Harry Styles: Fans Believe He Just Came Out as Bisexual

Harry Styles' sexuality has long been the subject of speculation. Fans have even speculated that Harry and Louis were lovers during their One Direction days.

Now, fans believe that his new song lyrics show that he's just come out.

Is Harry Styles bisexual? Is "Medicine" a new bisexual anthem?

Harry styles at dunkirk premiere

As you can see in the video below, Harry Styles has a new song, titled "Medicine."

That song contains the lyrics: "The boys and the girls are here/ I mess around with him/ And I’m OK with it."

While song lyrics aren't always literal or personal, many fans immediately latched onto that line, hailing "Medicine" as a bisexual anthem and wondering if this is Harry's way of coming out to his fans.

Though Harry has yet to release this new song, he played it for fans, where it got recorded and shared on social media.

(Which is why you can, of course, see and hear that performance below)

Harry styles in red

Twitter, which has almost since its inception been obsessed with One Direction's various members, lost its collective mind with excitement.

"This is the new bi anthem, thank you harry styles."

Other bisexuals were grateful for a song whose lyrics spoke to them coming from such a mainstream source.

"When you listen to Harry Styl​es new song 'Medicine' and your bi heart explodes a lil (a lot)." That tweet was followed by multiple heart emojis.

Other Twitter uses expressed their appreciation for the song using hyperbole.

"My kids won’t be getting cough drops or flu shots they’ll just get harry styles’ unreleased masterpiece medicine on a loop until they feel better."

Some interpreted those lyrics as Harry himself coming out as bisexual.

"Harry Styles: I’m bi / Literally everyone: we been knew."

And others still pointed out other parts of the song that they believe (since the lyrics have not been released) also indicate a bisexual singer.

"HE DEFINITELY SAYS ‘I’ll treat you like a gentleman’ at 0:24 YOU CAN'T CHANGE MY MIND."

Note that "you can't change my mind" is a reference to a meme that is currently all the rage on social media.

Harry styles album cover

If this is the intended meaning of "Medicine," it could certainly work as a bisexual anthem.

The most famous bisexual anthem right now would have to be "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers.

"Mr. Brightside" describes in its lyrics a pining, heartbroken individual who is enviously imagining a specific man and woman hook up. The lyrics do not at any point indicate which party the singer desires and which party the singer envies.

That ambiguity allows listeners to put themselves in the singer's shoes whether they're attracted to men, women, or both. In fact, some argue that perhaps the singer would rather join both objects of his affection.

It's also worth noting that Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" works as a bi anthem.

Initially, of course, the song was dismissed as being less about bisexuality than it is about how women can kiss each other experimentally and be sexualized by men, often without people making assumptions about their sexuality.

But later, people realized that the line "taste of her cherry chapstick" may refer to cherry chapstick being lesbian slang for a clitoris.

If that's the case, then that song takes a very different meaning that goes well beyond the image of two college girls making out at a party.

9 bisexual celebrities

This wouldn't even be the first time that lyrics hinted at Harry Styles being bisexual.

Taylor Swift's song from 1989, "Style," is not subtle about which ex boyfriend it references — the name, fans say, says it all.

That song also contains the lyric: "You've got that James Dean daydream look in your eye."

While, on the surface, this could be a reference to Harry's eyes and acting talent reminding Taylor of the also famously handsome actor, James Dean.

But … James Dean is now famous for having been bisexual and for having been frustrated by his inability to come out.

Some wondered when Taylor's album came out if she was hinting that her ex was something other than straight.

Harry styles at the airport

Ultimately, however, if we're going to excoriate cowardly singers for swapping pronouns when they cover songs (to avoid sounding like they're singing about the same gender), we as a society might need to also not make assumptions about original lyrics.

Perhaps Harry Styles intended "Medicine" to be his coming out song. If so, that's wonderful, and good for him.

But perhaps fans should enjoy the song — which can certainly function as a bi anthem — but not take it as a personal confession.

If Harry Styles is intending to come out, let him do that in prose, not in lyrics.

And let him be the one who decides his own label. Each person is the author of their own identity.

Here's the video taken from the crowd:

Harry styles fans believe he just came out as bisexual

Joy-Anna Duggar: Fans Believe She’s Already Given Birth!

Joy-Anna is using social media to sing the praises of her husband. In and of itself, that’s nothing suspicious, right?

But given the context of Joy-Anna’s impending due date and a lot of suspicious timing surrounding this pregnancy, fans aren’t so sure.

