British Bulldog’s Son Wanted for Battery After Incident with Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

The son of wrestling legend The British Bulldog (real name Davey Boy Smith) is a wanted man — after throwing a cup of coffee straight in the face of WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts. New Orleans PD is investigating an incident that…


Meghan Markle Will “Taint” Royal Family with Her “Black Seed,” Horrible Girlfriend of British Politician Warns

As it turns out, not everyone loves Meghan Markle.

As it also turns out, not everyone is tolerant of people who are not Caucasian.

A pretty major flap has arisen in Great Britain after The Daily Mail obtained text messages from a woman named Jo Marney.

She is (or was, keep reading…) the girlfriend of a British politician named Henry Bolton and she GOES OFF on Markle in these explicit messages, writing the kinds of things one would expect to only hear from Donald Trump.

(Just kidding. Sort of.)

An ex-model, Marney refers to Markle in these texts as Prince Harry’s “black American fiancee,” adding that she will “taint” the Royal Family with “her seed.”

No, seriously. She wrote all that.

She also said Markle will pave the way for a “black king” to rule the nation.

It’s unclear to whom Marney is texting, but when she gets called out for being awful and racist, she responds as follows:

“lol so what. Not wanting other races and cultures to invade your own culture doesn’t mean I hate their race. Just means I don’t want their cultures invading mine.”

It’s a fine line, apparently.

(Marney also says that she would never have sex with “a negro” because they are “ugly,” but, hey, she doesn’t have any issues with that race, okay?!?)

Bolton, meanwhile, is a 54-year old leader in The UK Independence Party who some citizens wanted to resign even before this new scandal hit…because he left his wife and two kids for the 25-year old Marney.

He has broken up with his girlfriend in the wake of this public flap, but he may still be ousted by the party’s ruling National Executive Committee on Thursday.

If this happens, it would leave the party having to elect its fifth leader in just over a year and a half.

Here is a photo of the controversial former couple:


In a statement to The Mail, Marney apologized and claimed her comments had been taken out of context, which is pretty hilarious.

This is what she wrote for her mea culpa:

“No offense was intended and, again, I apologize unreservedly for any such offense or hurt that my messages have caused to members of the public, members of Ukip, my friends, family and loved ones.”

Markle’s father is white and her mother is African-American.

Sadly, she has faced a great deal of harassment concerning her mixed heritage ever since entering the spotlight as Harry’s girlfriend.

In November of 2016, the Internet trolls grew so loud in their racism that Prince Harry instructed Kensington Palace to issue a strongly worded statement in regards to a “wave of abuse and harassment.”

“It is not right that a few months into a relationship with [Prince Harry] that Ms. Markle should be subjected to such a storm,” this statement read, adding:

“He knows commentators will say this is ‘the price she has to pay’ and that ‘this is all part of the game.’ He strongly disagrees.

“This is not a game – it is her life and his.”

In their first joint interview as an engaged couple, Markle and Harry addressed this topic.

They remained level-headed about it and are refusing to let horrible people such as Marney influence their happiness in any way, shape or form.

“At the end of the day I am proud of who I am and where I have come from and we have never put any focus on that, we have just focused on who we are as a couple,” said the actress at the time.

Good for her.

And very bad for Marney. Very, very, very, very bad.


Prince Harry Cancels Royal Wedding, Angers British Peons

We have a new reason to believe that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be engaged.

According to what has been described as a “well-sourced report” in The Daily Mail on Thursday, Markle sat with the Queen of England for tea last week, conversing with Her Majesty for approximately an hour.

Naturally, this sit-down has only fueled speculation that Markle is very close to becoming a part of Great Britain’s most famous family.

Royal expert Richard Kay filed the aforementioned report and claims that “everything about the tea-time meeting was deliberately informal” in a bid to “settle any nerves Meghan might have felt.”

This is supposedly the first time Markle has ever visited the monarch’s official residence.

And it arrived about a month after she and Harry were all lovey dovey with each other in Toronto at the Invictus Games.

For the past several weeks, nary a day has gone by without some entertainment outlet alleging Harry has already popped the question.

We keep waiting for that Internet-shattering announcement to be made, but we keep being disappointed every time we fire up our Internet machines.

However, a separate report claims Harry and Markle aren’t only engaged, but are already discussing marriage plans.

And what they have in mind may very well crush the hopes, dreams and spirits of millions in Great Britain.

Unlike Prince William and Kate Middleton, Harry allegedly does NOT want to get married at Westminster Abbey.

In fact, he wants such a low key affair that the traditional Royal Wedding Bank Holiday across the region would not be needed.

This possibility has left many British people angry and concerned because it means they would have to go to school and/or work on the day Harry gets hitched.

“Pomp and pageantry is the last thing he would want,” a source says of this handsome Prince, adding:

“I can see him wanting to get married at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

“It would stop it from turning into a total media circus and give the day a sense of privacy that Harry so badly craves.”

Moreover, yet another insider tells Us Weekly that Markle – who may be quitting USA Network smash hit Suits for her man – won’t make a giant deal out of their engagement, either.

“They will most likely hold a small photo call at Kensington Palace, with just one photographer and a journalist invited,” this tabloid writes.

