Big Brother Recap: The Surprise Eviction Divides the House

It was the end of the line for one houseguest on Wednesday’s special eviction episode of Big Brother. 

The host once again introduced herself as “Julie Chen Moonves,” meaning she’s brushing off all of the controversy she stirred up on Thursday night. 

When the episode kicked off, the houseguests looked genuinely blindsided when they were told eviction night was coming one night early. 

“One should always expect the unexpected,” said Julie, who was clearly surprised the houseguests were not shocked. 

We then got to learn about what happened over the past few days, and Sam was pissed to be put on the block for the fourth time. 

“These people don’t want to hurt me,” she says. “They just want the money.”

While that made sense, Sam was adamant she wanted to win the “motherf—— veto.” Sam felt safe … for now. 

In her mind, Tyler was going to keep her safe until final two, so she felt like JC would be the one heading out the door during the surprise episode. 

Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler watched JC from the HOH room, and they could see that he was visibly defeated. 

He was alone following Brett’s eviction and feels like he has no fight left in him. 

JC used this to his advantage when he chatted with Tyler about being on the block. 

“I need to remind you I’m your friend, not your pawn,” JC said, adding:

“If you win the veto and you pull me off, [Angela] has to put Kaycee.”

But this only further turned Tyler against him because he felt like JC was putting him in an impossible spot. 

At the veto competition, Kaycee continued her winning streak, and Tyler continued to worry even after she decided against using the power. 

“Dammit, I hate this game sometimes, man,” Tyler said to viewers. “I gotta do what I gotta do to win, but that means I have to backstab some of the best people.”

At the eviction, Sam was sent packing with a vote of 2-0, and she was surprised. 

Upon exiting, she stayed classy and asked someone to deal with her belongings. In her chat with Julie, she never threw anyone under the bus, but she looked mad as hell. 

Kaycee, Tyler, and JC competed in the “What The Bleep?” competition and it played out as follows:

  • Round 1: JC & Tyler get a point 
  • Round 2: JC gets a point 
  • Round 3: No one gets a point
  • Round 4: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 5: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 6: JC & Tyler get a point 
  • Round 7: JC & Tyler get a point

Oh yes, JC actually won a competition! Given that Tyler has been the one not keeping his word, it would make sense for him to be the target. 

However, there’s still a veto to play. Will Kaycee win ANOTHER veto? 

Who will go home? 

We don’t have long to wait to find out because another episode airs tonight at 9/8c on CBS. 


Julie Chen: Will She Leave Big Brother, Too?

At this point, Julie Chen is as synonymous with Big Brother as racism, homophobia and stunning evictions.

And yet fans of this long-running reality show are now refreshing their browsers every other minute in order to learn the answer to the following question:

Is Chen about to say goodbye as host?

Questions about Chen’s future on CBS in general are understandably prominent at the moment, considering she just left The Talk.

The veteran panelist did so amidst a sexual misconduct scandal surrounding husband Les Moonves, who just lost his job as CBS President due to allegations that he forced himself upon multiple women a couple decades ago.

In a video message that aired on Tuesday’s edition of The Talk (is that not the dumbest name ever for a program?!?), Chen told viewers that she simply needs to be around her family as much as possible these days.

“Right now, I need to spend more time at home with my husband and young son,” she said rather simply.

We wonder if the intense criticism that came Chen’s way last week also played a role in this decision.

Upon signing off from Big Brother a few days ago, Chen showed obvious support for Moonves by attaching his last name to hers for the first time ever on air.

Social media blew up over this move.

Is it shocking that Chen is standing by her man? Not really.

But many viewers were still aghast over such a public display because Moonves is accused of some pretty heinous stuff.

And he hasn’t exactly denied it, either.

So, this all brings us back to Big Brother.

Chen is expected to stay on as host through the Season 20 finale on September 26.

According to Us Weekly, no decision has been made beyond this episode, with various network executives thinking it’s best if she just goes away.

They figure the less association CBS has overall with Moonves or anyone in his family, the better.

If Chen does leave – and this remains a big IF – season 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby would reportedly be under consideration as her replacement.

The same can be said, according to this tabloid’s sources, of Celebrity Big Brother runner-up Ross Mathews and Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox.

TMZ, meanwhile, claims that Chen wants to return to Big Brother and that the current plan is for her to do so…

… IF Big Brother is renewed, that is.

Forget Chen’s future on the show, this website writes. The future of the actual show is in question.

So that’s where things stand at the moment. Many unanswered questions are out there.

Would YOU want to see Chen return as host? And would YOU want to see Big Brother return for Season 21?


Big Brother Spoilers: Eviction & HOH Results Leaked!

With all of the drama going on with Julie Chen stepping away from The Talk, many have wondered whether she’s about to be evicted from Big Brother. 

While we still don’t know whether the show will even exist at this point next year, there is still a game to be played, and Wednesday’s special episode will feature a Power of Veto, an eviction, an HOH competition, and a nominations ceremony. 

