Paris Hilton Calls Lindsay Lohan Out as a “Liar,” Internet Wonders If It’s 2006

Paris Hilton is celebrating #ThrowbackThursday a few hours early.

But she isn’t doing it via some memorable or funny photos from several years ago.

She’s doing it by reigniting a decades-old feud with the one former celebrity who may be more irrelevant than she is these days.

Yes, Lindsay Lohan, we’re talking about you.

The former A-Listers, both of whom have seen their Q-Rating drop more precipitously than Hilton’s pants in her infamous amateur porn video, are evidently at odds once again as a result of something Paris wrote on Instagram.

This is all a little bit confusing and a whole lot random, but here we go…

A Paris Hilton fan account (yes, these actually exist!) on Instagram shared a montage of paparazzi videos of Lohan in the 2000s this week.

During her darkest period, of course, the ex-actress was involved prominently during this decade in many scandals and disagreements.

The first clip from the aforementioned video is from November of 2006; it features Lohan claiming that Hilton had hit her in the arm the night before at a friend’s house and also poured a drink all over her.

Then, in the second section of footage, Lohan takes this statement back and says she loves Paris.

“Paris is my friend. Everyone lies about everything. She’s a nice person…she never did that. She’s a good girl,” Lindsay tells photographers as she ducks into the car with Hilton behind the wheel in this snippet.

Then, there’s a third segment of the video in which Lindsay seemingly calls Paris a “cunt,” prior to immediately claiming she did no such thing,

(A certain President of the United States stand up and applaud Lindsay for her ability to tell fudge the truth, if you will.)

At some point, this video must have made its way into Hilton’s feed because actually left a comment on it that reads:


paris vs. lindsay

Lohan and Hilton go back a VERY long way.

Lindsay allegedly dated Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos, about 12 years ago.

Lohan, meanwhile, once quipped that Paris is “very comfortable making videos,” a clear reference to her sex tape.

Then, in 2013, Hilton’s younger brother alleged that Lohan was actually behind a beating he took in Miami.

We haven’t heard much about their relationship since then; nor much from either star since then, period.

However, Lohan recently went after Kim Kardashian, indicating that she’s unafraid to stir things up with fellow celebrities just like she did in the old days.

Although she’d claim otherwise.

“I’m a normal, nice person. A good person. I don’t have any bad intentions. And my past has to stay in the past,” Lohan explained in a new interview, adding:

“People have to just let go of it and stop bringing it up because it’s not – it’s gone. It’s dead. And that’s the most important thing to me.”

Okay, fine. Fair enough.

But someone better pass that message along to Paris Hilton.

(At press time, Lohan had not responded to Hilton’s liar diss.)


Coupon Carl: CVS Manager Calls 9-1-1 on Black Woman Using a Coupon

From a woman who attacked a black teen at a pool to a neighbor calling the police on an 8-year-old selling water, a lot of white people seem to be calling the police on black people for non-crimes.

In a video that made waves on social media over the weekend, a CVS manager dubbed "Coupon Carl" trembles while calling the police.

The reason he dialed 9-1-1? Well, a black woman brought in a coupon and he questioned its authenticity. That's it.

Morry matson aka coupon carl

Camilla Hudson recorded and shared a video of part of a disturbing encounter she had in a CVS.

In the video, while some sort of extremely irritating alarm goes off, a man named Morry Matson appears to tremble while speaking to emergency services over the phone.

As Morry asks for police, Hudson calmly assures Matson that she will be there when the police arrive.

He gives the person a description, as if she might bolt at any moment.

She spells her name and mentions that she has ID and will happily share it with them.

Coupon carl facebook post

Hudson took to Facebook to share the whole story, though the social media platform removed the post.

"I had the police called on me because I tried to use a coupon at the CVS pharmacy," Hudson warned her Facebook friends.

"I stopped in," she explained. "To make a purchase using a coupon mailed to me by the product manufacturer, as a replacement for problematic/defective product."

She then explains that the manager suspected it of being fraudulent.

When she asked for his name, she reports, he "became agitated and rude."

He apparently stormed off, slammed a door, and called the police.

Hudson reports that 9-1-1 hung up on him the first time that he called, so he called again and claimed that she was harassing him.

Morry matson coupon carl trembles while calling police

On it ssurface, Morry Matson appears to be, at best, a man who abandoned any pretense of customer service and perhaps 

At worst, he seems to be a racist who assumed that a black woman was a criminal because he had never seen her coupon before.

But there's another layer to this story.

The man who suspected this woman of forgery to the point where he called the police on a customer was actually busted for forgery under two years ago.

What's more, the incident in which he dabbled with forgery also had a racial component.

Coupon carl faces the camera

Morry was spearheading an effort to build a pricey waterfront bike path to a beach — a path that just happened to be near his home.

