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Louis C.K. He’s Sinking To Bottom Of Barrel … Parkland Survivor Says


Louis C.K. is getting way too comfortable at the bottom of the comedy barrel … so says Parkland Shooting survivor Cameron Kasky

But, it’s not Louis’ latest lowbrow comedy routine attacking victims of the Parkland massacre that has Cameron upset … the student activist is taking issue with Louis appealing to crowds who find jokes about transgender people and school shootings funny.

We got Cameron on Monday, after the father of one of his dead peers ripped into Louis for his leaked stand-up jokes about Parkland, and the Marjory Stoneman Douglas student calls out C.K. for targeting the lowest common denominator in order to make a quick buck. 

Check out the clip … Cameron throws some major shade at Louis, congratulating him for getting comfortable in his new digs at rock bottom. 

Bottom line for Cameron … Louis has every right to scrape the bottom of the barrel, but he thinks what the comedian is doing is just plain wrong.