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Chris Brown Back in the U.S. After Paris Rape Case Drama


Chris Brown‘s touched down in the USA, less than a week after being arrested overseas for allegedly raping a woman … something he strongly denies, and led him to file a defamation suit.

CB landed in a private jet with his crew at the Van Nuys airport outside L.A. Saturday afternoon. Everyone looked pretty chill after the long flight … and what was surely a turbulent week in Paris.

As we reported … Brown was arrested by French police Monday after a woman claimed she was raped by the singer in his hotel suite. CB was released on his own recognizance without bail hours later, though, and free to leave France … though he stuck around for work.

While the rape case hasn’t been dismissed, we’re told police had big problems with the accuser’s version of events … which factored into their decision to let Brown go.

Chris also has a problem with her accusations, and he’s taken action by filing a defamation suit and criminal case against her Thursday morning.

Chris Brown Rape Accuser Claims … She Was Under ‘Psychological Pressure’ To Have Sex

Chris Brown‘s rape accuser is attempting to clarify key points of her claims, because her lawyer is saying she was under “great psychological pressure” during the alleged rape.

The alleged victim’s lawyer, Frank Serfati, told the Associated Press Thursday his client “was not pressured physically” into having sex with CB, and the lawyer insists “non-consensual sex” allegedly took place. 

According to the AP, Serfati claims Chris allegedly “cornered her in a room that was locked” … the lawyer also claims “there were forced sexual relations” and says his client “was only with men, older men, men who you imagine to be buff.”

We broke the story … Paris police had big problems with the accuser’s story because she told cops Chris raped her in his hotel suite and then she went into another room and was raped again. We’re told cops find her story almost impossible to believe because she never attempted to leave or alert anyone.

You’ll recall … Chris’ Parisian lawyer filed a defamation suit against the alleged victim Thursday morning. 

As we reported … Chris was feed by cops Tuesday, hours after he was arrested … and he’s been hanging around in Paris, where he’s working on a music video.

A rep for Chris had no comment.

TMZ Live Chris Brown Files Case Against Rape Accuser


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Chris Brown Files Defamation, Criminal Case … Against Rape Accuser


Chris Brown‘s Parisian lawyer has made good on his promise … he just filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman who got his client arrested on rape allegations.

The lawyer, Raphael Chiche, filed the complaint Thursday … titled “false accusation, committed on January 18, 2019.” It appears this is more than a civil defamation case … according to the doc obtained by TMZ, the lawyer is citing a criminal statute relating to invasion of privacy. A violation of that law carries a maximum 1-year prison sentence. 

As we reported, Brown was freed by cops Tuesday, hours after he was arrested. Sources tell us the Paris police had issues with the accuser’s story — that she was raped and abused in 3 separate rooms by 3 people in Brown’s hotel suite, with around 20 people in the living room.

A source close to Chris tells TMZ, he acknowledges he’s had “issues in the past,” but feels he’s become “an easy target for anyone to cry wolf.”

Although Brown is free and still working in Paris on his music video, we’re told the investigation is ongoing.

Chris Brown Cops Had Big Problems … With Rape Accuser’s Version of Events


Chris Brown is walking around Paris without fear of getting cuffed and hauled back to the police station, because cops found his rape accuser’s story almost impossible to believe … TMZ has learned.

One source directly connected to the case tells us, “The weakest part of the case is the alleged victim’s statement to police.”

We’re told she told cops that Chris raped her in his hotel suite dressing room for somewhere between 25 and 30 minutes. She says she then went into another room and was raped again, this time by one of Brown’s friends. And then, she said she was “abused” for a third time in another room. We’re told police believe the story doesn’t hold water because she never attempted to leave or alert anyone.

Right or wrong, we’re told that’s why cops made the decision to release Brown without any conditions, including surrendering his passport. A source close to Brown says police actually apologized to Brown when they let him go.

