Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 14 Recap: Kelsey’s Reality Bites

Maybe Kelsey Owens and Madisson Hausburg should just move to New York City on a permanent basis. 

Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 14 took the two women to the Big Apple, and it gave us our biggest showcase of the drama this show can bring without coming across as a convoluted mess. 

Kelsey was trying to recapture her former glory and become a runway model again, but she never got the memo that a four-year career hiatus can be detrimental. 

The first meeting was awkward. The men burst out laughing at Kelsey’s aspirations of making it back onto the runway. It was a disgusting insight into the world of modeling. 

We’re surprised Kelsey did not make her way back to Florida in the aftermath of that first meeting. She showed she had some resilience and continued her mission to return to the world of modeling. 

However, Kelsey’s issue was that she was using old shots mixed in with new ones, and her body had changed. She was 16-years-old in the original shots. 

That was a big flaw in Kelsey’s plan to take over the world, and it cost her another job as a swimwear model. However, things looked up when she stopped by the offices of Wilhelmina. 

Betsy was the first person to sit Kelsey down and reiterate to her that her body had changed and that she needed to carve out a different way back into the industry. 

Kelsey agreed to go the more commercial route, and all seemed right in the world. All of the New York scenes with Kelsey felt like they were taken from The City. 

They were great! 

It’s just a shame Madisson was along for the ride. Unbeknownst to her, her relationship with Brandon was combusting. 

Brandon was performing at Rhythm and started getting closer to Canvas before the big performance. But, in a hilarious twist of fate, he left with another chick entirely. 

Yes, he also spent the night. Chloe witnessed him leaving, so we’re sure she sent Madisson a message in a bottle to let her know all. 

Elsewhere, Juliette returned to town and tried to tell Garrett that she didn’t think they were working, and Garrett agreed. 

He stormed off and left her on the beach after telling her he had no feelings for her whatsoever. Juliette deserved it after the way she acted towards him. 

The relationship was never built on a solid foundation, and that was solidified by the way she ran back to Alex because she could not be without a boyfriend. 


These kids are as self-destructive as they come, and that’s going to get them all in trouble. 

How long will it be before Kelsey and Madisson move to New York full-time? 

What did you think of the episode?

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American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: Another One Bites the Dust

It was back to the 2016 Presidential Election on American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 10

When the episode got underway, we picked up with a flashback that took us to the final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. 

That was the night Kai realized he wanted world domination and he was going to find a way to make it happen … even if it meant killing multiple people to get there. 

Kai went at it with one of Winter’s friends because of their differing views about Americans. He smacked the chick in the face, and that’s how he found himself in anger management.

This meeting helped connect the dots somewhat when it emerged that the coach was Bebe Babbitt. She was the woman who tried to reel the women in a few weeks back, but it was revealed she was working with Kai. 

She seemed to think that Kai needed to know his true purpose in the world was to give up his own life to help all American women have their way. 

“The women of the world are waiting for you, legs spread, on their backs,” she told him. “Impregnate them! Help them give birth to their rage!”

Back in the present, a protestor hit Kai in the face at one of his political rallies, so it was up there with the other crazy ones that have occurred this season. 

Kai then told his cult about Charles Manson, and noted that he “wasn’t thinking big enough.” Kai then took his latest propaganda to Planned Parenthood, and everyone stabbed the man working there. 

As if that was not bad enough, they wrote: “Stop the Slaughter” on the door. From then on, it became apparent to Kai that someone from the cult was about to try and take him down. 

Bebe visited him to find out what he was going to do now that he’s gone off course. 

“You really thought I was going to drown myself in female rage?” he asked.

“You thought I’d die for some dead bitch’s cause? … Women can’t run things. They’re too emotional, too irrational. … Women need to be grabbed by their p–s and led, preferably into the kitchen to make me a sandwich.”

Ally appeared with a gun and took Bebe right out of the equation. Yes, we’re still surprised at how crazy Ally has become. For Ally, her revenge plan was not over. 

She made it look like Winter was recording conversations with Kai and that meant Kai thought his sister could be the one ready to jump ship. 

Kai murdered Winter, and it solidified the fact that Kai and Ally are a match made in heaven. What will they do next?!

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Dancing with the Stars Recap: Another One Bites the Dust

The movies are a wonderful place with many different genres, and that translates quite well to the ballroom on Dancing with the Stars. 

With nine performances, did Nick finally get the boot?

Let’s break down the performance.

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev – Argentine Tango – “Dernière Danse” by Indila (Foreign Films)

Tackling the foreign films genre for this routine was always going to be difficult, but there was something about this performance that was just so electric. 

The pair knew their moves because they did a lot of rehearsal. They knew this was a difficult time to be in the competition and the result was a solid performance that proved they are a force to be reckoned with. 

Score: 36/40

Drew Scott and Emma Slater – Paso Doblé – “Legend” by The Score (Action Movies)

The couple was in a good mindset because they managed to secure a nine during last week’s performance. But, their performance this week seemed a little on the dull side. 

It was not terrible, but there were some moments they lost their timing, and that made the whole thing look messy.

