United Airlines Shrugs at Perv Going to Town on Himself Under Blanket

Flying on an airplane is already an unpleasant enough experience. You’re rocketing through the clouds in an overcrowded tube.

One woman says that she awoke to find the man beside her masturbating beneath the blanket.

To make matters worse, she says that United took a month and a half to respond to her complaint — and that their response was an insult.

Genevieve FP 01

Her post begins with “*Trigger Warning*”

That is a great reminder that, though the term has been mocked into near-disuse by douchecanoes on the internet, “trigger warning” is a useful warning for people who aren’t eager to relive the worst moments of their lives.

“On June 4th I was on a #unitedairlines flight from Heathrow to Chicago,” her post explains.

“On this flight,” she continues. “The man next to me started masturbating.”


Masturbation in and of itself is a very healthy activity. Masturbating in public in front of a captive audience is absolutely disgusting.

airline man blanket photo july 2018

“I woke up,” she describes. “And saw him touching himself under a blanket.”

That sounds like such an unpleasant experience.

“I woke the woman next to me,” she writes. “And got out of there to tell a flight attendant.”

She then says that “the attendants checked and confirmed that he was masturbating in public.”

What a weird job flight attendants have.

“Once I got up the woman next to me saw and she also got up,” she explains. “They gave us new seats.”

Genevieve FP 02

Unfortunately, she says that the flight crew was insensitive about the issue.

“They then started making jokes about the situation,” she says. “Asking ‘what perfume are you wearing’ and excusing him saying ‘he’s had a bit of wine.'”

Obviously, no type of perfume and no amount of alcohol excuses that.

She laments that “no one stopped him.”

“He was allowed to finish,” she writes. And here is where it gets worse.

She alleges that the masturbating passenger did all of this “with a child sitting closely by.”

united airlines reply july 2018

“After exiting the plane first to talk to security,” she writes. “The security guard asked me if I’d like an apology from the offender.”

That sounds … absurd.

She says: “I immediately rejected the request.”

“It took @unitedairlines a month an a half to respond to my complaint,” she reveals. “And I received this email today.”

That email being the above image saying that there’s nothing that they can do.

“I am appalled at the lack of action taken in this situation in which as a woman, I was terrified.”

United Airlines Instagram Snap 04

If you’re wondering why she was frightened rather than merely disgusted, it is important to remember that men who harass women by doing things like flashing or masturbating are sometimes working themselves up to commit assault.

“This man is clearly capable of much more,” she explains.

“So women and men out there,” she says. “Pick an airline that cares about your safety.”

She writes: “#unitedairlines referring to being assaulted on one of your flight as a ‘uncomfortable experience’ is a bit of an understatement.”

“Your lack of action is disgusting,” she says, tagging: “@united #unitedairlines #metoo”


While, going off of her description, the word assault doesn’t look accurate, that is a horrible, harrowing situation that absolutely should never have happened.

We’ve heard stories of women who were physically assaulted on planes, and in some of those cases, the perpetrator was also touching himself.

This definitely sounds like a #MeToo story. And it sounds like some professionals on the plane who should have known better were very insensitive about it.

Needless to say, the presence of a child in proximity to the alleged public masturbator is also alarming.

We understand that flight attendants possibly don’t train for this situation and probably hoped to avoid making an incident worse.

But … one would hope that United would be more apologetic.


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Blanket Jackson: Spotted! It’s a Christmas Miracle!

Paris Jackson has gained a reputation for sharing unexpected photos.

We didn’t expect her to show off her sideboob tattoo while hugging a tree, for instance.

But now the daughter of legendary singer Michael Jackson has truly taken the Internet by surprise, taking to Instagram on Christmas Day and posting a picture of…


Indeed, it’s the rarest of rare occasions on which we get to see the 15-year old third child of Jackson, as he typically shuns the spotlight and attempts to live a normal life.

As normal a life as possible for someone commonly referred to as “Blanket,” that is.

The last time we saw Blanket was back in April when Paris posted a Snapchat update on her sibling, giving us a look at Blanket just chilling with some friends.

For the record, the identity of Blanket biological mother (a surrogate) remains unknown.

But we do know that Blanket was seven years old when his father died on June 25, 2009.

And we also know he hasn’t always been so close to Paris or other members of his famous, occasionally controversial family.

The source of Paris’ beef in the past actually centered around the treatment of her younger brother, specifically by grandmother Katherine Jackson, who has been accused of neglecting poor Blanket.

In October, questions abounded over whether Blanket had been left without a guardian.

