Roseanne Barr to Fergie: HA! Even I Sang the National Anthem Better Than You!

By now, you’ve likely read the Internet’s stunned and spirited reactions to Fergie’s rendition of the national anthem prior to Sunday night’s NBA All-Star Game.

By now, you’ve also likely watched this controversial rendition of the national anthem.

If not, well… prepare yourself to click PLAY and check it out below:

Viewers should have been clued in to Fergie’s plan before she even opened her mouth, considering the revealing attire the singer chose to wear for the occasion.

It proved to be quite (form) fitting, as the Black-Eyed Pea went on to deliver what some believe to have been the worst Star-Spangled Banner performance in history…

… but which was definitely the most seductive.

While Fergie tried to turn the persistent nature of the American flag into something sultry and sexy, cameras caught such stars as Jimmy Kimmel and Draymond Green reacting with a mixture of confusion, humor and horror.

“Literally dying at these reactions. Fergie with the worst rendition ever,” wrote one bemused Twitter user.


Charles Barkley even joked on TNT that he needed a “cigarette” after witnessing Fergie pay her unique tribute to the country.

But, hey, if Fergie’s goal was to make headline, she certainly accomplished that much, right?

oh, fergie

The criticism has grown to such an extent, however, that even Roseanne Barr has gone ahead and chimed in on the debacle.

Yes, the same Roseanne Barr who very likely did give us the absolute worst national anthem rendition in the history of the world.

It took place in 1990 right before the first pitch of a San Diego Padres game… it was more off-key than the most nauseating of American Idol auditions… it ended with a crotch grab … and it even caused President George H.W. Bush to label the entire act as “disgraceful.” 

Before we get to what Barr said about Fergie, it’s worth reliving this trainwreck.

Check it out here:

Still, despite whatever the heck one would call THIS nonsense, Roseanne happily jumped on board the Fergie hate train last night.

“Who saw Fergie’s national anthem performance at the NBA All Star Game?” she Tweeted, adding:

“I think mine was better lowkey.”

Barr, of course, is actually bringing her formerly beloved sitcom back to the air in a few weeks, so we understand why she would want to chime in and make herself relevant again here.

It’s a form of promotion for the series.

But it’s also flat-out ridiculous.

Go ahead and watch that Roseanne performance again.

It’s disrespectful and abhorrent.

It’s a a blatant attempt to make a mockery out of our country’s theme song.

Say what you want about Fergie here, but she was mostly just trying to be different. She was trying to put a unique spin on an old favorite.

She may have wanted all male viewers to feel something rising in their crotches while they listened, but at least she didn’t actually grab her crotch and then spit on the ground.

Roseanne really did this after finishing her version of the song.

You can contrast it with other national anthem performances below, but there’s no doubt in our minds at all: She loses.


Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 12 Recap: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Who won the surgical competition? 

That was the big question on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 12, as the doctors inside Grey Sloan Memorial went out of their way to level the playing field and emerge with a win. 

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you will know that April has been struggling to keep the faith after three of her patients died in one day. 

This has resulted in viewers getting to see a different side of the character, and it’s obvious she does not care about the way people view her any longer. 

This new April has been sleeping with an intern, and even struggled to find a way to deal with the all of the doctors who showed up late to the big meeting. 

“Good God, I’ve created a monster,” Webber said as he realized the severity of what April was going through. Maybe he should have dealt with the competition on his own instead of delegating his tasks. 

April was not the only one struggling with losing patients. Arizona’s heart was also feeling heavy, and it sent her back to her ex-girlfriend, Carina DeLuca. 

Arizona wanted to find a way to reduce mothers dying during and after childbirth, and given Carina’s experience, she asked her to partner with her for the contest. 

Carina accepted, and the two women wound up making out later in the episode. They are a breath of fresh air. 

Then there was Bailey, who was still coming to terms with her ordeal at the hands of downright terrible doctors on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 11

While she was under strict orders to rest up, she tasked Levi with bringing her things from the hospital to conduct a study of her own. 

However, the intern was not allowed to tell anybody about it because Ben and everyone in the hospital wanted her to recuperate following her ordeal. 

“What happens here, stays here. No one needs to know what we do in this room,” Bailey said to Levi. 

The intern thought Miranda was coming on to him and you could tell he felt strange about everything. Yeah, keep dreaming, Levi. 

Finally, Jo Wilson was feeling happy because she could enter the competition with Meredith and not worry about her name being featured in the press. 

This was a big contrast from earlier in the season when Meredith had to keep Jo’s name and picture out of the paper because she was living in fear that Paul was going to return. 

Thankfully, Paul is gone, and he will never harm her again. 

Okay, Grey’s Anatomy Fanatics! What did you think of the latest episode?

Who will win the award?

Hit the comments below. 

Grey’s Anatomy returns in March. 


