Antonio Brown Can Break Jerry Rice’s All-Time Receiving Record, Says Chad Johnson

Jerry Rice better watch his back … ‘cause there’s one current NFL superstar who’s on pace to take the crown from the 49ers legend … this according to ex-Pro Bowler Chad Johnson. TMZ Sports spoke with Ochocinco about Antonio Brown…


Lionel Richie: I Hope Scott Disick and Sofia Richie Break Up!

You think that you’re having a bad 2017? Well, you are. All of humanity is. But imagine if, on top of everything, you have a beautiful teenage daughter who is dating notorious womanizer Scott Disick.

Well, that’s what has Lionel Richie scared to death right now. Sofia Richie has been on a veritable world tour with Scott and her father is understandably worried.

But, after Scott and Sofia’s recent fight, his long personal nightmare may be over.

Scott Disick spent most of 2017 banging enough teen models to walk a fashion show.

(For a clothing line that we imagine would be titled: “Regret”)

The only thing that he went through faster than 19-year-old beauties was alcohol.

But after all of that — embarrassing himself and his family, health scares, and generally spiraling with his self-destructive behavior, Scott seems to have mellowed out … a little.

And many believe that Scott now dating Sofia Richie is a big part of that.

Don’t get us wrong — he and Sofia have been jetting off to one destination after another. It’s not like they’re playing house in the suburbs somewhere.

But compared to Scott’s months-long bender this summer? He’s acting calm and, for him, well-behaved.


Recently, Scott and Sofia’s ongoing sexytime adventures have taken them to Miami.

Page Six reports that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie had some sort of huge fight while partying in the Gunshine State … er, Sunshine State.

“They were arguing and definitely in a fight,” Page Six‘s source relayed.

And it looks like Sofia Richie was the one who was unhappy.

“[Richie] wouldn’t even talk to him. He grabbed her neck to try and kiss her, and she wasn’t having it. They ended up leaving.”

Oh boy.

Folks, no matter what romantic dramas about improbably attractive doctors might tell you, arguments — especially heated ones — are not necessary for healthy relationships. And they can often be a sign that something is wrong.

Now, the two did arrive elsewhere later that evening and Sofia appeared to be having a good time.

But, as we said, arguments can betray underlying issues.

We don’t know if Sofia and Scott are headed for splitsville, but it sounds like Lionel Richie sure hopes so.

HollywoodLife reports that Sofia’s father is hopeful that the reports of an argument herald a breakup:

“Lionel is hoping any fight that may have occurred between Sofia and Scott ends the relationship for good.”

The two of them are reportedly still enjoying Miami, but as we said, that fight gives him reason to hope.

“Lionel has been uncomfortable with the age difference between Sofia and Scott and has been struggling while watching his daughter fall in love with an infamous player like Scott.”

Again, that age difference is of 15 years.

The age difference between Scott and Sofia is old enough to babysit Scott’s three children.

“Lionel is afraid that the Scott will break Sofia’s heart and so the concerned father hopes that whatever disagreement Scott and Sofia may be dealing with will be the beginning of the end of their romance.”

Better to nip things in the bud and deal with heartbreak early in a relationship than to have Sofia give her best dating years to Scott and have him disappoint her later.

(Seriously; just look at Kourtney)

Just because this relationship seems to be good for and stabilizing for Scott doesn’t mean that it’s great for Sofia Richie.

She’s an adult and she can live her life how she chooses and bang whomever she likes.

But the 15-year age difference … well, it’s rubbing plenty of people the wrong way. So we don’t think that this is just a matter of Lionel Richie being an overprotective or, worse, controlling dad.

If you’ll recall, when Sofia was dating Justin Bieber a couple of years ago, Lionel refused to criticize his daughter’s romantic choice. Even though we’re talking about The Biebs when he was arguably at his worst, behavior-wise.

So for Lionel to speak out publicly about Sofia, saying that he’s scared to death? That’s genuine concern.

If Sofia’s being a calming influence on Scott, what if he’s influencing her right back?

Something to consider.


Kanye West to Beyonce: Give Kim Kardashian a Break!

Kanye West has said scarcely a word in public for several months now.

According to anonymous sources, however, the rapper has been saying an awful lot in private to his occasional best friend…

… and it’s all pretty negative.

Insiders tell Hollywood Life that Kanye is still beefing with Jay Z and Beyonce because the stars refuse to show wife Kim Kardashian any respect.

“It drives Kanye insane that Beyonce treats Kim like she’s inferior and not worthy of her friendship, it infuriates him,” the celebrity gossip website writes, adding:

“Kanye is fiercely protective of his family and feels that by dissing Kim, he’s being dissed, too.

“As far as Kanye is concerned, Beyonce has no right to look down her nose at Kim.

“Sure she’s a reality TV star, but she’s also a wildly successful businesswoman and a self-made multi-millionaire.”

It doesn’t appear as if Hollywood Life is referring to any specific, recent incident between Kim and Beyonce here.

But it’s been an open secret for years that the stars don’t get along.

West and Jay Z, meanwhile, have seen their once-close friendship crumble of late as well.

“The way Beyonce has been towards Kim is definitely a bone of contention for Kanye,” the source claims, expounding as follows:

“When it comes to any future relationship with Jay Z, it’s a real sticking point.”

Concludes this questionable report:

“Kanye feels that unless Beyonce and Jay Z are willing to treat his wife with the respect he believes she deserves then he has no desire to make nice with either of them.”

The rapper, of course, has gone radio silent for nearly a year now.

Toward the end of 2016, he suffered some kind of mental breakdown and spent nine days in a hospital.

There were rumors at the outset of 2017 that he and Kardashian were headed for a divorce, but they appear to have patched up whatever differences formerly stood in their way.

In fact, Kim and Kanye will welcome a third child into their family at some point in the next month or so.

No, Kardashian isn’t pregnant.

But a surrogate has been hired to give birth and then hand the boy or girl over to Kimye (as a result of a health condition that makes it dangerous for Kim to get pregnant again.)

Pretty exciting, right?

Not a lot is known about the surrogate, but that how it’s supposed to be under circumstances such as this.

Perhaps we’ll hear from Kanye when the baby is born, either shortly before Christmas or shortly afterward.

But will Jay and Bey be invited to any sort of welcome party in the kid’s honor?

Don’t bet on it.