Thanks to reliable Big Brother Spoilers guru, REALvegas4sure, we know what will go down in the episode, and we’re about to discuss it all. 

If you want to be surprised when you watch the episode, you should probably exit this page. 

When Sunday’s episode concluded, Sam and JC were on the block, and Sam was the target. We already told you that Kaycee went on to win the Power of Veto competition, her fourth time winning that competition. 

As expected, she opted to keep the nominations the same, meaning Sam and JC were left on the block for eviction. 

Angela was vocal about wanting Sam out of the house on Sunday’s episode, and she got her wish:

Sam has been evicted!

But who went on to win the next HOH competition?

That’s where things get super exciting. JC has been good at the manipulation side of things, but as far as competitions go, he’s struggled to compete. 

That all changed with one of the most crucial competitions of the summer. Tyler, Kaycee, and JC played, and JC secured the win!

It’s a shocker, for sure because it means that the others will be split up ahead of the final three. JC knew he had to make a big move, so he went with putting Tyler and Angela on the block. 

This likely means that he’s trying to pull Kaycee over to his side by saying that Tyler and Angela are in a showmance and will only look out for each other.

The power to evict this round will go to the winner of the POV. Will Kaycee win for the fifth time and have to choose which of her allies to take out, or will one of the allies win?

We have no idea, but all of that will play out on Thursday’s episode. 

What are your thoughts on these spoilers?

Hit the comments below. 


Big Brother Spoilers: Who Will Angela Send Home?

We’re down to the final five houseguests on Big Brother Season 20. 

Tyler, Kaycee, Angela, Sam, and JC have defied the odds and made it to the final weeks of the game. 

But who is being evicted in fifth place, just one week ahead of the season finale? 

Angela secured the HOH win, and that meant Level Six had the power to control the result of yet another eviction.

This was a crucial HOH to win because JC was planning on targeting Angela and Kaycee, so it would have been fun to watch whether he actually managed to pull it off. 

Angela wasted no time in nominating Sam and JC for eviction. She admitted that she got a lot of blood on her hands and that there was no way the jury would vote for her to win against either of them. 

It made sense, but there was still a veto to play. That played out on Saturday, and Kaycee managed to win. 

With that, it matched Kaycee’s fourth veto win of the summer. It’s no easy feat, but Kaycee definitely started playing the second half of the game. 

With her win, it meant that Level Six also had control of the nominations for the week. Simply put, the majority alliance has been steamrolling the competition all summer. 

That does not look set to change before finale night. 

As things stand now, Angela wants to send Sam out of the house, and Tyler and Kaycee seem to be on board with that. 

There was a bit of pushback from Tyler because he wanted JC gone over the way he reacted to Brett’s exit. 

Tyler has been playing everyone in the house, offering up final two deals like they’re going out of fashion, and JC is on to him. 

The feeds will likely go down on Tuesday as the special Wednesday eviction is filmed, but we’re looking at a 2-0 vote to evict Sam unless anything changes. 

What are your thoughts on this?

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Big Brother Recap: Who’s in Danger?

Brett is out, but who’s next?

The stakes are at an all-time high as Level Six is very close to having the remaining three members make up the final three of Big Brother Season 20. 

JC knew he was close to eviction after Angela and Tyler took Brett out of the game during the double eviction. He knew there was something amiss, and also that Tyler was not to be trusted. 

We quickly learned that Brett met up with Tyler during the double and Tyler played along with the plan to get either Angela or Kaycee out of the house. 

That explained why Brett was so blindsided to be put on the block, to the point that he couldn’t say much during his final plea for safety. 

For JC, he got scared during the double that he was going to be taken out, but Tyler was adamant that JC should trust him. 

As we know, it worked, but that’s not stopping JC from wondering how long he has left in the game. 

Sam also did some damage control for her hurtful comments towards Angela, presumably because Angela was still in the game and was in good standing with Tyler. 

While Angela accepted, she said in the diary room that “this bitch is going to send your ass home.” Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Sam won the HOH, and actually sent Angela home?

That would be a blindside that would sway the jury in Sam’s favor in the finale. 

When Tyler tried to quell JC’s fears, it was obvious JC was mad. 

“I didn’t know you were working that close to the girls,” he yelled, but Tyler was adamant the girls would be targeting Sam for eviction. 

When all is said and done, Angela secured another competition win, and it was her third HOH win of the summer. 

Angela was open and honest about who she was targeting: Sam. While JC is the bigger threat, it seems Angela wants Sam out of the equation in case Tyler takes Sam instead of her at the end. 

However, Tyler worried that JC could be the one to flip the tables on him and got to work to get him made the target. 

“I really need to start thinking about who I want to be sitting next to if I can get to the end,” he revealed to the diary room. 

JC continued to self-destruct and yelled to Tyler that he should win the veto, save him, and naturally, Kaycee would be on the block. 

