Briana DeJesus Throws MAJOR Shade at Kailyn Lowry on Twitter!

At one point, they were rumored to be friends.

When Briana DeJesus joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 for the show's most recent season, Kailyn Lowry seemed to be the only veteran cast member who didn't have a problem with it.

That all changed when Briana began dating Javi Marroquin, Kailyn's ex-husband and the father of her second child.

These days, Bri and Kail are bitter enemies, and it seems there's no end to their feud in sight.

Check out our rundown of the latest shots fired in this increasingly brutal war or words:

1. Briana & Javi: Getting Serious?

What started as a fling appears to be developing into a serious relationship. Briana and Javi have been exchanging flirty messages on Twitter, and Kailyn is understandably less than pleased.

2. Kailyn Lowry: Not Having It

Kailyn at teen mom 2 reunion
Kail has moved on from her marriage to Javi, and she’s doing her own thing these days. But it seems she’s not a fan of the way Bri and Javi have been flaunting their happiness (or feigned happiness) publicly.

3. Is It All a Game?

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus on instagram
Some fans suspect Bri and Javi aren’t serious about their relationship and are only posting about it so frequently in order to get under Kail’s skin.

4. Bri to Javi: Let’s Get Married!

Bri to javi lets get married
For some fans, the final straw was this tweet, in which Bri made reference to an earlier conversation that she and Javi had had about getting married.

5. Briana: Just Kidding About the Marriage Thing

Briana just kidding about the marriage thing
In response to disbelief from fans, Bri later clarified that she was just joking about the marriage comments.

6. But the Feud Is Real

Briana de jesus
Shortly thereafter, Briana kept the feud fires burning by calling Kailyn out with some screenshots of a text conversation between Lowry and Marroquin.

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Briana DeJesus: I Want to MARRY Javi Marroquin!

Briana DeJesus either has seriously conflicting feelings toward Javi Marroquin, or she's really dedicated to trolling the hell out of Kailyn Lowry.

Rumors that Briana and Javi are dating have been circulating for months, and DeJesus seems to be deriving a lot pleasure from keeping both Kailyn and the public in the dark.

So are she and Javi really in a long-distance relationship?

Is this all just an elaborate ploy to mess with Kailyn's mind?

Does Briana actually want to marry Javi?!

Join us as we answer these questions and more in our investigation of Teen Mom 2's most unexpected love triangle:

1. Are They or Aren’t They?

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus picture
Are Javi and Briana really dating, or are they just pretending to be in love in order to mess with Kailyn Lowry? To answer that question, we need to delve into the history of Bri and Kail’s relationship.

2. New Girl

Briana dejesus on mtv
Briana just joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 last season. Her co-stars were said to be less than thrilled with MTV’s decision to add a fifth mom to the roster.

3. A Familiar Face

Briana dejesus on teen mom 3
Bri got her start on the short-lived Teen Mom 3. So both viewers and co-stars were familiar with her past … and her ability to create drama.

4. Kail and Bri: Best Frenemies?

Kailyn at teen mom 2 reunion
Insiders who were familiar with the situation claimed that Kailyn was one of the only moms who DIDN’T hate Briana. How times have changed!

5. Surgery Sisters?

Kailyn lowry butt photo
Last year, Kailyn and Briana both underwent Brazilian butt lift procedures performed by the same doctor. Fans have cited this fact as evidence of their close friendship, but Kail says it was just a coincidence.

6. Not THAT Close

Briana picture
So it sounds like Kail and Bri knew each other, got along, but didn’t have particularly strong feelings about one another either way. That all changed when Bri got to know Javi …

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Kailyn Lowry: Javi Marroquin Is Only Dating Briana DeJesus For Revenge!

There’s not a soap opera on television that can hold a candle to the drama that plays out every day on social media between Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin.

Of course, volatile relationships are nothing new in the world of reality TV, and they’re sewn into the very fabric of Teen Mom 2.

