Chris Brown Posts Birthday Shout-Out to Rihanna, Gets Roasted By Fans

Thankfully, Chris Brown hasn’t been in the news much lately.

Generally when you see Breezy’s name in a headline, it’s a sure sign that you’re face will soon be firmly planted in your palm.

And we’re sad to say this latest case is no exception.

Today, Rihanna celebrates her 30th birthday, an occasion that she’ll probably mark by smoking 31 blunts.

(The last one is because she lost count.)

Milestone birthdays can be times of poignant reflection, and obviously RiRi has a whole hell of a lot to be proud o.

But like most of us, there are some aspect of her past that she likely wishes would remain in the past.

And today, one of the ghosts of her early twenties swooped in to remind the Barbadian queen of a time she’d probably prefer to forget.

The photo above was posted on Instagram by Brown with a caption reading simply, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY @badgalriri.”

Rihanna Baby Pic

Needless to say, some fans weren’t thrilled to see the man who brutally assaulted Rihanna attempting to steal her birthday shine.

“This isn’t cute,” wrote one follower. “He put his hands on her. Grow up. Move on. Respect.”

“DELETE THIS!” another commented.

“I wouldn’t like to have my abuser show affection to me after getting my head bashed in to the floor,” a third remarked.

The consensus seemed to be that Chris remains a dumbass and should probably be considered as a first ballot inductee into the Dumbass Hall of Fame.

But believe it or not, for reasons that defy explanation and make us seriosly consider taking up residence in the deep woods, several miles from the nearest router, there are still folks out there who want Chris and Rihanna to get back together.

“Can y’all get married now like damn it’s long overdue!” wrote one eager fan.

“Aww him and Rihanna would have a cute baby,” observed one clueless user.

Yes, in just 9 short years, many seem to have forgotten just how brutal Chris’ attack truly was.

If you still had any hope left for humanity, it might be time to abandon it.

On the bright side, Chris doesn’t appear to have dated anyone seriously since he broke up with Karrueche Tran for the last time in 2016, so maybe he’s finally realized that he should be removed from the gene pool.


Rain Brown Writes About Hard Days, Feeling Broken

In January, Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown revealed the news about her cancer: it’s in remission! Though the Brown family matriarch will need to stay on her guard, right now she’s focused on recovery.

But not all news in the Brown family is good news. Just recently, Ami’s young daughter posted about feeling “broken.”

Now, Rain is posting about one particular “hard day.” Is everything okay?

Though this tough mother is now cancer-free, Ami Brown’s lung cancer diagnosis was dire.

Initially, she was given only a slim chance to live. The cancer was not caught early, and had metastasized to both lungs as well as to her spine.

The fact that Ami has beaten the odds and recovered is defined by some as a Christmas miracle.

We should note that the good news came before Thanksgiving, however, and that Ami also suffered a number of health setbacks along the way, in part due to the intensity of her radiation and chemo treatments.

Ami Brown is a tough woman, though, and she pulled through.

It’s safe to say that the Brown family has a lot to celebrate. The family’s youngest, 15-year-old Rain Brown, posted this:

“A tiny rainbow appeared on my roof today. And disappeared as quickly as it came.”

She shared a photo of the rainbow — it’s on her ceiling, not her roof, just so that we’re clear. That photo is below.

“I just wanted to share this cute little thing that happened to me on a hard day.”

What, fans and followers cannot help but wonder, has made her day so terribly hard?

She then shares some words of wisdom.

“‘Every day might not be good, but there is something good in everyday.'”

Rain Brown's Rainbow Visitor

Remember, however, that Rain Brown suffers from depression.

She’s opened up about it in the past, and this “rainbow” post isn’t the first time that she’s offered hope to people who share her struggle. Recently, Rain wrote:

“To everyone out there who feels broken … someday you will be immensely happy eating ice cream on the floor alone at six in the morning.”

That example was so specific that it was … definitely what she was doing at the time.

“Yes it can happen to you too.”

A lot of people say it can happen to you ominously, but she means it in a hopeful sense. Depression can make happiness seem impossible, but it isn’t.

“Someday you’re gonna go through something only to realize it doesn’t hurt anymore, not in a numb kind of way, but in a happy strong kind of way.”

She offers advice.

“Stay true to yourself and to God and that’s all you’ll ever need.”

That might be a little specific, religion-wise, but everybody gets the idea.

“It may not seem like it now, but eventually you will be exactly where I am.”

By which she means feeling happiness again despite depression’s attempts to rob her of all joy.

