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Audrey Roloff: Motherhood is My Calling, But…

Audrey Roloff has a pretty great problem on her hands.

She is totally and completely in love with being a mother, something she has stated on more than one occasion.

But she also feels guilty any time she’s doing anything other than being a mother, which is likely an issue to which many new parents can relate.

Audrey, who welcomed a daughter named Ember Jean into the world back in September, outlined this internal debate in a lengthy Instagram caption this week.

It accompanied the precious photo of her child featured above.

“I never even thought I would be one of those moms who just wants to lay on the floor playing with their baby all day,” explained Roloff, adding;

“Before I became a mom I used to hear other moms saying things like, ‘oh the newborn phase is my favorite’ or ‘3-6 months is my favorite age.’

“I always figured that my favorite age would be when they can actually communicate with me and are able to do more than eat and sleep. But I was wrong. And now I get it.”

As most mothers would probably verify, the best phase of your child’s life is whatever phase he or she is in at the moment.

(Unless, that is, your child is a 14-year old girl. Yeesh!)

The thing is, Audrey is a working mother.

Yes, she works from home.

Yes, she runs her own business.

But this also means she must be self-motivated in order to make money… and that can be difficult when all she wants to do is cuddle with little Ember.

“When you run your own business or ministry you don’t get “maternity leave” or paid time off,” explained Audrey in her message.

She continued:

“Being an entrepreneur means that if you don’t work you don’t get paid.

“I love love the work I get to do running my shop @shopalwaysmore and our ministry @beating50 and I always assumed it would be so easy to keep working from home with babies.

“I used to think, at least I wouldn’t have to leave them and go into an office for 8 hours every day.”

Audrey, of course, has been criticized a bit in the past for using Ember as a promotional vehicle.

We admit that we’ve been at the forefront of this criticism.

But we’ve never doubted Roloff’s love for Ember, not one bit. Not at all.

Audrey goes on to expound here on how she wants to spend every waking second taking care of Ember and feels terrible when she isn’t doing so.

“Once I had Ember I realized that being present physically isn’t enough. It’s so easy to be physically next to her but emotionally and mentally somewhere else.

“To be feeding her but also on my phone, or rocking her but thinking about the e-mails I need to respond to.

“I feel guilty sometimes for not being able to just stay in bed and play with her, or for putting her in the play gym to be entertained by the dangling animals instead of me.’

We totally get that.

We’ve been there.

But all parents need a break sometimes.

Your mental health isn’t just important for you; it’s important for your kids, too. They need their parents to never feel stressed or burned out.

Roloff wrapped up her caption by seeking some advice and by asking if other women out there feel the same way.

Turns out finding the balance between working and momming is pretty dang hard.

Turns out that I love the newborn phase, and 3-6 month phase, and probally the phase after that, a lot more than I thought I would.

Turns out I’d rather just BE with my baby girl than DO all the other things my days demand. Turns out raising this little girl feels more like my calling than anything I’ve ever done.

I can only imagine this becoming more challenging as our family grows.

How do you working moms do it?! And by working I don’t just mean from an office.

Feel free to respond down below to Audrey’s line of questioning.

And while you’re at it, respond as well to her take on premarital sex!


Travis Scott: Furious at Wendy Williams for Calling Him a Deadbeat!

Recently, and to no one’s surprise, Wendy Williams suggested that Travis Scott either dumped Kylie or plans to dump Kylie, and the he plans to throw out the baby with the bathwater, so to speak.

Wendy suggested a theory that Kylie’s been so secretive about her pregnancy because Travis left her. And she suggested that Travis left because, well, he got his girlfriend pregnant after one month of dating and doesn’t need that in his life.

Apparently, Travis Scott heard about her broadcast and is taking offense in a major way.

A source tells HollywoodLife that Travis Scott is fuming at Wendy Williams over her unkind statements.

(A lot of folks have been in that boat a time or two; most have learned to let it go and maybe rewatch that video of Wendy Williams collapsing on live TV)

Travis is so pissed at Wendy, he’s taking this very personally.”

If he’s really going to be a part of Kylie’s life in a long-term way, then he’s going to need to get used to people speculating all sorts of things about him.

“She’s making horrible assumptions about him when she knows nothing, she’s never even met him.”

To be fair, based on everything that we’ve ever seen of Wendy Williams, that is essentially her job.

According to this same source, Travis doesn’t match Wendy’s description in the slightest.

Travis has no intention of abandoning his child or responsibilities as a dad.”

To be clear, we’re not sure if Wendy actually believed that child abandonment was his plan. At the very least, she must know how abandoning one of the most famous moms-to-be in the world might hurt his brand.

“He’s excited about becoming a dad.”

Not many people are excited when they find out that they’ve knocked up their girlfriend of one month. But sometimes they get excited.

Especially when their baby momma is loaded.

“If Wendy really knew him she’d know that family is everything to him.”

It’s true that his family, based in Houston, is very important to him.

“He’s so close to his parents and his brother and sister. His whole family is hyped for this baby.”

In fact, Travis so so close with his folks that, reportedly, Kylie and Travis were fighting over how to spend the holidays.

“He’s not some deadbeat that doesn’t know the meaning of family.”

That line really jabs at what — even coming from Wendy Williams — almost feels like a racially charged element to Wendy’s theory. Yes, sometimes people within minority groups can perpetuate stereotypes about each other.

Wendy‘s comments aren’t just offensive to him, they’ve upset his whole family, especially his mom.”

That’s all nice to hear, because we want good things for Kylie and her baby.

HollywoodLife points out, however, that Wendy isn’t the only one who’s reportedly had concerns about Travis.

“Kris is unclear about Kylie’s future with Travis but for now, Kris is extremely disappointed in how Travis is handling the pregnancy.”

We know that Travis turned to Kanye for advice on dealing with the very hormonal Kylie. We also know that he’s been touring through most of Kylie’s pregnancy.

“Kris has made it clear to Travis that Kylie deserves more out of him. Kris also let Travis know that she is the boss in the family, she is watching him closely and that he better not hurt her youngest daughter.”

I cannot imagine what it would be like to be threatened by Kris Jenner.

“Kris finished warning Travis by telling him that despite the status of his relationship with Kylie, he best step up and be a more present father when the baby arrives.”

Even those of us who aren’t talk show hosts need to be careful when we let speculation become rumors or assumptions.

As we’ve said from the get-go, it’s highly unlikely that Travis Scott planned to become a father. He was just the rebound guy enjoying one of the Jenner sisters. He’d been with Kendall before.

Presumably, something went wrong, because we can’t imagine that Kylie planned for this, either. But it looks like Kylie and Travis are making the best of her pregnancy.

if he hasn’t cut and run while Kylie’s at her most hormonal, then it’s hard to imagine him running off when there’s an actual baby before his very eyes.

Remember, Kylie’s due date is February 4th. That is in nine days. No matter how people want to characterize him, he’s probably nervous and excited. Like any parent.