But what makes Kail and Javi’s situation so unusual is the fact that they’ve been divorced for over a year.

These days, the primary point of contention between the parents of 3-year-old Lincoln is Javi’s relationship with Briana DeJesus.

Briana, of course, is the newest addition to the TM2 cast

“Kailyn can’t help thinking that Javi‘s main reason for dating Brianna is to spite her,” says the insider.

“There are a million other girls out there, but Javi chose to hook up with another Teen Mom star, which he must have known would result in tons of publicity. It’s not even like it’s convenient for them to be together — they live over a thousand miles away from each other, so it just doesn’t make any sense to Kailyn.”

Obviously, the fact that Briana and Javi are co-stars who live far apart isn’t concrete evidence that they’re dating to spite Kail.

But if their goal is to piss off Javi’s ex, it certainly seems to be working:

“Each time she has to look at photos of the two of them together, or see yet another story about them dating, it’s like a stab in the heart, and it’s driving her crazy,” says the source.

“It must have crossed Javi’s mind that getting with Brianna would piss off Kailyn, so she really can’t stop herself from questioning his motivation.”

Kailyn may have a point, as there are times when it seems that Bri and Javi’s relationship is all for show.

Just two weeks ago, DeJesus denied dating Marroquin in an interview with E! News–but now it seems the co-stars are more serious than ever. 

On November 9, Javi tweeted, “Get to see bae this weekend,” just days after Briana publicly refuted rumors that they’re romantically involved.

It’s not hard to see why Javi and Bri’s renewed interest in one another might have less to do with romance and more to do with the fact that DeJesus is once again publicly feuding with Lowry.

Fortunately, Kailyn has no reason to be concerned.

If Javi and Briana are actually pretending to date just to get back at her for some imagined slight, then Ms. Lowry has already won this feud in decisive fashion.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Kailyn and Javi’s tumultuous relationship.


Transgender Model SLAMS Briana Renee, Estranged Husband as Totally Dysfunctional”

As previously detailed, Briana Renee and Matt Grundhoffer are getting a divorce.

News of this split comes as a surprise to exactly no one who has been following the private life of the Little Women: LA star and her mate.

But it’s an especially obvious and welcome development to a transgender model named Plastic Martyr.

(Editor’s Note: We somehow doubt this is her real name.)

In response to Renee confirming she is finally leaving Grundhoffer, following many months of contention as a result of the latter’s admitted infidelity, Martyr slammed the estranged couple when asked to comment by Radar Online.

“If this isn’t all done for most publicity – because they are delusional and attention-hungry – then I say bravo,” the 28-year old said.

She then exclaimed triumphantly:

“The most dysfunctional relationship is over!”

Martyr (pictured below) was actually featured on Little Woman: LA after Grundhoffer was caught sexting her

But whatever feelings Renee’s husband apparently had for the model are most definitely NOT reciprocated.

In this same Radar interview, she refers to Grundhoffer as a “cheating son of a bitch” who “fetishized” her with his disgusting messages.

While it may be clear that Renee and Grundhoffer were not meant to be, their divorce is still unfortunate for one very precious reason:

The stars are parents to a 16-month old son.

They each also have a child from previous relationships that they had been raising together, which explains why the two are actually still living in the same house.

While sleeping in separate bedrooms, Briana and Matt are trying to figure out how to best move ahead with their break-up without damaging these children. 

But Martyr doesn’t have any sympathy.

She says Renee “will do anything and step on anyone to get ahead.”

It’s unclear why she has such a harsh opinion of the short Lifetime star, but her connection with Grundhoffer goes back to July of 2016.

During that time, he sent the model naked photos and made sexual advances toward her via Insgtagram.

Shortly afterward, Plastic guest-starred on the reality show and got into a pretty heated argument with Tonya Banks.

It certainly sounds as if Renee and Grundhoffer are making the right decision in going their separate ways, but a friend of the couple doesn’t think the split will last.

