Britney Spears Lip Syncs New Year’s Eve Concert, Gets Roasted On Twitter

It’s 2018, and Britney Spears still has a career.

If you’d made that prediction eleven years ago at peak of Bald Britney-mania, you would’ve been shunned from society and forced to spend your remaining days in the mountains, shearing alpacas, or something.

Yes, the simple fact that Britney is alive, healthy, and continuing to make millions is downright remarkable.

Still, there are those who expect more from her.

They’re not satisfied by the fact that Brit has full custody of her kids, is no longer under the sway of either a psychiatric hold or the master manipulator the neighborhood children called the Federline.

These people see fit to criticize the divine Ms. Spears for such minor offenses as “not actually singing at her concerts.”

The nerve of these ingrates!

Yes, Britney rang in 2018 on the confusingly-titled Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest, and sure she didn’t actually sing, but at least she didn’t just stand around asking for hot tea.

But apparently, some folks on Twitter haven’t gotten the memo tht Britney has officially reached Mariah-level icon status, which means she can spend the rest of her days just showing up places and being paid to do literally nothing.

The same haters and losers who want Donald John Trump to stop tweeting and govern also want Britney to stop being fabulous, and … sing.

“Performing” at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Britney moved around on stage to the tune of “Work B-tch” and “Toxic.”

And sadly, she began the year by being savagely corn-cobbed on Twitter.

“Oh great, Britney is going to mime AND lip sync another song for us,” tweeted one blasphemer.

“I think they should just put a cardboard cut out with a musical recording of Britney Spears singing. All she does now is seemingly lip sync. #RockinEve britney,” remarked another.

Who does @britneyspears think she’s fooling? If your dance moves aren’t the same as 2006, clearly your vocals wouldn’t be either…. good try though. #RockinEve,” echoed a third betrayer of the queen.

Yes, folks, it seems you can go take your hopes for a better and more just world in 2018 and toss them right in the trash.

Here’s hoping the world will be more appreciative of Britney’s terrible lip-syncing in 2019.


Britney Spears: Look at My Awesome Painting!

Britney Spears is one of the most popular artists on the planet. With countless infectious hits under her belt, the superstar has turned her attention to something new of late. 

That brand new hobby is painting, and we have to admit, she looks like a flawless painter, and no, we're not just saying that because she's painting along to the soothing sound of Mozart. 

The 35-year-old looks as relaxed as ever as she stands on the balcony of her beautiful house. Wearing a bra, it's like she does not have a care in the world. 

Britney shared the video on Friday, along with the following caption: "Sometimes you just gotta play!"

The empowering line was accompanied by a lot of emoticons. We get it, Britney, you like to spend your downtime on your balcony with some classical music, and you're not ashamed to tell the world about it. 

Britney has staged a rare comeback after years in a downward spiral. Just when it looked like her career was over, she got the help she needed and had a recent hit album that proved the hitmaker was back and better than ever. 

On top of that, she has that lucrative Vegas residency, so all is right in the world of Britney.

She's also been dating Sam Asghari, so she has a solid career, love and a beautiful family. 

Recent reports have suggested she is ready to pop the question to Sam and ask him to marry her. It sounds like she knows this relationship is one with legs. 

Who would have thought Spears would be oozing positivity after it seemed like a genuine possibility she was going to disappear from the public eye forever?

Have a look at the full video below and join us in the comments with your thoughts on her technique. 




Britney spears paints while listening to mozart

Britney Spears: Canceling Her Las Vegas Show After Terrorist Shooting?

We know that Britney Spears isn’t afraid of crowds or public appearances. She just took her sons to Disneyland for their birthdays, right there among countless other visitors.

Massive tragedies have a way of frightening us to our core, however. The Las Vegas terrorist shooting, which claimed 59 lives and wounded 527, had to be especially rattling to a singer and performer who performs there.

But … is Britney going to end her residency in Vegas?

When that monster Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd at a Jason Aldean concert, he ended dozens of lives, changed hundreds of lives forever, and destroyed his own family.

But following any terrorist shooting, there’s a culture of fear that endures. That’s part of the point of terrorism.

Do you all remember your first trip to a movie theater after the Aurora shooting?

I’ll be honest — I still quickly scan the room for anyone who seems like they might be concealing something. I’ve yet to see someone carrying a large package into the theater, and I don’t know what I’d do if I did, but … it changes you.

The point is to still go, despite the fear — to fly (yeah, I remember what it was like to fly after 9/11, too) and see movies and go to school and take public transportation and do all of the things that you normally do.

Otherwise, the terrorists literally win. To a degree, anyway.

Stephen Paddock was a jerk who demeaned his girlfriend in public, gambled for a living (he may have had an alternative revenue stream — some speculate that he was either a card-counter or did some sort of smuggling on top of his better known fondness for poker), and stockpiled deadly weapons.