With that, the houseguests were treated to a performance by Bebe Rexha, but it was obvious there was a lot of tension in the house. 

Angela closed the episode by nominating JC and Sam, noting that she could not win against either of them because she has not played the most loyal game. 

She has a point, despite the competition wins, she’s one of the most unlikable houseguests in the history of the series. 

What do you think of all of this?

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Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS!


Big Brother Recap: Two Evictions Rock the House!

Julie Chen returned to CBS Thursday night, and got ready to evict two houseguests, but what did she say about Les Moonves?

Double eviction episodes of the reality series are generally the most dramatic, but the biggest source of drama came from the final few moments when the host paid a stunning tribute to her embattled husband, Les Moonves. 

“I’m Julie Chen Moonves. Goodnight,” she said to audiences as the second evictee of the night sat next to her. 

Julie does not typically say “Moonves” on the series, usually referring to herself simply as “Julie Chen,” so it was immediately evident it was a message of support for her husband, who was fired by the network earlier this week. 

As for what went down in the world of Big Brother, let’s get to it. 

Sam and Haleigh were still on the block to be evicted from the house. Everyone at home knew fine well that Haleigh was going out. 

But how did the votes pan out?

Tyler votes to evict: Haleigh

JC votes to evict: Haleigh Brett votes to evict: Haleigh

Angela votes to evict: Haleigh

Haleigh was evicted! 

We then moved on to the HOH competition. It was the booth-style one with the houseguests answering questions based on video clips shown to the house. 

Round 1: Sam & Tyler get a point

Round 2: JC gets a point

Round 3: Tyler & Brett get a point

Round 4: JC, Sam, Tyler, & Brett get a point

Round 5: Sam, Tyler, Angela, & Brett get a point

Round 6: Everyone gets a point

Round 7: Sam, Tyler, & Angela get a point

Tyler won the HOH competition and immediately got to work to pick who he was evicting. He held one-on-one meetings and told Brett to throw the POV because he was going to make a big move. 

He moved on to nominate Sam and JC for eviction. Neither was impressed, but Tyler had a much bigger plan to play. 

Angela won the power of veto, and she immediately met the others one by one. Tyler told her to use the veto on JC and that he would nominate Brett to be sent home. 

It’s not often a plan comes together in Big Brother, but it Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee got their wish and Brett was put on the block in JC’s place. 

JC votes to evict: Brett

Kaycee votes to evict: Brett

Angela votes to evict: Brett

Brett was sent out of the door by a vote of 3-0!

He was blindsided but admitted to Julie that he respected that it was a game move. Now he has to go to the jury house and explain to Haleigh why Angela and Kaycee’s exit speeches threw him under the bus. 

With less than two weeks left, Julie dished that there will be evictions on Wednesday and Thursday next week. 

What are your thoughts on all the latest?

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Big Brother Recap: Is Level Six in Danger?

The Level Six alliance has been running things all summer long inside the Big Brother house, and given that the end of the game is in sight, it’s high time they all turned on each other. 

Wednesday’s edition picked up with Haleigh and Sam on the block. For the former, this was predictable because the rest of her alliance had been sent packing, so it was logical. 

While it would be easy to believe Haleigh would give up given that she’s been fighting a losing battle since she walked in the doors of the house, she’s not quite ready to give up. 

With the Veto still up for grabs, she knew she still had a fighting chance to get someone else out of the game this week. 

As for Sam, well she was playing along with Tyler, claiming she was totally fine about going on the block. 

JC and Brett worried about how things would play out if Sam remained on the block for the entire week. Would she flip out? Would she be nice? 

Both of those scenarios are plausible with this woman. Brett and JC wanted Sam to side with them to get Angela and Kaycee put up on the block for being a duo. 

This signaled the end of Brett’s tenure with Level Six. JC has been manipulating him into thinking he’s low on the Level Six totem pole. 

JC, for a change, is right. Brett would be easy to win against but the trio of Kaycee, Angela and Tyler is no match for anyone else. 

The game talk paused to give the houseguests videos from home, and as you can expect, there were lots of tears. Spending three months away from your nearest and dearest is not that easy. 

When it came to the veto competition, only JC was left out of the action, and he got talking with Tyler about who the replacement nominee could be. 

JC admitted that it was time to cut Angela and Kaycee loose. Tyler took the news to Kaycee who was not impressed. 

It didn’t help matters that Kaycee killed it at the veto. That marked her third time in a row winning the veto, solidifying herself as a competitive threat.

Kaycee and Tyler then realized that Brett never told them about what JC was planning, confirming to them that they needed to get rid of Brett before he turns on them. 

At the veto meeting, Kaycee kept the nominations the same. She’s scared that she is going to be targeted, but with a live double eviction, she’s going to find herself in hot water if someone outside her alliance wins. 

What are your thoughts on the latest episode?

Who will go out in the double eviction?

Hit the comments. 

Big Brother continues Thursday on CBS.