Cops Swarm Bill Cosby’s Pennsylvania Mansion on Comedian’s 81st Birthday

Bill Cosby’s neighborhood filled up with cops on the same day the comedian turns 81. Law enforcement sources tell us officers in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania received a call Thursday for loud music on Cosby’s street. We’re told about 4 units responded…


Cops Swarm Bill Cosby’s Pennsylvania Mansion on Comedian’s 81st Birthday

Bill Cosby’s neighborhood filled up with cops on the same day the comedian turns 81. Law enforcement sources tell us officers in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania received a call Thursday for loud music on Cosby’s street. We’re told about 4 units responded…


Bill Cosby Fires His Entire Legal Team; What’s His Game?

As we all know, Bill Cosby is super guilty. By which we mean that he was found guilty by a jury of his peers for multiple counts in the 2004 sexual assault against Andrea Constand.

He is due to be sentenced in three months … but he has fired his entire high-profile legal team.

What is he thinking?

Bill Cosby still has three months to go before he is sentenced for all three counts of aggrivated indecent assault of Andrea Constand.

He remains under house arrest until that time.

It is quite the surprise to learn that he has dismissed his press-friendly attorney, Tom Mesereau, whom he brought on board to defend him in 2017.

Mesereau is famous for having defended Michael Jackson, but his courtroom strategy wasn’t enough to hoodwink the jury.

Perhaps Cosby is unwilling to continue paying the man who failed to get him an acquittal.

Cosby isn’t going to represent himself at his two-day sentencing hearing, which is scheduled for September 24-25.

He has instead hired Pennsylvania attorney Joseph P. Green Jr. to fulfill that role.

Green is an established lawyer, but not nearly as high-profile as Cosby’s previous representation.

It may be that Cosby simply wants an attorney but is no longer willing to shell out big bucks for high priced representation for another three months — not if he doesn’t believe that it will change anything at his sentencing.

Some have wondered if he may be hoping that, by acquiring a new attorney, the date of his sentencing hearing might be pushed back.

Cosby is 80 years old, and will be 81 after his July 12 birthday.

Some wonder if, comfortable while under house arrest, he is pushing to delay his incarceration as long as possible.

As we said, some find this move surprising, but it is actually consistent with Cosby’s recent history with attorneys.

In July of 2017, Cosby’s jury deadlocked the first time around.

After that mistrial was declared, Cosby fired his attorneys Brian McMonagle and Angela Agrusa in order to hire Mesereau.

As a result, his new trial date was pushed back from the autumn of 2017 to the spring of 2018.

The #MeToo movement began later in 2017, making millions of people more aware that yes, sometimes the people who seem nice on camera are actually sex monsters who’ve gotten away with it all for years.

In fact, potential jurors had months to soak in story after story about famous, seemingly charming men who terrorized women and used their wealth and influence to cover it up.

In light of that, many wonder if Cosby wishes that his second trial had been much, much earlier.

But this new shift in his legal representation might might that he ends up pushing his sentencing another few months. Perhaps all of the way to 2019.

It is difficult to tell if this is part of a legal strategy, though.

McMonagle and Agrusa themselves had replaced his previous attorney, Marty Singer, in 2015.

Maybe Cosby is just being grouchy or quickly grows dissatisfied with his attorneys.

It is very difficult to tell what exactly is going on in that man’s mind right now.

Aside from, one assumes, fear.

Some rumors suggest that Cosby may need another attorney for a very different courtroom in the near future.

Is Camille Cosby planning to divorce him?

In public, his wife says that his conviction was “mob justice” and somehow the fault of racism.

12 jurors of his peers doesn’t sound much like “mob justice” to us.

And if racism was at play behind that guilty verdict, then why didn’t the jury in 2017 convict?

But if she is privately planning to leave him, he could find himself facing off in two court battles at the same time.

Would he retain a divorce attorney for any longer than he holds onto defense attorneys?

Who knows, with that guy.


Gennifer Flowers: Bill Clinton Harassed and Abused Me!

With all the talk of the current president’s rampant sexism, it’s easy to forget that 45 is plenty of company when it comes to abusive, misogynistic commanders-in-chief.

We’ve had a handful of sex-scandal-free administrations, but if you’re well-versed in White House history, then you’re well aware that a sizable percentage of US presidents cheated on their wives (including 50 percent of all Roosevelts!) or otherwise behaved boorishly toward women.

Bill Clinton, of course, is one of the most famous examples of this phenomenon.

Clinton famously tried to hook up with anything with a pair of X chromosomes over the course of his political career.

In today’s political environment, it’s tough to imagine Bill would’ve been able to secure the Democratic nomination much less be elected to the White House, but for some reason, whenever he turned out the Slick Willy charm and busted out a smooth sax solo, the public just melted.

One would think that Clinton would keep a relatively low profile in the wake of the #MeToo movement as conduct that was frowned upon that is looked at much more dimly now.

But Bill possesses the hubris of a character in Greek mythology whose fatal flaw is a tragic level of horniness.

Because he apparently feels that the shelves of our nation’s airport bookstores are tragically under-stocked, Clinton recently released a political thriller with the help of James Patterson, king of the raised-lettering paperback cover.

The novel is titled The President Is Missing — a title that no doubt has many Americans wishing it was a work of non-fiction — but based on Clinton’s tone-deaf promotional tour, a more apt title might be The Ex-President Has Lost His Effing Mind.

In one appalling interview, Clinton insisted that he does not owe Monica Lewinsky an apology, and he even attempted to play the sympathy card, whining that he racked up millions in legal defense fees as a result of his sexual escapades.

Not surprisingly, several of the women that Clinton had questionable relations with have taken issue with his claims of innocence.

One such victim is Gennifer Flowers, a former actress and television reporter who came forward during Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign to claim that she had carried on a 12-year affair with the then-Arkansas governor.

Last night, Flowers sat for an interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham and revealed that Clinton savagely harassed her prior to the start of their relationship:

“Well, it’s very interesting because back in 1977 when I met Bill, we didn’t have the laws to protect us,” Flowers told Ingraham. 

“When I first met Bill Clinton, it was when I was sent out on my first story by myself after my training with my cameraman. He came out on to me that night. “

Flowers said she initially rebuffed Clinton’s advances, but he refused to let her be:

“I told him to knock it off. He proceeded to continue to come onto me for three months before I decided that I wanted to have a relationship with him, which at that point was consensual,” she stated.

“But in today’s standards, and in hindsight, it was definitely sexual harassment. I was a little bit ashamed to admit that because in a way, I mean, I felt guilty because I was a willing participant, at a point.

“So I felt guilty about saying that I was sexually harassed in the beginning. But it definitely was, absolutely.”

Flowers burst into laughter when told that Clinton considers himself a supporter of the #MeToo movement:

“He would say that of course, what would he say but he’s in support of it? He’s a huge abuser of the Me Too movement,” she said before listing several other women with whom Clinton had extramarital affairs:

“And I would like for the Me Too movement to be so kind and recognize myself and Paula (Jones) and Juanita and Kathleen (Willey) and many, many other women starting many years ago that have come out with claims of sexual harassment from Bill Clinton.

“They haven’t given us any respect as far as I’m concerned. We are the ‘Me Not’ movement is what we are.”

Harsh words. Ones that you can expect the Clintons to never, ever address.