Chelsea Houska Breastfeeds Daughter, Is Deemed “Perfect” By Husband

Life is pretty good for Chelsea Houska anc Cole DeBoer these days.

Actually, to be more specific, life is pretty much perfect for Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer right now.

So wrote the brand new father himself as a caption to a recent Instagram photo, which features the Teen Mom 2 star chilling on the couch with her three kids — and breastfeeding the latest addition.

“Sunday relaxation. My perfect sweeties,” Cole penned along with the precious photo above.

As you can see, it depicts Chelsea on the family sofa with son Watson, infant daughter Aubrey and newborn daughter Layne.

The latter is only three weeks old, having been born to Chelsea and Cole back on August 29.

Considering this date is also Chelsea’s birthday, the veteran MTV personality broke the news to social media followers by simply sharing a photo of Layne along with the following simple and sweet caption:

Happy birthday to YOU, sweet baby Layne.

Check out photos of the tiny human being on the day she entered the world below:

Ever since becoming a three-time mother, Houska has actually been struggling with mastitis.

This is a condition in which inflammation of breast tissue can cause infection or, even if it does not, often causes extreme pain when breastfeeding.

It makes the original photo above even all the more endearing and impressive, as Chelsea is willing to suck up her own pain in exchange for providing her little one with sustenance.

“Mastitis is no joke,” Houska Tweeted last Friday, agreeing with a fan that she’d rather go through labor and give birth again rather than having to deal with the condition.

“I never knew it was this awful!” Chelsea added at the time.

Thankfully, Chelsea made it through the other side, updating followers a few days later as follows:

“This is the first day that I don’t feel like I’m dying since Thursday… I never knew how horrible mastitis was. Aaaand I never want to go through it again.”

And she’s regained her humor, too, if this Tweet is any indication:


All across the globe, millions of new parents are nodding along (or slapping their foreheads) in agreement right about now.

But not all these payments are as fortunate as Chelsea is to have a supportive and helpful husband around.

The Teen Mom star previously shared an adorable photo of Cole and Layne and deemed her mate to be just as “perfect” as he believes her to be.

“This man is so perfect for me,” she wrote on Instagram. “The most amazing husband and daddy in the entire world. I love how much he loves us.”

Man, Chelsea and Cole. You guys are way too happy and content.

Can you please get into some sort of blowup in the near future? Don’t you know that drama is what draws the most clicks?!?


Dwayne Johnson Feeds His Girlfriend While She Breastfeeds Their Baby

In April, Lauren Hashian gave birth to Dwayne Johnson’s third daughter.

Now that little “pebble,” Tiana Gia, is nearly two months old. Johnson shared a photo of Hashian breastfeeding the precious baby.

But it’s what Johnson himself is doing in the photo that is really getting attention.

Johnson captions the photo that you’re about to see with: “I’ll handle this business.”

The image depicts him feeding his girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, while she cradles their two-month-old daughter, Tiana Gia, breastfeeding her.

“Mama @laurenhashianofficial has her hands full nursing/feeding Baby Tia,” Johnson explains. “So I’m feedin’ mama her dinner.”

He continues, stating that to do so is: “my pleasure.”

Johnson says that he has “so much respect to her and all mamas out there holding it down and running things.”

“Just landed,” he says, adding: “And good to get all my girl’s settled in.”

Awwww! This is such a wholesome family photo.

Johnson’s captions aren’t done.

Now, I gotta go satisfy my own appetite,” he announces. “Iron Paradise, here I come.”

He tags: “#EveryoneGetsFed” 

Apolgetically, he adds: “#DaddysGottaGoToWork”

#ChivalryIsToughOnTheKnees,” he admits.

While some might argue that what he was doing deserves a better label than chivalrous, knees grow much less tolerating over time.

This was a cute family photo.

The post received over 5 million likes in the first 24 hours alone.

But why, you wonder, are so many people talking about it? 

One might be tempted to say that this is because Hashian is breastfeeding their daughter, but she’s covered and angled in such a way that no part of her breast is exposed.

(Which is fine — women’s liberation is about showing or concealing as much as you like, not about just shedding clothing no matter your comfort level)

No, what makes this picture so beautiful has less to do with the breastfeeding and more to do with Johnson’s actions.

Even with his busy schedule, he continues to play an active role in his family.

He can’t nurse Tiana himself, but he can certainly be involved. And that’s beautiful.

Last month, Dwayne Johnson penned a beautiful Mother’s Day tribute to Lauren Hashian.

In it, he praised her virtues as a mother, but also as a human being.

She takes on tremendous responsibilities when it comes to his life and the life of their family, from working out the logistics of uprooting their lives to travel with him while he films to taking on added parenting duties to compensate for his work schedule.

He has also praised each of his daughters, lauding them as “strong women” from the moments of their respective births.

