Blac Chyna Extends Olive Branch to the Kardashians, Invites Them to Dream’s Birthday Party

Blac Chyna may have had her fair share of beef with Rob Kardashian and the rest of his family, but it sounds like she’s ready to grow up and let bygones be bygones … at least, according to Radar Online. 

She invited Rob and his mom and sisters to a party she is throwing for Dream,” a tipster dished to the gossip site. 

“She would love for all of them to come and celebrate Dream’s birthday together.”

In all honesty, that’s hardly believable when you consider the sheer amount of drama that’s gone on between her and the family. Her relationship with Rob has been the subject of much media attention. 

“Dream is the most important thing to both Rob and Chyna and if they could be nice for just one day that would be great,” the source continued.

There’s been revenge porn, name-calling, and the whole family getting involved in the fiery feud. It was all a little exhausting to keep up with because every time it seemed like Chyna and Rob were done, they got back together. 

Their relationship was not built on a solid foundation, and that’s part of the reason why it failed. They seemed far too enamored with the various opportunities afforded to them to make money because of their konnections. 

Things came to a head when Rob thought it was okay to share explicit pictures of Chyna in the aftermath of yet another traumatic split for the couple. He immediately felt the ire of the internet and Chyna after it was classed as revenge porn. 

Chyna aimed at the whole family just a few weeks ago when it emerged that she was suing the entire Kardashian Klan, claiming that they came up with an elaborate plan to urge E! Network to cancel Rob & Chyna. 

That’s the show she once co-starred in with Rob. While the ratings were decent enough, Rob apparently refused to film for much of the show’s run, and it made things difficult for the editors to construct much of a narrative. 

Chyna’s big argument is that the family felt the show was damaging its already watered down brand, and that’s why they made it their mission to sink the second season. 

But, it remains to be seen whether the Kardashians will put their beef with the wannabe aside to allow everyone to be in the presence of Dream on her birthday. 

While it’s not difficult to imagine there being some sort of shade throwing at the event, we’re inclined to believe that Dream will be showered with luxurious gifts from her wealthy family members. 

Maybe that thought crossed Chyna’s mind when she decided to invite them.

There’s also the possibility that it would mean the Keeping Up with the Kardashian cameras could be headed to the party, and Chyna would likely find a way to steal the limelight to create a big drama to make E! reconsider giving her another shot at reality TV fame. 

What do you think about all of this? 

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Kris Jenner: I’m Stalking Blac Chyna!

Kris Jenner started raising children long before “helicopter parenting” was a common expression, so in a sense, she’s a real trailblazer.

Kris was controlling every aspect of her kids’ lives before it was popular, and she’s showing no signs of letting up now that they’re adults.

Obviously, Kris still micro-manages every aspect of her kids’ careers, but her influence doesn’t stop at sex tapes and Fit Tea endorsement deals.

No, Kris is very much involved in her kids’ personal lives, too, and these days that means attending to main responsibilities:

Seeing that Kylie’s pregnancy goes smoothly, and keeping up her lifelong efforts to ensure Rob doesn’t completely go off the rails.

As you’ve probably heard, Rob’s breakup with Blac Chyna wasn’t exactly an amicable affair.

And by that, we mean Rob posted nude photos of Chyna without her consent and stalked and harassed her to the point that she was forced to file for a restraining order.

You’d think the fact that Chyna has taken legal action to distance herself from the Kards would send a message that the whole family should just back off.

Unfortunately, Kris and company are too pissed off to take the hint, likely as a result of the fact that Blac is suing the entire Kardashian family, while simultaneously fighting for sole custody of daughter Dream.

So the fact that Kris has allegedly hired a private investigator to tail Chyna and offer reports on her behavior really doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

“They want vengeance not because Chyna hurt Rob but because she insulted the family and dragged their name through the mud,” a source close to the situation tells Star magazine.

“They’ve got the inside track of what Chyna’s doing 24/7 and won’t rest until they see Chyna go down in flames,” the insider adds.

It may seem excessive, but the thing is, it’s not enough for the Kards to beat Chyna in court.

As it is, their victory is pretty much guaranteed.

(Let’s not forget that this is the family that first rose to prominence for its role in getting freakin’ OJ acquitted. They know good lawyers.)

No, Kris’ goal at this point is to keep this thing from ever going to trial.

She’s got Blac in the position where if she does anything remotely embarrassing in the next few months, she’ll leave herself vulnerable to being blackmailed.

And this, folks, is one of the many reasons you don’t mess with Mama Kris.