‘Big Brother’ Alum Christmas Abbott’s Alleged Baby Daddy Wants Paternity Test

“Big Brother” alum Christmas Abbott has some baby daddy issues … because the guy she says fathered her kid is seeking a paternity test to confirm her story and, if he is, he wants joint custody. According to legal docs, obtained by…


Christmas Abbott, Big Brother Alum, Arrested for Attack on Baby Daddy’s Alleged Side Piece

According to official police reports, it was not a very merry Tuesday afternoon for former Big Brother contestant Christmas Abbott.

TMZ and Us Weekly both confirm that the 36-year old reality star turned herself into Tampa authorities yesterday, at which time she was booked for felony criminal mischief.

For what rather incredible and violent reason? Scroll down to find out!

Based on records obtained by TMZ, Abbott drove to a local Florida gym back in August in order to confront her baby daddy’s alleged side piece.

Cops say that Abbott then flew into a complete rage, asking all kinds of questions of this unnamed woman prior to throwing a cup of coffee in her direction. But that wasn’t all.

Christmas then rammed into the alleged victim’s car in the parking lot with her own.

Abbott was eight months pregnant with her first child at the time, a boy who would be born a few weeks later and named Loyal.

The boy’s father is Benjamin Bunn, a fellow fitness enthusiast who is no longer with the Big Brother Season 19 third-place finisher.

TMZ quotes this same police report in stating that Abbott called the other woman a “pathetic home-wrecking little slut,” among other insults.

She believed at the time of the confrontation that the woman was sleeping with Bunn, even though Bunn told Us Weekly last month that he and Abbott ended their romance last December.

“Unfortunately, I had very little contact with Christmas in the last few months of her pregnancy,” Bunn told this tabloid, adding in October:

“However, prior to that, we spent almost every day with each other for six to seven months straight. I went to every doctor’s appointment, accompanied her for travel, moved furniture and did all the things that two caring adults do with and for each other…

“I was finally able to reach her a few days before [her] due date. I found out she was being induced through Instagram, and shortly thereafter received an email.”

But back to Abbott’s arrest:

The responding officer on the scene says Abbott kept yelling at her man’s mistress while the officer tried to calm her down.

Cops declined to process her because she was so far along, although her vehicle was seized and the sides agrees that Abbott could turn herself in at a later date.

And this is what she did on Tuesday.

abbott, c

As previously mentioned, Abbott came in third place during season 19 of Big Brother.

addition to her stint on the CBS reality show, Christmas is well-known for being a series CrossFit competitor – and she was actually the first female NASCAR pit crew member.

How cool and random, right?!?

Hours after her arrest, meanwhile, Abbott shared a video of son Loyal Atticus sleeping on her chest.

“How could I ever get enough of that sweet smile,” she wrote along with it.

“I literally can stare and watch him all day long just to watch him & maybe see a lil laugh or giggle. He simply lights up my heart & makes me so fulfilled!”


‘Big Brother’ Christmas Abbott Arrested, Allegedly Hit Baby Daddy’s Mistress’ Car

“Big Brother” alum Christmas Abbott was arrested in Florida this week … TMZ has confirmed. Abbott turned herself into authorities Tuesday in Tampa, where she was booked for felony criminal mischief. According to a police report, obtained…


Wife Swap Star Charged with Killing Mom, Brother

Jacob Stockdale, perhaps recognized by a handful of readers due to his appearance on the reality show Wife Swap, has been officially charged with the murder of his mother and his brother.

The horrifying alleged incident took place in June of 2017, as written about in detail HERE.


According to TMZ at the time, the 25-year old took the life of his two relatives inside their family in Stark County, Ohio.

He then turned the gun on himself, but actually survived the self-afflicted blast.

Jacob’s 54-year-old mother, Katherine, and his 21-year-old brother, James, were both pronounced dead on the scene when authorities arrived.

A well-known fiddler, Stockdale and his family were featured on Wife Swap in 2008 and he was placed in critical condition after the failed suicide attempt.

He was under doctor’s and rehabbed for months to repair extensive damage after the probable double murder.


In the latest update to this horrible story, orosecutors in Ohio charged Stockdale with two counts of murder, per TMZ sources.

However, they will NOT seek the death penalty, specificially asking a judge not to have Stockdale executed.

Stark County Prosecutor John Ferrero says the case was presented to a grand jury, which ultimately decided the death penalty was not an appropriate punishment for this ex-reality star.

We still do not know why Jacob (allegedly) committed this unimaginable crime.

Back in 2008, the Stockdales made headlines for their appearance on Wife Swap.

Jacob and his relatives described themselves as a deeply religious family who lived by strict rules, not totally unlike The Duggars.

Jacob has two other brothers and a father; they were not home at the time of this homicide.

The dad, Tim Stockdale, issued a statement about his late wife not long after news of her death went public.

