Blac Chyna Cries Her Eyes Out on Instagram

In a new Instagram video, Blac Chyna appears to be crying out for help.


The reality star and occasional sex tape participant shared the footage below this week, causing many followers to be both confused and concerned over her actions.

And we can understand why.

In the following video, Chyna remains silent, but the waterworks flow freely and clearly out of her eye sockets.

She mouths along to the track "Fade Away" by Logic, which isn't exactly an uplifting single.

Just consider a few of these lyrics from the song:

This life, yeah, it done ate away, hard times never stayed away/But one thing I know day to day, I’mma do somethin' 'fore I fade away…

Fade away, fade away/They gon’ know my name until it fade away.

Why might Chyna be so sad at the moment?

We're just a couple weeks removed from yet another sex tape scandal, as there's footage out there of Blac giving a blow job to an ex-lover named Mechie.

That's gotta be pretty embarrassing for her.

"Seems like the world is getting to her… gained the world, soul feeling lost,” one commenter wrote, while another fan added:

“she a human just like the rest of us, she has feelings too."

It's true.

And even though Chyna is now dating a virile 18-year old, she has been through A LOT over the past several months.

Remember that whole revenge porn thing? We can't blame Chyna if she's still struggling with that incident.

Whatever is going on, we do send Blac our best. We never want to see any celebrity looking this depressed.

Check out the following video to see what we mean:

Blac chyna cries her eyes out on instagram

Blac Chyna is Now Dating an 18-Year Old

Blac Chyna has a new man in her life.

Well, sort of.

Some might more accurately say that Blac Chyna has a new very YOUNG man in her life.

The infamous sex tape star and reality star was caught on camera by TMZ last night, looking very comfortable and awfully cozy with some rapper named YBN Almighty Jay.

We’re guessing that isn’t his real name.

But we can confirm that this is his real age: 18.

Chyna, who is 29 years old, told the aforementioned celebrity gossip website that she and YBN Almighty Jay are “like, dating.”

So not only is Blac now banging a teenager, she’s apparently talking like one as well.

This sighting marks the second time that Chyna and YBN were spotted out in public, having gone bowling as a quasi couple just a few days ago.

The mother of two, of course, recently made headlines for a different time she slept with a different random rapper.

The ex-fiance of Rob Kardashian dated some dude named Mechie last July, only doing him for a few weeks overall…

… but that was enough time evidently for Chyna and Mechie to film an oral sex tape together.

Footage of Chyna giving Mechie a blow job exists on the Internet (you can search for it yourself, if you dare), although it remains unclear just who released this video.

Mechie says it wasn’t him.

Chyna says it wasn’t her.

We say one of these two if likely not telling the truth.

Blac Chyna’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, says the controversial star has been the target of mean and unfair threats that have piled on top of the embarrassment she suffered at the hands of this latest sex tape.

“The vast majority of adults are sexually active,” Bloom told, adding:

“Only women are shamed for it. Posting a video of a woman engaged in a sex act is designed to humiliate her, and it does. It also draws out haters eager to find something new to hate about.”

She concludes:

“My client Chyna is a young single mom who has always supported herself in legal occupations, including as a model, social media influencer and brand ambassador.

“She has lost jobs as a result of this most recent revenge porn incident, as brands do not want to be associated with her, even though what she was doing in the photo was a normal, consensual, adult activity.

“It sickens me to read the online hate directed at her. Trolls should grow a conscience, and a heart.”

That’s pretty well said, actually.

But it’s nice to see that Chyna isn’t letting this scandal get in the way of her love life.