Lala Kent: Yes, I Blow my Boyfriend for Jewelry!

Lala Kent was forced to go on the offensive Monday night.

The Vanderpump Rules veteran found herself the target of her co-stars’ wrath when the topic on the show’s reunion special turned to boyfriend Randall Emmett.

Or, to be more specific, to possibly MARRIED boyfriend Randall Emmett.

Was Kent’s lover really someone else’s husband when the two started dating?

Andy Cohen asked Kent this question directly during the aforementioned gathering.

“You’ve been together for a while. You’re clearly very happy. You denied over the years all of the allegations that your boyfriend was married,” Cohen, who moderated the reunion, said on air.

He then popped the question:

“It seems that maybe he was married when you started dating, correct?”

Replied a hesitant Lala:

“Well, when I met…Rand…he had a legal separation. So, I don’t see how I did anything wrong.”

Emmett is a movie and TV producer.

For the record: finalized his divorce in December and he has two children with his ex-wife.

All of the Vanderpump Rules cast members confirmed on the special that they have met Kent’s latest lover.

The topic on the special eventually turned from Emmett’s marital status to whether Kent is simply digging up gold by dating her new man.

That is, what does Kent have to say about the cars, purses and shoes that Emmett has purchased for her?

All the “materialistic things,” as Scheana Marie said, eyes fully rolled, during the reunion?

Kent was not happy with this implication. She fired back at her colleagues and their implication that she’s only in this relationship for the monetary perks.

“Everyone can sit there and be like, ‘Her man does this; her man does that.’ It’s like, ‘OK, you’re just mad ‘cause your man doesn’t do that!'” she yelled.

And she wasn’t done defending herself, either.

“Whenever I make music, it comes out of my pocket,” Kent said, elaborating in angry detail:

“My rent? My man gave me a cap, which, we are well above the cap, so mama payin’ a lot for rent. As far as my cars go, it’s like, ‘Here’s the lease, but you best be payin’ insurance.'”

Kent also said she’s driving a BMW i8, which can cost as much as $ 150,000.

“I have it for a few months just to, like, dink around,” Kent said, not realizing how awful a job she was doing of shooting down that whole gold digger accusation.

Later in the reunion special, Kent was asked to defend her specific “brand” of feminism. 

Said Lisa Vanderpump at this point:

“I love Lala, but she’s not exactly the quintessential feminist if she’s talking about, ‘Well, I give a BJ, and I get the jewelry.'”

In response, Kent reminded her boss:

“Keep in mind I am blowing my boyfriend. I’m not blowing some random guy for the jewelry. Come on!”

That is an important distinction.

It’s one thing to go around providing sexual favors in exchange for goods and/or services. There’s a name given to women who do this.

But it’s another thing to provide a sexual favor for your exclusive boyfriend, who happens to be well off and who likes to buy you stuff.

Click on the video below to watch Vanderpump Rules online and watch these heated exchanges between Kent and the other women on stage:


Scott Disick is About to Blow a Gasket Over Younes Bendjima

Yes, Scott Disick is having scorching hot sex with Sofia Richie.

Yes, the reality star likes to pose on Instagram alongside fancy cars, private jets and expensive bottles of champagne.

Yes, it always looks as though Disick is having the time of his spoiled life.

But a new report alleges that this consistent look may be deceiving because Disick is actually miserable.

He’s angry, he’s stunned and, more than anything else, he’s more jealous than he’s ever been in his life.

Simply put, Disick can’t believe the romance between Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima is still going on.

Like nearly everyone else on the planet, Disick presumed back in October of 2016 that Kardashian and Bendjima were nothing more than a fling; that the attraction was merely physical and the relationship would fizzle out quickly.

Yet… here they are, not only still dating, but actually considering having kids together.

Yes, kids. For real. Just listen to Kourtney discuss the possibility here:

With Kourtney taking exotic vacations with her younger boyfriend and even flaunting her sizzling body for the camera (and for Scott?) while doing so, an insider tells E! News that Disick is close to losing it.