It reads as follows:

Kathy has been my beloved wife of 32 years and a wonderful mother to our four sons.

She loved nothing more than being a mother and grandmother. She had a strong love of learning and was passionate about her Christian faith, natural health, and organic farming.

This is a photo of Kathy:

Stockdale faces up to life in prison for his reported actions.

The Stockdales made their living traveling throughout the Midwest, performing as a family bluegrass band.

They were a popular group around town and in the vicinity of their home and performed together mere days before this tragedy transpired.

May Katherine and James Stockdale rest in peace.


Jana Duggar: ACTUALLY Dating Jeremy Vuolo’s Brother?!

If you’re a Duggar fan, we certainly don’t need to tell you that Jana Duggar is single.

And if you follow the family closely on social media, then we may not need to tell you about the growing legend of Chuck Vuolo, Jeremy’s hipster brother.

In case you’re unaware, every time Jinger and Jeremy visit his family in Texas, fans absolutely lose their minds over older brother Chuck.

This week, Jeremy posted the above photo in honor of Chuck’s birthday:

“Happy Birthday, big brother! I admire you in so many ways and am grateful to God for you,” Jeremy captioned the pic.

“You’ve already been an amazing uncle to my daughter; I look forward to sharing “’stories of Uncle Chuck’ with her when she’s a bit older. I love you more than I can say. Enjoy the day, bro.”

So we guess Chuck is a bit of a wild card?

Of course, with how squeaky clean Jeremy and his family seem to be “stories of Uncle Chuck” probably include such rebellious behavior as the time he put his lunch money in the collection plate.

Anyway, you may be asking yourself, what does this loose cannon Uncle Chuck have to do with Jana?

Well, you see, Duggar fans are oddly obsessed with the idea of Chuck entering a romantic relationship with Jana Duggar.

It all began when Jeremy posted some pics from a mini family reunion last month.

“Set him up with Jana?” one fan asked.

“I was thinking the same thing too,” echoed another.

“I hope so she’s so sweet!” wrote a third commenter, adding:

“How cute would they be?!” 

Jana courtship rumors surface at the rate of about one per month, and it seems like October will be entirely devoted to Chuck.

Some fans are now convinced that Jana and Chuck are actually courting — and as far as we can tell this is based on nothing other than the fact that they have yet to publicly state that they’re not.

Maybe those fans are onto something.

After all, with this many members of the Duggar family involved, it seems like someone would clear the air and issue some sort of statement.

Of course, it’s much more possible that Jana is still single and everyone involved is just enjoying a little free publicity.


Big Brother Couple Reveals Miscarriage in Middle of Season 20

Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C concluded Big Brother Season 20 on quite a high note:

On Wednesday evening, the reality star shocked viewers by getting engaged on an emotional and intense finale.

Two days later, however, the pair got together for a YouTube video and confessed that this major high followed a tragic low just a few weeks earlier.

Bayleigh miscarried Swaggy's baby while the CBS series was in the middle of filming.

"During our time in the Big Brother house, I did conceive a little baby, but unfortunately — and we don't know why — but I had a miscarriage in the jury house," Dayton says in the video featured here, adding;

"It's something that we're still figuring out. We actually just got a chance to talk to each other about it for the first time today."

The news came as a surprise, it sounds like, but a welcome one.

"I would've been ecstatic if I were to have a baby," Bayleigh continued.

"It would've been a blessing, and we were both really excited when we found out. And we were both really, really upset when we found out we lost it. [Swaggy] knew that I lost the baby before he decided to propose, and he still decided to propose.

"So the whole people saying, 'He's only proposing 'cause I'm pregnant' thing — that's hurtful, so stop."

Swaggy reiterated this point when it was his turn to speak.

"People keep saying that I'm proposing because she's pregnant, and that's not the case at all," he said. "But going through that process and creating a child but also losing a child with her made me realize that this is my girl, and I'm going to marry her.

"I don't care that we've only been together for 23 days. I don't care. This is the one I wanna spend the rest of my life with."

Dayton and Swaggy became the first stars to ever get engaged on a Big Brother finale.

And, we'd have to assume, the first stars to suffer this sort of tragedy during filming as well.

As a caption to the video, Swaggy wrote the following:

We know the rumors going around. Bayleigh and I were so excited to be parents. 6 weeks pregnant.

Unfortunately, circumstances happen and we had a miscarriage. I wanna thank the HIVE for taking care of my Fiancé in the jury house during her hospital visits, and I wanna thank both of our families for keeping me sane afterwards.

Also, a thanks to CBS for making sure she was taken care of properly.  Love you all. Thank you for your support.

Check out the emotional footage now.

Big brother couple reveals miscarriage in middle of season 20

Big Brother Recap: Who Won Season 20?

Big Brother brought the jurors together one final time to crown a winner Wednesday night, but did the right person win? 

