Floribama Shore Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: The Aftermath of Another Pub Brawl

Pub brawls appear to be the norm on Floribama Shore. 

Floribama Shore Season 1 Episode 5 picked up in the immediate aftermath of some dude saying derogatory comments to Gus. 

Candace, who we forgot even existed because of her severe lack of screentime proved she was supportive of her roomies and went out guns blazing at the man. 

Before we knew it, the entire cast had been kicked out of the bar because, well, they were all prepared to fist pump all over the dude’s face. 

Jeremiah’s brother, Josh, was coming town and the two men were like two peas in a pod.  

“He’s my gym partner, and he’s my boy,” Jeremiah said to the camera. 

Before we got to the big entrance, Kirk took everyone out on some pontoon boats to get full of alcohol and to make themselves look like a bunch of idiots. 

They had fun but never got involved in another brawl with the locals, so I couldn’t help but feel a little short-changed. Like Jersey Shore, Floribama Shore is at its best when the cast is exchanging expletives with the locals. 

Candace and Jeremiah were on the hunt for some hot people to have some hot times with. Wouldn’t it have been easier for them to just sleep with each other? 

Maybe it’s for the best. Ronnie and Sammie fighting on Jersey Shore grew tiring real quick. Jeremiah as “Single Ronnie” wouldn’t be all that. 

Nilsa was also on the hunt, and she got up close and personal with Josh who seemed to think that all of his muscles made up for his lack of brain cells. 

While everyone seemed to think Josh and Jeremiah were a great double act, Kortni was surprisingly against both of them. 

“I don’t think either one of these homeschool freaks are fun.”  Maybe Kortni had a good point, but she’s the woman who was marking her territory on beds a few weeks back. 

Nilsa, however, was intrigued by Josh and made him promise to sleep in her bed with her. They proceeded to make out right next to Jeremiah. 

Codi made the biggest mistake yet when he thought he could swoop in and sleep with Aimee. 

“I’m gonna come in there, and I’m gonna scoop you off your feet, and I’mma wear that motherfucker out,” he says with a grin, but Aimee was not interested. 

She liked all of the men in the house as brothers, but did not want to have sex with any of them. Smart move. 

Nilsa and Josh made it to the bedroom, but it was evident they were too drunk even to function. 

“If I taste like nasty pasta, will you tell me?” Nilsa asked. 

“I love pasta,” said Josh. 

While it’s unclear if they actually did the deed, Jeremiah did not seem impressed. 

Jeremiah took his rage downstairs when he heard Kirk and Codi trying to conclude why Aimee did not want to have sex with them. 

“We can all have our personal opinions … but you don’t say that shit out loud,” he said to the two men. 

Codi got mad, and he and Jeremiah stepped outside to have a good old fight. 

Oh, Floribama Shore, you’re becoming a guilty pleasure. 

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