People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Women: A Lovely Look Back

These are the celebrities People Magazine has named Most Beautiful Woman each year since 2000.

Do you agree with the selections?

1. Julia Roberts People Cover

Julia roberts people cover
Julia Roberts was the Most Beautiful Woman in the World in 2000. Hard to argue with that selection, isn’t it?

2. Catherine Zeta-Jones People Cover

Catherine zeta jones people cover
In 2001, People dubbed Catherine Zeta-Jones the Most Beautiful Woman in the world. Well done to snag her, Michael Douglas!

3. Nicole Kidman People Cover

Nicole kidman people cover
Nicole Kidman was a clear-cut A-lister in 2002. And she was honored as such by People.

4. Halle Berry People Cover

Halle berry people cover
Man oh man. Has Halle Berry aged at all since she covered this magazine in 2003?????

5. Jennifer Aniston People Cover

Jennifer aniston people cover
Jennifer Aniston was the Most Beautiful Woman around in 2004. And she still is, many believe.

6. Julia Roberts Most Beautiful Cover

Julia roberts most beautiful cover
It’s Julia Roberts again! The actress nabbed the Most Beautiful Woman honor for the second time in 2005.

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Pink Has Been Named Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Through the years, it’s been proven that Pink can make us cry.

She can also make us stand up and cheer.

But can she make men around the world drool and perhaps reach for a box of Kleenex in anticipation of pleasuring themselves to her appearance?

Yes, according to the latest issue of People Magazine.

The publication features Pink and her two kids (Willow, 6, and Jameson, 1) on the cover — and while it doesn’t come straight out and label the singer as The Most Beautiful Woman in the World…

… it essentially is doing exactly this.

People Editor-in-Chief Jess Cagle says this annual issue has undergone a bit of an evolution, but the general theme and premise remain the same.

“Over the years, the name of the issue has evolved (‘50 Most Beautiful,’ ‘Most Beautiful Woman,’ etc.), but the words ‘Most Beautiful’ have always been part of the title,” he said, adding:

“This year we’re renaming it ‘The Beautiful Issue’ – to make clear that the issue is not a beauty contest. Nothing else has changed.”


So why select Pink to represent a celebration of “strength, humanity and artistry,” as Cagle explains?

Because she’s “a woman who checks all those boxes,” he says.

“She’s a performer, mother and role model whose honesty, humor, confidence and sheer star power make her one of the most beloved and fascinating entertainers on the planet.”

No argument here. We adore Pink.

But the singer wasn’t interested in discussing her beauty or sex appeal with People.

Instead, she wants to discuss her her role as a mom.

“The thing about parenting is you never know if anything you’re doing is working,” she says in this cover story.

“That’s been the most humbling thing for me. In my head, I sound amazing and then I turn around and her eyes are completely glazed over. I have no idea. We’ll see.”

None of us do, Pink. All we can do is what we think is best for our kids in the moment.

Adds Pink, in regard to her young children:

“I believe in affection. I believe in needs being met and faith being implemented, and I believe in letting your kids know they can count on you, and that you’ll be there.

“My parents did not believe in that and I worked out okay.

“I always tell Willow, ‘I’m going to teach you the rules so that you’ll know how and when to break them.”

This honor comes on the heels of Pink knocking her national anthem out of the park at the Super Bowl in February.

Watch this incredible performance below:

With this distinction, meanwhile, Pink joins quite the impressive group.

Do you think she deserves it? Is the The Most Beautiful Woman in the World?

Julia Roberts was awarded Most Beautiful in the World by People last year for the fifth time.

In 2016, Jennifer Aniston earned the title, which People started hanging out back in 1990, with Michelle Pfeiffer taking home the inaugural title.

Like we said: quite the impressive group.

Go back in time and relive each woman who has risen above the rest, starting with Pfeiffer and ending here with Pink, on the following gorgeous photo gallery:


Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 19 Recap: Beautiful Dreamer

The Grey Sloan Memorial team will stop at nothing to look after one of their own. 

On Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 19, an ICE agent showed up at the hospital, intent on finding one of the interns. 

With much suspense, we learned Sam was the person the agent was looking for and Bailey and Meredith kicked off an elaborate ruse to stall the operation. 

