Javi Marroquin Relationship Timeline: Did He Get Lauren Pregnant While Still Boning Briana?!

The Teen Mom franchise has introduced us to some pretty sleazy baby daddies over the years.

And while Javi Marroquin may never be on par with David Eason or Adam Lind, he seems desperate to prove that he’s capable of truly sinister behavior.

As you may have heard, Javi’s fiancee, Lauren Comeau, welcomed her first child last week.

And the timing of the birth has raised some interesting questions — and a few accusations — regarding Marroquin’s recent romantic past.

Take a look:

1. The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
These days, Javi and Lauren are living out a fantasy of domestic bliss with a house in the suburbs and a new baby boy.

2. Playing House?

Playing House?
But is Javi really ready to settle down this time? Or will this be another failed attempt from Kailyn Lowry’s ex-husband?

3. Javi the Player

Javi the Player
After all, within weeks of when Lauren got pregnant, Javi had been involved with two of his exes.

4. Overlap?

The question is, was he sleeping with anyone else at the time that he got Lauren pregnant?

5. Bri on the Case

Bri on the Case
Briana, for one, seems certain that Javi was sleeping around on Lauren while she was carrying his child.

6. The Timeline

The Timeline
Bri’s got a compelling case, but we decided to break her claims down to try and determine just how worried Lauren should be about her man’s wandering eye.

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Briana DeJesus to Javi Marroquin: Congrats… On Being a Cheater!

Briana DeJesus has a message for Javi Marroquin on the occasion of her ex-boyfriend becoming a father for the second time.

But it isn’t exactly congratulatory.

A day after Javi and Lauren Comeau welcomed a baby boy into the world, DeJesus took to Twitter and strongly accused Marroquin of cheating on her.

Sort of a strange reaction, given the blessed development for the former Teen Mom 2 cast member?

Yes, but Briana thinks she has new proof that Javi stepped out on her with Comeau earlier this year.

You see, Javi and Lauren dated for a couple months in the summer of 2017.

After they split, Marroquin started getting down and dirty with DeJesus, a relatively new star on the aforementioned MTV hit.

And then not long after they split, Javi returned to Comeau’s bed.

But DeJesus now says on Twitter that the relationships overlapped. To wit:

bri react 2

Fans will likely remember that Briana traveled down to Miami for some plastic surgery on the date she cites above.

Her and Javi were very much on the outs at the time, but he showed up in Florida to support her, making it seem as if he wanted things to work out between the D-Listers.

So now we can do some math:

Comeau gave birth on November 15. She was due on December 1, however, which is 10 months after Javi and Briana were in Miami together, attempting to work things out.

According to DeJesus, this means Javi and Lauren were clearly back in touch, if not already having sex again, considering how soon she got knocked up after this Florida trip.

And according to DeJesus, this is evidence that Marroquin’s feelings for her were totally fake, as you can see by her follow-up Tweet before:

bri react 1

Again, there does seem to be a bit of time in between Marroquin and DeJesus’ break-up here.

Moreover, the status of Javi and Briana during the infamous Florida vacation remains unknown. Were they really, truly, 100% together?

We may never know, but Javi, at worst, wasted VERY little time in moving on from DeJesus.

But this doesn’t exactly come as a surprise to anyone who has followed the rocky journey of Briana, Javi and even Kailyn Lowry.

We’re pretty sure Marroquin was doing all THREE women at one point.

Lowry, though, did send an actual note of “Congrats” to Comeau and Marroquin after their unnamed son was born this week.

Those two, who share a son of their own, are on solid enough terms these days.

“It’s been amazing,” Marroquin told Radar Online about becoming a dad once again, adding:

“I even shed some tears. For those that don’t know, I’m not an emotional person anymore at all and just seeing my son come out really had me in my feelings.”

That’s great to hear.

Still, will rumors of Javi being disloyal to Comeau ever go away?

We continue to send the couple our best wishes — but other people continue to have questions…


Briana DeJesus: Jenelle Evans Will NEVER Get Along With Kailyn Lowry! [Exclusive]

Briana DeJesus is like lightning in a bottle.

DeJesus breathed new life into the aging Teen Mom 2 franchise when she joined the cast in 2017, an effect that MTV has been unable to reproduce on Teen Mom OG.

The reason, of course, is that Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd are not Briana DeJesus.

Briana knows how to stir the pot and spill the tea like any good reality star should.

In fact, as she proved in a recent exclusive interview with The Hollywood Gossip, the mother of two can deliver the drama even when the cameras aren't rolling.