Bridezillas: The Trashiest Wedding Show is Back and Better Than Ever!

Do you remember Bridezillas?

If you were a fan of trashy reality shows about ten years ago, there's no way you don't remember Bridezillas.

But just in case you were never fortunate enough to witness this gem of a television program, Bridezillas was a show that aired on WEtv from 2004 to 2013.

Each episode featured a couple of women preparing for their wedding days in the most dramatic way possible. They threw fits over everything and anything, and it was just an absolute joy to watch.

Remember the bride who lost her mind on her poor fiancé and her family members when they were just trying to help her? Remember how she screamed and cried and made herself look like an unbelievable brat?

Trick question: that kind of thing happened with literally all of the brides.

As we said, Bridezillas stopped airing in 2013 for reasons we still don't understand. It was there, and then suddenly it was not, and it was a tough loss to handle.


But we don't have to be sad anymore, because in what has to be the best news we've heard in a long, long time, Bridezillas is returning to WEtv for its 11th season!

In March!!!

And just in case you think it's too good to be true, fear not, because the trailer for the new season is proof that we're about to be blessed with more reality trash than we know what to do with.

The trailer begins with a woman all decked out in her bridal gear, screaming "It's my wedding day!", and we're off to a very, very good start.

We see a bride kicking a kid's bicycle, a bride looking furious in a surgical mask, a bride walking down the street with her hair in curlers screaming about other brides.

It feels like coming home, honestly.

Let's see, one woman throws her wedding cake to the ground, one cocks a shotgun in her dress, one has a breakdown over a veil.

There are two different fights at two different weddings — physical ones between some male guests — and a grandma tells a bride that she should have gotten a boob job so her dress would fit better.

We don't know what we did to deserve this kind of magic, but we'll certainly take it.

Watch the full trailer below!

Bridezillas the trashiest wedding show is back and better than e

Ami Brown Looks SO Much Better and Cancer-Free!

Only very recently has Ami Brown revealed the good news about her cancer. We imagine that she wanted to wait a while to be sure before announcing that she is effectively cancer-free.

Now, Rain Brown — the family’s de facto spokesperson despite being barely 15 years old — has shared the first new photo of Ami since the good news.

Fans agree that Ami looks so much better.

There was a time when Ami’s odds of survival were believed to be lower than 10%.

She had lung cancer. It head spread to both lungs and to her spine.

Her entire family had to uproot themselves and travel to L.A. so that they could cater to Ami’s needs, living close to the hospital where Ami receives her chemo treatments and living in a house where Ami could recover from the rigors of chemo and radiation therapy.

Fans of Alaskan Bush People had been hanging on to the story of Ami’s battle for her life. But for a while there, things looked bleak. And not just to fans.

Even the family’s youngest, Rain Brown, admitted that she didn’t know if her mom was going to make it.

The news that she was fully in remission is extremely welcome to fans. it was even more of a relief to Ami’s family.

Before the news even broke, officially, some fans wondered if Ami Brown’s cancer was cured in a Christmas miracle.

(At the time, she was still dealing with health setbacks and was still quite sick; also, we won’t tell anyone what to believe, but it was probably a little early to qualify as a Christmas miracle)

After the announcement that she was doing so much better, some fans responded by wondering if Ami Brown had ever really had cancer to begin with.

She definitely did, folks. But now she’s doing so much better. Look!

Rain Brown captioned the photo:

“I would like to give a HUGE thanks to the @nasaarmstrong team They cleared the whole building for us, showed us around and even put a small gift bag of trinkets together for us! Literally speechless! #stayhappy #staystrong #nasa”

Rain also clarified that yes, she absolutely touched everything.

(We’ll go ahead and assume that this was okay)

In the photo, you can see other family members — including Bear and Gabe and Billy — but all eyes were on Ami Brown.

And Ami looks so much better!

She’s standing beside Billy and is wrapped in his arm — but she doesn’t appear to be leaning on him. She’s also out of her wheelchair.

There’s more to it than that, though. There’s a strength to the way that Ami’s standing.

We don’t mean that she’s ready to start bodybuilding any time soon, just that she no longer seems like she’s fighting to stand withe very breath.

If Ami had her wheelchair there and was only standing for the photo, then she’s doing one hell of an acting job.

As for the rest of the family present … Rain definitely looks the most stylish, but we like Birdy Brown’s jacket.

It’s been widely reported that the family has made its exodus from L.A. and is headed off to “parts unknown.” By which we mean Colorado. They’re in Colorado.

They traveled to their new homestead via caravan, including an RV.

Fans speculate that they are filming Season 8 in Colorado, though this wouldn’t be the first footage captured for the season.

We don’t know what their residential situation is in Colorado with their new homestead.

As we’ve learned from their time in Alaska, the “home” shown on the show isn’t always the same as the place where the family sleeps at night.

That’s reality TV for you.