Janelle Brown Shares Kody Brown Date Photo: We’re Still in Love!

Even though Sister Wives star Kody Brown recently celebrated his anniversary with Meri, rumors swirled that Meri has found a new man.

But things still seem to be pretty solid for Kody and Janelle.

In fact, the two went on a romantic concert date … and Janelle shared the photos so that everyone could share in the experience.

Janelle seems very happy in her marriage. We only wish that this were the case for a certain troubled sister wife of hers.

Poor Meri Brown. She’s had a rough go of things. Worst of all was her catfishing scandal which was also a cheating scandal, of sorts. She has seemed so unhappy for a long time.

But just a few weeks ago, she and Kody went out and about together to celebrate their anniversary.

She’s not Kody’s only wife, of course.

Janelle has avoided scandals. She is known for having never legally married Kody (under current laws, he can only legally be married to one wife at a time).

She is also known for her dramatic weight loss, and she has gone on to share tips with fans and viewers.

Janelle Brown shares U2 concert pic

It appears that Kody and Janelle treated themselves to a concert.

Janelle shared a selfie from the audience and a glimpse of the performance, captioning the photos:

“I’ve wanted to see U2 in concert since I was 19.”

So this has been a long time coming.

“Finally made it 30 years later and with my love.”

You could feel how thrilled she was.

“So dang excited.”

Janelle and Kody are both 49, so it stands to reason that they grew up with relatively similar music tastes — though plenty of people pick up on theri partner’s music.

The two saw the U2 show in Las Vegas and Janelle was happy to share a glimpse of that fun with her fans and followers.

Fans have noted that Janelle continues to seem happy with her polygamous marriage to Kody.

She was, like her sister wives, impacted by Meri’s catfishing scandal. They all were. She noted to Meri that nothing in their marriage happens in a vacuum.

It was enough to make Meri wonder if she needed to leave Kody for everyone’s sake.

It’s great for Janelle that she enjoys her marriage to Kody — even if it isn’t legally recognized.

But some in polyamorous relationships object to Sister Wives because they consider it a negative portrayal.

Though Kody wanted to do the series in order to push for acceptance and legalization of polygamy, he may be undercutting his efforts by, well, being himself.

His reaction to Meri’s catfishing scandal — admitting that he didn’t even want to have sex with Meri anymore — did not exactly win many people over.

Would anyone really blame her if she decided to move on with a new man?

A lot of people, including Sister Wives fans, find Kody to be creepy and single-minded and egocentric and generally off-putting.

Many viewers enjoy the show, but they watch for the wives — Robyn, Christine, Janelle, and Meri — and for the children.

Janelle may be happy with Kody, but some wonder if it’s only a matter of time before Meri leaves him to live a happier life.

And that’s assuming that she isn’t in the process of doing that already.

Janelle, however, looks like she’s still happy right where she is.


Chris Brown Sued for Alleged Rape at His House

Chris Brown is once again in trouble with the law.

The often-violent singer has been sued by a home who claims she was the victim of a sexual assault at Brown’s house, alleging that was forced to perform oral sex on a woman who was menstruating.

She also says a friend of Brown’s raped her twice.

The woman, who has hired Glorida Allred as her attorney, has filed these legal documents under the name Jane Doe.

She claims she attended a party at Brown’s mansion on February of 2017 at which cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana were readily available.

In official papers obtained by TMZ, the woman explains that an unnamed female friend of the artist’s forced her and a few other women into a bedroom.

This friend then blocked the door with a couch. 

The instigator proceeded to force women to hook up with Brown and another man, named Lowell Grissom.

Doe adds that her cell phone was taken away from her upon arrival at the gathering.

The woman details how she attempted to leave the situation, only for Brown’s female friend to grab her by the throat and make her give Grissom a blow job.

Doe adds that this same female friend then pushed her down on the bed and “literally sat on [her] face, using her legs to pin [her] down while forcing [her] to perform oral sex on her.”

It gets more disgusting from there, allegedly:

Doe says the woman was menstruating.

She says in the lawsuit that she went to the bathroom after this unwanted sex act and saw her face covered in blood.