What’s especially interesting … Brown didn’t beeline it for the airport. He’s staying in Paris — at the same hotel — apparently without fear he’ll be arrested again. We’re told the investigation is still ongoing, although it seems authorities have made some fundamental decisions about the case.

Brown certainly acted like he was exonerated Wednesday, when he mingled in public, proclaiming his love for everyone.

One Brown source said, “An innocent man shouldn’t be worried about staying at a place where he didn’t commit a crime.”

Chris Brown No Reason for Me to Flee Paris … I’m Putting in Work!!!

Exclusive Details

Chris Brown is NOT getting the hell outta Dodge after cops released him … instead he’s hanging around Paris for one good reason — money, and lots of it.

TMZ’s learned the singer is right in the middle of shooting a music video. He was seen performing Wednesday on a Paris street. We’re told he’s honoring his commitment to the project before he takes off Thursday.

We’re told Chris dropped 6 figures on the music vid, so it’s pretty important to make it happen. Our sources say in addition to the music video, he has another project with a dance studio.

Earlier in the day, Brown was seen publicly for the first time since his arrest as he left the Mandarin Oriental Hotel — the same place where the alleged rape went down. He had nothing but love for everybody.

As we reported … he was arrested Monday night by French police on possible rape and narcotics charges, but got released the same day without conditions. Chris was allowed to keep his passport and return home, but he’s clearly not in a hurry to flee.

He’s denied any wrongdoing and says he’s going to sue his accuser for defamation.

Antonio Brown Rocks Bleached Mustache … It’s My Prerogative!!

Breaking News

Antonio Brown … we mustache you a question — what’s up with the dental drapes, man??

The NFL superstar posted a selfie with his son, Auto, on Wednesday … showing off a bright, new multi-colored dread look … complete with a bleach blonde caterpillar above his upper lip.

Of course, A.B.’s no stranger to head-turning looks … remember, he had the Nino Brown/Lego head ‘do a few years ago … and his fashion style is among the most unique in the league.

For a guy who dressed up as a hippo and sang “My Prerogative” in front of a bunch of people, we shouldn’t be surprised.

Keep doin’ you, A.B.

Chris Brown Seen for 1st Time Since Arrest ‘I Love Everybody!!!’

Chris Brown is stepping out in public for the first time since being arrested for allegedly raping a woman in a Paris hotel — something he called total BS –.but today he’s spreading a message of love. 

Brown was leaving the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris Wednesday — the same place where the alleged rape went down — and he had just a few simple words to share, “I love everybody.”

As we reported … Chris was arrested Monday night by French police on possible rape and narcotics charges. The alleged victim told Closer Magazine Brown brutally and violently assaulted her for 25-30 minutes in a dressing room after a night of partying. 

Although prosecutors initially told us Chris would have to answer in court and possibly surrender his passport, he was released the same day of the arrest with no conditions. He still has his passport and is free to return to the U.S.

Sources familiar with the Parisian legal system tell us there are signs the case fell apart.

Brown’s attorney, Raphael Chiche, vowed Tuesday — Chris would file a defamation case against the woman.

Chris Brown I’m Suing Alleged Rape Victim for Defamation

Chris Brown is going on the offensive after his arrest for allegedly raping a woman in Paris, because he’s going to sue her for defamation.

Chris’ Parisian lawyer, Raphael Chiche, says, “Chris Brown is free. No lawsuits were filed against him. He vigorously challenges the charges against him. A complaint for slanderous denunciation will be filed tomorrow with the public prosecutor of Paris.”

As we reported, Chris claims he was set up by the 24-year-old model, who claimed Chris took her to his hotel in Paris and violently raped her. Chris called BS, saying he was never alone with the women.  We’re told he insists he was playing music off his iPhone in the living room of the suite with 20 people around him the entire time.

Brown was released from police custody Tuesday, but prosecutors say the investigation is still ongoing. A source in the judicial system of Paris tells TMZ the fact Brown was released with no conditions and free to leave the country is a sign authorities have problems with the case. 

TMZ Live Chris Brown Detained In Paris For Rape & Drugs


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