But we don’t know what motivated to commit this evil act or what beliefs he holds that were behind it.

Maybe we’ll find out and maybe we won’t, but the impact that this massacre has had upon people is very real.

And it also impacts celebrities.

According to RadarOnline, their source close to Britney Spears says that she is terrified that another shooting might take place.

“Britney is heartbroken, but she is also legitimately scared to go to Las Vegas to finish her show.”

That’s her Piece Of Me residency, which has been running for ages and is actually nearing its end.

“As of right now, she wishes she could get out of the remainder of her contract because she does not feel safe at all going back there and doing a show in front of a large crowd.”

Britney’s not one for stage fright, so it sounds like she’s terrified that her audience members — her fans — could become an appealing target for the next monster.

“In fact, she has been really freaking out about it. She is already a slightly paranoid person, but this whole thing has gotten her and her family extremely concerned for her safety.”

Remember that Britney is also a mother. Jayden and Sean Preston don’t want to lose their mom.

“Several of Britney’s dancers are just ready to quit now. No one on her show really feels that secure about resuming the residency after what happened.”

That kind of thinking is normal after a tragedy.

“She is in talks right now with the casino to see if there is a solution. If she doesn’t postpone the show then she is going to require quadruple the security, at least.”

More security never hurts. You can’t plan for everything, but you can do your best.

That is so sad to hear.

If true, Britney isn’t the only one who feels that way.

Jason Aldean has canceled shows following the massacre.

And so has Jennifer Lopez.

While Jason Aldean’s audience was the target, Jennifer Lopez is clearly concerned about what many people are concerned about right now:


They say that the safest time to fly is right after a well-publicized plane crash.

This is when pilots and everyone responsible for plane safety are at their most alert.

In some ways, people are at their most alert for a shooting after a mass shooting.

But that additional caution also comes with the risk of a copycat trying to enact something similar, having been “inspired” by an existing massacre.

We understand Britney’s fears.

Her shows are legendary and incredible, but it’s always smart to put safety first.


Britney Spears Treats Sons to Disneyland Birthay Trip!

Just in case you needed a reminder, Britney Spears isn’t just good at singing, dancing, and performing.

She’s also just a really great mom.

In her latest display of maternal excellence, Britney treated her sons to a trip to Disneyland for their birthdays. And Sam Asghari was there, too!

It’s no secret that Britney Spears’ career as a celebrity and a musical icon has had its ups and downs.

From the rumors of lipsyncing and plastic surgery that dogged her in the early days of her musical stardom, when she was just a teenager …

To her big breakdown a decade ago that allowed her to return, stronger than ever.

But, these days, Britney is living a much better life.

Her best life.

She has her hunky and unnecessarily attractive boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Her career is still going strong while giving her plenty of time to be with her family.

And she can be a truly wonderful mom to her boys, celebrating their interests and treating them for their birthdays.

(There she is with Sam Asghari!)

Britney took her sons and several of their friends (it looks like three friends each) to Disneyland over the weekend.

Her boys aren’t twins, but Sean’s birthday is in just two days, when he will turn 12.

Jayden’s birthday is actually today.

He’s 11!

Usually, it kind of sucks having your birthday close to a close relative’s birthday — or, worse, close to a major and expensive holiday like Christmas.

Obviously, expense isn’t an issue when you’re Britney’s kid, but the timing can still be a sore point.

Like, how are you going to celebrate your birthday week if someone else is always hogging the glory?

Well, being amazing and perfect in every way, Britney found a way to make their combined birthday celebration into an even bigger event.

Like a day trip to Disneyland with three friends each.

Awww, look at them!

Britney Spears captioned this photo:

“So much fun celebrating the boys’ birthdays at @disneyland yesterday!!!”

Britney isn’t shy about posting on Instagram, but you’re more likely to see her or her boyfriend appear on her social media accounts than you are her children.

You’ll see photos of Britney and Sam cuddling, videos of Britney’s workouts, or even Britney showing off minimal makeup.

This isn’t out of a lack of interest, but because her boys deserve their privacy.

Up to a point, Sean and Jayden are and always will be public figures.

Sharing a few snapshots of them at birthday parties and similar events is precious, along with the occasional video of them scaring her around the house or a photo of them kissing her cheeks.

Sharing pics of them every day? At this age?

It could open them to ridicule from classmates (if anyone would dare make fun of Britney’s kids … we hope not) and would generally just be an invasion of their privacy.

Leave it to Britney to find the perfect balance.

Privacy, of course, is a big issue for Britney.

Anecdotal reports from people who were at Disneyland that day shared that Britney couldn’t go anywhere without people screaming her name.

Like … we get it. Britney is a blessing and she’s amazing.

But you don’t need to give her a hard time over it.

Let her go about her life when she’s out and about.

Especially when she’s with her kids.