It turned out, Sam went through a red light, and apparently, that was grounds for having a meeting and the potential of deportation was high. 

While Meredith tried to find a way to save Sam, Miranda realized the agent had an irregular heartbeat and set out to find out what was wrong. 

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you will likely remember Miranda has a brush with death earlier on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14. She knows a lot about heart attacks. 

Maggie stepped in to help the man out, but it turned out he needed immediate surgery to unclog his arteries. 

This allowed Meredith to get Sam an internship with Cristina Yang in Zurich. Yes, Grey’s Anatomy is all about honoring the past, but it does so with great subtlety. 

In any case, Sam is gone, and that means DeLuca is single. FYI: Jeanine Mason has booked the lead role on The CW’s Roswell reboot, so her involvement in future seasons will be contingent on that show going to series or not. 

Meanwhile, Matthew returned to the hospital with baby Ruby and Arizona struggled to come to a conclusion about which heart defects the kid had. 

Enter April, who urged Owen to take a look at some other things because ruling the heart as the cause of all the kid’s medical woes is too easy. 

As expected, there was a stomach condition at play, and Matthew seemed a little too happy to be sitting with April in the church in the episode’s closing scenes. 

Could April and Matthew become a thing and leave Seattle behind? That’s a possibility. 

While Arizona continued to worry about the mothers who died post-birth, she decided that having a crash cart on all floors would allow the doctor on duty to have access to everything needed to save the mothers. 

She tried it out on a patient who reacted well to it, but was that a win for her? 

The big twist, however, involved Jackson turning to his mother about a deal made with his grandfather and a doctor of another hospital. 

Amelia needed to get the doctor on board to help out with Kimmie, but one thing led to another and Jackson tried to find out why the woman signed an NDA with the hospital. 

Jackson’s mother revealed at the close of the episode to Richard that they were all in trouble and should watch out. 

This happened right after Richard’s sponsor died. Is the show seriously trying to send him back to the alcohol? 

It sure seems like it!

What did you think of the episode?

Sound off below. 

Grey’s Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC. 


Kendra Wilkinson Mourns “Last Day of Marriage” to “Beautiful” Hank Baskett

It is truly, finally, officially, legitimately all over for Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett.

Almost definitely, we think.

The former Playboy centerfold, who continues to milk her failing romance for every headline she possibly can, has shared a lengthy message on Instagram that most certainly appears to confirm that a divorce is imminent.

Just how imminent?

The papers will be filed tomorrow, Kendra alleges.

“Today is the last day of my marriage to this beautiful man,” wrote Wilkinson to open the caption that accompanies the photo above,adding:

“I will forever love Hank and be open but for now we have chosen to go our own ways.”

This is, like, the third time in just a few days that Kendra has told the world that her marriage was over.

Late last week, Wilkinson posted numerous sad pictures and messages on Instagram, all of which culminated with the apparent removal of her wedding ring, as you can see below:

Then, on Monday, Kendra wrote that she was “scared,” but “did everything” she could and that she will “always love” Hank.

As far as we know, no legal papers have been sent to a judge or anything — but Wilkinson is making a point to invite as many people to her pity party as she can by dragging out the build-up of this process.

“I’m beyond sad and heartbroken because i did believe in forever, that’s why i said yes but unfortunately too much fear has gotten in the way,” Kendra added in her latest post.

“We are both amazing parents and our kids will be happy n never know the difference other than seeing mama smile. Sometimes love looks funny.”

Hank and Kendra got married in June of 2009.

They have a son and a daughter.

In 2014, however, Baskett got a hand job from a transgender model… and nothing has been the same for stars ever since.

It sounds like the anger and bitterness has faded away, but trust issues clearly remain.

This is what happens when one half of the relationship achieves a quick orgasm via manual stimulation from someone who is NOT his wife.

Concludes Kendra in her farewell-to-my-blessed-union post:

We are told to make sacrifices in life if it’s true love well in this case it’s me. I want to see happy Hank again… i miss that.

Marriage was just a piece of paper and a piece of jewelry but our hearts will always be real. U will prob see us together a lot but it’s because there’s no hate.

Love wins in this case it’s just looks a little funny.

