Khloe Kardashian Makes Second Statement Since Giving Birth

Khloe Kardashian is yet to address the very strong rumor that Tristan Thompson cheated on her frequently while the star was expecting.

But the brand new mother has now made a pair of public statements via social media and the Internet.

First, as previously detailed (and then mocked by many), Khloe announced her daughter’s name to the world.

She did so by sharing a photo of her child’s nursery and by writing the following words:

Our little girl, True Thompson, has completely stolen our hearts and we are overwhelmed with LOVE.

Such a blessing to welcome this angel into the family! Mommy and Daddy loooooove you True!

Yup: True Thompson.

Critics have plenty opinions on both this first name and also the last, which is, of course, the same as the infant’s dishonest and disingenuous father.

Insider says Khloe went back and forth for awhile regarding whether or not to name her child after Tristan.

Khloe Kardashian nursery

Now, about a week after she gave birth and about a week after news of the Thompson cheating scandal went viral, Khloe has spoken again.

No, she has not touched on the many reports that detail how often Thompson cheated and even whether he used protection while doing so or not.

Instead, Kardashian has focused on both motherhood and sisterhood and how thankful she is to have a couple of positive role models in her life.

“It’s so comforting to know that I have sisters whom I can ask about anything that may come up,” Kardashian wrote on her website yesterday.

She then added:

“My sisters are all such phenomenal moms!

“I can’t say exactly what advice or skills I’ll be taking from them, but I’m going to remain awe-inspired by how they can handle it all. I hope that comes easily for me.”

Both Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are parents to three kids.

Kourtney has a son named Mason and daughters named Penelope and Reign.

Kim has a son named North and daughters named Chicago and Saint.

Heck, even Kylie Jenner is now a mother, having welcomed little Stormi into the world on February 1.

To conclude a post titled “Why My Sisters Are The Ultimate Mom Mentors” Khloe wrote:

Even though I’m not big on taking advice – I don’t believe there’s only one-way-or-the-highway and we all have to adapt into our own routines – it’s so comforting to know that I have sisters whom I can ask about anything that may come up.

Just by observing them as moms, I’ve already learned so much.

It still remains unclear just where Khloe will live while she raises little True.

Sources say she is still in Cleveland, but actually NOT residing with Tristan.

She is legitimately torn on whether to end the relationship or whether to make the best of it, now that she and Thompson are parents.

A recent report claimed Khloe positively WENT OFF on Thompson almost immediately after she gave birth, screaming at her baby daddy right after a nurse took True out of the room for the first time.

We certainly can’t blame her, can you?

And we won’t blame her no matter what decision she makes here.

If she flies back to Los Angeles and leaves Thompson behind… well, good riddance. The guy sucks.

If she attempts to stick it out… well, who can really fault a woman for doing what she thinks is best for her child?


Khloe Kardashian Unleashed Hell on Tristan Thompson After Giving Birth

Just two days after Tristan Thompson was exposed as a cheater, he witnessed Khloe Kardashian give birth to their baby girl.

Once baby True was taken out of the delivery room, Khloe reportedly turned to Tristan, the father of her first child.

… And put him on blast.

We know that they filmed Khloe when she gave birth, but we have to imagine that certain things — like the sight of the baby crowning — will never be shared.

We have a sneaking suspicion that the public will never see other things that went on in the delivery room.

RadarOnline reports that Khloe unleashed her fury on Tristan on the day of their daughter’s birth.

“When the baby was delivered and the nurse took her away from the delivery room, Khloe just snapped at him.”

Sometimes, people can lash out verbally during childbirth because they are in the greatest physical agony of their lives.

This, after-the-fact, sounds like it was Khloe talking, not the pain.

Just because she let Tristan watch his daughter get born doesn’t mean that she somehow forgot that he humiliated her in front of the world.

RadarOnline also delves into Khloe’s current dilemma: how involved does she want to be with Tristan?

They report that her momager has been offering some counsel.

“Kris has been telling Khloe she needs to set an example for her child.”

Little girls who grow up seeing their mothers accept being sidelined and embarrassed may grow up to let men do the same to them.

“So it got her thinking and the baby has changed her mindset about Tristan.”

Sometimes, being a parent gives you the strength to make the right call, even if you wouldn’t have made it for yourself.

“The decision to leave him has been weighing on her.”

It sounds like, like Natalie Imbruglia before her, Khloe is feeling torn.

“She wants to be a good role model.”

Which would mean getting the hell out of Cleveland and never flashing Tristan Thompson so much as a smile.

“But she hasn’t made up her mind.”

It sounds like Tristan has been apologizing left and right.

“Tristan is begging her and telling her it’ll never happened again and he wants to be in Khloe’s life.”

Well, people in hell want icewater.

“He’s chalking it up to messing up.”

Tristan, it is reported, is making some incredible claims.

“Seeing the baby has changed his perspective and he says he’s a changed man.”

Isn’t that almost always what serial cheaters say once they’re caught?

But it sounds like his words are tugging at Khloe’s heartstrings.

Still, Khloe wants to be strong.

“She doesn’t want the baby to be affected.”

But she has concerns about being a single parent.

“But also doesn’t want her to grow up without a father.”

Smart money says that Khloe is prepared to leave Tristan and raise her baby in Calabasas near the rest of her family.

She’s only been staying in Cleveland because she can’t fly right after giving birth.

Plus, all of the nursery stuff is still at Tristan’s home. That’s where they had thought that they would raise their daughter together.

Alas, the same penis that helped bring a new life in the world has now ruined what could have been a happy situation.