He was pushing for a ballot measure to build this on the taxpayer's dime.

His proposal mentioned that improving the beachfront area would not result in "people from the South Side," which is one of the laziest apparent euphemisms for people of color that we've ever read.

The reason that he didn't get to have his proposal on the ballot was because it was discovered that he had filled multiple pages of his petition with names that he had written himself.

This is according to forensic experts, which is what got the ballot measure removed in 2016. But apparently people looking at the petition could determine that it was fraudulent with the naked eye.

He had also been gathering names for well beyond the 90 day limit imposed.


"You’re calling me a liar, you’re calling me a thief, you’re calling me a forger,” Hudson says..

“It’s not that they didn’t take the coupon or refused to take the coupon, it’s how he did it," she explains.

"He was nasty, he was unprofessional, he was dismissive, he was accusatory," Hudson says. "His entire tone and demeanor was offensive and problematic."

Speaking of problematic, Morry says that he was a state delegate for Donald Trump in 2016. He is now running for Chicago's 48th Ward Alderman.

CVS released a statement that they are investigating this troubling incident.

Man calls 911 over sandwich order

Coupon carl cvs manager calls 9 1 1 on black woman using a coupo

Neighbor Calls Police on 12-Year-Old Black Entrepreneur for Mowing the Lawn

While of course no child should have to work, when kids want to sell water on a hot day or mow some lawns for cash, that's admirable. But some people will always try to ruin it.

An enterprising 12-year-old boy started up his own lawn business, but had the police called on him by a client's neighbor. It was an outrageous story.

In a heartwarming twist, things turned out okay — and business is booming.

Neighbors call 911 over 12 year old mowing grass 04

Maple Heights is a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. It has a lot of homes with a lot of lawns and a lot of grass that needs to be trimmed.

Reggie Fields is the enterprising 12-year-old boy runs Mr. Reggie's Lawn Cutting Service.

That's not a joke — because this small landscaping crew is not a one-person operation.

Fields runs the small company that also employs his cousins, who work starting as early as sunrise.

They were mowing the lawn of a resident named Lucille Holt when one of her neighbors called the police.

Neighbors call 911 over 12 year old mowing grass 01

As Holt revealed in a video to Facebook that soon became widely circulated, her neighbors called the police because a narrow strip of grass that Fields mowed was technically in their yard and not in Holt's.

Plenty of neighbors can be petty, or simply strict about defending which parts of a property belong to them. Most would simply come outside and tell the landscapers to avoid their part of the lawn — not call the police.

(She actually lists a number of occassions on which these neighbors have called the police, and while one was over concerns of domestic violence, it sounds like they have also made 9-1-1 calls that most would consider frivilous)

It is strange for anyone to call the police on children — one of whom is as young as nine — for crossing an imaginary boundary while being helpful.

"I'm so glad you're out here doing something positive," Holt said of the enterprising young people. "You should not be getting the police called on you because you're out here cutting grass.

Neighbors call 911 over 12 year old mowing grass 02

While everything turned out okay, it was not lost on Lucille Holt — or, really, on anyone reading the story — that calling the police on a young black child can have horrible, permanent consequences.

We have all read too many heartbreaking horror stories of innocent, unarmed children dying because the wrong person was wearing a badge.

Fortunately, this situation did not become a tragedy.

In fact, the police officers who arrived were quick to realize that this had nothing to do with the hardworking children.

And the police seemed intent on diffusing the situation of tension between neighbors before things escalate. Which is exactly what you want to see from law enforcement.

Neighbors call 911 over 12 year old mowing grass 03

It is, of course, the responsibility of the homeowner to inform their landscapers where the property boundaries are to avoid conflict.

Reggie Fields was apologetic for the role that he inadvertently played in this squabble between neighbors.

"They said I was cutting their grass. I didn't know it," Fields says. "I was like, that's a shame. I didn't know."

Reggie's mother says that this story has been a massive boon for his business.

"Some people are calling from out of town, saying, 'Can you come cut my grass?" she reports.

Neighbors call 911 over 12 year old mowing grass 05

It is no surprise that many people in the Cleveland area want to encourage these young entrepreneurs. Especially after someone chose to put them at potential risk.

There are also businesses and other property owners interested in hiring his team.

When a story goes viral like this, it creates an easy opportunity for good PR for local businesses. They look good, they help someone, and they get their grass trimmed.

Reggie Fields' cash app is $ mrreggies18. His service line is 216-482-4308.

Reggie will be entering the seventh grade, but he already has plans for how to continue his business in the fall — by purchasing more rakes so that they can pick up leaves.

For the winter, he plans to purchase snow shovels. That's amazing.

We hope that people exercise careful judgment when contacting emergency services.

Man calls 911 over sandwich order

Neighbor calls police on 12 year old black entrepreneur for mowi