This person tells Radar:

“She’ll back with him a week. She can’t stand to be alone.”


Javi Marroquin & Briana DeJesus: Still Dating, Still Pissing Off Kailyn Lowry?

At one point, Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus were dating.

Either that, or they were just pretending to hook up in order to piss off Kailyn Lowry.

Whatever the case, Briana and Javi are once again spending time together following a brief hiatus.

Join us as we try and figure out what the hell is going on with these two, and be sure to watch Teen Mom 2 online to do some detective work of your own:

1. New Girl

Briana dejesus car selfie
Briana is a new addition to the Teen Mom 2 cast, having just joined the show for its most recent season. Her co-stars were reportedly less than thrilled about the move.

2. Kailyn Lowry: An Early Bri Supporter

Kailyn and baby lo
But while the other ladies were talking smack, Bri had one noteworthy supporter in Kailyn Lowry.

3. Surgery Sisters

Briana dejesus on mtv
Fans decided that Bri and Kail must be secret besties. It was even rumored that they decided to get plastic surgery together. It was later revealed that they underwent the same procedure (Brazilian butt lift) and visited the same doctor, but at different times.

4. Javi Problems

Javi marroquin and kailyn lowrys family photo
Briana’s arrival on the show corresponded with a period of semi-reconciliation for Kailyn and Javi Marroquin. They weren’t back together romantically, but they were amicably co-parenting, and they even collaborated on several professional projects.

5. Books and Boot Camps

Kailyn lowry javi morroquin and their son
Kail and Javi wrote a pair of memoirs and even appeared on Marriage Boot Camp together. All appeared to be going well…until Briana got involved.

6. A Match Made in TM2 Heaven

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus on instagram
Bri and Javi seemed to hit it off right away. At first they claimed they were just friends…

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Briana Renee to Husband: You Cheated! We’re Over!

This is all she wrote for Briana Renee and her husband.

The Little Women: LA star has reportedly ended her marriage to Matt Grundhoffer because she simply could not get past his cheating ways.

That’s a pretty good reason to file for divorce, isn’t it?

TMZ source say Briana decided to cut the romantic chord due to Grundhoffer’s “constant cheating and flirting,” a lot of which was captured by Lifetime cameras for all to see.

Grundhoffer admitted to his infidelity in the past and the topic was a source of consistent tension between the couple.

Again, for a very understandable reason, wouldn’t you say?

Briana and Matt have a 16-month old son, who the former referenced in an Instagram message that confirmed her split.

“After 3 years, and bringing the most handsome little boy into this world, we have come to the end of our marriage,” the 35-year-old captioned the above photo.

She added:

“We rode til the wheels fell off, and now we can redirect our course as friends focusing on being the best parents.”

Renee and Grundhoffer also have two kids from previous relationships.

As of this writing, they are actually still living together while they try to determine what is best for their family.

But they sleep in separate bedrooms.

In an attempt to fix their relationship, the estranged twosome appeared together on the Little Women couples therapy spin-off Couple Retreat.

Shockingly, though, the televised sessions did not mend what was broken between them.

In an April interview with The Domenick Nati Show, Renee confessed that she and Matt have had a “rocky” marriage over the years.

“Unfortunately we have had major lows, and we try to build back up again and it takes time,” she said at the time, explaining:

“Marriage is always work. I’m not going to sugar coat anything. We have had a rocky [one].”

According to Radar Online, Grundhoffer was caught sexting transgender model Plastix Martyr last year.

He has also admitted to sexting other women when Renee was pregnant.

Ouch. That makes the cheating, whether it was emotional or physical, extra painful.

We wish both halves of this failed romance the best of luck.

We hope each finds happiness in the end.


Briana DeJesus: I Am NOT Dating Javi Marroquin!

If the events of the past week have proven anything, it’s that Teen Mom 2 should be filmed 24/7 like the freakin’ Truman Show.