Score: 30/40

Nick Lachey and Peta Murgatroyd – Samba – “Wild, Wild West” by Dru Hill, Will Smith, and Kool Mo Dee (Westerns)

Nick has been one of the weaker performers over the last few weeks, so it makes sense that his performance with Peta is all over the place. 

It’s becoming ever more apparent that his brother Drew is the best dancer in the family. The judges picked up on the multitude of flaws with the performance, and we have to agree with them. 

Score: 26/40

Victoria Arlen and Val Chmerkovskiy – Paso Doblé – “We Will Rock You” by Queen (Sports Movies)

This was another rock-solid performance, but there were a few minor niggles. Victoria needs to gain control of her arms when she’s performing. It does not look good when Val is hitting all the right moves, and her arms are all over the place. 

Aside from that, and minor timing issues, the couple should be safe for another few weeks yet. 

Score: 31/40

Terrell Owens and Cheryl Burke – Jive – “Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man (Spy Movies)

Terrell and Cheryl have been improving every single week, and that’s what the judges look for. The choreography was strong, and the timing was on point. 

Their costumes were visually stunning so they may have some life in the competition yet. 

Score: 37/40

Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson – Jazz – “Holly Rock” by Sheila E. (Animation)

Frankie emerged as an early favorite due to his already polished dancing skills, but he has faltered as we approach the midway point of the season. 

There were a string of missteps, and that’s not a good thing when the others are going from strength-to-strength. 

Score: 31/40

Vanessa Lachey and Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Quickstep – “Let’s Be Bad” from Smash (Musicals) 

Unlike Nick, Vanessa is a wonderful dancer. Despite some controversy, she and Maks are great together, and they wanted to improve on the scores of the previous weeks. 

With well-choreographed performance that was one of the best of the night, they accomplished that goal. 

Score: 36/40

Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold – Rumba – “Supermarket Flowers” by Ed Sheeran (Drama)

The competition is Jordan’s to win at this stage. Yes, he has had a lot of experience in the world of dancing, but he is killing it every single week. 

His latest performance with Lindsay was up there as one of their best yet. They know what the judges want, and they continue to deliver it. 

Score: 39/40

Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas – Argentine Tango – “Human” by Sevdaliza (Sci-Fi)

Lindsay and Mark stunned viewers with the best performance of the entire season. The science-fiction-themed number was full of brilliant moments. 

The judges were shocked, but glad about the beautiful performance, and gave them a perfect score. 

Score: 40/40

The bottom three couples for the evening were Victoria and Val, Terrell and Cheryl, and Nick and Peta.

In one of the least surprising moves of the season, Nick and Peta were sent packing. It was about time. There’s only so long you can coast by while the better competitors are being sent home. 


The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 6 Recap: Another One Bites The Dust

Wow, you guys. Is it safe to assume that absolutely no one is safe on this show?

On The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 6, the race was on to save Josie and Lizze from Seline, but just how far were Caroline and Alaric willing to go in order to save their kids?

Well, Caroline called off her engagement and told Stefan she did not want him anywhere near the mission. 

The reason?

She didn’t want him there because he could prove to be a liability if it came to killing Damon, and Caroline made it crystal clear she was killing Damon if the opportunity popped up. 

Then there was Alaric, who was a little too hard on Stefan because of what his brother done. I mean, I get they were both pissed with Damon, but he and Stefan are the polar opposite. 

They may be brothers, but they could not be more different from each other. 

As the police continued their investigation into what happened to the twins, Seline met up with Sybil and Damon. Seline revealed her master plan and the news that she was going to atone for what she did to Sybil on the island. 

Sybil could not help but think Sybil was only saying it to get away from her because of the 100 years of misery she went through. 

Seline tried to offer the twins to Cade in return for her and Sybil being free. However, Sybil had another plan up her sleeve and it involved Stefan. 

Somehow, one or both of the Salvatore brothers are always on tap to hang around with the latest evils in town. When Stefan showed up to save the day, he managed to save the kids and return them to their parents. 

It’s good when things end on a happy note. Right?

Well, things are NEVER happy on this show. Just as Caroline was calling the engagement back on and apologizing, Stefan dropped the bomb that he had signed up for an eternity of misery with Cade to save the twins. 

This meant he would be leaving after 24 hours of freedom. Caroline was super pissed because she had just sent the twins away with Alaric because they had to be safe. 

Alaric and Matt joined forces to rid Mystic Falls of Damon Salvatore, so they murdered him. Yes, you guys, Damon Salvatore is DEAD

Well, for now, at least. The CW’s promo that aired right after the big death confirmed he was very much alive, so it ruined whatever suspense the show still had. 

The episode definitely succeeded in upping the action, but the characters are getting a little too annoying for my liking. Take Enzo, for example. He seemed out of the woods and now he’s in deeper than ever before with Sybil. 

It’s time for Bonnie to get her magic back and find a loop hole to save this mess before it ends with a terrible finale. This show has been on the air for 8 years. 

The fans deserve an ending that celebrates the previous seasons. Thus far, it’s been full of back and forth with the new villains and it’s tiring. 

If you watch The Vampire Diaries online, you’ll know the show was one of the best shows on TV at one point, so it sucks to see it go out this way. 

What did you think of the episode?

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