“This is just a reminder that happiness is real, it’s a beacon of hope and a glimpse of the light that will soon be in your life.”

She signs off, writing:

“#staystrong my Rainbrows and remember this unicorn loves you!”

Referring to herself as a unicorn is apt, since she’s fond of wearing a a unicorn onesie.

And it’s good to remember that she refers to her fans and followers as rainbows — because, you see, her name is Rain.

It sounds like, though some of Rain’s depression may be chemical in nature, Ami Brown’s recovery may have given her a much-needed infusion of hope.


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Rain Brown Posts Sweet Tribute to Cancer-Free Ami Brown!

Just a couple of weeks ago, Ami Brown revealed that her cancer is in remission. It was a long, scary battle, but she’s begun to recover enough that she can go places with her family.

While fans are overjoyed, obviously, no one is happier about Ami’s recovery than the Browns themselves.

Ami’s youngest, Rain Brown, has posted a beautiful tribute to her mother.

Thrilled beyond belief that Ami Brown is finally cancer-free, 15-year-old daughter Rain posted to Instagram to celebrate her mother.

“I would just like to give a very honest thank you to the most amazing woman that’s ever walked this earth.”

She wrote this in the captions of an Instagram photo (above) in which she is embracing her mom.

“Not only am I lucky enough to have met an angel and know an angel, but that angel is my mother.”


“Honestly you inspire me more then anyone, and I’m so blessed to know I have people like you in my life that will support me no matter where I go and how I choose to get there.”

Rain then goes on to praise her mother’s parenting.

“You’ve never judged me or punished me but only taught me with love and with leading by great example.”

That sounds like a fantastic parenting style — one that has worked out beautifully for Rain, who is an incredible and compassionate young woman.

“You’re the reason I am who I am and the reason I keep fighting, because if the sweetest most honest happiest person such as yourself can do it? So can I.”

It’s wonderful that Ami can inspire her young daughter.

If you’re wondering what Rain means by “keep fighting,” remember that Rain Brown suffers from depression.

Rain wrote yet another post, sharing words of encouragement for followers who might feel the same way that she does.

“To everyone out there who feels broken…”

Sadly, a lot of people feel that way.

“Someday you will be immensely happy eating ice cream on the floor alone at six in the morning.”

That’s a very specific example of happiness, but sometimes people with depression begin to forget what joy feels like.

“Yes it can happen to you too.”

Rain speaks to her followers about how perspective can help them to battle their depression symptoms.

“Someday you’re gonna go through something only to realize it doesn’t hurt anymore, not in a numb kind of way, but in a happy strong kind of way, stay true to yourself and to God and that’s all you’ll ever need.”

She wants people who’ve felt depression like she has to know that there’s hope.

“It may not seem like it now, but eventually you will be exactly where I am.”

Like Tarek El Moussa’s hopeful message, Rain’s advice is clearly that people need to remember the good in order to make it through the bad.

“This is just a reminder that happiness is real, it’s a beacon of hope and a glimpse of the light that will soon be in your life #staystrong my Rainbrows and remember this unicorn loves you!”

Rain has become something of an unofficial spokesperson for her family in recent months, thanks to her social media presence.

But you can tell that these sweet messages were from the heart.

A 15-year-old may not seem like the most qualified self-help guru, but she’s not trying to be.

She’s just trying to share her wisdom — yes, teenagers can be wise — with the people who follow her to keep up with her thoughts and her family’s activities.


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Ami Brown Looks SO Much Better and Cancer-Free!

Only very recently has Ami Brown revealed the good news about her cancer. We imagine that she wanted to wait a while to be sure before announcing that she is effectively cancer-free.

Now, Rain Brown — the family’s de facto spokesperson despite being barely 15 years old — has shared the first new photo of Ami since the good news.

Fans agree that Ami looks so much better.

There was a time when Ami’s odds of survival were believed to be lower than 10%.

She had lung cancer. It head spread to both lungs and to her spine.

Her entire family had to uproot themselves and travel to L.A. so that they could cater to Ami’s needs, living close to the hospital where Ami receives her chemo treatments and living in a house where Ami could recover from the rigors of chemo and radiation therapy.

Fans of Alaskan Bush People had been hanging on to the story of Ami’s battle for her life. But for a while there, things looked bleak. And not just to fans.

Even the family’s youngest, Rain Brown, admitted that she didn’t know if her mom was going to make it.

The news that she was fully in remission is extremely welcome to fans. it was even more of a relief to Ami’s family.