Thank you Hank for a beautiful 8 years of marriage and 2 beautiful kids. I feel so thankful and blessed.

Truth be told, we often make fun of Kendra Wilkinson.

She’s sort of an easy target.

But we don’t doubt she’s going through a lot of pain and suffering in this break-up and, most importantly, there are two young kids at the center of it.

We therefore truly do send her the best.

We hope that she and Hank work everything out as amicably as possible in order to keep being the best and most loving parents that they can be.


Teen Mom OG Recap: So Beautiful. So Smart. So Strong.

This week on an emotional Teen Mom OG Season 5 Episode 13, there was a paternity test, a heartbreaking medical crisis, and a whole new level of diva-like behavior from everyone’s favorite reality star-turned-cam girl

Meanwhile, Maci met with a doctor to find new ways to manage her own health condition, and a producer made a trip to Austin.

You know what that means. #FireFarrah

But first, let’s talk about the latest Teen Mom OG paternity test. 

Obviously, we’ve seen quite a few such tests over the course of the show’s history, but we think it’s safe to say no one saw this latest storyline coming.

Of course, that’s mostly just because Gary Shirley’s dad isn’t on anyone’s radar.

Jody – Gary’s “alleged father,” as a nurse calls him at one point – is one of those aging f-ck ups that seems like he’d be fun to grab a beer with at your local dive bar.

But that doesn’t mean you’d want him as your dad.

Jody reveals that while he was locked up on that day that Gary entered the world, he firmly believes that he is the father, as Maury would say.

At one point Gary asks who else might potentially be his dad, and Jody just gives a baffled shrug that basically amounts to a silent “yo mama” joke.

It’s an intense situation, but let’s be honest – no one tuned into last night’s episode to find out the identity of Gary Shirley’s father.

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you know Farrah Abraham has been out of control for, well, as long as we can remember.

You probably also know that Farrah got fired and the press chalked it up to her ongoing cam girl career.

Well, this week’s installment reminded us that producers had about one million legitimate reasons to kick Farrah to the curb, and her choice to continue getting naked on the internet was just one of them.

At one point Farrah became upset with producers – like, really, really upset – because she thought the set teacher (a California state law requirement) had given Sophia candy against her wishes.

As with so many conflicts involving Farrah, the situation escalated rapidly and underscored just how difficult it is to work with this woman.

As if that wasn’t enough, we were then treated to a montage of Farrah brutally mistreating the show’s production staff.

The producers are as baffled as the rest of us about Farrah’s decision to return to sex work, but as this episode reminds us, it’s far from their only reason for wanting to cut ties with Farrah.

Elsewhere in the TMOG universe far more beloved cast members are dealing with far more serious problems.

Maci’s medical issues have doctors using terms like “ovarian drilling,” which sounds downright terrifying.

Meanwhile, the Baltierras are dealing with the fallout from Catelynn’s miscarriage – a heartbreaking development that’s clearly shaken them both to their core.

“You’re beautiful; you’re smart; you’re strong.”

That’s both the poignant title of this week’s episode and the mantra Cate uses to help her endure the trauma.

Tyler remains thoroughly supportive throughout, and clearly just wants what’s best for his wife.

As difficult as it can be to watch, Catelynn’s might be the most important storyline the show has ever done, and we’re not exaggerating when we say it might just save some lives. 

Tyler’s reaction to Catelynn’s suicidal ideation served as a potent reminder that while he’s not without his flaws, he’s about as good as it gets when it comes to Teen Mom husbands.

Last night’s episode may have ended with the dreaded words “to be continued…” but we don’t think anyone would deny that this was an hour of drama that stood on its own as a testament to the power and potential of reality television.


Stormy Daniels to Wendy Williams: My Vagina is Athletic and Beautiful!

Stormy Daniels has fired back at Wendy Williams in defense of her supposedly worn out vagina.

God, there’s a sentence we wish we never had to write.

But the veteran porn star – who has become a household name of late due to her alleged affair in 2006 with Donald Trump – was a subject of one of Williams’ cruel and uninformed rants yesterday during the talk show host’s “Hot Topics” segment.

