Duggar Family Courtship Questionnaire: Revealed! Bizarre!

One of the most heavily-scrutinized aspects of life in the Duggar clan is the courtship process by which young people find suitable spouses.

Casual dating, premarital sex, and divorce are all forbidden in the Duggars' world, so there's a lot riding on every courtship.

Despite all that, the process moves fast — very fast.

Often, Duggars get engaged just a few weeks after they begin courting, and they're married a few weeks after that.

So perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that the family has its mate selection protocol down to a science.

Thanks to the folks over at Free Jinger, as of today, we know more about the process than ever before, and as you might expect, the whole thing is intensely creepy.

Without further ado, here are some of the more bizarre highlights from the list of 423 questions (!!!) that are presented to potential Duggar suitors.

It's believed that both male and female courtship partners are forced to fill out the questionnaire, and of course, the responses are reviewed by Jim Bob himself:

1. Do you ever seek advice from others?

Jinger duggar vuolo and jeremy vuolo
This is the very first question in the very first section, entitled “Life Influences”. If your answer is anything other than “the lord and savior JC,” ya best just keep it moving.

2. Who were your role models and heroes? For what reasons?

Joy anna duggar and austin forsyth on counting on
We’re still under the “Life Influences” heading here. Again, if you’re answer doesn’t start wth “J” and end wth “-esus of Nazareth,” then don’t let the door hit you.

3. You are the result of the influence of which people?

Josiah duggar and lauren swanson image
Is it us, or is this just a weird way of repeating the previous question? The list is 423 questions long, JB, maybe you could trim the fat a little.

4. What personality traits and/or strengths do you see in women/men you know that you would desire for your wife/husband to possess?

Jessa duggar pregnant pic
This one provides a great opportunity to troll Jim Bob with an answer like “the ability to shotgun a 12-pack of Bud Light Limes on a nude beach in San Tropez.”

5. What do you read?

Jana duggar smirk
Obviously, this is 100 percent a trap question. The Bible is the only answer that won’t have you cast out like Satan himself. Feel free to answer “the Harry Potter series” if you want to see steam shoot from a grown man’s ears.

6. Would you be willing to die for Christ? If you’re not dying daily, how can you be so sure you would then?

Duggar sisters counting on
Now we’re in the “Spiritual Life” section, and we think it’s safe to say things will be getting a lot more abstract from here on out. It’s okay to encourage your spouse to engage in a certain activity every day, but it should be something like making homemade mac and cheese … not, ya know, dying.

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Derick Dillard Trolls Universe with Bizarre Pro-Life Tweets

As Counting On fans know, Jill Duggar’s husband Derick Dillard loves to use social media as a platform to troll pretty much everyone.

His latest missive was certainly no exception.

Yes, the man who calls out transgender teens and regularly comes up with new ways to scam fans for money still doesn’t know when to quit.

Derick, who was fired by TLC in late 2017, isn’t letting that slow him down – if anything, he seems more emboldened than ever.

Never one to back down from his views or defending them, the father of two has become downright antagonistic on Twitter of late.

On Friday, the staunchly pro-life Arkansan shared an article about a pro-life bill in Iowa that would ban abortion very early in pregnancy.

This state law would prohibit the procedure as soon as an embryo has a detectable heartbeat, and Derick couldn’t be happier about it.

Derick wrote in celebration of this news:

“This is great! Laws country-wide are getting closer to making ALL murder illegal. Progress IS being made. Equality for all!”

Now that is some serious trolling.

Twitter users immediately seized on the controversial star’s word choice of “equality,” given his, um, history of intolerance.

Specifically, Derick’s hateful and repeated transphobic comments about Jazz Jennings, which led to his firing from TLC.

“Hypocrisy at its finest,” one fan wrote.

The fan continued with this question:

“I’m wondering … does ‘equality for all!’ include transgender people, Derick? Just curious where your ‘for ALL’ line is drawn.”

Another Twitter responded that abortions should not be illegal because this could claim lives, not save them as Derick posits.

Terminating a pregnancy could save the life of the mother in certain situations, and banning the practice could be fatal to the mother.

His confusing response to that?

“What about all the people in this world who rely on somebody else to live??” Derick shot back. “Should we just kill all those people??!”

Other irate fans noted that Derick is a man, and thus is in no position to talk about abortions and female reproductive rights.