Most reality shows are already running out of steam by the time their eighth season wraps up, but thanks in part to the addition of Briana DeJesus, TM2 is just getting warmed up.

Sadly, the show isn’t currently filming, so of all the wild recent events, only the stuff that took place at Saturday’s Teen Mom 2 reunion show was caught on camera.

Fortunately, the cast has done an admirable job of documenting the drama on social media.

If you follow any of them on Twitter or Instagram, then you’ve probably already heard about David Eason drunkenly stabbing balloons and trying to fight Nathan Griffith.

That’s good stuff, but if you ask us, the Kailyn Lowry-Briana DeJesus-Javi Marroquin situation is even more fascinating.

Kailyn and Javi are about to embark on a book tour together, despite the fact that they finalized their divorce almost a year ago.

Needless to say, the situation was already fraught with emotional peril, but things are even more complex thanks to rumors that Javi is dating Briana.

There’s really no way to talk about this situation without sounding like Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls, so please forgive us in advance:

Briand and Kailyn used to be friends, even though Briana denies it now.

Apparently, Kail was pissed about all the rumors that Briana has a thing for Javi because Lowry and DeJesus didn’t even talk at the reunion show.

Afterward, Briana threw major shade on social media, tweeting that Jenelle Evans is the only cool Teen Mom, and posting a bunch of new pics of her and Javi.

Marroquin apparently took this as a sign that he and Briana are officially dating, and he even went so far as to confirm the relationship rumors in a recent interview:

“We are dating,” Javi told People magazine earlier this week.

“We’ve been friends for a while and we weren’t in a rush.”

But in her latest interview, Briana denies that she and Javi are a couple, and she basically tells Marroquin to slow his roll:

Nothing is going on,” DeJesus bluntly tells E! News.

Adding to the speculation that she’s not seeking a relationship with Javi is a recent tweet of Briana’s that reads, “About to change my number and go ghost.” 

All of this begs the question–why was Briana acting as though she and Javi were together?

Was she just messing with Kailyn?

Is she really that pett?

For the sake of our future entertainment, we hope the answer to both those questions is “yes.”

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to keep up with all this craziness. The show just keeps getting better, y’all.


Kailyn Lowry: Briana DeJesus is Hurting Teen Mom 2 Ratings!

Folks, it’s looking more and more like Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus are in the midst of a full-blown feud.

And the situation just keeps getting more and more entertaining.

As you probably already know, Briana just joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 this season.

All of the original cast members were said to be skeptical of the new addition, fearing that adding a fifth mom would cut into their screen time or otherwise throw off the chemistry of a show that’s been going strong for eight seasons.

But it seems no one had quite as much cause for concern as Kailyn Lowry.

Even though TM2 is different from just about every reality show on TV in that the cast spends very little time together, Briana still found an opportunity to hit it off with Kailyn’s ex-husband.

Rumors that Javi and Briana are dating have been circulating for months now, and Javi even confirmed the news in a recent interview with People magazine.

But things got complicated just one day later, when Briana stated that she is not dating Javi during an interview with E! News.

So did the relationship fizzle in record time, or did Javi misread the situation entirely?

Or is something else going on here?

Was Briana just messing with Kailyn’s mind by pretending to be romantically involved with Javi?

Whatever the case, Briana and Kailyn are not exactly besties these days, and they’re no longer hiding their ill will toward another.

Briana fired the first shot on social media, basically reporting from the reunion show that all of the Teen Moms suck except for Jenelle.

Now, Kailyn is firing back, and hitting Briana where it really hurts–right in the ratings!

The shade-throwing began when a fan tweeted his theory about why Briana may have been added to the cast:

“They should be thanking Briana because if they had to get a 5th mom for the show ratings must have been down!”

Lowry was quick to pounce, firing back:

“Actually now that she’s on they went down lol. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” 

Damn, Kail.

Looks like the ball’s in Briana’s court now.

We’re sure she’s composing a quality trash-talk tweet at this moment.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Briana’s tumultous first season.