“On the same day, they’ll do a TV interview that will be syndicated around the world.”

Perhaps they’ll also give The Hollywood Gossip an exclusive? Maybe there’s a small chance?

Okay, probably not.

But a website can dream, can’t it?


British Flight Attendant Goes on Racist Rant About Nigerian Penises

Racism: it's just a problem here in America! In fact, racism and especially white supremacy were more or less invented over in Europe. 

No, we're not talking about football protests — we're talking about a flight attendant's supremely offensive rant about her Nigerian passengers.

As you'll see in the outrageous video below, she singles out Nigerian men for their behavior, the way that they speak, … and their large, cumbersome penises.

British airlines 4

Sometimes people living in certain areas of Europe try to look down on racial tensions within the United States and point out how there seems to be less of that wherever they live.

Like, in Denmark or wherever.

One, in most of those cases, it's because those countries are so overwhelmingly white that there very naturally won't be that many conflicts. Having a racially homogenous nation should not be a source of pride.

Two, Britain really has no high ground on which to stand in that department.

A flight attendant from British Airways (which sounds like an airline devoted to, like, a trachea, but that's neither here no there) is under fire and reportedly under investigation after a series of videos that she posted to social media.

She starts by complaining about her job, which is fine. If retail workers and flight attendants and anyone else in the service industry didn't complain about their jobs online, they'd kill us all.

That's why we have the internet. For them to vent.

The problem is that the nature of her complaints are hella racist. If she'd stuck to talking about food and having to work on Friday night, she'd be in the clear.

British airlines 3

This was posted to social media, so she's addressing people who probably work 9-to-5 jobs or something similar.

"All right, so all of yous are there getting ready for your Friday night, getting in the pre-drinks, you know, as you do."

That's a pretty ideal Friday night for most people, sure.

"And I’m here, getting ready to go to work, put on a yellow life jacket, point out the exits, hand out chicken or beef."

She's talking about walking passengers through the motions by miming basic instructions, like they do before every flight. She even makes the gestures in the video.

And of course she brings up the very, very limited food options.

(I'm no vegetarian, but surely there's something that's neither chicken nor beef for those folks. Right?)

"What sort of Friday night is this for me?"

Well, not a fun one. But, like, she's getting paid for it. It's her job. I used to work on Friday nights, every single Friday. Sometimes, that's life.

British airlines 1

But, unfortunately, her complaints extend beyond her job to her passengers.

To a very specific group of passengers.

"All the Nigerians are all going to be there like ‘Gimme Coca-Cola, give me beef. Why you have no beef left? I want beef.’"

She says all of that while mocking a Nigerian accent.

That's a huge no-no on its own, folks.

Racist caricatures are not okay.

A lot of people don't realize that, especially people who are good at impersonations and usually enjoy imitating someone's voice.

Don't do that to an entire race or ethnic group, folks.

Then it gets worse:

British airlines 2

"All the Nigerians are gonna be there asking for f–king upgrades because they haven’t got enough leg room because their BBCs are in their way. Big dicks like this swinging from side to side."

She is not referring to the BBC, like British news media.

She's talking about "big, black cocks."

In case you're wondering, yes, that's absolutely racist, even if it seems like a compliment. Stereotypes like that are dehumanizing, even the ones that are supposedly positive.

She was trying to do a "funny" monologue to blow off steam. We get it.

It's just not funny. As you can see.

British flight attendand goes on racist rant about nigerian peni

Charlie Gard, British Baby at Center of Global Medical Drama, Dies

Charlie Gard, the British baby who had been at the center of a high-profile legal battle over his medical care, has passed away.

He was only 11 months old.


The child was born with a rare genetic condition and spent a majority of his life in the hospital.

Charlie’s parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, fought a lengthy and emotional legal battle to take their severely ill son to the United States for treatment, a move that was eventually denied by judges.

The tragic case made global headlines, with President Donald Trump Tweeting about it just a few weeks ago.

This is what he wrote at the time:

trump on gard

Pope Francis also weighed on the debate, with the Vatican saying the pontiff prayed for the parents and “their wish to accompany and treat their child until the end is not neglected.”

Around the globe, a countless number of supporters made their voices heard, earning the nickname “Charlie’s Army” in the process.

They raised over 1.35 million pounds online, but were unable to influence the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court… all of which ruled life support treatment should end and Charlie should be allowed to die with dignity.

He passed away while in a hospice facility.

Charlie Gard Protest

The couple ended its legal battle on July 24, in what they referred to as the “most painful of decisions.”

An end-of-life plan for baby Charlie was then approved on Thursday by High Court judge Nicholas Francis.

Gard was born on August 4 and inherited the faulty RRM2B gene that affects the cells responsible for energy production and respiration, leaving him unable to move or breathe unaided.

His parents yearned to give him experimental, unproven nucleoside therapy, provided by American neuroscientist Michio Hirano.

gard dies

Throughout the lengthy legal process – which saw an appeal rejected the European Court of Human Rights – physicians at Great Ormond Street maintained this treatment had little chance of success.

They said it would kinder for life support to be switched off.

Upon confirming the passing of her son, Connie simply wrote, “Our beautiful little boy has gone, we are so proud of you Charlie.”

May he rest in peace.