Britney Spears: Exercising Herself to Death to Please Sam Asghari?

As you will see in the steamy video below, Britney Spears is keeping fit with the help of her boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

But … has she become too preoccupied with health and fitness?

A new report claims that Britney is keeping her body in perfect condition because she's afraid of losing her young, hot boyfriend.

Britney spears works out

RadarOnline reports that Britney is consumed with a fitness addiction in an effort to maintain her relationship with Sam Asghari.

The source acknowledges that Britney "looks amazing and she’s got her best body ever."

She sure does and she sure does, respectively. So … what's the problem?

"But she’s letting her obsession with diet and fitness rule her life to an unhealthy degree."

Sometimes, there can be a slippery slope between healthy habits and a destructive perseveration.

"She’s so self-conscious and can’t go five seconds without talking about cleanses or weight training."

Sam ashgari shirtless photo

The source continues to express concern, saying:

"Even though she looks incredible, she still Photoshops her selfies all the time."

Lots of people touch up their selfies, but it looks like this person is suggesting that it's an obsession.

"It’s as if she’s on a weird mission to constantly look picture perfect."

That also ties in with rumors that Britney got a boob job recently.

"She’s always scrutinizing her reflection in the mirror and sometimes takes 50 photos before she’ll post one to Instagram."

Is that an unhealthy preoccupation or just careful use of social media?

Britney spears is a boss

The source also claims that Britney is projecting her alleged fixation with fitness onto others.

This has reportedly taken the form of her discouraging others from partying and indulging themselves on tour.

More to the point, it sounds like some of her loved ones are concerned that she's denying herself.

"People are happy that Britney is taking care of herself, but now it’s getting in the way of her having fun."

That is a somewhat troubling report.

Sam asghari lifts weights

Is it possible that the source is jumping to conclusions, though?

Britney has always been dedicated to her personal fitness. Her body is part of her brand, and has been since she rose to fame as a teen sex symbol.

It's true that she's older than Sam Asghari, who is 24 years old.

But while he's definitely young and hot, she is not only intensely attractive, but she's Britney Freaking Spears. Despite rumors to the contrary, she has a good head on her shoulders and knows her worth.

Most people take multiple photos before choosing which picture to post on social media.

The fact that Britney posts makeup-free selfies should be enough to show that fears that she's obsessed with looking more perfect than she actually is are probably unfounded.

Britney spears gym selfie

As for her relationship with Sam Asghari, whom she began dating about a year ago, things are looking good for the two of them.

Just last week, Britney brought Sam as her date to the GLAAD Awards.

Social media shows that the two of them share a love of fitness activities, but that doesn't mean that she's depriving herself of joy.

Playing tennis with your boyfriend isn't exactly wallowing in misery.

And neither is dancing, which is what the two of them are doing in this steamy video.

Watch and decide for yourself how Britney is faring:

Britney spears fixated on fitness to please sam asghari

Britney Spears: PISSED at Kevin Federline For Demanding More Child Support!

Our younger readers may not be familiar with the velour track suit come to life that is Kevin Federline, so let us fill you in the saga of the ultimate baby daddy:

Federline married Britney Spears back in 2004, and she’s been paying for that mistake ever since.

While the marriage lasted only a couple years, Federline fathered two children with Spears, which means he’s pretty much hitched his wagon to her star for life.

(Or at least until little Sean and Jayden turn eighteen.)

And these days, K-Fed – as he was known in the dark days of the early ’00s – seems hell-bent on getting the most out of this arrangement.

It seems Federline wants more child support money from Spears, and sources say he’s willing to take her to court if he has to.

And according to US Weekly, Brit is downright fuming over her ex’s audacity:

“She’s angry Kevin is asking for more money because she pays for everything,” says an insider, who describes Britney and Kevin’s relationship as “strained.” 

“Those boys are her world. She is an amazing mother.”

Child support beefs amongst rich people are always a little hilarious since it’s not like anyone is struggling to pay for groceries here.

It’s more like Kevin takes the kids to Disneyland he just pays for admission, while Brit rents out the entire park and has it closed to the public so there are no lines for the rides.

There are numerous reasons why it’s tempting to side with Brit, not the least of which is that if it weren’t for her financial support, Kevin would probably be popping and locking on a street corner somewhere.

But it’s important to remember that their situation is more complex than that of most celebrity exes.

As you may recall, Brit has had her share of problems over the years.

The consequences of Spears’ 2007 meltdown are still a daily reality for the singer, who is still, in some ways, under the thumb of her father and financial advisor, Jamie Spears.

There were several times in the past decade when it would have been easy to fight for sole custody of the kids, but K-Fed mostly did right by his ex:

“Kevin has always allowed for very liberal visitation,” says the insider. “He has been supportive of her recovery.”

It may have been quite some time ago, but it’s something Brit should probably keep in mind if she plans to square off with Kevin in court.


