Beyonce Fans Actually Whined Over Second Coachella Performance

To paraphrase Kanye West from many years ago:

We're gonna let all others artist finish, but Beyonce put on the greatest Coachella performance of all-time on the opening weekend of this music festival.

It reunited Destiny's Child. It lasted over two hours. It included references to the Black Lives Matter movement and other important cultural touchstones.

Fans went understandably crazy over it, in the positive sense.

But when Beyonce repeated this same set, in a different set of costumes, a week later?

Fans went crazy in a different sense. Scroll down to see what we mean:

1. This Was the Initial Set

Beyonce reunites with destinys child yes this actually happened
Check out the above video to relive a portion of the most memorable Coachella set EVER. It included a reunion we had been waiting years to see!

2. More of the Same?

Despite all the time and effort Beyonce put into this set, fans were aghast that she dared to repeat it.

3. And We Mean AGHAST

Twitter blew up in response. Folks just expect so much from Beyonce these days, it’s really not fair.

4. Whoa There!

Comparing her to Mariah Carey, considering all the issues she has had performing live? Cold, Twitter user.

5. Yes You Did

And you ought to be grateful for it!

6. Yes, This Perform Used a GIF of Tiffany Pollard to Complain

We give props for the randomness of it, but not for the complaint itself.

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Justin Bieber Photoshops His Face Onto Beyonce For Some Reason

Beyonce’s influence cannot be denied, and her must-watch Destiny’s Child reunion at Coachella has reminded the world that her performances are jaw-droppingly powerful.

Justin Bieber was so touched by Beyonce’s show that he decided to photoshop his own face onto her body.

The result is … quite something.

The Biebs is raising a few eyebrows on Instagram, and this time, it isn’t with his excessive body tattoos.

In the caption, Justin Bieber writes:

“Y’all need to meet my sister, Rachel Bieber.”

And the photo accompanying it is … quite something.

Take a look:

Justin Bieber Beyonce Photoshop

In case it is not immediately obvious to everyone, that is Justin Bieber’s face photoshopped onto Beyonce’s body.

Replies varied, including the neutral but humorous: “Leopard print suits you biebs.”

Bieber’s friends chimed in with their own comments.

The wonderful and surreal Jaden Smith write: “She’s bad.”

Patrick Schwarzenegger expressed interest in dating Bieber’s fictitious sister, writing: “Bruh set me up! Finally be brothers!”

Diplo, being Diplo, wrote: “I’d slice.”

Beyonce’s “Beychella” performance, as it has come to be known, was intense and captivating.

It was also record-breaking.

For one thing, Beyonce was the first black woman to ever headline Coachella.

Her performance was livestreamed, and so powerful and inspirational that it reached audiences around the globe.

In fact, it was the most viewed livestream in YouTube’s history.

Even Adele rocked out to the Beychella performance.

Others have gone viral with videos of themselves perfectly emulating the movements of Beyonce’s back-up dancers.

When he’s not dreaming of having legs for days, Justin has been enjoying Coachella.

He’s been hanging out with Post Malone and Bella Thorne.

Most notably, he reportedly defended a woman who was being strangled by a man (who apparently believed that she was his ex, which is … not an explanation for his behavior) by allegedly punching the man in the face.

It’s nice to see Justin becoming a defender of the innocent. Maybe he really is making himself better for Selena Gomez. Or at least for himself.

While he does not actually have a black sister with face-specific vitiligo named Rachel, the Biebs does have two half-siblings.

(Basically, his dad started getting laid more after Justin got famous)

And Justin’s dad’s brand new wife is pregnant, so it looks like he has yet another half-sibling on the way.

By the way, Beyonce isn’t done with Coachella.

But her performance on Saturday, April 21 will not be livestreamed by the venue.

It’s likely that there will be recordings made on handheld devices, but that will hardly be the same.

The implication is clear: Coachella wants people to attend, and the idea of seeing Beyonce in person alongside celebrities is difficult to resist.

Last weekend’s show revealed how good the festival can be. This weekend, only festival-goers will get that experience, and everyone else will miss out.

FOMA — the fear of missing out — is real, and people with the money and free time to go to music festivals have it, too.

Still, we wonder if seeing a performance like that over the weekend reminded Justin that he should go on tour again.