Not only that, but someone told him:

“You were literally a virgin up until about [two years] ago. Pretty sure your opinion about my uterus and my body is a moot point!!!!!”

Derick, of course, subscribes the well-documented Duggar family doctrine of chaperoned dates and side-hugging before marriage. 

Der Tweet

Dillard married Jill in June 2014, so he’s been boning for almost four years if you want to get technical, but the fan’s point was made.

In response, Derick … tried to invoke religion to try to establish some correlation between one’s virginity and ability to form an opinion.

Yeah, we’re as confused as you are. He wrote:

“Pretty sure Jesus Christ was a virgin his whole life, and the western world bases its calendar system on the man’s life.”

“And while we’re talking about moot points.”

Derick’s endgame is a mystery. It’s hard to understand what he’s going for with his scorched earth social media campaign. 

If Dillard’s goal is to make headlines and remain relevant by burning every remaining bridge he can find, then well done sir.

Well done.


Farrah Abraham Slams Kailyn Lowry, Spencer Pratt In Bizarre Meltdown!

One never knows what to expect from Farrah Abraham.

In fact, it often seems as though Farrah herself is thoroughly surprised by the things that come out of her mouth.

Like certain White House residents, there seems to be no rhyme or reason for Farrah’s behavior.

For example, why would she return to the world of sex work against her bosses’ wishes when she clearly doesn’t need the money?

Why would she bite the hand that feeds her by telling the whole world that she’d been fired from Teen Mom OG before the decision was even final?

And why would she now make her situation even worse by publicly attacking her co-stars, her producers, hell – even stars from other reality shows?!

We’d say only Farrah knows the answer to that question, but we highly doubt she has any idea.

A recent episode of Teen Mom OG showed Farrah flipping out on a producer for failing to inform her that her mother was waiting in a car parked outside her home.

Many fans pointed out that the producers are not Farrah’s personal assistants, and she responded with one of her social media tirades that only fully makes sense if you’re fluent in Farrah-ese:

“Fake as producing grow up and stop acting like hating on a single mother and sabotaging her life is ok because your jealous,” she wrote.

And if you think she was done there, you don’t know Farrah.

This is a woman who previously accused Teen Mom of forcing women to get pregnant and using child labor.

So it’s not surprising that she went after her former bosses even harder in round 2:

“The Lieing idiot ‘producers’ out themselves how f-cking stupid can you be!” Farrah wrote on Instagram.

“@TeenMom @MTV Like this fake scene about me from people I fired as these “producers” slander & fake lies and scenes to be around a real celebrity & epic fail @MTV @viacom Not legal, discrimination!”

Taking after her idol and possible future sugar daddy Donald Trump, Farrah then declared victory in a non-existent war:

“Moved on from this show ..never fired enjoy MTV lies their jealous and the networks shows suck #FarrahWins Viacom uses teen moms, mistreats kids.”

Later that same night, MTV aired a Teen Mom OG after-show, with Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and noted crystal enthusiast Spencer Pratt as guests:

Spencer pointed out that Farrah mistakenly believes herself to be a “superstar,” and Kailyn reminded viewers that Farrah has always been awful:

“I can’t imagine on my worst day talking to someone the way that I heard her talk,” Lowry said.

“I mean, I think that’s just who Farrah is, if we’re being honest,” Kail added.

“The first time I ever met Farrah, she was, like, snapping at a driver saying ‘ándale,’ like, you don’t treat people like that.”

Pratt then joked that he should be the one to replace Farrah after her tenure on the show finally comes to an end.

Naturally, Farrah was tuned in.

And of course, she had something to say about the interview:

“IM DONE with all the horrible mothers who don’t do shit but act like hateful zombies for production @Viacom @mtv @teenmom & @spencerpratt needy!” she tweeted.

She then zeroed in on Pratt, who recently became a father:

“I feel sorry for your wife & child don’t spew lies about a single mother who is a dad & a mother #AfterShow Joke #fatherfailure already,” Farrah concluded.

When Pratt pointed out that he actually didn’t make any disparaging comments about Farrah, an incredible thing happened:

She actually apologized, stated that she looks forward to seeing him in LA … and added a Celebrity Big Brother hashtag.

Folks, 2018 might soon get even more absurd.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more of Farrah’s insanity.