Kevin Federline: Britney Spears Should Gimme More Child Support

Britney Spears has brought countless gifts in the world. While most of those are in the form of her music, she also gave birth to her sons, Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline.

And while their mother is one of the most famous and talented people on the planet, at the moment, it’s their father who’s making waves.

According to this report, Kevin Federline is attempting to get more child support money out of Britney.

Britney Spears is an absolute legend who walks among us.

While we can all take a moment each day to be thankful that, of all of the years of human history, we were lucky enough to live in the same time period as Britney Spears, the vast majority were not actually married to her.

But Kevin Federline was, from 2004 until 2007.

Though their union was clearly not meant to last, they’ll forever be linked by their precious sons — Sean Preston and Jayden James.

And, of course, by the accompanying child support payments.

As one can imagine, it’s Britney who pays Kevin and not the other way around.

Apparently, she currently sends baby daddy Kevin $ 20,000 per month for child-support.

For normal people, that’s a huge amount of money. Even if Sean Preston and Jayden spent every single day with their father, and they do not, it’s unlikely that the two of them would be costing $ 666 dollars every single day.

(Of course, for celebrities, there are concerns like security and often private schools and transportation, so we can see how the added expenses add up … even to nearly a quarter of a million dollars per year)

However, that payout was determined a decade ago, when the couple split. At the time, Britney was dealing with personal mental health issues and wasn’t really performing full-time.

Compare that and how her finances must have looked to now, when she just finished her Vegas residency and is about to go on tour.

And now a report from The Blast claims that Kevin Federline is requesting more money in the form of child support.

Apparently, an attorney acting on Kevin’s behalf filed papers to that effect.

Though there’s no actual mention of how much money he’s looking for, he wants, well, more.

In part, people may assume that this is a money-grab.

At the same time, child support is determined in part, not just by how much time the children spend with each parent, but also based upon a percentage of the parent’s income.

Considering that Britney reportedly made something in the neighborhood of $ 15 million per year during her Vegas residency (and nearly twice what she pays Kevin Federline annually at each individual show), some would say that Kevin Federline is due for an upgrade.

Apparently, he’s not looking for a nasty public battle or even a drawn out one.

And it’s possible that, if his requests are reasonable, he’ll get what he’s asking for.

Britney Spears famously adores her sons.

Years ago, she knew that she didn’t want to repeat the mistakes that her own parents made, and resolved to be the best possible mother to her boys.

(She took match classes herself so that she could help her sons with their homework — most parents would have just hired a tutor for the boys)

Britney is a woman with one of the most powerful social media platforms on the planet.

Do you know what she uses it for? Often, to praise her sons. Recently, she’s been showcasing their Dragon Ball Z art and praising their technique.

(They’re genuinely skilled young artists who are really getting the hang of things like perspective)

It wouldn’t be surprising if Kevin Federline gets what he’s asking for, largely because it could mean that her sons can live in more opulence when they’re spending time with their father.

But we’ll see how all of this pans out. There could be a lot going on that isn’t public knowledge.



Britney Spears Lip Syncs New Year’s Eve Concert, Gets Roasted On Twitter

It’s 2018, and Britney Spears still has a career.

If you’d made that prediction eleven years ago at peak of Bald Britney-mania, you would’ve been shunned from society and forced to spend your remaining days in the mountains, shearing alpacas, or something.

Yes, the simple fact that Britney is alive, healthy, and continuing to make millions is downright remarkable.

Still, there are those who expect more from her.

They’re not satisfied by the fact that Brit has full custody of her kids, is no longer under the sway of either a psychiatric hold or the master manipulator the neighborhood children called the Federline.

These people see fit to criticize the divine Ms. Spears for such minor offenses as “not actually singing at her concerts.”

The nerve of these ingrates!

Yes, Britney rang in 2018 on the confusingly-titled Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest, and sure she didn’t actually sing, but at least she didn’t just stand around asking for hot tea.

But apparently, some folks on Twitter haven’t gotten the memo tht Britney has officially reached Mariah-level icon status, which means she can spend the rest of her days just showing up places and being paid to do literally nothing.

The same haters and losers who want Donald John Trump to stop tweeting and govern also want Britney to stop being fabulous, and … sing.

“Performing” at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Britney moved around on stage to the tune of “Work B-tch” and “Toxic.”

And sadly, she began the year by being savagely corn-cobbed on Twitter.

“Oh great, Britney is going to mime AND lip sync another song for us,” tweeted one blasphemer.

“I think they should just put a cardboard cut out with a musical recording of Britney Spears singing. All she does now is seemingly lip sync. #RockinEve britney,” remarked another.

Who does @britneyspears think she’s fooling? If your dance moves aren’t the same as 2006, clearly your vocals wouldn’t be either…. good try though. #RockinEve,” echoed a third betrayer of the queen.

Yes, folks, it seems you can go take your hopes for a better and more just world in 2018 and toss them right in the trash.

Here’s hoping the world will be more appreciative of Britney’s terrible lip-syncing in 2019.