In fact, a number of fans believe that Joy-Anna has already given birth.

Joy-Anna Duggar took to Instagram to gush about her husband, Austin Forsyth.

“Austin, I’m so grateful for your sacrificial, Christ-like love.”

Gotta be honest, the word “sacrificial” can creep out a lot of people, but you have to remember that she lives in a fundamentalist bubble where certain words have different connotations.

“I know that through this pregnancy you’ve given and given so much to me and have never expected anything in return.”

She means throughout the pregnancy. Through works but it almost sound like she’s referring to … well, you know how babies get made, folks.

“Thank you for being my best friend! You are the greatest!!!!”

That line sounds like something that a person would scribble in a yearbook. But she continues.

She then adds a kissing lips emoji, a kissy face emoji, and a heart eyes emoji.

“I love you with all of my heart, honey!!”

She signs and tags her message:

“-your girl #sohandsome #besthusbandever”

Austin Forsyth looks like an off-brand Michael Cera, but we’ll let Austin’s alleged handsomeness and other husbandly qualities go unchallenged.

A swell of commenters replied by … well, assuming that Joy-Anna has given birth and that this Instagram post was merely “fluff” to string followers along until there’s a more “appropriate” time to announce that she’s given birth.

“Is this post to throw the haters off? To make them think you haven’t had the baby yet? Honestly i don’t care when you got pregnant i just hope your baby is healthy and you are happy forever.”

Among other things, Joy-Anna’s suspicious baby bump really reinforces the belief that Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth lied about pre-marital sex and had a shotgun wedding.

But, to be clear, most of those who commented with the belief that Joy-Anna has given birth weren’t being hateful.

“Congrats on the new baby girl!”

Others seem to be setting themselves up for disappointment, because Joy-Anna isn’t likely to post photos until we get closer to the “due date.”

“Congrats! Hope you and the baby are doing well! Posts pics soon!”

Other commenters were intensely defensive of Joy-Anna.

“She’s not had the baby and its non of our business if she has.”

Yes and no. Sure, it’s her body. But she’s a reality star and public figure and pregnancies are very much a part of her family’s brand.

“She is still very much pregnant stop with the rumors.”

Some people will believe anything that the Duggars put on their website. Precious!

“She could of had it early…premie?”

That’s really cute.

“Who care if was before or after she got pregnant??? They look like a hard working couple and they will make good parents.”

To be clear, we don’t know that Joy-Anna has given birth, and neither do any of those commenters.

More importantly, the only reason that the alleged premarital sex and ensuing shotgun wedding and now the perceived fudging of the due date is even a topic of conversation is because Joy-Anna and Austin are Duggars. Sort of.

They are part of this extreme, fundamentalist fertility cult with a deeply archaic view of sex, gender, and marriage.

It’s not actually wrong to have premarital sex or to get pregnant out of wedlock. But because the views that they espouse say otherwise, many point to this as yet another instance of Duggar hypocrisy.

But you know what? Joy-Anna didn’t choose to be born into that family. Honestly, who would?


Jim Bob Duggar: I Can’t Believe Jana Is Still Single!

Last week, Jana Duggar celebrated her birthday.

Along with her twin brother, John David, Jana turned 28–not a milestone age, but a very big deal to Duggar fans, nonetheless.

Unfortunately for Jana, her birthday is a subject of fascination for reasons that aren’t entirely celebratory,

Jana is still single, which is a fact that seems to astonish many fans of her famous family.

John David is unattached as well, but as a man, his love life–or lack thereof–is not as heavily scrutinized.

Women in the Duggar family are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being.

Several of Jana’s younger sisters have already married and started families of their own, which is one of the reasons that fans are baffled by the fact that Jana remains childless.

It’s an unexpected situation, to be sure, and while there are many rumored reasons circulating around social media, it seems Jim Bob is just as baffled as anyone else when it comes to why Jana is still single.

Over the weekend, Jim Bob appeared at an event organized by the Institute for Basic Life Principles in Kilsyth South Baptist Church in Kilsyth South, Victoria.

Amateur video from the event shows the Duggar patriarch uncomfortably joking about Jana’s refusal to marry.

“And Jana is–actually, back in the U.S., it’s her birthday,” Jim Bob says in video of the speech.

“Jana is 28-years-old and still single, so she’s still praying about the one.”

On Reddit, most Duggar fans were quick to defend Jim Bob’s sense of humor.

“I wasn’t there but I assumed it was just a dad joke. He makes a lot of them especially on the old episodes of the original show,” commented one user.