Take a look:

1. Briana Drama

Briana dejesus a selfie
Briana spoke exclusively with The Hollywood Gossip this week, and she had much to say about her kids, her new relationship, and her famously volatile co-stars.

2. A Frightening Incident

Briana dejesus nova and stella
The health and well-being of Briana’s youngest daughter has been a subject of concern for fans ever since little Stella was rushed to a hospital in August.

3. On the Mend

Briana dejesus daughter
Fortunately, the 17-month-old is recovering nicely following a bout with septic arthritis.

4. Making Progress

Briana dejesus and baby stella
“Stella is definitely ok,” Briana tells THG, adding that her eldest daughter, Nova, loves taking care of her little sis.

5. Team Effort

Briana dejesus and nova
“She gets the common cold here and there but for the most part she’s back to her normal self and nova loves taking care of Stella and making sure she’s OK,” Dejesus adds.

6. Heating Up

Briana dejesus and johnny rodriguez
Back in September, Briana revealed that she’s dating a New York native named Johnny Rodriguez.

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Johnny Rodriguez: Meet Briana DeJesus’ New Boyfriend!

Briana DeJesus has had a bit of a roller coaster year.

So we suppose it's fitting that she's decided to introduce her new boyfriend to the world with a photo taken at a theme park.

Yes, Briana has moved on from Javi Marroquin with an NYC native named Johnny Rodriguez.

And based on their social media comments, Bri's legion of loyal fans are almost as excited about this new romance as she is …

1. Briana and Johnny

Briana dejesus and johnny rodriguez
Bri introduced her new man to the world by posting this loved-up pic on her Instagram page.

2. Head Over Heels

Briana dejesus and lollipop
“My sweet love, thank you for shining your light into the darkness that was surrounding me,” Bri captioned the pic.

3. Still Bri

Briana dejesus instagram
Exhibiting her signature irreverent humor, Dejesus added, “#wealmostdiedonthatridetho lol”

4. Playing Coy

Briana dejesus a selfie
At first, there was a fair bit of mystery surrounding the identity of Bri’s man — after all, she didn’t even provide his name in the original post.

5. Slowly Spilling the Tea

Briana dejesus look at me
Fortunately, Briana decided to open up about her mystery man in a newly-published interview with Radar Online.

6. Here’s Johnny

Briana de jesus pic
“It’s nothing crazy and it’s relatively new,” Briana said after revealing Rodriguez’s name to her deeply curious fan base.

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Briana DeJesus: My OTHER Daughter Also Needs Surgery

Think whatever you want about Briana DeJesus as a Teen Mom 2 cast member.

Take the side of Javi Marroquin or Kailyn Lowry and think she is nothing but trouble, if you desire.

As a parent, however, Briana DeJesus has had it very rough of late. This cannot really be debated.

Below, we document how the MTV personality had to recently watch one daughter undergo surgery… and how she'll soon need to watch the other one go under the knife as well.

We wish her and her kids the best…

1. Poor Stella

Sick stella
In mid-August, DeJesus shared this photo with followers and said little Stella had just undergone a procedure.

2. Did She Come Out of It Okay?

With a therapy dog
Yes, although any sort of surgery is scary for an infant of course. “Stressful stressful day but Stella is resting and that’s all that matters,” wrote Briana as an update.

3. What Was the Matter?

Briana dejesus and lollipop
“She [had] septic arthritis,” DeJesus told Radar Online of Stella’s joint infection. “It’s common in kids.” (According to Wikipedia, septic arthritis is the invasion of a joint by an infectious agent resulting in joint inflammation.)

4. How is Stella Doing Now?

Briana dejesus child
Pretty well, it seems. No complications. No follow-ups needed in the last few weeks.

5. But What About Nova?

Briana dejesus nova and stella
The almost-seven-year old was born to Briana in 2011. Her father is Devoin Austin, who is occasionally in the picture — and DeJesus has now revealed that Nova needs surgery of her own.

6. This is What Briana Tweeted on the Subject

Nova surgery
“Nova has surgery on Friday and her bday is on Sunday and I just feel sooo bad.” Darn. We feel bad, too.

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Briana DeJesus BLASTS Kailyn Lowry: You’re Rich But You’re Still a Bitch!

The ladies of Teen Mom 2 have essentially turned Twitter into a battlefield this week.

Entangled alliances and an abundance of mutual disdain have led to an all-out war that will hopefully keep us entertained until next season kicks off.

Briana and Kail Split Pics

And folks, we’re happy to say we’ve managed to contribute to the mayhem in some small way.

Yesterday, Briana posted an article from The Hollywood Gossip detailing the revelation that Javi Marroquin slept with Kailyn Lowry while he was still dating DeJesus.