Speaking on Daniels the day after Stormy appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Williams said the following:

“She’s 38 and I know she’s been in the game of porn for a while, but, she’s like a dusty looking throwback porn star, right?” Williams stated while showing her audience a photo of Daniels.

Because she’s a terrible person, Wendy went on to say that Daniels “all worn out down below.” 

Now, look, we’re not typically in the business of defending porn stars.

We’re not in the business of judging them, either, really; how they wish to earn a business is none of our business.

Williams, however, is in the business of judging pretty much everyone, from hurling misguided insults at Oprah Winfrey, Carrie Underwood and even Kylie Jenner’s unborn baby.

Heck, she even recently slammed the #MeToo movement.

Daniels, meanwhile, was not about to take Wendy’s diss lying down.

(Should we have used a different phrase for an adult film star? Whoops. Too late.)

In response to Williams discussing her most private of parts, Daniels told TMZ:

“My vagina is a well trained beautiful athlete that would not have the longest running contract in porn history if she were ugly.”

That’s… a pretty awesome reply, no?

Daniels added that she’d be happy to give Wendy an up close and personal view of her vagina if so desired.

Stormy has been in the news for several weeks now.

It has been alleged that she accepted a $ 130,000 payout from President Trump prior to the 2016 election in exchange for her silence of an affair between the two from about a decade ago.

In Touch Weekly even published an extensive interview it conducted with Daniels about said affair, during which she freely admitted to being familiar with Trump’s penis.

However, Daniels has now sort of backtracked.

She seemed to deny an affair with Trump entirely last week, only to now take the stance that she’s going to remain quite and vague about the whole thing.

Probably because she did sign a non-disclosure agreement in exchange for the aforementioned sum of money.

The point of this story, though, it not to delve into whatever may or may not have transpired between the Commander-in-Chief and a porn star.

It’s mostly just to state once again that Wendy Williams is a nosy and awful person who should stop judging others.

And she definitely should just talking about their vaginas.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Release World’s Most Beautiful Engagement Photos

Your Royal Highness?

Based on the following official engagement photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it’s really more like the following:

Such royal hotness!

The British muffin of stud and the former USA Network actress have posed for a series of breathtaking pictures that are taking the Internet by sexy storm.

They’ve been unveiled by Kensington Palace, whose Twitter account left the following simple message on the wake of these wonderful portraits:

“Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle have chosen to release official photographs to mark their engagement.”

The two main snapshots were taken by fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski earlier this week at Frogmore House, Windsor.

One is color (above), one is black and white (below) and a third has also been posted on social media as a sort of thank you to the public for showing such enthusiasm for the first pair.

In the above photograph, Markle leans on her fiance’s leg as they pose on a set of stairs, the beauty donning a black gown and the hunk sporting a blue suit.

They’re holding hands, with Markle showing off her engagement ring very clearly for the camera.

Directly above, meanwhile, the Royal and the soon-to-be Royal nuzzle in close together and appear to be laughing over something.

Perhaps over those silly rumors that Markle is feuding with Kate Middleton.

“It was an incredible honor to be asked to document this wonderful event, but also a great privilege to be invited to share and be a witness to this young couple’s love for one another,” Lubomirski through the Palace, adding:

“I cannot help but smile when I look at the photos that we took of them, such was their happiness together.”


Have you ever seen a happier, better looking couple?!?

Due to the overwhelmingly positive responses to these pictures, Kensington Palace was kind enough to release a third image.

“As a way to say thank you, [Harry and Meghan] have decided to share this candid photograph from the day of their portrait sittings directly with all of you,” read the caption to the following photo.

Simply glorious, right?

The public release of these pictures comes just a day after Markle joined her man and other senior members of the royal family for Queen Elizabeth II’s annual Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace.

She is also scheduled travel to Sandringham with Harry to join the royal family for Christmas.

How special!

We guess things really are serious between these stars.

Following weeks of rumors, Harry and Markle got engaged a few weeks ago and have already announced that they will wed on May 19 at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

We hope to be invited.


‘World’s Most Beautiful Girl’ Thylane Blondeau Has Advice for Millie Bobby Brown

French model Thylane Blondeau has advice for kids out there being coined “the next big thing” like “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown, and she knows how to survive the hype. Thylane walked her first catwalk at age 4 and was dubbed the…