“Women have a biological clock. Men generally don’t. It’s more notable for a woman to be single and childless after a certain age. This is not unique to the Duggars,” wrote another.

At least one fan, however, was quick to point out the insensitivity of Jim Bob’s remarks:

“What I do wonder is–what’s Jim Bob’s angle with that joke? Is it just a standard-issue dorky dad joke that he’s too oblivious to realize could be seen as hurtful?” the Redditor wrote.

“Does he know it’s a sensitive subject, so he’s trying to diffuse it with humor? Is ol’ JB a little salty that lovely, talented Jana isn’t playing along with the real Duggar family business: marrying off its children for profit?”

We may never know just what’s going on in Jim Bob’s head–and that’s probably a good thing.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most famous family.


Teen Mom Salaries: You Won’t Believe How Rich This Cast Is!

Teen Mom: OG and Teen Mom 2 are among the most popular series in MTV's storied history.

The stars may not enjoy the same universal name recognition as Snooki or The Situation, but their fans are an intensely devoted bunch with appetitse for every detail of the women's personal lives.

So it should come as no surprise that there's considerable interest in just how much the Teen Moms get paid.

Of course, given their many side projects and business ventures, the amount that each cast member pulls in varies wildly from one to the next … but suffice it to say, they're all doing very well.

Here's a breakdown of just how much each mom is earning these days:


1. Catelynn Lowell: $ 25,000 per episode

Catelynn lowell at mtv vmas
Catelynn is earning the standard rate for stars of the original series. And while she has a few other revenue streams in place, she’s not on her 24/7 grind like some of her co-stars.

2. Clothing By Cate

Catelynn lowell on the reunion
Catelynn and husband Tyler Baltierra recently launched a children’s clothing line. The venture is too new to determine if it will be profitable or not.

3. Amber Portwood: $ 25,000 per episode

Amber portwood a photo
Amber also pulls in $ 25,000 for just a few days work on TM:OG. Unlike Catelynn, however, she puts a lot of time into her side businesses.

4. Hard Times For Haute

Amber portwood and matt baier on the red carpet
Amber launched her “online boutique” Forever Haute with the help of then-fiance Matt Baier. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the business is faring much better than the relationship. Rumors that Haute is out of business appear to be premature, but multiple insiders have confirmed the site has yet to turn a profit.

5. Maci Bookout: $ 25,000 per episode

Maci bookout at bridal fashion show
Some reality shows pay their more popular cast members a bit extra. Not Teen Mom: OG, however, which keeps the salaries consistent across the board.

6. Off the Bookout

Maci bookout interview with mtv uk
Unlike some of her other cast members, Maci doesn’t seem to have much time for side projects. With three kids to raise and an increasingly problematic ex, we suppose that’s no surprise. Besides, no matter how hard she hustles, Maci could never hope to out-earn TM:OG’s wealthiest star…

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Jarvis Landry Case: Video Shows WR Push Baby Mama, Officials Believe It Was Accident

Prosecutors say surveillance video shows Miami Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry pushing his baby mama during a dispute in front of her car on April 1 … but they ultimately believed the woman who claimed it was accidental.  TMZ Sports has obtained…


Paris Jackson Conspiracy Theories: What Do People Believe?!

Paris Jackson is a likable young woman. To most of us, she’s a teenager with a super spiritual vibe and some wonderful progressive ideals. She manages to do some of what Miley used to get up to, but without being obnoxious about it.

But there are some bonkers conspiracy theories surrounding this girl. She’s a Jackson, and it just seems to go with the territory.

We’ll start off with the simple and almost believable.

(Relatively speaking)

Paris Jackson’s parentage.

First, some believe that Michael Jackson isn’t her biological father.

To be clear, no matter what you believe about whose sperm was involved, we should be clear that Michael Jackson was definitely her father. There’s no question about that.

(Genes don’t make family)

Some fans have wondered why Paris Jackson’s skin tone is so light given that her father (skin condition aside) was a black man.

(90 Day Fiance couple Aleksandra and Josh faced the same accusations, but the opposite, given that they both have fair skin but their baby does not)

In the case of Paris’ fair skin, though, the theory has some support from a man who claims to have provided the sperm that conceived Paris.

Actor Mark Lester claimed to The Daily Mail that he provided sperm at Michael’s request.

“I was just helping out a friend. I think he had a problem with actually doing the physical act of sex and a very low sperm count as well.”