Farrah Abraham vs. Courtland Rogers: Bizarre Teen Mom Feud Alert!

There have been many epic feuds in the long and storied history of the Teen Mom franchise:

Jenelle Evans vs. Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans vs. Nathan Griffith, Jenelle Evans vs. common decency – but this latest might be the most unexpected battle yet.

And of course, it involves Jenelle Evans.

This week’s episode of Teen Mom OG included an unexpected pseudo-cameo from Jenelle.

Yes, her awfulness is such that Teen Mom 2 can no longer contain it.

Back in November, Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen got married, and it seems the wedding had quite an unusual guest list.

Longtime TM devotees will remember Courtland Rogers as Jenelle’s ex-boyfriend.

If you’re having trouble remembering him, Courtland was the heroin addict who went to prison.

Fortunately, these days, it seems Courtland has turned his life around.

He’s out of jail; he’s sober, and he’s BFFs with Debra.

Okay, BFFs might be a bit of an exaggeration, but for some reason, Courtland was invited to Deb’s wedding.

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Farrah learned that her mother had invited Courtland to her wedding 

 “When we got back from Italy, Jenelle from Teen Mom 2 reached out and told me that one of her exes is invited to my mom’s wedding,” Farrah says to her father, Michael Abraham.

“She for some reason texted me that Courtland is going to my mom’s wedding.”

Farrah adds:

“But she was like, ‘Courtland is a criminal, this, this, this, and this.’”

“Jenelle obviously feels that there’s an issue there, that’s why she contacted you,” Michael says. 

“I mean, your mom has a sweepstakes, is going to invite fans, blah blah-blah blah-blah.” 

Michael then pointed out that Farrah’s co-star, Amber Portwood, was also invited to the wedding, which is more than a bit strange, considering Farrah and Amber fought during the taping of a Teen Mom OG reunion show.

Farrah responded with some Farrah-style word salad about how Deb sucks, and she sympathizes with Courtland, but he also sucks.

“I think that’s pathetic,” Farrah concludes. 

“And that’s not what a wedding’s about. I mean, honestly whatever she wants her wedding to be — which is a three-ring circus — I’ll send a clown, but, like, I’m not going to be there or my daughter. And I don’t want to be around anyone who is an issue.”

Farrah adds:

“I’m not even a criminal, but I have people who try to condemn me or make me out to be a bad person every day, so if anyone understands, it’s me, but and now, from what Jenelle is telling me, horrible — horribleness, I don’t think that person’s changed and I still think she’s in denial about that.”

Yeah, as usual, we’re not really sure what she’s trying to say.

Later in the episode, Farrah calls Deb to confront her about her decision to invite Courtland.

“You know what? Anybody who has to call other people criminals are nothing but afraid of facing reality that everybody sins,” a combative Deb argues.

“So mom, why don’t you shut up so you can un-confuse your brain?” Farrah replies, unexpectedly dropping another classically dumb quote on viewers.

From there, Farrah points out that it’s weird Deb invited Courtland but not Jenelle.

At this point, our minds are blown because it’s a conversation between Farrah and Deb in which both parties actually make good points.

Next thing you know, Jenelle will enter anger management.

Watch Teen Mom OG online to witness the cross-over insanity for yourself.


Kim Kardashian Baby Name: Revealed! Bizarre!

As you’ve likely heard by now, Kim Kardashian welcomed her third child this week.

The baby girl was delivered via surrogate early Monday morning, and as with their first two children, Kim and Kanye have been very selective about what details they choose to share with the public.

Rumors about the child’s name have been circulating on social media non-stop, but now we finally know what moniker the Wests have chosen–and it’s their strangest one yet.

Yes, Kim and Kanye have always preferred eccentric names for their children, as evidenced by daughter North and son Saint.

But we don’t think anyone could have predicted a handle quite as unusual as–drumroll please–Chicago West.

Yes, the little girl will go through life with the name of Chicago West.

(If she has a middle name, it’s currently being kept private.)

The announcement was made on Kim’s subscription-based app just moments ago.

We suppose it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Chicago Sign

After all, the couple clearly has a fondness for names that sound like they were suggested by Rand McNally.

According to TMZ, little Chicago will go by the nickname Chi (pronounced “shy”).

Obviously, the decision was made as a tribute to Kanye’s hometown.

