‘Bleed for This’ Boxer Calls B.S. on Brutal, Bloody Assault, ‘I’m the Victim!!!’

Former boxing champ Vinny Paz – the inspiration for the Miles Teller movie “Bleed for This” — says he’s the real victim in a VERY violent incident in Rhode Island.  Here’s what we know … cops responded to a home in Providence early…


‘Bleed for This’ Boxer Calls B.S. on Brutal, Bloody Assault, ‘I’m the Victim!!!’

Former boxing champ Vinny Paz – the inspiration for the Miles Teller movie “Bleed for This” — says he’s the real victim in a VERY violent incident in Rhode Island.  Here’s what we know … cops responded to a home in Providence early…


27 Savage Texts from Exes (#14 is Especially Brutal)

Don't do it, people.

Put that phone down and trust us: Do NOT send that text message to your former significant other.

Why not, you may somehow be wondering?

Consider the following exchanges as evidence for why this is always (repeat: always!) a bad idea… 

1. Bitch? Please.

Bitch please
Nice try, loser.

2. Feel Free to Call Again

Feel free to call again
Just don’t expect a response.

3. See, That’s Why I Dumped You

See thats why i dumped you
Do you get it now?

4. Take Your Poetic Nonsense…

Take your poetic nonsense
…. and shove it.

5. But You’d Strangle Hitler and Bin Laden?

But youd strangle hitler and bin laden

6. Too Little. Too Late.

Too little too late
Too awesome of a response.

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Blac Chyna Dumps Mechie in BRUTAL Fashion!

Blac Chyna wasted no time moving on after her relationship with Rob Kardashian imploded in very public fashion earlier this year.

But it seems she’s still having trouble finding the right guy.

And this time, the breakup is far more interesting than the relationship ever was.

TMZ is reporting today that Blac and rapper Mechie have broken up, and while the situation wasn’t as ugly as Blac’s breakup with Rob, the two parted ways on less than amicable terms.

Sources say Blac was the one who pulled the plug on her relationship, due to Mechie’s incessant social media flirting.

Hilariously, the split comes just weeks after Mechie got Chyna’s initials tattooed behind his ear.

We’re guessing Blac’s not too sympathetic on that score, as she was dumped by Future shortly after getting the rapper’s name tattooed on her hand.

Folks, we can’t emphasize this enough: significant other tattoos are a death knell for any relationship.

Learn from Blac and Mechie’s terrible decisions, because they probably won’t.

But the weirdness of this breakup doesn’t stop there.

Even though the relationship that only lasted a couple months, the split has reportedly left both parties reeling.

Sources say Mechie is doing his best to try and win Blac back, but that’s probably just so he doesn’t have to spend the rest of his life pretending he really loves British Columbia.

Blac opted for a very different method of coping.

Just hours after the split, Chyna hit a music studio in Tarzana, where she reportedly “vented her frustration” by spitting some hip hop verses.

Yes, Chyna is trying to be a rapper now.

2017 is truly the darkest timeline.

After that, Blac headed to the Ace of Spades strip club, where she crossed paths with Khloe Kardashian.

Obviously, there’s some tension there, what with Khloe being the sister of Blac’s baby daddy, and Blac being the baby mama of Khloe’s sister’s ex.

Props to the Kardashians for taking gross, near-incestuous behavior out of the hills of Appalachia and bringing it to Beverly Hills.

Anyway, Blac and Khloe reportedly stared one another in a tense stand-off, but no trash was talked.

To recap: Blac dumped her boyfriend, recorded a hip hop track, headed to a strip club, and almost got in a fight with Khloe Kardashian.

We’d say this woman needs a reality show, but she already had one and it was boring as hell.


The Bachelorette: The Final Breakup Will Be BRUTAL!

Even if you’ve been following The Bachelorette Spoilers and have known for ages which suitor becomes Rachel Lindsay’s fiance, there are still some details that have yet to be revealed.

One of them pertains to exactly how that final decision goes down.

According to this new report, it’s a decision that didn’t come easily … and the final breakup is apparently “brutal.”

Okay, so the world watched as Rachel Lindsay introduced her final three suitors to her family.

The last episode ended with a cliffhanger — and one-on-one dates in Spain — but even with some extra time, Rachel Lindsay remained torn towards the end.

Apparently, of all of the decisions that Rachel has had to make this season, the final one was the hardest.

(Leaving some of us wondering where all of this hesitation was when she said goodbye to precious blue-eyed Dean Unglert)

According to Us Weekly‘s source, Rachel Lindsay’s final breakup is brutal.

“When it gets down to the finale and the final two guys, the last breakup is the most heart-wrenching of all time”

That already sounds like it’ll be a lot.

But there’s more:

“They couldn’t say goodbye, and even when they did there were so many tears from her. After she left, he collapsed and sobbed.”

That’s such a sad image.

But it wasn’t just hard on the suitor.

“She was torn until the very end.”

Most of the time, you don’t think of these decisions as being last-minute or impulsive.

It sounds like Rachel is really following her heart.

Rachel Lindsay said she wanted to quit The Bachelorette at times because her choice was so hard, and we’re definitely getting a sense of that.

It won’t be easy on the viewer, either:

“It’s brutal to watch this breakup — worst breakup in years on this show.”

Describing it as “brutal” gives us an image of, like, a gladiatorial arena — which sounds like a setting for a dating show that’s probably been pitched to at least one network over the years.

(Imagine if suitors literally fought each other on The Bachelorette … oh wait, that sounds like the premise to an episode of Black Mirror)

But saying that it’s the worst breakup in years on the show … that’s a tall order.

Remember, more than love or romance or anything else, The Bachelorette is about breakups.

Because there are way more breakups on The Bachelorette than there are actual couples.

(Though at least some people forge lasting friendships)

Just a reminder that the finalists are:

Peter Kraus, a handsome guy from Wisconsin who should absolutely be Rachel Lindsay’s pick.

Bryan Abasolo, a smooth-talking chiropractor who seems to say whatever Rachel wants to hear.

Eric Bigger, a personal trainer who really doesn’t seem to raise that much positive or negative interest.

Seriously, Peter Kraus and Bryan Abasolo may be polarizing individuals, but fans seem to have basically forgotten that Eric exists.

Maybe he’ll make a name for himself as a suitor in a future season.

Dean Unglert is a favorite to be The Bachelor, but anyone who made it to the end could have a future within the Bachelor Nation.

We may already know who Rachel picks, but it’ll be interesting to see how it all goes down.

(But, based on this, we should all have some tissues handy)