That might sound believable, but it’s hard to wrap our heads around someone doing that and then just blabbing about it to the world.

Also, Paris has been pretty adamant that Michael Jackson was her father. She even has multiple tattoos honoring MJ.

That, we think, is what matters.

Then there are theories that Paris Jackson’s mother, Debbie Rowe, isn’t her real mother.

Debbie was married to Michael Jackson from ’96 to ’99, and is the mom to both Prince and Paris.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that Debbie was just a surrogate. The sperm for Paris and Prince could have been from various donors, depending upon what flavor of conspiracy you fancy, we guess.

We’re guessing that this theory comes less from Paris and Prince’s looks and more from the fact that Debbie cut ties with her children after her divorce, which … doesn’t strike people as super maternal.

But, having never gone through a divorce with a massively wealthy and also super famous person, we have to imagine that there’s a lot that we don’t know that went into Debbie’s decision.

That seems more plausible than Debbie deciding to act as a surrogate for unknown reasons.

Bigi Jackson (formerly known as Blanket) was born via surrogate, though he looks so much like Michael Jackson did when he was younger that people seem less eager to try to invent new and exciting parentages for him.

Okay, now we’re getting into Illuminati territory — possibly our favorite territory when it comes to bonkers conspiracy theories.

Disclaimer: the Illuminati isn’t real, but different people like to imagine a shadowy organization that controls everything, from governments to pop singers. It’s human nature to try to see patterns in chaos, even when there isn’t any.

So, first, in 2013, Paris Jackson was not living her best life, and attempted suicide.

She was put in a psych ward and, upon her release, tweeted out some cryptic things:

“It took me a while to figure who ‘they’ are in ‘they don’t care about us’ but I found out like 3 years ago. RT if you know what I mean.”

First of all, that song lyric of Michael Jackson’s … like, we don’t know if he’s ever made a statement on it, but it’s literally just referring to white supremacy’s current and historic treatment of people of color and especially of black people.

Some said that Paris’ tweet was a revelation that the Illuminati existed. That she’d been brought into the loop and betrayed the people who wanted to be her masters.

Others went even further, and said that Paris didn’t really attempt suicide but that the Illuminati tried to assassinate her but failed.

(How is an organization that uses Beyonce as their puppet going to fail to kill a teenager? What are they, Voldemort?)

After posting a bunch of Illuminati symbols on Instagram, Paris “reassured” followers that she hadn’t been indoctrinated or whatever with another tweet:

“Guys The Drawings On Instagram Don’t Mean That They Got Me, I’m Just Trying To Let (the) World Open Their Eyes And Realize What’s Going On.”

That’s right out of the Jaden Smith playbook.

Obviously, those tweets — whatever Paris believed at the time or maybe even still believes — were the thoughts of a troubled 15-year-old.

We’re so glad that she’s doing so much better, now.

And while we’re talking about the Illuminati … one of the most out-there theories involves Paris Jackson and the Illuminati in a very different light.

Because some people genuinely believe that Paris Jackson is an Illuminati clone.

(Mind you, these are the same sorts of folks who buy into NASA having a colony of child sex slaves on Mars)

Some theorists point to Paris Jackson’s own words describing her recovery following her suicide attempt.

“It was great for me. I’m a completely different person. But up to that point, I was actually crazy, I was going through a lot of, like, teen angst. And I was also dealing with my depression and my anxiety without any help.”

Because, clearly, if you murder and then clone a teen celebrity, you want to make sure that they say “I’m a completely different person” on television.

To hear Illuminati theorists tell it, there’s a super powerful clandestine organization out there that spends a significant chunk of its time planting clues to its existence in “obvious” places.

We have to question why they’d want to clone Paris Jackson.

Like, she’s great, but how would it serve these fictitious supervillains to have a tattooed teenager read tarot cards and hang out topless in the desert?

Somehow, the “celebrity clone” theories — conjured up to explain why someone looks different than they did years ago, or why someone’s public behavior has changed — are the most bonkers of all.

Weirder, even, than the detailed analysis that conspiracy theorists give to each year’s Superbowl Halftime Show.

Each performance, as it turns out, is an elaborate “Illuminati Freemason Satanic” ritual, based upon the imagination and repressed sexual fantasies of various paranoid conspiracy bloggers.

(Those bloggers are unwittingly part of a centuries-old tradition, where religious nuts writing about the practices of “witches” in Europe would describe detailed and sexually charged rituals involving the physical presence of “the devil” that was basically just thinly veiled erotica)

People, and their theories, are amazing.