Before the news even broke, officially, some fans wondered if Ami Brown’s cancer was cured in a Christmas miracle.

(At the time, she was still dealing with health setbacks and was still quite sick; also, we won’t tell anyone what to believe, but it was probably a little early to qualify as a Christmas miracle)

After the announcement that she was doing so much better, some fans responded by wondering if Ami Brown had ever really had cancer to begin with.

She definitely did, folks. But now she’s doing so much better. Look!

Rain Brown captioned the photo:

“I would like to give a HUGE thanks to the @nasaarmstrong team They cleared the whole building for us, showed us around and even put a small gift bag of trinkets together for us! Literally speechless! #stayhappy #staystrong #nasa”

Rain also clarified that yes, she absolutely touched everything.

(We’ll go ahead and assume that this was okay)

In the photo, you can see other family members — including Bear and Gabe and Billy — but all eyes were on Ami Brown.

And Ami looks so much better!

She’s standing beside Billy and is wrapped in his arm — but she doesn’t appear to be leaning on him. She’s also out of her wheelchair.

There’s more to it than that, though. There’s a strength to the way that Ami’s standing.

We don’t mean that she’s ready to start bodybuilding any time soon, just that she no longer seems like she’s fighting to stand withe very breath.

If Ami had her wheelchair there and was only standing for the photo, then she’s doing one hell of an acting job.

As for the rest of the family present … Rain definitely looks the most stylish, but we like Birdy Brown’s jacket.

It’s been widely reported that the family has made its exodus from L.A. and is headed off to “parts unknown.” By which we mean Colorado. They’re in Colorado.

They traveled to their new homestead via caravan, including an RV.

Fans speculate that they are filming Season 8 in Colorado, though this wouldn’t be the first footage captured for the season.

We don’t know what their residential situation is in Colorado with their new homestead.

As we’ve learned from their time in Alaska, the “home” shown on the show isn’t always the same as the place where the family sleeps at night.

That’s reality TV for you.


Rihanna: Boyfriend Hassan Jameel Warning Chris Brown to Stay Away?!

Rihanna is … well, there’s no real way to communicate with mere words how amazing Rihanna is.

She’s beautiful, intelligent, talented, and just so many good things. There aren’t enough hours in the day to sit down and count all of her virtues.

She’s just the best, OK?

And if you’re a human being who walks this earth, then you surely know that.

It just makes sense that since Rihanna is such a treasure to us all, she’s even more special to the men she dates — and since last year, she’s been dating billionaire Hassan Jameel.

Hassan is the deputy president and vice chairman of his family’s company, which owns the rights to sell Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia.

We don’t know much more about him, since he and Rihanna have been keeping their relationship very private.

But we do know that they’ve been dating for close to a year now, and that they definitely seem serious about each other.

So that’s nice, right? It’s good to see Rihanna with someone who isn’t an aggressive, violent, hateful, scary douchebag.

And speaking of Chris Brown …

It seems like while Chris isn’t exactly an issue in Rihanna and Hassan’s relationship, Hassan is concerned about him.

A source tells Hollywood Life that “He is uncomfortable with her ex Chris lurking in her past.”

Gee, wonder why?

“Hassan doesn’t trust Chris,” the source adds, “and he feels like he is unpredictable when it comes to Rihanna.”

“He feels like Chris is capable of trying anything to win her back and that has him feeling uneasy. Hassan tries not to worry about Chris, but knowing he may still love Rihanna makes him feel a bit tense.”

His concerns may be valid — another source claims that even after all this time and even though Rihanna has clearly moved on, Chris is still hung up on her.

“Chris thinks Hassan is not good enough for Rihanna — but then, nobody would be good enough for her in his eyes,” this insider states.

He’s including himself in that, right? He can’t think that he’s good enough for her. Right?!

“He thinks there’s no way Rihanna would marry this dude, which is kinda funny really as he doesn’t know Hassan at all,” the source continues.

“Chris just can’t help it though, even after all these years, and all the water that’s passed under the bridge, he still loves Rihanna to pieces and he still thinks of her as being his girl.”

“It’s totally crazy, but Chris still holds out this belief that one day, somehow, he and Rihanna will get back together and live happily after,” the insider concludes.

No wonder Hassan has some concerns.

Especially when Chris has referred to himself as a stalker in the past, and has made statements like “If I love you, bitch, ain’t nobody gonna have you, I’m gonna make you miserable.”

We’d say we don’t have the best feeling about this, but we never have good feelings when it comes to Chris Brown.