Johnson is the sort of high-energy man who cannot contain his excitement about the women he lives — and he would never try to hide that.

Johnson has a tendency to be straightforward with his fans.

Earlier this year, he revealed his depression battle and even his mother’s suicide attempt.

Of course, he has also shared — or potentially overshared — about much lighter subjects.

When DJ Khaled shared that he is what some would call a pillow princess, he got roasted by everyone. Johnson was loud and proud about how enthusiastic he is about performing oral sex.

You know what? We think that by modeling good behavior for his fans and followers, he’s making the world a better place.

Also, he’s just a great dude.


Kailyn Lowry Breastfeeds, Claps Back at Baby Name Haters

Kailyn Lowry wishes she could be at home resting comfortably with her newborn son.

But still people on the Internet won’t let her do so.

Back in early August, Lowry gave birth to her third child, a baby boy she created via sexual intercourse with someone named Chris Lopez.

We don’t know a lot about Lopez, but – as cited above – we do know his name. Which is more than we can say about Kailyn’s latest child.

The famous Teen Mom cast member has not yet selected a first name for her third son, prompting some to speculate that she’s drawing out the process simply to remain in the news.

Others, meanwhile, appear to think Lowry is holding out for some company to actually sponsor the name… which would be hilarious and almost admirable if true.

But Lowry insists this is complete nonsense, responding to a few critiques on her Instagram page as follows:

Kailyn Lowry defense

It sounds as though Kailyn legitimately has not come up with a name for her baby boy just yet, and she has many more days remaining, under Delaware law, to do so.

Lowry, meanwhile, has spoken a few times on the topic of Lopez and whether he’ll be prominently involved in his kid’s life.

Or whether he’ll be involved in any way, shape or form at all.

“Kailyn’s relationship with Chris has been like a roller coaster, an insider previously told Hollywood Life, adding:

“After he showed up for the delivery, and drove them home from the hospital, Kailyn thought there was going to be a good chance he would actually be in his son’s life.”

But the verdict remains out, although Lopez has given his baby mama a reason to be optimistic.

Last week, seemingly upon spending time with his son, Lopez Tweeted:

“My lil man put a smile on my face every time I look at him lol.”

Welcome to fatherhood, man.

As you can see in the cute photo above, Lowry has been posing for many photos these days with her newly-expanded family.

She’s also been posting many photos these days of her newly-expanded family, including one of her breastfeeding Unnamed Son Number-Three.

See for yourself:

This isn’t the first time Kailyn has snapped a photo of herself providing sustenance to a child.

Back in the day, she openly took critics to task for somehow finding fault with this course of natural action.

“Like I’ve said to many people, if my baby’s hungry then I’m going to feed my baby whether other people like it or not,” Lowry wrote in 2014, adding in a separate interview:

“I think it’s crazy and unbelievable that anyone would be offended by breastfeeding.”

We don’t agree with everything Kailyn Lowry says or does.

But in this instance, we’re totally on her side.

You keep doing you, K. Lo. And you keep feeding that precious baby at any time and in any place.


Pink Breastfeeds Her Son While Hiking, Is an Inspiration to Us All

Pink is just the best, isn’t she?

So lovable, talented, fierce, beautiful … if we were to list all of her positive attributes, we would never be able to do another thing in our whole entire lives.

One of the sweetest things about Pink is how much she loves her children, her daughter Willow and her little baby boy, Jameson.

And in this precious new photo that she shared, you can really see the love.

So that’s Pink out hiking with little Jameson riding along in a baby carrier while breastfeeding. Amazing, right?

In her caption, she explained “Hiking makes us thirsty!”, and called Jameson a “happy baby” as well as a “hot pocket.” She also used the ever-important “normalize breastfeeding” hashtag.

It’s a darling little moment — not to mention an impressive one — and while Pink got a ton of support from her followers, she also, unfortunately, received quite a bit of criticism.

“Why post this?” one person asked, adding “Gross.”

“It should be done in private,” another asserted, “not putting your child and breasts on public display.”

One person had some particularly strong feelings about the photo, writing “Y’all are getting weird by the MF day. Yep breastfeeding is natural but showing your child in their natural feeding habitat to post to your Instagram is sloppy AF.”

“I hate how celebrities complain of all the unwanted attention and invasions of privacy,” yet another hater lamented. “I do love Pink and her music but they post something that should be so intimate and private.”

“How is your child gonna feel in 20 years? Personally I feel breastfeeding in public should be kept covered.”

OK, so to break it down, Pink breastfeeding her baby isn’t “gross” or “sloppy AF,” it’s natural. The kid is eating. That’s all.

She shouldn’t be expected to go into hiding while feeding her son, nor should she be expected to throw a tablecloth over herself so that no one see a hint of breast.