Adele Rocks Out to Beyonce: See Her Beychella Dance!

Adele is a mother. She’s a singer. She’s an icon. She’s also a long-time fan of Beyonce.

So, like countless people watching at home all across the globe, she was energized and thrilled by Beyonce’s 

So she shared multiple epic videos of herself reveling in Beyonce’s energy.

Beyonce’s Coachella performance was a sight to behold, and not only because it was also a Destiny’s Child reunion.

It was powerful and evocative. Beyonce has never in her life not brought her all to her art, and it shows.

Last year, Beyonce had to cancel because she was pregnant with her twins, Sir and Rumi.

This year, however, Coachella attendees were treated to her epic performance. And so were the viewers at home.

And, as you can see, Adele simply could not contain her delight.

Captioning her short, silent reply videos (translated into gifs for your convenience) as “#Beychella mood” numbered one, two, and three, Adele let loose for the camera.

When she performs her own songs, Adele is known for standing and swaying, often in a sparkling dress, while letting her vocals speak for themselves.

But that is Adele’s personal style for her own music.

That doesn’t mean that she cannot dance.

It also does not mean that she doesn’t dance.

“Beychella” was livestreamed on Coachella’s YouTube page.

Fans and professionals alike are still marveling at how the entire performance came together.

It’s not just that this included a lot of performers dancing in coordination.

People wonder how Beyonce managed to put all of it together, in a relatively short time, for a single-instance performance that would never be repeated.

The answer is probably that she’s Beyonce.

There are good ways to show your appreciation for Beyonce.

Adele is displaying one of them right here.

Bad ways to do that would be threatening the lives of people over Twitter if they don’t seem to be part of the Beyonce hype.

Another bad way to express admiration (or contempt or anything in between) for Beyonce would be to bite her face. Please do not do this.

Not to Beyonce and not to anyone else.

Be more like Adele.

Adele is, as always, a delight.

Some view their artistic careers as a zero sum game in which praising their competition would be hurting their own careers. Adele does not feel that way.

She openly questioned why her album beat Beyonce’s Lemonade in 2016.

When Kesha was making headlinesw hile battling Dr. Luke in court, Adele voiced her support for Kesha, making the higher-ups at Sony step back and realize how much damage Dr. Luke was doing for their image.

Beyonce brought joy to the world with her Beychella performance.

And Adele, while dancing to it, payed it forward to her fans and followers. It’s always wonderful to see good, talented women supporting other good, talented women in their own industry.

Girls really do run the world. 


Beyonce Reunites Destiny’s Child at Coachella: A Must-Watch!

Forget this jelly, folks.

Are you ready for this reunion?!?

Proving that their bodies were not too bootylicious to once again gyrate side-by-side together on stage, the original members of Destiny's Child stunned and entertained fans at the Coachella Music Festival on Saturday evening.

Oh yes.

For real.

This actually happened, folks.

During Beyonce’s wildly anticipated headlining performance at this event – which marked her first since welcoming twins Rumi and Sir last June – the superDUPERstar did the rumored, but still unexpected:

She brought out her former Destiny’s Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for a medley of hits.

The trio – which launched all its members to stardom, but which launched Beyonce into her very own stratosphere of celebrity  wowed those in attendance beloved single from the 1990s and early 2000s.

Among the tracks they sang?

“Say My Name,” “Soldier” and “Lose My Breath,” all while wearing matching black and bronze ensembles that paid homage to the iconic looks from the group’s reign on the charts.

“Y’all ready, Coachella?” Beyonce asked the crowd before opening the performance with her own array of smash titles.

These included: “Crazy in Love," "Freedom,” “Formation” and “Sorry."

The crowd was also going nuts prior to Beyonce shocking everyone there with the Destiny's Child reveal.

This, of course, wasn't the first time Beyonce had Rowland and Williams join her for a high-profile performance.

But it was the first time in a long while.

Back in early 2013, the three took the stage in February 2013 for Bey's Super Bowl halftime show.

Meanwhile, along with the reunion we were all dying to witness, Beyonce made history over the weekend by becoming the first African-American to ever headline Coachella.

Just another day at the historic office for the legend, basically.

Watch her full performance below… and don't forget to bow down!

Beyonce reunites with destinys child yes this actually happened