Chi was born in Los Angeles, of course, but it seems her parents don’t want her to forget that the world is bigger than ultra-posh Calabasas.

Of course, it’s a lot of pressure being named after such a rough-and-tumble city, and young Chi (great rape name, btw) will have to pub in some serious effort if she wants to live up to her name.

She’ll have to grow up with a healthy reverence for Oprah and Obama, as well as a persistent sense of insecurity about the Cubs.

(Fun fact: Did you know Chi West wasn’t even alive the last time the Cubs won a World Series?!?!)

She’ll need strong opinions about deep dish pizza, ketchup on hot dogs, and the importance of public transportation.

When the time comes to choose a career, she may want consider becoming a corrupt politician.

We kid Chicago because we love it, of course.

And we love the Wests for once again delivering a baby name that no one could’ve predicted.

Mazel tov to one of the world’s most consistently compelling families!


Duggars Hide Joy-Anna’s Baby Bump, Put Josh on Display in Bizarre Christmas Photo

It’s no surprise that the Duggar family loves Christmas.

Of course, they don’t celebrate the holiday the way that most Americans do.

As with just about everything else they do, the Duggars keep the focus on their religious beliefs, eschewing customary traditions and designing their festivities as a “birthday party for Jesus.”

But while they’ve been vocal in their criticism of the consumerism that they feel distracts from the religious significance of the season, the Duggars allow for some traditional celebrations.

They exchange gifts, enjoy a big family meal, and pose for an annual Christmas photo.

Of course, that last part doesn’t necessarily take place during the Christmas season.

As you can see in the photo below, it looks as though the Duggars posed for their yearly pic in the warmer months.

Aside from the weather, there are other indications that the photo is not a very recent one.

Josh and Anna Duggar welcomed a fifth child back in September, and as many fans have pointed out, the baby is nowhere to be seen in this year’s Christmas photo.

Of course, most of the fans who posted Josh-related comments were less concerned about the absence of his youngest child and more angry with the fact that he was included in the photo at all.

In the immediate wake of the Josh Duggar sex scandals, the disgraced former lobbyist was seldom seen on his family’s social media pages.

These days, he makes frequent appearances on the Duggar’s official Facebook, and many are concerned that that’s a sign of what’s to come.

But not everyone who dissected the movie under a magnifying glass took issue with the inclusion of Josh.

No, some focused on Joy-Anna Duggar and the way she’s positioned in the shot.

As you’ve likely heard by now Joy-Anna is pregnant with her first child, and there’s some debate as to how far along she is.

Joy says she got pregnant on her honeymoon, but many believe she actually got knocked up prior to marrying Austin Forsyth back in May.

If that’s the case, it would mean that Joy and Austin violated the Duggar’s famous rules of courtship.

The family’s efforts to remove Joy from the public eye and hide her baby bump in photos has only fueled speculation that the 20-year-old newlywed is misleading fans.

And then there’s the matter of Derick Dillard.

Dillard was recently fired by TLC after launching a homophoboic tirade against fellow network star Jazz Jennings on Twitter.

Many feel that Derick should be removed not only from the show, but from all Duggar-related media.

Clearly, the Duggars themselves disagree.

Yes, these days the Duggars can’t even post a Christmas photo without sparking numerous debates on social media.

It’s all in a day’s work for the ultra-conservative clan.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Joe Jackson Posts Bizarre Video Message to Blanket Jackson

It's been a tumultuous few weeks in the life of Blanket Jackson.

The youngest son of Michael Jackson lost his primary guardian when his grandmother, Katherine Jackson, declared that she was physically unable to continue caring for him.

Fortunately, the situation was resolved quickly, and Blanket is currently under the care of his uncle T.J. Jackson.

But fans and loved ones remain concerned for the 15-year-old whose young life has sadly been characterized by tragedy and instability.

One of the concerned parties is Blanket's controversial grandfather, Joe Jackson.

Joe typically keeps a low profile these days, but he emerged on Twitter last night to post a photo of Blanket, as well as a video message for his grandson.

“Hello, Blanket! This is Joe Jackson,” the 89-year-old says in the clip below.

“Your health is… I don’t know what. You’re like your father. Now I understand why your father had you wear masks all the time ’cause news people was bothering him so much."

Jackson adds:

"I want you to stay healthy and stay off those bikes. Don’t ride, now. But anyway, tell your brothers I said hello and stay clean and healthy."

