Chelsea Houska: The Precious Story Behind Aubree’s Name Change!

Over the weekend, we heard some pretty fantastic news about Chelsea Houska and her precious little family …

Her daughter Aubree finally got her last name changed!

Yep, after years of Chelsea contemplating the change, and after Aubree expressed her feelings about being the only member of her family without the last name DeBoer, there was a court date earlier this month to sort everything out.

During the hearing, Adam Lind didn’t contest Chelsea’s request to change Aubree’s last name from Lind to Lind-DeBoer.

He also didn’t fight her request to switch his supervised visits with their daughter from his parents’ house to an actual supervised visitation center.

None of that really sounds like the Adam we know — that guy would have made this whole process completely unbearable, just for fun.

But since it seems like he’s fallen deep into a meth addiction, complete with suicide threats and domestic violence arrests …

Well, he’s probably doing a lot of things we wouldn’t have imagined.

Putting all the Adam sadness aside for a moment though, let’s focus on the nice part of this whole story.

The nice part, of course, being that little Aubree Lind-DeBoer is a very happy girl right now!

As a source revealed to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, “Aubree is so happy that DeBoer was added to her name.”

“Over the last year or so, especially after Watson was born, Aubree has repeatedly asked Chelsea and Cole why she’s the only one in the family who doesn’t have ‘DeBoer’ as her last name.”

The insider said that she “understood she has a different dad,” but that “she kind of felt left out being the only one with a different last name.”

Those are some complicated family dynamics for sure, so it’s understandable why she’d feel confused and left out.

And now that she’ll have to head to a supervised visitation center now to see her father, who by many accounts is almost unrecognizable due to his drug use

It’s nice to have something to smile about, that’s all.

Obviously Chelsea didn’t bring Aubree along to the hearing with Adam, so how did they tell her about her new name?

The source explained that “They surprised her with a cake that had ‘Aubree Lind-DeBoer’ on it,” and that “Aubree was so thrilled and it was adorable.”

But you know who wasn’t thrilled?

Hint: he’s never been thrilled about anything in the history of his entire existence, and he also enjoys meth.

Yep, The Ashley’s source claimed that although Adam didn’t fight the name change, he is “not happy” with it, either.

Which is funny, because Chelsea is probably “not happy” that her daughter has a violent, hateful jackass for a father.

But hey, there’s only one person whose happiness really matters right now: Aubree’s.

And if there’s any truth at all to this report, we’d say she’s pretty darn ecstatic right now.

Congrats again, Aubree!


Farrah Abraham: The REAL Story Behind Her Teen Mom OG Firing!

Great news: someone besides Farrah Abraham has finally taken the time to comment about her current situation with Teen Mom OG!

That means that, at long last, we finally understand what’s happening.

Farrah tried, bless her heart, but with all her ramblings about hate crimes, it was hard to figure out what had happened. And with a story as juicy as this one, you know we needed to know every last detail.

First off, a quick recap: Farrah announced at the end of October that she’d been fired from Teen Mom, presumably because of those livestreams she’d been doing in which she’d masturbate for strangers on the internet.

She was very upset about it, and she accused Viacom, MTV’s parent company, of discriminating against her.

She dropped the term “hate crimes” a bunch, because Farrah is Farrah and Farrah does not understand many things.

Later, she said that she actually wasn’t fired from the show — she was “fake fired.”

She implied that she was given an ultimatum, that she could continue working on Teen Mom or continue working in the adult entertainment industry.

One thing was for sure though — she was not having any of it.

From what we can tell, she hasn’t been filming any new footage for the show, even though she wasn’t technically fired. Earlier this week, she demanded an apology from MTV, as well as payment for the rest of the season.

The whole story almost makes sense, but not quite, right?

Thankfully though, Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham, chatted with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup to clear up all this confusion.

“Farrah was never legally fired; she was never in breach of her contract and she never cancelled filming,” Michael began.

“You have MTV — the network that airs the show — and you have Viacom, which owns MTV. Then you have 11th Street Productions, the company hired to produce the show.”

“Our contracts are with MTV and Viacom, not 11th Street,” he explained. “So, basically Morgan [J. Freeman, the show’s executive producer] did not have the authority to do what he did.”

It’s all coming together now, isn’t it?

Michael also said that the production company had cancelled filming with Farrah and her family several times before eventually asking to film on a day that wasn’t scheduled — the day they fired her.

That day, he said that “they basically ambushed Farrah on-camera,” and producers “sex-shamed her on-camera and they did it purposely at a time when none of us were there.”

We saw a little bit of that day’s footage in the supertease for the season, and she did seem extremely upset.

“I was surprised that they would even attempt what they did,” Michael shared. “I was disappointed that an executive producer would interject his bias and judgment into the show.”

“It’s a show documenting these girls’ lives, and they’re trying to control and use their influence to change Farrah into what they think she should be. It was completely wrong.”

So will she still be on the show or not?!

Michael said that right now, “She’s considering her options. She has many opportunities to work in the entertainment industry. It’s completely up to the network, not Farrah.”

What a mess.

A source claimed that MTV is currently trying to figure out how to move forward — one possible option is to hire a new production company to film Farrah.

It’s nice that they’re trying to work something out, especially considering that they never fired her in the first place.

But we imagine they’re going to have to jump through some hoops to get Farrah back on their side again — she really seems pissed, and if Michael’s story is correct, then it’s easy to see why.