Former American Idol Star Busted for Heroin Distribution

Antonella Barba was maybe the most controversial contestant in American Idol history.

And not much has changed for the former singer many years later.

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According to TMZ and other outlets, the Season 6 near- finalist was arrested on Thursday morning and charged with a felony.

She is being held in jail without bond because she allegedly tried to sell over 100 grams of heroin.

Yes, heroin.

Not many other details are available at the moment, but Barba is looking at significant jail time if this really is the crime she is accused of committing and if she is found guilty.

Here is her mug shot, courtesy of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Department;

Despite finishing just outside the Top 12 on Season 6, Barba made numerous headlines in 2007 for a very different kind of scandal in which she found herself.

She gained notoriety for posing in a wet t-shirt in the fountain of the World War II Memorial in D.C. — and also for allegedly having photos taken of her while she gave someone oral sex.

Barba continued to be voted on to subsequent rounds during her run on Idol, stirring up quite a debate over whether she was earning the favor of viewers for her singing talent…

… or for these more lewd and explicit exploits.

We’ve blurred out the most private part of this photo, but here’s one of the pictures that got Barba in trouble back in the day:


She was also arrested for shoplifting in New York City in 2011.

She was charged with two misdemeanors at the time.

Still, the following year, Barba appeared on an episode of Fear Factor.

She has also acted in a number of short films since… had a small role in 2017’s All About the Money… and, earlier this year, she appeared on a “Where Are They Now?” segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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No one from Barba’s camp has commented on her arrest just yet.

In related news…

Fellow American Idol alum Haley Reinhart, – who also appeared on this same Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment- was arrested on one count of battery after getting into a bar fight in Chicago last year.

Reinhart was found guilty in February.

However, the judge agreed to strike the conviction from her record if she has no run-ins with the law in the next two years.

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We’ll update this story with more news as it breaks.

As far as we know, Barba remains behind bars right now, pending an upcoming hearing.

Let’s hope she turns her life around.


Mom Busted for Smuggling Booze Into Theater in Young Son’s Sippy Cup

Not every mother is going to be Mom of the Year, but this one isn't even especially good at being a bad mom.

A woman in Cobb County was arrested after getting drunk at a movie theater after sneaking in an alcoholic beverage … in her 5-year-old's sippy cup.

To make matters worse, her 5-year-old child was with her at the time.

Sippy cup mom 01

Kristina Gibson is now facing misdemeanor reckless conduct and public intoxication charges following an incident on a Friday afternoon.

According to an arrest warrant, "Gibson filled her 5-year-old son's sippy cup with a strong alcoholic beverage."

Judging by the fact that she got so very intoxicated, it almost sounds like she was drinking straight liquor, but that is just speculation.

The warrant continues: "and became intoxicated in the theater."

It is also believed that she may have taken a central nervous system depressant at the same time — which may have interacted with the alcohol.

Sippy cup mom 02

The Friday incident took place at the Merchants Walk Stadium Cinemas in Cobb County.

She allegedly used her son's sippy cup to smuggle in the alcoholic beverage, but there is thankfully no indication that her son had any of it.

The warrant accuses Gibson of becoming "unable to walk, talk, or care" for him.

Her son's cries then alerted moviegoers, who notified theater employees who then contacted police.

Thankfully, the staff at the theater prevented Gibson from entering her car to drive away with her son.

It sounds like that could have been catastrophic.

Sippy cup mom 03

When police arrived, an officer tried to zip Gibson's purse, presumably to prevent its contents from spilling.

This is when Gibson allegedly told the officer "I will (expletive) kill you."

Don't do that, folks.

Gibson was not immediately arrested, but was instead taken to the hospital by police, who were concerned about her level of intoxication.

Only after she arrived at the hospital and was no longer perceived to be a threat to anyone was the arrest warrant filed.

A family friend picked up her 5-year-old son from the theater.

Sippy cup mom 04

Gibson remained in the hospital for nearly a week before being released.

At that point, she was arrested and booked in Cobb County Jail.

She was released on bail for $ 1,000.

It is still unclear if she actually took the drugs described as prescription central nervous system depressants.

That sounds to us like a benzodiazepine — which, as we all know, can become dangerous when combined with alcohol.

That would explain how someone (especially someone who may be an experienced drinker) could become intoxicated on a sippy cup's worth of alcohol.

Sippy cup mom 05

As one fellow moviegoer put it: "We go to the movies to have a good time! But … that's not the way to do it."

The issue here is not with a woman finding a creative way to smuggle alcohol into a theater, but endangering her son and potentially other drivers in the process.

Though … we should point out that a sippy cup is a terrible way to smuggle in a drink. Like, flasks exist.

Even if this is one of those creepy theaters where they search people's bags, there had to be a way for her to indulge herself without involving her son.

It really sounds like this woman was not thinking straight.

Mom busted for smuggling booze into theater in young sons sippy