Farrah Abraham LOSES IT on Social Media After Canceling Boxing Match

For months, Teen Mom OG fans were brimming with anticipation at the thought of Farrah Abraham entering a boxing ring to get pummelled by fellow former reality star Nicole"Hoopz" Alexander.

Sadly, it now looks as though Farrah's face will go un-pummelled, as she's backed out of the fight and blamed everyone but herself — which is kind of her thing.

The fight was meant to — in Farrah's words — "promote anti-bullying," but ironically Ms. Abraham has been engaging in quite a bit of bullying this week.

Take a look:

1. Not Ready For the Ring

Nicole hoopz alexander and farrah abraham
Farrah hasn’t backed away from social media in the days since she canceled her fight. Quite the opposite, in fact.

2. #Winning

Farrah abraham blonde
“Always winning when your views are this amazing #antibullying,” Farrah wrote on Instagram this week.

3. Advice From Ms. Abraham

Farrah the boxer
“Always listen to your gut to do the right thing, it will save your energy, stay away from evil drama [and] focus on your successes [and] talents,” she added.

4. Everything Except the Fighting Part

Putting up those dukes
“Boxing will forever be a part of my life [and] has shown me the above,” Farrah continued.

5. Pot, Meet Kettle

Farrah without makeup
“I’m grateful I no longer tolerate the time-wasting bad people who use me. #freedom #winning #victory #farrahabraham #strength #livingmybestlife,” she concluded.

6. Come Again?

Farrah abraham drama
Yes, for reasons that defy logic and explanation, Farrah has decided to rebrand herself as an anti-bullying crusader.

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Farrah Abraham Refuses to Be Screwed… by Celebrity Boxing Promoter

For one of the first times in her life, Farrah Abraham refuses to be screwed.

The former Teen Mom OG star, who was fired by MTV back in February due to her prominent amateur pornography career, has spent the last several weeks promoting her upcoming boxing match.

Yes, we’re serious:

Farrah Abraham was going to get inside of a ring and participate in an actuak boxing match.

Her opponent was going to be Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, who is an actual person best known for appearing on VH1 reality shows Flavor of Love and I Love Money.

The brawl was going to go down on November 10 in Atlantic City and at least a few dozen people were likely going to be in attendance.

But they can now make alternate plans.

Because Abraham tells TMZ the fight is off.

Why would Abraham do something she never asked her sex tape co-stars to do, pull out?

According to insiders, the event’s promoter, Damon Feldman, had agreed to foot the hotel, travel and fight bills for basically everyone Farrah has ever met.

Feldman specifically promised Abraham he could cover her over 32 hotel rooms, six plane tickets and around 25 fight tickets.

Why did Farrah need so 32 hotel rooms when she apparently only needed six people flown in for the match? It’s unclear.

But TMZ writes that Feldman backed out of his end of the deal this week…

… and Abraham, who knows a thing or two about back ends, responded by dropping out of the barely-anticipated event.

If the promoter cannot cover these expenses for her and her loved ones, Abraham says she will not fight.

Naturally, there are two sides to this story, however — and Feldman tells the aforementioned website that he nver agreed contractually to any of the flight or hotel fees mentioned above.

Conversely, he says Farrah has agreed on paper to take part in the match, and that she’ll be in major legal trouble if she backs out.

Neither Farrah nor her manager, David Weintraub, have responded to inquiries about this topic.

Nor have they commented on Feldman’s allegation that Abraham started making crazy demands just this week and only claimed she’s pulling out after they weren’t met.

With, like, 37 or 38 people probably a little bit excited for the bout, let’s hope it takes place.

Or not.

We don’t really care one way or the other.

Do you?!?!?!?