“Scott is insanely jealous of Younes,” this source tells the outlet, adding:

“He just can’t come to terms with the fact that Kourtney has found true happiness with someone else.”

She really does seem pretty happy these days, doesn’t she?

Disick, of course, has been dating Richie for months now and is “happy” with her, this same report states, but he still “can’t deal with someone else having Kourtney.”

He wants his cake (that is, Sofia) and wants to eat it, too (that is, Kourtney to remain single and lusting after him, we guess).

Disick and Kardashian remain the parents of three kids.

And they remain committed to being on good terms for the sake of their family, yet these dueling romances are making such a vow difficult.

“It makes things between them tense and unpredictable,” the source explains, continuing as follows:

“Kourtney never knows when he is going to fly off the handle or go nuts about something. Scott just never thought it would last this long with Younes or become so serious. Nobody really did.”

We certainly did not.

Heck, this same insider claims Kourtney is “in love” with Bendjima. In LOVE, people!

Kourtney and Scott finally called it quits in July 2015 after nine years together, the final few of which featured many fights, ups and downs.

Bendjima is Kourtney’s first intense relationship since her split from her three-time baby daddy… and Disick has never responded to it very well.

“Scott doesn’t like Kourtney dating Younes at all,” E! wrote way back in May of last year, concluding at the time:

“He doesn’t want to see photos of them or know about it. Kourtney has tried to give Scott a heads up that he might be seeing photos, but Scott can’t stand seeing her with someone else, especially Younes.”

Sadly for Disick, most women around the globe disagree vehemently.

Do you see those abs in the photos above?

They can’t get enough of Younes!


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Blow Job-Themed Wedding Photo Prompts Collective Internet Spit Take

Seen one wedding photo, seen ‘em all, right?

The bride is wearing a flowing white gown. The groom is looking all dapper in his tuxedo.

There’s a sunset or some other kind of lovely background and the newlyweds have broad smiles affixed to their faces, right?

stock wedding pic

Typically, yes. This would be right.

But not always.

A Dutch wedding photographer named Michel Klooster and his subjects have gone viral after the Internet grabbed hold of a few extra spicy pictures from the bride and groom’s special day on August 17.

And, based one on the images below, it appears as if this was an extra special day for the groom!

In the snapshot that has truly gone viral, the new husband has his pants down around his knees, while his very generous wife is down on her knees doing… well… you know.

Or at least pretending (we assume) to do “you know,” by which we mean provide her man with some oral sex.

“Some grooms can’t wait until the party is over to go quietly to the suite and have a crushing wedding night,” reads the translated caption underneath this photo on Facebook.

It continues:

“Fortunately, they had already given the “yes” Word and they were officially married. Soon a small impression of this charming wedding.”

Klooster was aware the photo might generate a bit of controversy as soon as he shared it, which is why he added at the end of his caption:

Edit: this is absolutely not as inside. We just thought it was a funny idea. It’s still suggestive and we’re not doing anyone here.

Angry with you. Anyone who considers this offensive is in my eyes still in the year 1996. of all the pictures that have been taken there is one playful, which in 10 years is great to talk about.

Give those people their fun. I’ll give you that too. Life is a prude.

Meanwhile, in case you were afraid this set-up was sexist and only the guy was getting his proverbial rocks off, considering another snapshot from this legendary shoot:

“You see nothing in this picture, but it looks like something is going on there,” the photographer explains.

“Every picture you’ll take with that kind of question is interesting to watch. For me, sex is one of the most natural things we do in life. It’s normal! Everyone does it.

“We don’t live in the 1900s anymore.”

It’s true. We don’t. That’s a fact.

Klooster insists these images are not pornographic in nature and even included an aerial shot of the faux felatio to add show off the beautiful scenery.

aerial shot

Since these images went viral, he’s had requests from other couples who want similar layouts.

“If it’s not porn, I don’t have any problems with that,” he says.

But is this porn?

Is it appropriate?

Is it hilarious?

Or is it just unrealistic because no wife does this to her husband, not after those vows are exchanged?