That portion of the video left some fans confused, as it was Prince Jackson who suffered a motorcycle accident last week, and his Blanket has only one brother and one sister, Paris Jackson.

Obviously, Joe can be forgiven for being a bit disoriented as he approaches the age of 90.

But while Jackson doesn't seem to be particularly worried in the clip, his remarks about Blanket's health have prompted concern amongst fans.

Watch Joe's video message below:

Joe jackson posts bizarre video message to blanket jackson

Amber Portwood Reveals Bizarre, Troubling Details of Her Pregnancy

Amber Portwood is really, truly pregnant with her second child

It looks like we’re really doing this thing.

The whole thing is just so confusing, because Amber’s always made it clear that she didn’t plan on having more children.

She’s said that the medication she takes for her mental illnesses would make it impossible for her to have a healthy pregnancy, because of the side effects the fetus would suffer.

And also because it simply wouldn’t be a good idea for her to be off those meds for nine months.

On top of that, she said all the way back on her 16 and Pregnant episode that she never planned on being a mother at all, so there’s that.

But at this point, it doesn’t really matter what she said or what she planned on, because she’s pregnant with this dude she’s only known for a few months and that’s just the way it is.

Like we said, we’re really doing this thing.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Amber gives all sorts of details about her pregnancy: how far along she is, what she’s been craving, how father-to-be Andrew Glennon is dealing with it all.

She even addresses the issue of her medication — turns out she just stopped taking it a few months ago.

To be more specific, she stopped taking it a few months ago when she broke up with Matt Baier, to see if her issues stemmed from mental illness or being so closely involved with a great big douchebag.

“I wanted to see if I was just unhappy because of the things that were going on in my life,” she explains. “I needed to see where I was in my head and it’s a beautiful thing because I just feel better.”

“I feel happier and not so depressed.”

It’s worth mentioning that Amber’s said she suffers from borderline personality disorder and that she’s also bipolar — it’s not exactly a situation in which she may have felt depressed because of a bad relationship.

It’s also notable that with this timeline, she stopped taking her meds right around the same time that she started posting those truly bizarre Instagram videos in the middle of the night.

But sure, this is fine. This is all fine.

Amber admits that “When I first found out I was a little scared,” which is obviously totally natural.

“I don’t know what to expect,” she adds. “Having a new baby is new likes, new wants, new needs, so it’s very nerve-racking.”

About telling her family, she says “I was nervous. Obviously it’s non-traditional. Usually parents want you to be married first and things like that.”

“But you know me, if I didn’t do things the way I did, I wouldn’t be me.”

Too true.

As for Andrew, he of the multiple restraining orders, Amber says that he’s “very excited” and that he’s “already thinking about the future.”

“He’s already talking about reading baby books,” she says.

He’s not reading them yet, but he is talking about reading them. So.

“I’m very blessed,” she says, “and just happy that we’re starting this journey together, and can’t wait to see where we’ll be in a year, so I’m very excited.”

She’s two months along right now, so in a year she and Andrew will have about a five-month-old baby. How weird is that?

Speaking of weird things, Amber is already having some pretty wacky cravings: for example, she’s been eating sandwiches containing peanut butter, cheese, crackers, and pickles.

“Some people are probably going to be like, ‘ewww,'” she acknowledges. “But when I first found out I was pregnant, I really had a craving for that.”

“My brother made it up when we were young. It’s probably the weirdest craving I’ve had. That and chocolate milk.”

But don’t think she’s out there in Indiana, shoveling peanut butter, cheese, and pickle sandwiches in her mouth — she says that “Andrew is very adamant on making sure that I’m eating nothing but fruits, veggies, meats and organic foods.”

Sure, eating healthy foods is a great thing to do, especially during pregnancy, but when you combine that controlling little tidbit with the rest of Andrew’s history, it sounds a little like a red flag, right?

Not that it matters. Amber’s in way too deep now to run.

On a sweeter note, she says that while she’ll be “happy with whatever,” she’s hoping for a boy this time around — and so is her daughter, Leah.

“But I swear, to me, it’s a joy having a baby at all,” she adds.

We really, really hope that’s the case, and that Amber turns out to be a wonderful mother this time around, happy and healthy and just 100% good.

We’re not going to hold our breath though.