“Are you f–king kidding me?” Briana tweeted in response to our piece.

Brana and Javi have been broken up for over seven months now, but you can imagine how seeing a headline like “Javi Marroquin: I Totally Nailed Kailyn Lowry While Dating Briana DeJesus” might serve to re-open old wounds.

Anyway, Bri’s tweet set off a domino effect, and as usual, Jenelle Evans was happy to add to the chaos.

“Soooo try to make some other chick jealous by giving your body away again to your ex?” Evans wrote in a since-deleted tweet, adding:

“Ew. #EnoughSaid #NoMorals #NoStandards #JustAThought.”

Yes, even though Javi was the only one in a relationship, Jenelle thinks Kail should be blamed for his infidelity.

That sort of logic frustrates the hell out of you until you remember that Jenelle is criminally insane and firing off angry tweets about a situation that has nothing to with her is one of the least crazy things she’s done this year.

“Awe, Jenelle’s trying to come for me again… that’s cute. What’s up boo?!” Lowry responded.

“Someone with what? 5 engagements, multiple abortions, 20+ mugshots, doing drugs on national television, etc. can’t come for me. Have a great night.”

Obviously, that’s more than just throwing shade.

Kail just went ahead and created a solar eclipse that left Jenelle’s entire world enshrouded in darkness.

To her credit, Jenelle recovered enough to clap back tweeting:

“Just keep bringing up my past acting like it’s current. How many times are you going to repeat yourself? We all know my past …”I’ve changed and strive to continue that way… but others choose to remain raunchy.”

After that, Bri jumped back into the fray, tweeting:

“I hate people who point the finger especially when we all live in a glass house LOL.”

A bit of a mixed metaphor, but we get the point.

She later added:

“Bitches get a little bit of money and forget where they came from.

“Too bad it’s been documented so we’ll never forget. Look in the mirror before trying to throw shade.”

Now that’s shade!

Tough to say who the winner is here, but it’s clear that the real loser is MTV for not paying all these women to live in a house together and filming it year-round. 


Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus: Is Their Feud Heating Up AGAIN?!

Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus will never be besties.

But amazingly in the months since they nearly ripped each other's heads during a Teen Mom 2 reunion show special, they've managed to attain a sort of uneasy truce.

Sure, it helps that they live in other states, but the ladies still deserve credit for staying out of each other's way on Twitter.

Of course, the media remains as interested as ever in their feud, so naturally, Kail was asked about her thoughts toward Bri while attending the 2018 VMAs on Monday night.

She mostly kept things cordial, but when you're in the midst of a cold war, the slightest provocation can cause things to heat up in a hurry.

Check out Kail's comments and Bri's surprising response in the gallery below …

1. Best Enemies

Kailyn and briana
Kail and Briana were never friends, but they didn’t become full-blown foes until Bri joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 — and began dating Kail’s ex-husband shortly thereafter.

2. The Almost-Throwdown

Kail on teen mom 2
Kail and Bri nearly came to blows on two separate occasions during the taping — once backstage and once in full view of the audience.

3. Kail on the Carpet

Kailyn lowry at the vmas
When Kail attended the 2018 VMAs Monday night, she was asked about the confrontation while working the red carpet.

4. Just a Little…

Kailyn lowry looks pretty
“It was a little shocking,” Lowry told Us Weekly when asked about her altercation with Bri.

5. How It Went Down

Kail lowry fashion
“I mean, nothing happened in the room when we were alone, and then the explosion on stage, and throwing things, and, I mean … it was just a mess.”

6. What the Future Holds

Lowry kail pic
The interviewer then asked about Kail’s feelings toward Bri and whether there could ever be a friendship between them. Lowry responded with her signature candor …

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Javi Marroquin: I Slept With Kailyn Lowry While I Was Dating Briana DeJesus!

If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, we probably don't need to tell you that Javi Marroquin gets around.

Or perhaps we should say he used to get around.

These days, Javi is engaged to Lauren Comeau and the couple has a baby on the way.

But in his wilder days (read: about six months ago) Javi was hooking up with anything and everything.

We've known for a while that Javi hooked up with Kailyn long after their marriage came to an end, but now Marroquin is finally spilling details about the affair.

And the timing of the whole thing is raising some serious questions and re-igniting old feuds …

1. Javi Spills the Tea

Javi spills the tea
On a preview for the upcoming Teen Mom 2 reunion special, Javi opens up to hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa about his brief reconciliation with Kail.

2. Party of Three

Party of three
We already knew that Kail and Javi hooked up. What’s most interesting about the latest revelations is the timeline.