But Khloe has the skills, support, and resources to raise True Thompson as a single mother.

Plenty of happy, successful children grow up with parents who aren’t together.


Kylie Jenner Kongratulates Khloe Kardashian on Giving Birth!

On Thursday, April 12, Khloe Kardashian gave birth to her baby girl. It’s wonderful news in some … complicated circumstances.

Baby sister Kylie had her hands full with her own baby, so she couldn’t witness the birth in person.

But that hasn’t stopped her from giving her big sis a shout-out, despite the chaos.

Although initially it looked like Kylie Jenner would just keep posting but pics despite Khloe’s cheating drama and news that she’d gone into labor, it’s clear that Kylie loves Khloe.

(Of course she does — even at the time, we pointed out that the two of them have always been especially close, despite their age difference)

Kylie obviously couldn’t fly out to see Khloe because she’s a first time mother with a two-month-old baby of her own.

But that does not mean that she doesn’t care.

Kylie has now taken to social media to congratulate Khloe.

Kylie Kongratulates Khloe

Sorry, make that Kongratulate Khloe.

It’s worth noting that this is just the public message.

Do you ever forget to post “happy birthday!” to a significant other or a close friend on social media because you’ve been too busy celebrating their birthday with them, in real life?

It’s important to remember that celebrities can do the same thing.

The social media shout-out is often an afterthought for people who are truly close with each other.

So when you see a celebrity like Kylie posting selfies instead of talking about her sister’s life event, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s heartless. She just … didn’t think to post publicly yet.

Poor Khloe.

(Yes, unlike Wendy Williams, we do feel sorry for her)

Having her first child, at last, is wonderful news.

But there’s a cloud over this happy occasion, and it’s in the shape of a tall, handsome man whose penis has an adventurous spirit.

Just two days before this sweet little girl was born, Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on Khloe.

Multiple photos and videos surfaced, from different months, showing different women.

All during Khloe’s pregnancy.

Remember when Kylie’s pregnancy and circumstances was the scandalous situation?

Kylie was only 19 when she got pregnant, and she’d been dating Travis Scott for maybe a month.

But since the birth of precious little Stormi Webster, we’ve learned that Travis was there for every appointment, every ultrasound.

And he and Kylie take Stormi on walks in her stroller together and seem to be living as a family, despite his career.

In the mean time, Khloe and Tristan seemed like a solid, age-appropriate couple.

Only now, Khloe’s reportedly moving back to California and it’s not even clear if Travis will be part of her life.

There have been reports that Khloe totally forgives Tristan for cheating, but nothing close to confirmation.

Three different news sources came up with three different videos. Tristan seeming to make out with a woman in a bar. Tristan fooling around with two women in a hookah lounge. Tristan taking a woman back to his room.

That’s a lot of evidence, and there might not be enough denial in the world for Khloe to overlook that.

Considering that one woman has come forward and claimed that Tristan impregnated her, these videos may just be the tip of the cheating iceberg.

Khloe deserves better, and we hope that she finds the peace and happiness that she had believed was hers already.

Like Kylie, we congratulate her on the birth of her daughter.


Khloe Kardashian Birth: Actually Captured on Camera!

Let us be clear:

We feel very sorry for Khloe Kardashian.

How can we not, right?

The reality star has seen her entire world shattered, having discovered just one day before giving birth that Tristan Thompson slept with numerous other women while she was pregnant.

Things cannot be easy for Khloe right now.

But here’s the thing.

And this is always the thing when it comes to the Kardashian:

It’s hard to know when real emotions end and scripted emotions begin.

We make this statement because we just learned that E! cameras were on hand when Khloe gave birth early on the morning of April 12.

A Keeping Up with the Kardashians insider has confirmed as much to People Magazine, telling the publication:

Khloe labored with [mom Kris Jenner] yesterday at the hospital. Tristan was there for the birth.

“He has practice today, but will spend as much time at the hospital as possible.”

It’s not news that Thompson was in the room when Khloe gave birth.

Nor is it news that Kim was on hand and, according to her own Twitter account, held Khloe’s legs open for the blessed event.

But it is definitely news that footage of Khloe’s birth will air at some point on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 15.

Odds are strong that Khloe had agreed to this in a contract a long time ago.

It’s safe to assume she had no idea the awful personal twist that would occur the same week she welcomed her first kid into the world.

But still.

A development such as this causes us to wonder just how much of what we’re reading is legitimate and how much is fake.

(For the record, Entertainment Tonight writes that no actual cameramen were in the delivery room; two small cameras were simply installed inside of it.)

Prior to Khloe officially becoming a mother, multiple production sources told ET that E! producers were trying to decide how Thompson’s cheating scandal would play out on television.

They were wondering whether it would become a storyline on future episodes of the show.

Come on, though.

Is there any doubt this will be a major arc whenever the long-running reality show returns?

Months from now, E! commercials will tease the birth and the drama surrounding it as if the whole thing was conjured up by a team of writers.

Which we’re not saying is the case.

We don’t doubt that Thompson really has been cheating on Kardashian and that she is very broken up about it.

But can you blame us for looking at the scandal differently when we know that Khloe and her loved ones will eventually profit from the multiple affairs?

While we ponder this question, we wait for many others to be answered:

What will Khloe name her daughter?

Will she forgive Tristan?

Will she raise the child in Cleveland or Los Angeles?

Will the Cavaliers make it back to the NBA Finals?

Will Lamar Odom make a play for his ex-wife?

Darn it. Now we sound like TV producers previewing what’s to come, don’t we?