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‘Top Chef’ Contestant Fatima Ali Loses Battle with Cancer

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Top Chef” contestant Fatima Ali has lost her battle with bone cancer. 

Ali — who was very public with her diagnosis and fight — sent a message out to fans a couple weeks ago saying, “I know it’s been ages since I posted and most may have figured out why. I’m sick and unfortunately I’m getting sicker. Right now all I need are prayers; prayers that are simple.”

Her family announced Friday that she had passed away.

It was back in October when Fatima announced her cancer had returned … and doctors said she had a year left to live. Fatima appeared on Ellen a short time later where the talk show host gave her $ 50,000 to live out her dream of visiting the world’s best restaurants. 

Fatima appeared on season 15 of the “Top Chef” reality competition, and was voted a fan favorite. 

Ali was 29 years old.


Jim Kelly and James Conner Cancer Survivors Unite at Pro Bowl … ‘Never Give Up!’

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Cool moment at the Pro Bowl — two NFL stars who battled cancer and WON bonded in Orlando this week … which makes this pic of Jim Kelly and James Conner inspiring as hell. 

Obviously, Conner made the Pro Bowl after balling out with the Pittsburgh Steelers this year — and Kelly is there as an assistant for the AFC squad. 

Conner’s story is pretty amazing — he was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2015 after a stellar junior year at Pitt. He underwent months of chemotherapy and was declared cancer-free in 2016. 

58-year-old Kelly was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in his jaw in 2013 and has undergone several major surgeries since … including a major reconstructive procedure in 2018. 

So, when they spotted each other on the sidelines of the Pro Bowl practice in Orlando on Thursday, they had an instant connection. 

“These two know the game of football,” Jim’s wife, Jill Kelly, wrote … “And they know cancer. Superstars and survivors…NEVER GIVE UP!”

Kelly, Conner and the rest of the AFC will take on the NFC on Sunday — and ya better be rooting extra hard for these guys! 

Team USA’s Nathan Adrian Diagnosed with Testicular Cancer Gunning For 2020 Games

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Team USA swimmer Nathan Adrian has announced he’s battling testicular cancer … but the gold medalist says the diagnosis will not derail his plans to compete at the 2020 Olympics.

The 30-year-old — who was part of the 4×100 relay that won gold with Michael Phelps in 2008 — made the announcement on social media … saying he initially went to the doctor after “something didn’t feel right.”

After several tests, doctors discovered the disease and began treatment shortly after. Luckily for Adrian, he says the cancer was caught early and the prognosis is good … which means he’ll still be able to train for the Tokyo Olympics.

“I will be back in the water in a few short weeks with my sights fully set on Tokyo!” Adrian says.

“As I told my family, I’ll be putting my public health degree to work a little sooner than I planned! But in all seriousness, I am keeping a positive attitude as cases such as mine are curable.”

Adrian says he will have surgery next week … and will share his journey to bring light to men’s health issues.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Wife Beth Has Started Treatment … For Throat Cancer


Dog the Bounty Hunter‘s wife, Beth Chapman, has started treatment to help eradicate throat cancer recently rediscovered by doctors … and so far, so good, TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Beth tell us she’s going through chemotherapy, which we’re told started a couple weeks ago. Our sources say she and Dog have been traveling to L.A. to receive the treatments, and that she’s been spending the majority of her time at their family home in Colorado in the meantime.

We’re told the level of cancer remains the same — very serious. The good news … our sources say while the chemo has been tough, Beth is responding well and is in good spirits. 

TMZ broke the story … doctors found Beth’s cancer had returned during an emergency surgery two months ago to clear a blockage in her throat that made it difficult for her to breathe. She beat the same cancer in 2017, but sadly it’s back.

We got Dog out in Los Angeles shortly after the emergency surgery who let everyone know just how serious Beth’s condition was … and he thanked fans for their support. 

Her family had planned to stay in Colorado as they considered their next steps.

Devon Still’s Daughter Leah’s New Health Scare … NOT CANCER!

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Great news for Devon Still and his family — the ex-NFL player’s daughter, Leah, is IN THE CLEAR after doctors feared her recent medical scans showed signs of cancer. 


You know her story … Leah has bravely battled and “beat up cancer” ever since she was diagnosed with stage-4 neuroblastoma in June of 2014. She’s been cancer-free for 4 years. 

But recently, doctors found something suspicious during one of her checkups — and ran several tests to see if her cancer had returned. 

Devon had asked for prayers for Leah and the family — and this week, they got the good news … IT’S NOT CANCER!! 

Still documented the whole process on his YouTube channel. It’s a raw experience, especially when he asks Leah if she’s willing to fight cancer again, to which she responds:

“Yeah, I will. It’s just that I don’t want to lose my life.”

