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Topgolf To Justin Timberlake ‘Happy Gilmore’ Swings Aren’t Chill … Don’t Make Us Call Mom


Justin Timberlake needs to check his “Happy Gilmore” impressions at the door the next time he decides to take some cuts at Topgolf, because the company says they just might tattle on JT if he keeps breaking their rules.

If you’ve ever been to Topgolf — and if you haven’t, get on it STAT — you know they really frown on anyone channeling Adam Sandler‘s famous character in their super fun driving range. But, Justin was a bad boy last weekend and broke their safety code with a textbook windup swing. 

Topgolf tells us they’re quite aware of Justin’s rule-breaking ways, and they’re issuing him a hilarious warning … saying, “we aren’t necessarily mad, we’re just disappointed in him. We’ll try to reach out to his reps, BUT we may just have to call his mom.”

Fact is, the “Happy Gilmore” is a well-known violation — it’s even on the waiver you sign before starting the game — so the company and social media went crazy after Justin posted video from his awesome time at the Topgolf in Charlotte, N.C. during a stop for his Man Of The Woods tour.  

Still, it’s pretty hard to be mad at JT … and if you ask us, he totally nailed Sandler’s famous swing. 

We’re told Justin LOVES Topgolf and frequents their locations across the country, so it’s gonna be interesting to see if he pulls this stunt again. 

In any event, JT might want to hit up Shooter McGavin for a lesson on proper technique.

D.L. Hughley Playing R. Kelly Tunes a ‘Tough Call’ … But Here’s What I Think


D.L. Hughley is clearly struggling with the idea of muting R. Kelly … because he likes Kelly’s music, but can’t look past the actions of someone he calls a “talented pedophile.”

We got D.L. Wednesday at LAX and he has a hard time saying he’s never going to listen to R. Kelly’s music again. He admits it’s a “tough call.” That said, he quickly adds he won’t be buying any more of Kelly’s work.

As for “Surviving R. Kelly” … D.L. says no one should be shocked by the Lifetime series, considering most people already knew about the allegations surrounding the R&B star.

Still, if nothing else, he knows the docuseries has created an inner struggle for some people who’ve loved Kelly’s catalog of hits. He’s got some advice for those people. Just watch … for D.L., it comes down to one word.

Chrissy Metz Come On, People … I Didn’t Call Alison Brie a Bitch


Chrissy Metz could not be clearer … she did NOT call Alison Brie a bitch on the Golden Globes red carpet … she called her a babe.

We got Chrissy leaving an after-party Sunday night in WeHo at Delilah … and she scoffed at the notion she would shade her fellow actress like that.

As the rain poured down, our photog asked Chrissy about the semi-off-mic passing comment, and she squarely dismissed what some people say they heard. The comments came during a Facebook Live pre-show hosted by AJ Gibson and Missi Pyle. It actually seems Chrissy started making her comment and trailed off because she was conscious of the mic. 

For Allison’s part, she said afterward, “Nothing but love for @chrissymetz !! Rumors can’t keep us down!”

Pleasure P Busted for DUI Asks to Call Shaq from Police Station


2:09 PM PT — According to the police report — obtained by TMZ — PP was spotted weaving in and out of traffic in an SUV at a speed estimated to be over 100 MPH. Cops say they pulled him over and ordered PP out of the vehicle and cuffed him … he then stated his name was Pleasure P from Pretty Ricky.

Cops say PP reeked like booze, and it was so bad, they had to roll down the windows of the police car to air it out. The report says the singer was given a breath test once back at the station — where he blew a .176 and then a .175 — more than twice the legal limit. 

And get this — cops say while he was getting booked, PP asked to call Shaq and the rapper FLO RIDA — a request that was denied. 

Pleasure P — a member of the R&B group Pretty Ricky — joked about telling the devil to go back to hell ’cause he had some birthday celebrating to do … and hours later he was busted for DUI.

Pleasure P, who turned 34, was busted in Miami Friday morning and booked for DUI, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving and resisting an officer. Pleasure P — who left the group in 2007 for a solo career — was released after posting bail.

It’s interesting … Pleasure P posted a video on Instagram to thank his more than 325k followers for the birthday wishes. He captioned it, “My birthday started off a little slow which is why I haven’t been posting the devil was trying to work, but I told his ass to go back to hell because I got some celebrating to do.”