While she was showering, Grissom came in, shoved her on the bed and raped her.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Allred said this was “one of the most horrific sexual assault cases” she has ever seen.

According to the lawsuit, Grissom later held Doe against a washing machine and raped her a second time that evening.

She says she went to a rape treatment center and reported it to police, but the police have said they could not determine whether these sex acts were consensual or not.

As a result, they did not pursue charges.

Attorney Mark Geragos tells TMZ that Allred is demanding $ 17 million in the lawsuit, which  Geragos says is ridiculous.

He says the allegations are not true and that Brown is innocent.

The singer, of course, managed to avoid jail time even after punching Rihanna in the face many times back in 2009.

He has since been accused of domestic violence and seems to have a serious problem with his temper, as well as with his ego.

But, hey, the guy can dance really well and he makes catchy music, so millions of fans don’t apparently care about this other stuff.


Mark Geragos Says Chris Brown is Victim in $17 Million Shakedown in Alleged Rape Case

Mark Geragos says he told Gloria Allred to pound sand after she demanded $ 17m for the woman who claims she was raped at Chris Brown’s house, adding the lawsuit against Chris is a shameless money grab. Geragos tells TMZ, cops determined the woman’s…


Meri Brown: She Has a New, Non-Polygamous Man!

According to a new report, Meri Brown has moved on from Kody Brown.

And here’s the best part:

She’s moved on with a man who actually exists!

We’re sorry.

But that’s a catfishing joke that simply had to be made after Meri got herself all wrapped up in scandal two years ago after she struck up a relationship with someone online she believed to be a potential boyfriend.

She then learned, however, that this person was a female and she was the victim of a very cruel prank. Ouch, right?

That was back then, though, and now Meri has dusted herself off and made the best of her life.

Does this life include Kody? This is the question fans continue to ask.

It certainly seemed as if the answer was no after Kody said he didn’t want to have sex with Meri any longer, but the fact remains this:

The stars are still married.

We’re not sure what to think.

Yes, there are some signs that Meri and Kody are in love again, the latest example being the picture above, which was snapped in late April and which depicts Kody visiting Meri in Chicago.

Wrote Meri as a caption:

Kody flew out to Chicago on my last day of #LuLaRoe leadership so we could spend our anniversary together yesterday. How sweet was that?! 28 years and still here!

Sounds like a content woman, right?

Not so fast, writes Life & Style.

This tabloid claims Meri has finally had enough of Kody taking on new wives (she was his first, remember) and that she’s ready to leave her long-time husband. 

Especially now that she has a new lover waiting for her once she officially makes this decision.

“This man treats her life a queen,” an insider tells the aforementioned magazine, adding a more details:

“He’s friends with some of Meri’s family and they’ve known each other for several years, but things only became romantic recently.”

Do we know his name? His occupation? His age?

Nope, nope and nope.

But he’s never been married and he isn’t interested in polygamy, Life & Style explains.

“He’s not into fame, either,” the source adds. “He just loves her a lot. He says he has always felt she wasn’t appreciated in her marriage to Kody.”

The tabloid goes on to say that Kody and his other wives (Janelle, Christine, and Robyn) are staying put in Las Vegas these days, where they moved for a bit to hide from the anti-polygamy laws of Utah.

Meanwhile, Meri is enjoying her life back in Utah with her new boyfriend.

And why not, right? Tt’s not as though her problems with Kody have been a secret.

“The whole thing sucks, sorry,” Robyn said of Meri and Kody’s predicament while in counseling.

She concluded at the time:

“It’s not fun and it’s hard to know what to do with it… we love Meri, we love Kody. We have to be Switzerland constantly and we hate to see him in this place, and it’s stressful for our family.”


Mark Geragos Says Chris Brown is Victim in $17 Million Shakedown in Alleged Rape Case

Mark Geragos says he told Gloria Allred to pound sand after she demanded $ 17m for the woman who claims she was raped at Chris Brown’s house, adding the lawsuit against Chris is a shameless money grab. Geragos tells TMZ, cops determined the woman’s…