Bella and Gigi Hadid Pose Nude Together: Hot or Weird?

Bella and Gigi Hadid are both models.

And they’ve both been known to pose in various states of undress.

But the new issue of British Vogue marks the first time Bella and Gigi posed nude together, and the internet is all sorts of confused about it.

On the one hand, you have two naked models, which is generally a good thing.

We’re not sure if you were aware of this, but nudity is something that the internet is pretty fond of.

Typically, if you show the online world a pair of boobs, there will be a round of applause, and no one will ask any questions.

But the situation is complicated in this case. 

Bella and Gigi are sisters, which makes the fact that they’re all nude and intertwined like that a little gross.

The ladies shared the honor of cover girl, with two editions of the mag hitting newsstands – one with Gigi on the front, and one with Bella.

Inside the issue, the Hadids open up about their personal lives in a candid interview: 

“She’s one of the only people I’ll get aggressive for. She makes me so proud. I would do anything for her,” Gigi says.

Then Bella moved on to a topic that might actually interest readers – her relationship with Zayn Malik.

“I post what I think would be normal to post of your boyfriend,” Bella said of her Instagram posts about Zayn.

“The comments are: ‘It’s extra, it’s fake.’ But if I don’t do it enough then it’s: ‘Oh they’re fake, they’re not really together.’ I try to do what feels real to me, and do it with integrity.”

Needless to say, the interview was a pretty dull affair.

The opportunity to spice things up by asking Gigi and Bella how they feel about elevating their relationship to scissor sister status.

We guess we’ll just chalk this sort of unsettling pic to differences in cultural norms.

There are lots of things that are kosher on the other side of the pond that simply don’t fly here in the States.

Some of them are cool (universal healthcare) and some of them … not so much (siblings wrapping their naked limbs around one another).

You’re making us think, Brits! We don’t like that in this part of the world!


Bella Thorne: Pregnant With First Child?!

If you follow Bella Thorne on Instagram, you may feel that you know just about everything about the actress’ life.

Bella exposes herself in more ways than one on social media, and her candor has no doubt helped her amass a following of 17 million on Instagram.

(Of course, the frequent Bella bikini selfies probably don’t hurt her popularity, either.)

Yes, for better or worse, Bella bares all on Instagram and Snapchat.

Fans get to live vicariously through one of Hollywood’s most captivating young stars, but they also have to cringe in horror when she tweets about traffic delays caused by mudsalides that claimed lives and destroyed homes.

The point is, Bella generally doesn’t keep many secrets from her fans.

But she may be playing coy on the latest major development in her life.

Bella is currently dating Mod Sun, a 30-year-old whose Wikipedia page describes him as a “rapper and poet.”

We’ll give you a moment to get all of the groans and eye-rolls out of your system.

Bella posted the above photo of Mod (we can’t with that name) kissing her belly on Snapchat, and it’s led fans to jump to some obvious, but still pretty wild conclusions.

Yes, many are convinced that Bella is pregnant, and the assumption is based on more than just that photo.

Thorne recently gave Sun a shoutout for joining her at Sundance, and his reply is raising eyebrows all across the internet:

“Thank you for taking off some days to come to Sundance baby,” Bella wrote on IG.

“Love u mamma,” Mod replied in the comments.

We’ll give you a moment to suppress the involuntary gagging that occurs when a dude in his thirties calls a girl who’s not yet drinking age “mamma.”

Normally, the pet name would draw attention merely because it’s kinda gross, but in the wake of that scandalous snap, it’s got fans Bella’s got a baby on board.

Our guess is that she’s probably not expecting, but we’ll admit it’s a bit curious that she hasn’t come out and denied the rumors yet.

Of course, you don’t get to 17 million followers by avoiding drama.


Rob Lowes CRUSHES Bella Thorne Over Insensitive Mudslide Tweet

Rob Lowe tried to teach Bella Thorne a valuable lesson via social media on Thursday.

And the lesson was this:

Holy Hell, you spoiled woman! Do you not realize the world doesn’t revolve around you and that there are things more important going on than the state of your relationship?!?


More or less, that is.

The unexpected feud between actor and actress centered on Thorne’s response to the ongoing mudslides in Montecito, California.

This tragic incident has claimed the lives of at least 17 people… others are missing … and countless more are without homes.

It’s a horribly sad development.

In the wake of this terrible news, Thorne Tweeted on January 10 that she was pissed because a road was closed and this ruined her plans for the evening.

“F-ck u 101 to santa barbra. I’m missing my boyfriends first date on his tour,” Tweeted Thorne, referring to the new man in her life, some musician named Mod Sun.

Check out the questionable/ridiculous/insanely insensitive message below:

thorne tweet

The Tweet drew the ire of many Internet users who called Thorne out for what would have to be called ignorance at best – and complete self-centeredness at worst.

“I’m so sorry that you’ve been inconvenienced by the 17 people that have lost their lives. This must be tough for you,” wrote one sarcastic critic.

Added another resident:

“Santa Barbra apologizes for the inconvenience, next time we’ll plan our natural disasters according to your social schedule.”

slamming bella

The response that has received the most attention, however, came from the Instagram account of Lowe.

A veteran star of The West Wing, Parks and Recreation and The Grinder, Lowe was not having any of Thorne’s narcissistic bull crap.

Quoting her Tweet on his social media page, Lowe held Thorne up as an example of why celebrities are considered so out of touch.

“This attitude is why people hate celebrities/Hollywood,” wrote Rob, a Montecito resident, alongside a screenshot of Bella’s tweet.

He added:

“Bella, I’m sorry you were inconvenienced. We will try to move out our dead quicker.”

A day earlier, Lowe had updated fans on the dire situation, saying:

“Mourning the dead in our little town tonight. Praying for the survivors and preparing for whatever may come. #Montecito.”

Thorne did eventually learn the reason for the road closure that set her off, Tweeting later in the night:

“F-ck just caught up on some news, had no idea why the 101 was shut down… get home to your family safe.”

This is better than if Bella knew exactly why the road was closed and still acted all pissed off, we presume.

BT tweet

But the mudslides have been a prominent topic for days.

Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres even FaceTimed about the fatalities on the latter’s talk show this week.

“This is how deep the mud is,” said Oprah, sharing a video of the damage and adding:

“And the house in back is gone. What a day! Praying for our community again in Santa Barbara.”

So even if Thorne really was unaware of the issue at the center of all this, it barely absolves her.

It just shows how wrapped up she is in her own universe, as compared to what has been taking place right outside her doorstep.