Leah was a champ throughout the entire MIBG scan procedure — which, according to the Cleveland Clinic, is “used for localization of known or suspected neuroectodermally derived tumors.”

The Stills got the best news this week … and Devon let Leah adorably share the awesome update.

“Guess what, guys? We got good news. Uh huh! The scans were clear. Mhm! Thank you, everybody, for praying for me.”

Leah stays undefeated!!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Emerges For First Time … Since Lung Cancer Surgery

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was spotted for the first time since undergoing surgery to remove cancerous growths from her lung.

A photo agency got video of RBG leaving her Washington D.C. apartment at 9 AM Wednesday, looking frail but hopefully on the mend.

The surgery was serious enough for Justice Ginsburg to miss the last 3 days at the Supreme Court … something that has never happened in her 25-year storied career on the high court.

Her health has been on the minds of everyone since she fractured several ribs during a fall in November. Doctors who treated her discovered the cancerous growths.

The 85-year-old Justice was in a wheelchair and helped into a waiting car. It’s unclear where she was headed but she did not go to the Supreme Court.

RBG is the oldest member of the Supreme Court and the cornerstone of the liberal wing. She’s been working from home while recovering from her surgery

Justice Ginsburg has battled cancer twice before — colon cancer in 1999 and pancreatic cancer in 2009.  Despite her surgeries and recoveries, she did not miss a single day at work.

She’s the 4th oldest person ever to sit on the Supreme Court. 

Chad Michael Murray Surprises Teen Cancer Survivor … In Emotional Video


A teenage girl who kicked cancer’s ass 3 times got the surprise of a lifetime when Chad Michael Murray showed up unannounced during an interview she was giving … and the meeting was super emotional.

Alex, who beat 3 different types of cancer by the time she turned 18, was flown out to Los Angeles right before Christmas to appear on the “Just Between Us” podcast with Bailee Madison and Kaitlin Vilasuso for an episode on real-life superheroes … and Bailee surprised her guest by arranging for Chad to come through. 

Alex had shared in the past that watching “One Tree Hill” helped her get through chemo, so Bailee recruited Chad to make his surprise appearance. 

Check out the clip … Alex is equal parts shocked and thrilled when Chad walks into the room. There are hugs, screams and lots of happy tears.

The whole episode — produced by John Ryan — debuts today.

Daniel Cormier Picks Up $300 Bill at Restaurant For Woman Battling Cancer


Daniel Cormier is proving why he’s the champ in AND out the Octagon — the UFC star footed a $ 300 dinner bill for a woman who’s battling Stage 4 cancer. 

Pete Guzman and his mom, Rosario, were eating dinner at Sapporo Japanese restaurant in Monterey, CA on Thursday when in walks his favorite MMA fighter, Daniel Cormier. 

Cormier was with his own family — and, as fate would have it, they were seated with Pete and Rosario at the hibachi table.

Pete tells TMZ Sports … Cormier and his fam couldn’t have been nicer people. They had a great conversation and even posed for pics afterward. 

And, since it was Rosario’s birthday, the Cormiers busted out their singing voices for a rendition of “Happy Birthday.” 

When the time came to pay the check, the wait staff told Pete and Rosario their bill had already been covered … by the reigning UFC heavyweight champion of the world! 

“My mom was loving every second of it,” Pete tells us.

Oh, and get this … Pete says Cormier didn’t know Rosario was battling stage 4 cancer (she never mentioned it at the table). But, the gesture provided so much happiness during this difficult time. 

To top it all off … Cormier even gave Rosario a handwritten birthday wish and autograph!!

C’mon … even Jon Jones has to give Cormier props for this one!!!!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Cancer Removed from Lung

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg underwent a procedure to remove cancerous growths from her lung, but the good news is … things are looking good for her post-surgery.

RBG reportedly underwent a pulmonary lobectomy in NYC Friday to remove 2 nodules from her lung which were recently discovered to be malignant. It appears doctors removed all of the cancer. It’s unclear, but since she waited a bit to have the surgery around Xmas, it’s possible RBG timed it so she wouldn’t miss work. 

Ginsburg’s had a rough Fall … she fell down in November, and fractured 3 ribs. While she was hospitalized doctors ran some tests and discovered the cancerous growths.

Doctors seem confident they got to the core — based on post-op scans — and the cancer has been removed. 

RBG is expected to remain in the hospital for a few days to recover, but no further treatment is planned.

RBG’s already a cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with colon cancer in 1999 and pancreatic cancer in 2009. Despite the new lung cancer discovery, she’s never been a smoker.

Get well, Ruth!!!