Big Brother Spoilers: Did Faysal or Haleigh Escape the Block?

Faysal Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher will go down as one of Big Brother’s worst showmances. 

It’s been very one-sided, and that’s because Haleigh thought that getting into a relationship with a man she’s known for weeks was absurd. 

For Faysal, he treats Haleigh like they’re a married couple. It’s made for some awkward moments on the live feeds because CBS tends to cut most of the action out. 

As Sunday’s episode of Big Brother concluded, the duo realized that they were actually big targets in the house. Well, Haleigh already figured as much, but Faysal naively assumed they were safe. 

With Angela as Head of Household, she admitted to the duo that she could not make a deal that holds weight with two people who never wanted to work with her before. 

It makes sense. Angela has been so closely tied to her allies all summer long that it would be difficult for her to work with anyone else. 

The veto played out on Saturday, and with the whole house against Faleigh, the chances of either of them winning the veto were pretty dire. 

Kaycee managed to secure the veto win, and given that she is part of the Level Six alliance, she was not going to entertain any deals with the couple. 

Despite pleas, Kaycee opted to keep the nominations the same, meaning that one of them will be leaving the house on Thursday night. 

All hope is not lost for the couple. Thursday’s evictee will face off against Bayliegh, Rockstar, and Scottie in a battle to get back into the house for a second chance at the game. 

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the couple was split up, only to get back together after the battle back? 

It would make for a fun few days on the feeds, especially if there were a safety power thrown in for one of them.

The best bet would be to send Haleigh out because she’s proven that she’s one of the better competitors and has known about the alliance working against her for a while. 

Faysal cannot make a decision when he’s in power, so it would be silly to assume he would change things up now. 

He sent his own ally home on his HOH, so we think it goes without saying that he’s a few tomatoes short of a salad. 

What are your thoughts on the latest spoilers?

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Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS.


Big Brother Recap: Did Angela’s Target Evade the Block?

The Big Brother hacker has had way too much power in the house. 

Being allowed to changes one nomination, pick a veto player and eliminate a vote is the definition of power trip, and Angela Rummans raged on Wednesday’s latest episode that the power had been taken from her. 

With Tyler vowing to save himself from the block, Haleigh took to the Diary Room to explain why she went all the way and put him on the block. 

She was adamant that Tyler was smarter than everyone was giving him credit for, and she had a point: This is the man who has flawlessly (until now!) played each side of the house to imply he has been trying to save them all at one point or another. 

As for Tyler, he wrongfully claimed to his alliance that Bayliegh was the one who hacked the game and that he wanted to get some sweet revenge because she was trying to get him out the house. 

Angela initially claimed Scottie was the hacker, but she ultimately realized that it would be too obvious for him to take himself off the block, and her target was firmly on Bayliegh. 

She and Kaycee joined forces with the aim of taking Tyler down and nominating Bayliegh in hs place after the veto. 

What was the most telling was that Bayliegh met up with both women and seemed on board with keeping the nominations the same for the week in an attempt to get no blood on their hands. 

Haleigh then continued to throw people off by choosing Kaycee as the veto player.

The veto competition was hosted by Jessie from Big Brother 10 & 11. It was the one with the houseguests rolling the ball back and forth and running around the platform. 

It came down to Tyler and Angela, and Angela said that she wanted to have all the power for the week, so practically begged for the veto. 

Tyler put his trust in her, but did it pay off?

Bayliegh grew suspicious because it was just hours earlier that Angela was promising not to change the nominations. 

Angela followed through on her plan to throw Bayliegh up on the block after taking Tyler down. Bay was blindsided after Angela wrongfully claimed that she was the one with the power and that her “power trip was over, honey.”

Remember how crazy Bay went when Brett called her “honey” last week? Yeah, this was another passive-aggressive speech from Angela. 

That means Rockstar and Bayliegh are the week’s final two nominations. Bayliegh will be sent home tonight. 

Her power is too risky to keep in the game. 

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Big Brother continues Thursday on CBS. 


Big Brother Recap: Did Brett or Winston Escape the Block?

Brett and Winston have been allies ever since they entered the Big Brother house three weeks ago. 

In fact, they are so close that some of the houseguests have questioned whether they are in a bromance. 

However, the duo sees it as more of a bromance. But all things come to an end sooner or later, and with Scottie in power, they were both put on the block. 

We picked up with Winston unimpressed at the thought of sitting on the block next to Brett because it means that one of them will likely be meeting Julie Chen and chatting about what they could have done better to stay in the game. 

Winston chatted with Tyler and Kaitlyn in the good old storage room to try and get some clarity on how to play Big Brother. 

We kid, mostly, but he wanted to know if there was a way to save himself from the block. Kaitlyn suggested he steer clear of Brett so that everyone would think they were not a pair. 

Instead, Winston headed up to the HOH room to reprimand Scottie. 

“You drew a line in the sand, you’re gone next week,” Winston angrily yelled at the current HOH. You know, Scottie could win Veto and have a change of heart, but something tells us he’ll stick to his gun.

Winston is a big baby. If he was in control, he would put people up without a second thought. However, he’s playing as though he’s one of the nicest people, and the cracks are starting to appear. 

Winston and Rachel quickly got to work trying to find a target to replace he and Brett. Kaitlyn, as always comes up as a target and both Brett and Winston agree to win the Veto and have her put up as a replacement. 

The reason?

She was the swing vote to take Steve out of the house in Week One. Yes, they are still talking about that first eviction. 

For the veto competition, it was Scottie, Brett, Winston, Rachel, Tyler and Rockstar. At the start of the competition, Brett took the lead, but Scottie managed to emerge with the win and even won himself a trip for two to Greece. 

The boys then met up with Scottie to pitch a final three deal, but Scottie maintained that it would be too risky to change things up, but he did say he would sleep on it. 

In true Kaitlyn fashion, she said that she received a vision that the boys were going after her, and Scottie told her about them throwing her under the bus. 

At the veto meeting, we learned that the nominations were being kept the same. Oh yes, one of the boys is going home … unless Sam uses her power. 

What are your thoughts on the latest twists and turns?

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Big Brother continues Thursday on CBS. 


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