Only in high school, the teenager is in need of, you know, someone to actually care for him.

And while Katherine had been placed in legal charge of her grandson, she’s 87 years old and spends a chunk of her time in London.

According to E! News, Katherine has basically retired from caring for Blanket, fearing that she’s no longer up to the task.

As a result, Blanket’s Aunt Rebbie and Uncle T.J. have assumed the bulk of the child-rearing responsibilities.

But fans are understandably concerned.

We therefore appreciate Paris providing Instagram followers with this quick update, even if she only wrote “happy christmas from ours to yours #brahdas” as a caption.

That doesn’t reveal a great deal about Blanket’s well being.

That’s fine, though. We don’t need to know every detail of his life.

It’s probably better for the young man to enjoy as much privacy as he is able to. And we really do wish him the best.

Go ahead and click through the images below to see how Blanket and his siblings have grown over the years:


Joe Jackson Posts Bizarre Video Message to Blanket Jackson

It's been a tumultuous few weeks in the life of Blanket Jackson.

The youngest son of Michael Jackson lost his primary guardian when his grandmother, Katherine Jackson, declared that she was physically unable to continue caring for him.

Fortunately, the situation was resolved quickly, and Blanket is currently under the care of his uncle T.J. Jackson.

But fans and loved ones remain concerned for the 15-year-old whose young life has sadly been characterized by tragedy and instability.

One of the concerned parties is Blanket's controversial grandfather, Joe Jackson.

Joe typically keeps a low profile these days, but he emerged on Twitter last night to post a photo of Blanket, as well as a video message for his grandson.

“Hello, Blanket! This is Joe Jackson,” the 89-year-old says in the clip below.

“Your health is… I don’t know what. You’re like your father. Now I understand why your father had you wear masks all the time ’cause news people was bothering him so much."

Jackson adds:

"I want you to stay healthy and stay off those bikes. Don’t ride, now. But anyway, tell your brothers I said hello and stay clean and healthy."

That portion of the video left some fans confused, as it was Prince Jackson who suffered a motorcycle accident last week, and his Blanket has only one brother and one sister, Paris Jackson.

Obviously, Joe can be forgiven for being a bit disoriented as he approaches the age of 90.

But while Jackson doesn't seem to be particularly worried in the clip, his remarks about Blanket's health have prompted concern amongst fans.

Watch Joe's video message below:

Joe jackson posts bizarre video message to blanket jackson

Blanket Jackson: Left Without a Guardian?!

Of all of Michael Jackson’s children, Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson tends to keep the lowest profile.

Part of the reason, of course, is his age.

Blanket is only 15 and still in high school, which means that while his older siblings are embarking on careers in the media, is attending high school classes.

Obviously, as a result of being the youngest son of one of the most famous musicians of all-time, Blanket’s childhood has been far from typical.

But it’s not just the boy’s wealth and fame that set him apart from his peers.

For one thing, Blanket’s life has been marred by tragedy and instability.

Following his father’s death, Blanket’s family situation was thrown into complete disarray, with various relatives sharing guardianship duties.

Until recently, Katherine Jackson was Blanket’s primary legal guardian.

However, her advanced age and hectic travel schedule (Katherine is 87 and spends much of the year in London), she was often forced to hand off duties to other relatives.

The family generally does a pretty good job of shielding press-shy Blanket from publicity, but this week, several media outlets reported that Katherine has surrendered her guardianship duties.

According to E! News, Katherine has essentially retired from caring for Blanket, fearing that she’s no longer up to the task.

Other adults in the family co-signed, explaining to the court that Katherine is  “no longer needed to fulfill the duties.”

News of the legal developments sparked fears for Blanket’s safety amongst fans.

Even when Katherine was the primary legal guardian, childcare duties were often divided amongst several realtives, with Blanket’s Aunt Rebbie and Uncle T.J. assuming the bulk of the responsibilities.

Unfortunately, there were gaps in the division of labor, and sources say Blanket often spent the night alone or was unable to get to school in the morning due to scheduling confusion.

With Kathering removing herself from the situation, there were concerns that Blanket would be on his own even more than usual.

Fortunately, it seems his older relatives have been able to reach an agreement, and E! is now reporting that at Katherine’s request, T.J. will take over as Blanket’s primary caretaker. 

“[Katherine] feels that TJ is able to assume all necessary responsibilities of the guardianship,” one court document reads.

Obviously, at 15, Blanket is probably able to care for himself for the most part.

But fans on social media are still expressing their gratitude that the boy may be able to experience a modicum of stability during the last few years of his childhood.