There was one last blindside, a surprise engagement and one final “I’m Julie Chen Moonves,” and it all resulted in one of the best finales for this veteran CBS reality series yet. 

When the episode got underway, the first part of the final HOH played out, but Tyler was battling with whether to follow through on his plan to throw this part. 

BB Final 3

When JC fell to the ground, it was time for Tyler to do his thing. However, he decided against it in that final moment, and Kaycee fell next. 

“This is the #1 biggest dream of my entire life,” Tyler explained of his decision to viewers, confirming there was no mistake. 

He worried that Kaycee was going to take it personally and that it would come back to bite him. Kaycee was annoyed but knew she needed to keep it together for part two. 

She and JC went to battle for the second heat of the competition, and Kaycee secured the win. That meant she got to face Tyler in part three. 

Would she go back on her word if she won?

We then caught up with the jurors who had the typical meeting with Dr. Will to decide who was worthy of winning the game. 

Angela joined them and quickly got to work to expose Kaycee as a rider of Tyler’s coattails, and that she only won when she needed to.

“Are you saying this because you’re secretly in a showmance with Tyler?” Bayliegh wondered, lapping up the role of the bitter juror because she ruined her own game. 

Then the unthinkable happened: 

Rockstar seemed to think that JC was a deserving finalist because he got so far with his manipulation skills. Be that as it may, he failed to win all but one competition. 

While there was a lot of back and forth, the editing made it seem like there was a case for all three to win. That’s pretty laughable, but whatever. 

The final HOH competition came to a close with Kaycee narrowly beating Tyler in the battle to recall memorable events from the season. 

Kaycee then got to choose whether to take Tyler of JC out of the running. To the surprise of nobody, she stuck with her ride-or-die despite his lie earlier. 

After JC’s unsurprising elimination, the jury got to ask questions about the gameplay of the finalists. Tyler had a way with his words and managed to get everyone nodding. 

Kaycee floundered, and it seemed like all hope was lost for her. 

Before we learned who won, Julie wanted to find out which showmances were going to be a thing on the outside. 

Haleigh and Fessy, and Tyler and Angela are a go, but Swaggy and Bayliegh opted to take their romance to the next level. 

Swaggy clung to his final minute of fame by proposing to Bayliegh, the girl who he spent 23 days with inside a house. 

Bayliegh accepted the proposal. 

How did the final vote pan out?

Here are the results:

JC votes for Tyler

Angela votes for Tyler

Sam votes for Kaycee

Brett votes for Tyler

Haleigh votes for Tyler

Scottie votes for Kaycee

Faysal votes for Kaycee

Rockstar votes for Kaycee

Bayleigh votes for Kaycee

There were tears, cheers and more tears as Kaycee won by a vote of 5-4. 

But who won America’s Favorite Player? 

That honor went to… Tyler!

Big Brother returns in the winter for another celebrity editions. 


Big Brother Spoilers: Final HOH Results Revealed!

Big Brother aired its usual pre-finale clip show Sunday night, meaning fans were left in the dark over who won the first two rounds of the final HOH competition. 

Thankfully, both rounds played out on the live feeds ahead of the episode, meaning we know who won which competition, and the plan for the live finale. 

Ahead of the first heat of the competition, Tyler and Kaycee chatted about possible scenarios, and Kaycee admitted that she sucked at the mental competitions. 

Tyler said that he liked his chances against JC in one so he would drop out of the endurance competition to allow Kaycee to beat out JC and himself. 

However, when it came to the actual competition, JC dropped out first, leaving Tyler and Kaycee. That’s when Kaycee made a signal for Tyler to drop. 

He ignored it and ultimately won the competition. His fellow ally quizzed him following the conclusion of the competition. 

Tyler’s response?

“I was going to wait for a jolt [from the comp] and then act like I slipped,” he explained of his decision to keep holding on. 

“As soon as [JC] fell, my arms were like Jell-O,” Kaycee said in response of her decision to drop out. 

While Kaycee wondered why Tyler would act like that, she still trusted him because he was loyal to her all summer long.  

“Without a doubt, I have got this next one,” Kaycee said. “We could not have him win that one.”

It’s certainly alarming that Tyler didn’t trust Kaycee enough to drop when he said he would. There’s every reason to believe he was worried she wouldn’t follow through with her end of the deal. 

When Saturday rolled around, Kaycee and JC went head-to-head, but who won?

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Kaycee owned the competition. 

JC is not a force on the competition front, and he won just one competition the whole summer. 

This means that Kaycee and Tyler will compete against each other in the live finale on Wednesday night. 

Both have been vocal about wanting to be the final two, but it will all depend on whether they actually want to win. 

A case can be made for either of the two to win. But either one of them could win against JC, so they would be wise to consider that. 

What are your thoughts on this? 

Who do you want to win?

Hit the comments below.