nathan Griffith’s mom, Doris, wants emergency custody of Jenelle’s three-year-old son Kaiser, according to court documents.

Evans and Griffith split up two years ago; Jenelle is currently engaged to David Eason, who’s been under major scrutiny himself.

Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, has full custody of her oldest son Jace (whose father is Andrew Lewis, who’s been MIA from day one).

Barbara has long resisted Jenelle’s efforts to regain custody of the boy, and now has banned Jenelle from seeing Jace entirely.

The older Evans added that Jace told her David abuses Kaiser because he looks like Nathan, a frankly disturbing allegation.

To hear Jenelle talk about it, though, you’d think she were the target of a witch hunt – or at least that her side of the story isn’t being heard.

According to the Teen Mom 2 firebrand, it’s Nathan Griffith that Child Protective Services should be concerned about here, not her.

Oh, and Barbara is just a hater, or something.

Jenelles Tweets

“Oh let’s not mention how you guys call CPS so many times they even have a copy of my book now and love to visit so thanks,” she tweeted.

“Yes CPS has been here and case closed every time. There’s a lot they are concerned about with the OTHER parent.”

Jenelle added, clearly referring to Nathan:

“That is why it was a race to court. My son was not being treated right on his visits so when I expressed that, it was a race to court.”

She then went OFF on her mom for selling her out publicly, saying, “We are handling this the best way we can as a family.”

“David [Eason] is the best thing that ever happened to me and my mother can’t seem to get over it,” Jenelle explained.

“She’s going to tell you all EVERYTHING she can that is bad about David to ruin his reputation cause I completely cut her out.”

“So she’s lashing back at me by posting articles and selling stories about her own daughter because it’s a scream and cry for attention.”

“But I don’t care,” she adds … and wishes.

Evans, who conveniently ignores some of the shocking claims against her (such as her non-compliance with drug testing), feels victimized.

Regarding Griffith’s mom’s case, Jenelle says that her mom is so vindictive and bent on payback that she’s going to help out her adversary:

“Now [Barbara] is going to bring up evidence from the past that would have been used against me in court and giving it to my ex’s mom.”

Jenelle has since deleted this rant.

Barbara said in an interview earlier this week that yes, she used the information about the CPS investigation in court – but had no choice.

The act of keeping a boy away from his mom is not something she’s happy about, but she says it’s her duty to protect Jace, end of story.

“I knew all along [about Ensley] and never exposed it until the day of court in May. All that time I never opened my mouth,” she said.

“That’s a fact,” she says of Jenelle’s drug tests. “I have Jace, so when something like that happens, they [CPS] contact me.” 

“I can’t send him over there when that’s happened,” Barbara adds of Jace, who she insists is her only concern in all of this.

“I don’t want to put him in that atmosphere.”


Barbara Evans: I’ve Seen Jenelle Evans Abuse Her Kids!

Things are not looking good for Jenelle Evans these days.

It’s true that things rarely look good for Jenelle thanks to a wealth of self-created problems, but now the Carolina Hurricane is facing a two-pronged attack on her character that may cost her custody of her youngest son.

Jenelle has been battling Nathan Griffith over custody of 3-year-old Kaiser for years now, but the sudden involvement of Nathan’s mother, Doris Davidson.

Davidson has gone public with allegations that Jenelle neglects her children and physically abuses them.

She also claims that Jenelle did drugs while pregnant with daughter Ensley, who was born earlier this year.

Davidson’s claims have prompted an investigation, and if they’re proven accurate, she’ll likely lose custody of Kaiser entirely.

She’s already lost custody of her eldest son, Jace, who is currently under the care of Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans.

Now, in a development that may sink Jenelle’s chances of fighting the charges against her, Barbara has sided with the Davidson and Griffith and confirmed that the allegations about Evans and her fiance, David Eason, are absolutely true.

“Jace told me David hit Kaiser,” Barbara tells Radar Online in a new interview.

“Kaiser was pulling his diaper off because it had poop in it, and David got so mad that he spanked him really hard.”

Barbara says she believes Kaiser bears the brunt of David’s temper for a very specific reason:

“I’ve been worried about Kaiser for a long time,” she says.

“We think because he looks like Nathan, David gets more angry with him because of that fact.”

She adds:

“I think he’s trying to get rid of him, and then he’ll only have his own two kids and Jenelle in the house. He’s a conniving little thing.”

As for Davidson’s allegation that Jenelle locked Kaiser and Jace out of the house on a “very hot day,” Barbara says she can confirm that the incident took place:

“It is true that Jenelle locked Jace and Kaiser out,” Barbara says.

“It was over 100 degrees. Jace told me. He was upset. Because Kaiser kept going in and out of the house, David locked them out.”

Barbara says Jenelle is making the same mistakes she made with Jace, and she expects her daughter to suffer similar consequences:

“All they do is take trips all the time. She has him the week of her wedding but because she’s going on a honeymoon she said she’s going to put him with somebody,” Barbara tells Radar.

“That’s his school week off! He will be there for the wedding. But they are ditching all the kids to go on a honeymoon. I asked her ‘Why are you doing that?’”

She concludes:

“I want to say to Jenelle, ‘What the hell is wrong with you? You just went through it with Jace and you lost him again. Stop doing this.’”

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more from reality TV’s most controversial mother.