3. The Interview

Kailyn lowry on podcast
Javi says he and Kail hooked up while he was at her house to do an interview for her podcast.

4. The Disagreement

Kail on teen mom 2
Kail disagrees with Javi about the exact timing of the affair (she insists it did NOT take place after their interview) but she doesn’t deny he was involved with someone else at the time.

5. Briana Drama

Briana dejesus and lollipop
Javi had to think hard to remember who he was dating at the time, but eventually, the truth came out.

6. Laying It On the Line

Laying it on the line
Yes, Javi hooked up with Kail while he was still dating Briana, and we have the intensely awkward video of Marroquin confessing to his infidelity …

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Briana DeJesus Opens Up About Daughter’s Recent Surgery

For the past few weeks, we’ve been writing a lot about Briana DeJesus and the fight she got into with Kailyn Lowry at the recent Teen Mom 2 reunion.

But this article is about something very different.

It’s about the fight Briana’s daughter appears to be in for her life.

The MTV personality opened up a little bit on Thursday about her one-year old daughter, Stella, having to undergo surgery.

“My poor little baby,” DeJesus wrote along with a frowny face, later responding to inquiries from followers and adding:

“Stressful stressful day but Stella is resting and that’s all that matters.”

Briana also shared a few photos (below) of her precious toddler before and after she went under the knife.

“It’s been a hectic day for me but she’s ok. She’s out of surgery,” Briana continued at one point, telling a concerned supporter:

“Will [have] a bigger update to everyone once I have her in my arms!” 

sick stella

Briana did not reveal in these social media messages exactly what problem Stella is facing and/or why she needed surgery at this time.

Back in September, however, DeJesus spoke to Radar Online about at least one health issue her daughter was very unfortunately born with.

“It’s been so hard dealing with Stella,” she said at the time. “She has some heart condition, she has holes in her heart. It’s been difficult dealing with Stella right now.

“We just have to monitor her breathing.”

In this instance, though, it sounds like something else was the matter with young Stella.

“She has septic arthritis,” DeJesus told Radar of Stella’s joint infection. “It’s common in kids.”

Briana DeJesus child

According to Wikipedia, septic arthritis is the invasion of a joint by an infectious agent resulting in joint inflammation.

Symptoms often include redness, heat and pain in a single joint associated with a decreased ability to move the joint.

Briana also tells Radar that the infection is now under control, thanks to this new procedure, but it “could always come back.”

Elsewhere, DeJesus told Us Weekly that Stella had a fever of 104 degrees and, even after it stabilized, the infant had trouble “moving her left arm.”

A subsequent MRI revealed that Stella had fluid in her joints.

Briana was accompanied by her mother, Roxanne, at the hospital while waiting for the surgery to end.

(Stella’s father, Luis Hernandez was in New York City for the procedure. The couple split before Stella was born and he is not very involved in her life.)

But while Stella is now a healthy little girl again, “she could have possibly died,” DeJesus tells the tabloid, concluding with a message to all other mothers and fathers around the world:

I would tell parents to pay close attention and if something doesn’t look right, take your babies to get checked. I’m glad I did and that my baby is home, safe and recovering.

The reality TV star is also mom of Nova, 6, who she shares with former boyfriend Devoin Austin.


Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus: Still Planning to Fight?!

Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus have been feuding for nearly an entire year now, and things almost got physical at the taping of the Teen Mom 2 reunion back in May.

It was pretty intense, but it also happened three months ago.

Do Kailyn and Briana still hate each other? Are they still interested in resolving their issues by exchanging some blows?

Let's find out!

1. Come On, Ladies

Kailyn and briana
If you watched last week’s Teen Mom 2 special, or even if you just keep up with all the latest gossip, then you know about that fight that Kailyn and Briana got into with each other.

2. Oh Hey, Brittany!

Brittany dejesus
Well, the fight they got into with a special appearance from Briana’s sister, Brittany.

3. Fighting Words

Kail lowry on teen mom 2
Although they’d been feuding for months after Briana started dating Javi, Kailyn’s ex-husband, Briana kicked things up a notch with a certain comment she made on Instagram.

4. So Rude

Chris lopez and lux
In that comment, Briana alleged that Chris Lopez, the father of Kailyn’s third child, beats her in front of her children. It’s not hard to figure out why Kailyn had an issue with that.

5. Throwing Down

Kailyn lowry glasses
So when everybody was gathered backstage, preparing to film the Unseen Moments special, Kail decided that she wanted to meet with Briana privately, without cameras, to talk things out.

6. Well …

Kail pic teen mom 2
Except she pulled her hair back and put on some sneakers, so it seemed like she was expecting a little bit of action, too.

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