If she wants to share photos like this on Instagram, who cares? Honestly, how is that hurting anyone?

Do these people really think that in 20 years, Pink’s son is going to be upset with her because of some picture she put on the internet in 2017?

It’s all just so painfully ridiculous. Can we just let Pink live her glorious life already?


Olivia Wilde Breastfeeds, Embraces New “Drinking Buddy”

Sometimes, we wish that Olivia Wilde was our mother.

Okay, maybe not. We may need to take that back.

Because then we’d be fantasizing about our own mother and it would be gross and weird and we’d require years of therapy.

What we’re really trying to say is this:

Olivia Wilde appears to be an awesome mother!

The actress and Jason Sudeikis welcomed their second child into the world this month, a daughter named Daisy.

She joins brother Otis in this adorable family, with Wilde introducing her latest offspring to the universe via a photo and a hilarious caption.

“There goes the neighborhood. Daisy Josephine Sudeikis. Born, like a boss, on #internationaldayofthegirl,” the beautiful star wrote alongside the following picture.

We love it. We love everything about it.

And now Wilde has given us a reason to love her as a mother even more, sharing a photo on Instagram of her breastfeeding tiny little Daisy.

Wearing a T-shirt with the message “never underestimate the power of a woman” emblazoned on it, Wilde snapped this selfie and referred to her daughter as her new “drinking buddy” in the caption.

Have we mentioned yet how much we love Olivia Wilde?!?

The image was quickly met with heaps of praise from her fans, many of whom are also mothers and many of whom are glad that celebrities such as Wilde have joined their cause.

“Thank you for showing the world that breastfeeding is the most natural, amazing and beautiful connection between a mother and a baby!” wrote one Internet user.

And because we’re not done gushing over Wilde, her mothering and her new baby, here is yet another photo of the actress and Daisy.

Altogether now: AWWWWW!!!!!!

Wilde really does deserve to be commended for helping to normalize breastfeeding, but she isn’t alone.

A number of prominent mothers have taken it upon themselves to share pictures of themselves, their boobs and their children.

This is a natural act. This is an important act. And this is an act that ought to be applauded, not derided. Yes, even if it’s done in public.

A baby needs to eat, people! You were once a baby, too, and you once needed to eat in this fashion, remember.

So please join us in saluting Olivia Wilde, Alyssa Milano and the many other famous parents who are doing their part to normalize the act of breastfeeding.

Check out these women and their cute drinking buddies below:


Amina Buddafly Breastfeeds Baby Girl: See the Photo!

Amina Buddafly gave birth to a baby girl in August.

It was her second child overall and the tenth child overall for Buddafly’s husband, Peter Gunz.

No, really. That isn’t a typo. Peter Gunz is the father of 10 children.

It’s hard enough for us to believe that women have even been willing to have sex with Peter Gunz 10 times. But anyway. There you go. Here we are. Amazing.

Also: depressing.

But anyway, back to Buddafly:

She dropped the bombshell that she was expecting a sibling for daughter Cori (also an offspring of Gunz) during the Love & Hip Hop Season 6 reunion in March.

At the time, Tara Wallace had just given birth to her own child with Gunz, prompting everyone on stage to wonder how Amina would react.

(Did we mention that Tara lives in the same building as Amina and Peter? It’s true. She does.)

And she admitted that she was “upset” at the baby news initially, although she quickly added:

“I definitely overreacted, especially because she’s not the last person to have his baby. I’m pregnant.”


Nope, Amina was totally serious, leaving even those who watch Love & Hip Hop online on a regular basis to drop their jaws to the floor in absolute shock.

See… Peter and Tara were together several years and they share three sons: Jamison, Kaz and baby Gunner.

Peter married Amina without Tara’s knowledge while they were dating and these two are parents to adorable little Cori.

“There is one reason and one reason only why I got pregnant again. Actually there is no ‘I’ in this, it’s ‘We!’ But since I am the one carrying: ‘I got pregnant again because I made love to the man I love,'” Amina wrote after the episode, answering her critics.

She added at the time:

“Now y’all can debate on why we did it until ya hair turns grey. No matter what the circumstances were and are, I now feel happy to be expecting again and even happier to know I have the best baby daddy I could ask for.”

Well, Gunz certainly has had practice in being a daddy.

And this all brings us back to this week.

The reality star hasn’t simply given fans a new, precious look at daughter Bronx.

She’s done it by becoming the latest celebrity to share a photo of herself breastfeeding her child online.

Check it out here:

“#breastisbest only the best for my babies!” wrote Buddafly as a caption to this image.

We have to salute Amina for this photo at least.

There is plenty about her life that the average human being may not consider normal.

But if she shared this revealing picture in order to help normalize the act of breastfeeding, as many stars before her had done, then we applaud Amina Buddafly.

It’s a worthwhile cause and gesture.